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Muhammad Usman (2008-chem-02-B)

Hazard symbols:
Hazard symbols are recognizable symbols designed to warn about
hazardous materials or locations. They appear with different colors,
borders, background & supplemental information in order to signify
the type of hazard.

Hazard signs:
Some of the signs used are shown below…

Sign Name Description

This symbol is used to show that the

Corrosive substances
substance is corrosive.

This symbol is used to show that the

Explosive substances substance is explosive so care should be
taken while handling this.

Substances can catch fire so care is

Flammable substances

Substances that should not be dumped

Nature Polluting substances openly to the atmosphere because they
can cause severe damage to it.

They can oxidize other things violently

Oxidizing substances
besides them so care should be taken.
Muhammad Usman (2008-chem-02-B)

A toxic substance means any chemical or

mixture that may be harmful to the
Toxic substances environment and to human health if
inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through
the skin.

Some substances, such as certain oils or

dyes, may make acne worse by irritating
Irritating, Noxious substances the skin. Examples are Sodium lauryl
sulfate, TEA-lauryl sulfate, laureth-4,
and lauryl alcohol

Substances emit radiations like alpha,

Radioactive Substance beta, gamma rays that can cause severe
damage to human health.

Biological hazards, also known as

biohazards, refer to biological
Bio-hazard substances that pose a threat to the health
of living organisms, primarily that of

Warning sign A warning sign indicates a hazard.

Ionizing radiation consists of subatomic

particles or electromagnetic waves that
are energetic enough to detach electrons
from atoms or molecules, thus ionizing
Ionizing radiation sign
them. This sign shows that ionizing
radiations are there which will cause
severe damage to the human & biological

Electromagnetic radiation that does not

carry enough energy per quantum to
ionize atoms or molecules but still they
Non-ionizing radiation sign
can cause damage to humane health.
They include UV, Visible, Infra-red,
Radio & Micro waves.
Muhammad Usman (2008-chem-02-B)

The Radura logo, used to show a food

Food irradiation sign
has been treated with ionizing radiation.

Any electromagnetic radiation in the

wavelength range between 100 nm and 1
Optical radiation nm. The spectrum of optical radiation is
divided into ultraviolet radiation, visible
radiation and infrared radiation.

Laser hazard sign Sign shows that there are laser radiations.

Sign shows that the Gas is poisonous.

Poisonous gas Mostly this sign is there on gas cylinders
& containers containing gas.

It is a general symbol to make people

Miscellaneous danger aware of danger & be careful about

This symbol is used for generally

poisonous materials. More specifically it
Poison symbol
is also used for different materials with
different modifications.

Symbol shows that liquid can catch fire

Flammable liquid
so should be handled with care.
Muhammad Usman (2008-chem-02-B)

Symbol shows that solid can catch fire so

Flammable solid
should be handled with care.

Symbol shows that gas can catch fire so

Flammable Gas
should be handled with care.

Safety symbol showing that gas is non-

Non-Flammable gas

It should be kept away from edibles

Harmful material because it can cause harmful effects if
mixed with edibles.

Sign shows that material should be kept

Dangerous when wet away from water or moisture because it
can cause danger if it is wet.

Organic per-oxides are dangerous to

Organic per-oxides handle so care should be taken while
Muhammad Usman (2008-chem-02-B)

Inhalation hazard Material can cause danger if inhaled.

Material should not be disposed in sea or

Marine pollutant water reservoirs because they can be
dangerous to marine life.

Symbol shows that material’s auto-

Auto-ignition symbol
ignition can take place.