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Stepping Off the Karmic Wheel:

Rewriting Soul Contracts through DNA Recoding and Releasing Sacred Wounds

The surf’s up and you are now being asked to ride the cosmic waves flooding the Earth plane! You
recently experienced the potent and expansive energies of the Wesak full moon, a portal opening
where Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron met in Aquarius, and an intense cleansing set in motion by
Mercury in retrograde. Add to this Venus and Mars dancing together, offering opportunities to
merge physical and spiritual realities, and to manifest the outer reflection of this alignment – a
soulmate reunion.

The May 24 New Moon provided an opportunity to set your intentions and clear anything that
stands in the way of your spiritual alignment. The full moon in Gemini provides an opportunity for
the energy received at the Wesak festival to be released and anchored within human consciousness.
This releases an abundant tide of love for humanity to transform into. This goodwill is then radiated
outward for all to use in manifesting their highest spiritual goals.

Stepping into Spiritually- Aligned Identities

The energies of the Gemini full moon are helping you transmute any remaining karmic energies and
step off the karmic wheel. The portal energies will crescendo with the summer solstice June 21.
These powerful cosmic portals offer the opportunity to rewrite your contract here, effectively
recoding your DNA. This allows you to step into new, more joyful, creative and spiritually- aligned

Surfing this “cosmic wave” is a daily balancing act. Like the surfer bracing for increasingly
powerful waves, you experience the thrill and exhilaration of taking on waves you didn't think you
could handle. This allows you to step beyond perceived limitations. This is the ultimate act of self-
affirmation – believing you can step beyond what you have done before.

Retrograde Mercury’s Firestorm of Inner Seeing

May’s Mercury in retrograde touched off a firestorm of inner seeing. Mercury cut straight to the
chase, bringing you face-to-face with your deepest fears, insecurities, issues of self-worth and
perceived limitations. All that was brought to the forefront was designed to help you see ways you
have limited yourself. It brought awareness to beliefs that bound you to what you didn't prefer. It
helped you see any negative emotions you still hold. All the things you have not yet seen represent
veiled aspects associated with your sacred wound – a deep trauma that typically manifests in
childhood. This wounding represents the need for karmic understandings carried forward from past
lives. Now, during this powerful time, you are being asked to release all aspects of your karmic
wounding in preparation for the New Time on Planet Earth.

Continuing the Work of Mercury’s Retrograde

Mercury’s May retrograde sought to clear anything that stood in the way of full access to these
portals of transformation. Now it is up to you to continue Mercury’s work.

While Mercury has now turned direct, you can still continue its “detoxing” efforts on your own.
Mercury’s retrograde set the tone, bringing things to your attention, but the real test is to embrace
what you were shown. During this time, you are able to call upon insights you gained these past
weeks. These insights allow you to continue the process of healing all that Mercury brought before
you. This involves rushing out to meet challenges with confidence and choosing to believe in
yourself and your ability to manifest resources. All of this allows you to embrace the message of
your sacred wound and unite your inner soulmates -- your conscious and subconscious minds. As
you enact healing at all levels of your being, you're able to rewrite your contract and design the
remainder of your existence here. Cleared of the burden of karmic debt, you in effect become the
architect of your life.

You may find yourself in a challenging time of uncertainty and chaos. This is especially true if you
have been previously motivated by fear, emotional traumas and various forms of crises. If your life
has been about virtually putting out fires every day and constantly clearing up the wreckage of the
past, you may feel lost for a time as the energies around you shift. Once you step free of the carnage
of human consciousness, you may find yourself wondering how is it that you will now motivate
yourself when you no longer rely on "negative motivations. "

Choosing Joy over Suffering and Struggle

This is the point where you begin to act through joy - to choose to do things based on the joy they
bring you. As you explore all the things that bring you joy, you come face-to-face with your
spiritual purpose. In other words, if you're not sure of your exact purpose, begin doing what brings
you joy and you will soon find it.

Begin each day by affirming it is another glorious opportunity to experience joy. It is another day to
hone your gifts and talents and share these with others. It is another day to step into the unlimited
abundance of your spirit. Having a goal and purpose for everything you do allows you to examine
each proposed activity to see if it adds meaning and joy to your life or if it is just another empty,
meaningless activity void of fulfillment.

This is a time when you may want to examine how you relate to others. Observe if what others are
asking of you is for your highest and best and for theirs. Examine if staying at a job that has grown
stale is for your highest good. Learn to read the subtext of your life. Staying at a job where you feel
undervalued and unappreciated is saying you're not worthy of anything better. Keep in mind that
you are actually the one doing the undervaluing and under-appreciating, and others are simply
mirroring this to you.

Opening to the New Vision for Your Life

The stage is being set and the call has gone out for all to hear. You can make the fullest use of the
openings now available by opening to the new vision for your life. This is an expanded vision for
the identity that will carry you into the New Time on Planet Earth.

Now is the time to undertake vision quests and fasts. This is the time to spend time each day in
spiritual communion, opening to the message of your guides. Now is the time to receive the vision
for the new "you" now crystallizing in the ethers.

The cosmic consortium of spring configurations combined with Mercury’s retrograde to pave the
way for DNA restructuring that allows one’s plan and purpose to be recoded at the cellular level.
This opportunity for cellular restructuring and quantum leaps on one’s spiritual path drew many to
begin incarnating decades ago. People of all ages are now here to take part in the great shift and its
accompanying celebration.

Steps to Cellular Reprogramming

Once you have a vision in place for your future, you can enter into meditation and program this new
vision into the DNA which resides within the nucleus of your cells. Since one cell is holographic to
all, set your intention that as you enter a single cell and seed this vision, it immediately extends into
all the cells within your body.
During this restructuring period:

1) Set your intention to rewrite your contract by recoding your DNA.

2) Clear your emotions and surround yourself with light.

3) Enter the highest vibration you can access.

4) See the vision for your future entering the cells of your body.

5) Enter a space of trust and allowing, affirming that changes will occur synchronistically with
perfect timing.

The vision you have coded into your DNA reflects your field of potential for this lifetime. In other
words, you are activating your entire field of possibilities. This is what is being asked of each
person on Earth at this time.

As you move forward in coming days and weeks, new cells will be born in your body. These cells
will carry the coding for changes aligned with your new vision. Over time, the new DNA codes
you put into place will spin out new preferences, new realities, and new possibilities.

Beyond the Summer Solstice: Three Life-Altering Eclipses

This summer, you will see three life-altering eclipses in July and August that will expand and
deepen the changes now taking place. These include:

1) A July 7 full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer designed to help you transcend the physical world and
step into new dimensions of unconditional love.

2) A July 21-20 new moon solar eclipse in Cancer which signals intense transformations for

3) An August 5-6 full moon lunar eclipse in Leo that focuses spiritual energy toward global unity.

We will provide more information on these eclipses in coming weeks.