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Be dispassionate about life and the people around you- its one of the most

important lessons in spirituality and I have known it long enough. The question
is am I able to induct it into my behavior on a daily basis? I have an immediate
answer to this- the answer is no..! It’s very difficult to inculcate a controlled
display about something you feel strongly about, forget being not affected by it
at all! For me, being dispassionate is about being able to convey the emotion of
non- interestedness into something. At least for now, that’s how I feel about
being dispassionate. But I know it’s not fully developed into my psyche and I
am still prone to feel a discord deep into me. I always feel this tug of war
within me and I don’t know when is this going to be a very natural part of my
emotional framework? I believe that’s the hard work associated with it.

I feel this matrix of dispassionate aura must extend beyond just worldly things
and I strongly feel (pun intended!) that it should include everything- most
important of all the people you associate with. Being dispassionate is freeing
yourself from the clutches of forming a judgment about something or someone
that serves no purpose either to you or to someone else. It’s basically
developing a core mentality of creating an empty space intellectually that
works against the categorization of the role people are supposed to play in your
life. In short, cutting out the expectations, to the point where your
dependence on them vanishes. I know it might not work in a reverse manner,
but to save yourself, this is the best favor you could provide yourself with. I
know subconsciously, it’s a little difficult so the application is always on a
conscious level. I am still a rookie in this category, but I am gonna keep on
trying until it becomes a part of me. Take the people failing to live up to you
with a pinch of salt- trust me, it will help a lot than to sulk in a corner and
being miserable on your own expense. Maybe you failed them on numerous
occasions too so it’s a vicious cycle.

Dispassion is fruitful in its very essence. I don’t think the extreme of it could be
practiced as there would always be something that stirs your emotions and
bring you back to your disturbed self. The key here is to be able to co-ordinate
your emotions with the larger picture of detachment. The one very strong unit
is to feel the self reliant mechanism which knows well of your circumstances
and then leads you to behave accordingly. In self reliance one doesn’t need to
feel vulnerable for somebody’s approval and be always alert towards the right
and wrong associated with a situation.