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Prophets. Apostles. Disciples. Servants.

Modern Prophets. Modern Pharisees.

by ArtOf Nyxography on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 10:17pm

What is common to these people who have been used by the Lord in the Old Testament
& New Testament?

They have fear in the Lord. They love the Lord. Therefore, they are walking with the
Lord. Following the ways of the Lord. Abiding in His Words. Keeping His
commandments. Thus, they hear the voice of the Lord because the Spirit of the Lord is
in them. And it is because of the Spirit of the Lord that they have knowledge of the
Lord. For their knowledge of the Lord is taught by the Lord Himself. It came
directly from Him and no other person taught them the Word of the Lord.

 In the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the Messiah taught the teachings
of the Lord, God. He has also revealed the mystery of the Kingdom of God in heaven.
And why did He knew all of these things? .. because the Spirit of the Father is in Him,
and it is the Holy Spirit that connects the two of them.

Jesus Christ, has called & appointed his 12 apostles, among all His disciples who
believed & followed Him. Jesus Christ called & appointed them. They did not
appoint themselves. And to them, who were chosen & appointed, has been given
& has been revealed the mystery & true meaning of the Lord & the Kingdom of
God. But to others, it was spoken in parables, it was not given to them.These 12
apostles, loved Jesus, followed Him wherever He goes, obeyed all His commands, they
walked with the Lord & they are always with the Lord. 
But before they have done this, they have forsaken everything, left everything behind &
just followed Jesus. And that is what Jesus taught in the cost of being a disciple. He
who loves his life more than me is not worthy of me. He who loves his father,
mother, sons or daughters more than me is not worthy of me. They must forsake
their life first & give up everything, then they could follow Jesus.
When Jesus ascended back to heaven, the Spirit descended to earth. The Spirit
was a gift from the Father. And the one who ascended is the same as the one who
descended. Remember, the Spirit which is in Jesus is of the Father. And it is the
Spirit that connects them. 
The same Spirit which was in Jesus Christ, was given as a gift to His Apostles, for them
to remember His teachings, for them to boldly spread His gospel & for them to feel
that the Lord is always with them wherever they go. The same Spirit which connects
Jesus to the Father, is the same Spirit which connects Jesus to His apostles. 
And that same Spirit which was in Jesus, which was in the Apostles, is the same
Spirit in this modern generation. Given to those who fears the Lord & loves the
Lord, though they did not see, they believe. It was given to them as a gift. For
them to fully abide in Him & His Word alone. For them to walk in the ways of the
Lord, just as the apostles did when Jesus Christ left. 
The same Spirit in this modern generation, is the one who teaches them the
knowledge of the Lord. It was the one giving them wisdom hidden to this world.
And to them was revealed the mysteries & secrets of the Lord, just as Jesus Christ
revealed the secrets to His apostles, but to other it was spoken in parables.
The same Spirit in the Old Testament & in the New Testament, is just the same
Spirit in this modern generation. The same Spirit never left the earth since Jesus
ascended to heaven. And it was the same Spirit of the Father, for the Lord God
does not change even from generation to generation. 
 However, in this modern generation. People have been appointing themselves to teach
the Word of the Lord, without the Lord choosing them & appointing them. They are the
modern Pharisees, guided by the Bible, putting their own explanation & interpretation
of the Word of the Lord, just as the Pharisees in the New Testament. The Old
Pharisees & the Modern Pharisees do not have the Spirit that came from the
Father. They are blinded. They are proud. They are arrogant. Thinking that because
they have been to Bible school & have been studying the Bible for years, thus making
them a Bible scholar. They think they have higher authority & think that they know
everything in the Bible.

They know everything in the Bible, the Books, the Chapters, the Verses, BUT THEY DO
thought, being baptized in water makes them have the Holy Spirit. But the Spirit of the
Lord is given to those who fears Him, to those who loves Him, to those who walks in
His ways & in His commandments. But these modern Pharisees, were not doing any of
these things. Because they are arrogant & proud, guided by their own wisdom &
knowledge, thinking that they could understand & know the Lord by their own. These
Modern Pharisees, deny the Power of the Spirit, to give Revelations from the Lord.
These modern Pharisees created a "god" in their mind, thus making it an idol. The
"god" that they have created is enclosed in the Bible. The "god" that they worship
do not have a spirit to reveal such things. The "god" that they worship was left in the
old days.
 But the True Servants of the Lord, the Modern Apostles of the Lord, the Modern
Prophets of the Lord, believe that the Lord God of Israel is alive & does not
change. He is the same yesterday, today & forever. These True Servants of the Lord,
just like in the Old Testament, fears the Lord, loves the Lord, walks in the ways of the
Lord, abide in Him & His Words alone. They are being taught by the Lord through
the Spirit. Just like Jesus taught His apostles. And the Old Prophets were taught
by the Lord. These True Servants were getting their knowledge of the Lord, from
the wisdom of the Lord, coming from the Only Master, the Only Good Teacher. 

These True Servants of the Lord, just like the apostles, willfully forsake their own lives,
to do the Father's will, thus making them a Disciple of the Lord. Then if they were a
Disciple of the Lord who is doing the will of the Father, they are a Friend of the
Lord. These True Servants of the Lord, are the Modern Prophets of the Lord, in whom
the knowledge & words that they have - were from the Lord, taught by the Lord, given

These True Servants, the Modern Prophets of the Lord, deny themselves daily &
carry their cross & follow the Lord. They only follow & obey, doing the will of the
Father, of whatever the Lord would command them to do. They abide in the Lord
& His Word alone. They just allow the Holy Spirit to lead them, for they do not
decide on their own & do not lean on their own understanding or any man's
These True Servants, were also called by the Lord. They heard the voice of the Lord,
they did not ignore, but they faithfully obeyed the Lord. Thus, choosing them &
appointing them, to do the Father's will, to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord
& these True Servants of the Lord, never stopped loving Him, walking with Him &
serving Him.For many are called, but few are chosen.

However, these True Servants, the Modern Prophets of the Lord were being rejected by
many, most especially the proud & arrogant Modern Pharisees. For they are blinded &
they do not know the Lord. These Modern Prophets were not recognize by the
world, for they do not belong to the world, rather they belong to their Father
which is in Heaven. They are in this world, but not of this world, and soon these
Modern Prophets, the True Servants, the Saints of the Lord will be returning home to
their Father, which is in Heaven. And they will be with the Lord forever & ever, Amen.
"...I speak NOT of you ALL: I know whom I HAVE CHOSEN.. .."
 - Jesus (John 12:18)