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Choose the BEST answer.

Have a rationalization of the correct answer

1. An 85 year old client in a nursing home tells a nurse, “I signed the papers for that research study
because the doctor was so insistent and i want him to continue taking care of me”. Which client
right is being violated?
A. Right of self determination C. Right to privacy and confidentiality
B. Right to full disclosure D. Right not to harmed
Answer: A. Right of self determination was violated because of the patient`s right to choose was not
been given and It was stated that the doctor was so insistent.

2. Research findings are to be organized and presented formally by sharing with others. A study
cannot contribute to nursing practice if the results are not communicated. Under what phase in
a quantitative study is the communication of findings?
A. Conceptual phase C. Empirical phase
B. Analytical phase D. Dissemination phase
Answer:D. Dissemination phase is where the result or findings of the study is being prepared to a
research report that will be organized and presented to the panelist and participants of the study.

3. Omega group is studied interpersonal conflict among workers in a company in Batangas City A
questionairre is distributed and was mailed to over 500 hired workers in a company asking them
about the type and frequency of any interpersonal conflict they had experienced in their job.
The questinnaires were returned without any identifying information. This is an example of?
A. Confidentiality C. Autonomy
B. Anonymity D. Justice
Answer: B. A person be non-identifiable, unreachable, or untrackable for a certain purpose or security.

4. If the nurse wanted to create an experimental research, he or she must be able to understand
that the primary purpose of this research is to:
A. Test the cause and effect relationaship among the variable under a controlled situation
B. Study somethimg after the fact
C. Predicts the future based in past events
D. Describe the characteristics, opinions, attitudes or behaviors if certain population about
current issue or event
Answer: A. Experimental Research is a study where to measure the amount of cause and effect of the
study to the control group.

5. A research project was started by a nurse in the oncology department it seeks to determine the
effects of cuntaneous stimulation among children suffering from skin cancer. Which of the
following is the control group in the research?
A. Group of children with skin cancer who will be subjected to cutaneous stimulation
B. Group of Children with skin cancer who will not be subjected to cutaneous stimulation
C. Both A and B
D. Effects of cutaneous stimulation

Answer: A. Because it stated “effect of cutaneous stimulation among children suffering from skin
cancer” was the only included in the control group.

6. Which of the following studies is based on quantitative research?

A. A study examining the bereavement process among spouses of clients with cancer
B. A study examining client’s feelings before, during and after a medical treatment
C. A study experiences or smoking behavior of an individual
D. A study measuring the effects of sleep deprivation on the functional health pattern
Answer: D. It can be answerable through a set of questionnaires.

7. Which of the following studies is based on qualitative research?

A. A study measuring deifferences in respiratory rate before during and after a procedure
B. A study examining client’s reactions to anxiety and pain after open heart surgery
C. A study measuring nutrition and weight loss/gain in clients with diabetes surgery
D. A study examining therapeutic levels of lithium among bipolar patients
Answer: B. It is can be answerable by through communication or open-ended question.

8. The nurse wants to know the life of mothers who are newly diagnosed to have terminal cancer.
She has decides to focus on the meaning of their experiences. Which of the following research
designs in the most appropriate?
A. Ethnography
B. Grounded Theory study
C. Phenomenology
D. Case study
Answer: C. Is the philosophical study of the structures of experience and consciousness.

9. The nurse will be immersed in a community because she is conducting an ethnographic study.
She will utulize participant observation. Which of the following clearly describe participant
A. The observation of participants in the study
B. The observation of the researcher’s input to a study
C. Participation in a group while studying it
D. The study of observational and clinical techniques
Answer: C. A qualitative method where researchers completely immerse themselves in the lives, culture,
or situation they are studying.

10. Nurse researcher has fully described to prospective study participants the nature of the study.
Their rights to refuse participation and likely risks and benifits that would be incurred, he
ensured that prospective participants have the right to ask questions, to refuse to give
information, and to ask for clarification: He has dobe:
A. Full Disclosure C. Informed Consent
B. Fair Treatment D. Debriefing
Answer: A. The nurse done was full disclosure because the nurse stated all the possible outcome and the
rights of the client on behalf of the continuation of the study.
11. During the defense of the students the panel of critiques found out that the research group had
made up some of the data in their study, and edited some of the results that’s why they had
difficulty defending their study which of the following is descibed the violation done by the
A. Plagiarism C. Fabrication
B. Falsification D. Research misconduct
Answer: C. Fabrication was done because of the results had been manipulated from what would be the
expected result must had been showed.

12. In general, research with vulnerable subject should be undertaken only wen the investigator has
determined that the risk/benifit ratio is low. The following are considered vulnerable subjects
A. Mrs. Reantillo, 89 years old who is living with her daughter
B. JV Revilla, an institutionalized person at provincial jail
C. Sarah Balabagan, an AIDS/HIV + subject
D. Claire, a sixth day post-partum mother
Answer: A. The age is a really big factor to consider in choosing the participants of a certain study
specially if it will not contribute a benefit to the elderly person.

13. Which of the following ethical requirements is the most difficult to satisfy when conducting a
placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial?
A. Ensuring the privacy of the research participants
B. Obtaining informed consent from all rsearch participants
C. Protecting research participant from unnecessary risks
D. Providing the best available treatment for all rsearch participants
Answer: D. Is the most difficult because placebo-controlled group will not show an accurate desired
outcome because of the technique done to the control group.

14. Nurse Peter is planning to conduct basic research for her post graduate studies which of the
following is true about pure research?
A. Developes theories that increase the knowledge about a certain phenomenon
B. Aims to solve day-to-day concerns or issues
C. Aims to establish a cause and effect relationship among variables
D. Service as the basis for further research
Answer: A. It must be carried out to increase understanding of fundamental principles. It serves as basis
of the readers of the study to learn from it and apply to their study or in life.

15. If the nurseplans to conduct a true experimental study, he/she must be able to have the
following essential components except:
A. Manipulation/Intervention C. Randomization
B. Control Group D. Quota Sampling
Answer: C. Randomization is not included in a True Experimental study.

16. Which of the following is the true in an experimental study?

A. Clients most likely to perform the best assigned to the expeimental group
B. Subjects are randomly assigned to both experimental and controlled group
C. Conditions affecting the subject are left uncontrolled
D. The control group receives the theraphy being studied
Answer: B. True Experimental study must have an experimental group and control group.

17. What type of experimental research design has manipulation of independent variable, no
randomization and/or comparison group but has efforts to compensate for this lack?
A. True Experimental C. Pre-experimental
B. Quasi-experimental D. Non-experimental
Answer: D. Non-Experimental is a study when a researcher cannot control, manipulate the predictor
variable or subjects but it relies on interpretation, observation or interactions to come to a conclusion.

18. Quantitative researchers are highly structured type of research that requires collection of data
through senses in conducting a quantitative research, researchers are expected to:
A. Gather in-depth information
B. Seek patterns in findings
C. Use inductive reasonings
D. Gather emperical data
Answer: A. Gathering more information through journals, literature or published thesis will help the
researches on conducting a research study.

19. An investigator distributes a questionnaire to a sample of ex-nurses in an attempt to discover

their reasons for leaving the profession. This is best described as:
A. A quasi-experiment C. An experiment
B. A survey D. A social Model
Answer: B. Survey is the type of method where the researcher can gather data of an individual from a
set of group of people.

20. The researchers would like to determine the difference of the responses regarding the
effectiveness of cooperative learning of those who re irregular students versus the regular
students of a nursing college. The researchers will utilize a questinnaire with an interval data
and cumulative means gathered. What is the most appropriate statistical treatment will be the
most appropriate?
A. Chi Square C. Analysis of variance
B. T-test D. Mean
Answer: B. T-test is used to determine if there is a significant difference between the means of two
groups, which may be related in certain features.