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Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility

There are 4 layers of pyramid in the corporate social responsibility are Economical, Legal, Ethical and

Economical : Be profitable to the organization.

To provide goods and services according to the consumers need and to make profit in the process.

- Here, Citi Bank partnered with Indian School of Business (ISB) to undertake primary financial
research in the year 2007.
- Citi Bank also maintains strong competitive position by tied up with ISB to improve access for all
capital market for small investors.
- They also brought together academicians, practitioners and regulators from India and all around
the world in the area of finance to maintain a high level operational efficiency.

Legal: Be responsible. Obey with rules and regulations under the law.

- Eventhough they partnered with several external organizations for corporate social
responsibility they obey with rules and regulations.

Eg: Though they took support from NGO organizations they obey and conduct ethics in financial and tax
related matters.

Ethical responsibilities: Be ethical . To do what is right and fair.

- In the work place Citi bank has created several task forces to tackles concern for its female
employees such as
* They provide facility and safe commuting for women travelling alone especially at night.
*Promoting work life balance through a 5 days week.
It recognize corporate integrity and ethical behavior.
Philanthrophic responsibilities: Be a good corporate citizen contribute resource to the community,
Improve quality of life.

- By assisting volunteering their employee in the several activities they enhance the community
quality of life.