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FOURTH SUNDAY OF Virgin Mother of Good Counsel St. Monica St. Augustine St.

Martin of Tours
2, Lower Blackhouse Hill, Hythe, CT21 5LS. Tel: 01303-266430 Chapel Road 135 Queen’s Rd 124 High Street
ADVENT Fax: 01303-264773 email catholic.hythe@googlemail.com www.catholic-hythe.org Dymchurch, TN29 0TD Littlestone, TN28 8NA Lydd, TN29 9BA

19TH DECEMBER 2010 Catholic Parish served by: The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (S.O.L.T.) Parish Priest: Fr. Frederick W. Alexander
Assistant Priest: Fr. Paul Johnston Deacon: Rev. Raymond Partridge. Tel: 01303-873835.
St. Augustine’s RC Primary School: St. Johns Road, Hythe, CT21 4BE. Tel: 01303-266578. Head teacher: Mrs. P. Parnell
Confessions: Saturday 11.00-11.45, 6.30pm St. Edmund’s Catholic Secondary School: Old Charlton Road, Dover, CT16 2QB. Tel: 01304-201551. Head of School: Mr A. Reed

SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - HYTHE Abortion Recovery Care Helpline: 0845 603 8501
There will be a second collection on Epiphany Sunday to support one of
Sat 6.30pm † Amos Harding
8.00 am † David Cross our own parishioners who went forward into the missions six years ago.
9..30am † Repose of the Souls. Rosa & Since then he has worked with the poor, mainly in India and Malaysia, and
Rosa and Peter Barco AND VISITORS
now Nepal. Anthony Matthews is the founder of the Eden Project. A
11.15 am (Sung) † Billy Neary Fr. Paul, Fr. Mark, Deacon Ray,
7.00 pm All Priests charity that aids in the development and education of the poorest people in
Canon Cronin, Mgr. Klyberg,
the mountains near Kathmandu.
SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - THE MARSH Martha, Jan, and I remember you
Dym 8.30am All Parishioners
Anthony will speak after each Mass in Hythe on the 2nd January 2011. at this Christmas season and how
L’stone 10.00am Molly Trainer. Birthday Blessings grateful we all are to serve you.
Lydd 11.30am Priests of the Parish CHRISTMAS NOVENA OF MASSES Always, but especially at Christmas,
Last Sunday’s Collection raised
£776.74 One Mass each day for nine days will be we pray for you and your
P ARISH D AILY M ASS 10.00 AM offered for the intentions you request starting
Mon Mildred Hardy Last Sunday’s Collection for Altar intentions. May the Father, Son
at midnight on 24th December. and Holy Spirit bless you mightily.
Tue † Roswitha Beddowes Flowers raised £268.75
ADVENT PENITENTIAL SERVICE 7PM IN HYTHE Envelopes are available for your
Thank You
† Parents & Brothers. S. J. Ward
Cathleen Clark
intentions and offerings to the priests.
Novena Christmas Cards are available free
Fr. Fred
Fri Colin & Christianne Harms. Christmas Day Offering for for you to give to those that you have
51st Wedding Anniversary SOLT Priests. Please use the enrolled in this Novena. Thanks to Mark Botting and Alan Green,
Christmas Offering envelopes at
SISTERS’ M ASS (Convent) 11.00 AM and al those who helped make the Annual
the back of the Church.
Sat (5pm) † Fr. Colin Fortune S. C. J. EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT I N HYTHE Parish Christmas Social such a success.
Mon † Ian Foster Thank You
Mon - Wed after Mass to 11.30am
Tue Private Intention (C)
† Reception of the body of HYTHE LECTORS for next week:
Sr. Stanislaus at 4pm The 2011 Augustinian Year Calendar is Advent Penitential Service
SAT 6.30 pm Michael Lyons available at the back of the Church. The service will be held on the December 21st
Wed Mike & Sue SUN 8.00 am Eileen Knight
Funeral of Sr. Stanislaus 9.30 am K McCormick at 7.00pm at Hythe Church
Thu Cyril Hardy Richard Furlong
11.15 am Jean Giberson HYTHE COFFEE SUNDAY
MEMORIALS & FEASTS 7.00 pm Mary Muncer or
Tue St Peter Canisius. Priest & Doctor
Coffee & refreshments will be served this Marist Way Meeting
Steven Lagrue Sunday after the 9.30am Mass by:
—————————————————————— The next meeting will be on the 12th January
Paulinus, Carola & Dani 2011 at 2.00pm in the Convent, NOT the Villa.
CHRISTMAS SERVCES ROSARY In St. Martin of Tours Church,
Fri 24th 5pm Vigil at the Convent. Joe O’Malley Lydd, or opposite at 8, The Green on Repository
and family Wednesday at 11.30am. Also after Gifts & Cards, Prayer Books & Bibles now Please pray for the sick & those in hospital:
7pm. Vigil of Christmas at Hythe in stock. Open after all Sunday Masses. Louisa Allwright, Hannah Forse, Dolores Jennings,
7pm. Vigil at LITTLESTONE
weekday Masses in Hythe
Mary McArdell, Eileen Russell, Klare Schooling,
MIDNIGHT MASS. CHRISTMAS NOVENA DAY 1 Eberhard Stickler, Catherine Riddell, Mary Griffiths,
Sat 25th 8am Hythe. Sarah Hardy. THOSE WHOSE ANNIVERSARIES OCCUR AT THIS TIME: Thomas Malon, Leonard Maynard, Theodora Jones, Christene Burket, Jim Emerson,
9.30am † Martin Murray David Cross & Elizabeth Pluck, Roswitha Beddowes, Violet Hutchinson, Dawn Wood, Sean Peter Power-Court, Bro. Duran SOLT, Elizabeth
11.15am Well-being of Scott & Forse Hands, Gwen Dixon, Kathleen Norton, Grace Rossi, Alice Newman, Sr. Madelaine, Wilfred Conrath, Sr Mary of the Trinity SOLT, Sandra Ward
families Wood, Dennis Holmes, Elaine Dawkins, Lillian Wood, Kathleen Clarke, May Nolan, Kathleen
Boughton, Pansy Gingell, Winifred Tanner, David Tong, Natalie Sharp, Mary Cobb, Cissie and Sheila Phelan, Annegret Burford. Jennifer &
9am Dymchurch Priests of the Parish
11am Lydd † Kathleen & Tom Gregan Bulbeck, John Henly, John Dacey and Elizabeth Eccles. Michael Green. R.I.P. Barry Sansom. Jim Fields. Lorraine Sharp.