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To reduce power consumption, the keypad and power module can shutdown their supply.
In this mode however, only the float switch of automatic pump is powered. The system is
put in wake-up mode when Main power key of keypad is pressed, or automatic bilge
pump start.
When main breaker is open, the keypad and power module are not powered. DC
Switching cannot activate any of his loads. When the main breaker is closed, the power
module and the keypad are powered.
Upon returning to Wake-up mode, system will restore the state of all accessories as they
were at the time the system was put to sleep.

Sleep mode
Pressing the main power switch on the keypad activate the sleep mode function. Entering
sleep mode deactivate all outputs except the float switch output.

If, you pressed main power switch when bilge pump #2 is working and is activated by the
float switch, system will go in sleep mode 5 sec after float switch open and bilge pump
#2 stop.

If, you pressed main power switch when bilge pump #2 is working and is activated by the
keypad, system will go in sleep mode 5 sec after you deactivate the bilge pump #2 by
using the bilge pump switch on the keypad. System will not shutdown if bilge #2 is

If the float switch bilge wake-up the system, the system will return to sleep mode five
seconds after bilge pump stop without keypad activity. When any key of keypad is
pressed the system leave this special mode and go through standard wake-up mode.

Navigations and anchor lights

The navigation light switches on keypad control the operation of navigation and anchor
lights. On the first key press of one switch, both navigation and anchor lights are turn on.
On the second key press of the navigation switch, navigation light turn off and anchor
light remain on. On the third key press of navigation switch, anchor turns off. The
indicator brightness will dim when navigation or anchor lights are on. An exterior
momentary toggle switch connected to DC Switching can also move through the cycle of
activation of lights.

Livewell System
Livewell system is composed of HydroAir output 1 and 2. When pressing corresponding
switch, the state of output change from Off to Manual to Auto and back again to Off with
each press. State ON is steady On and state Auto is cycle of 2 minutes On and 2 minutes
System is also composed of a Pump out and Aerator. Pressing the corresponding switch
of one these two outputs turn on and off the corresponding output.
When pump out is activated, Aerator, HydroAir #1 and HydroAir #2 are desactivated.
Pump out have a shutdown timer of 20 minutes. If pump out output is working without
interruption for 20 minutes, pump out output will shutdown.

Bilge System
Pressing the bilge switch once activate Bilge #1. Pressing bilge switch a second time
activate bilge #2 and bilge #1 stay activated. Pressing the switch a third time turn off both
bilge and the cycle start over. If the bilge #2 is activated by the float switch connected to
Autobilge output, the led of bilge #2 will lit indicating bilge #2 are working. Also if bilge
#2 is activated by the float switch connected to Autobilge output, bilge #1 and bilge #1
led will be activated as well.

Compartment lights
Pressing the compartment light switch will turn on the compartment lights. Pressing this
switch again will turn off the compartment lights.

Instrument lights
When navigation light is activated, instrument light is activated as well.

Trim Up & Down

Pressing the trim switch activate the corresponding trim on engine. Releasing the switch
stop the trim.

Receptacle +12V
When main breaker is closed and system his awake, this output provide power to
receptacle plug.
Pressing and holding the switch activates the horn. Release the switch for stopping the

Accessory #1 & #2
Pressing the corresponding accessory switch will turn on the accessory. Pressing this
switch again will turn off the accessory. The two accessories have each an accessory
switch. When accessory #1 is activated, OIS output is activated as well.

Back lighting
The back lighting is activated when module is awake and dimmed down when anchor or
navigation lights is activated. Pressing and holding the compartment switch for more then
three seconds activate the dimming adjust level feature. The dimming intensity for status
leds and back lighting going down to a minimum level then restart sequence from
maximum intensity.

Software breakers
All system functions are protected by software breakers. If a breaker of a specific
function trip, the associate status led blink slowly until reset. Press and hold each function
switch more than five seconds will reset is own software breaker. For outputs without
switches, the system status led near main power switch is used to display breakers trip
status and main power switch can reset all of them at once.