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Tiny Pay Me Digital Action

“Simplicity is the
ultimate Sophistication”
Leonardo DaVinci
Digital Action
As free agents we work on innovation in the public domain. We work on a smaller and better

public service, want to create awareness on the New World of Work and also improve digital
skills of the civil servants. The central ambition of Digital Action is that the entire public ser-
vice will start working in accordance with the principles of the New Way of Working.

A s free agents we work on innovation in the public domain. We

work on a smaller and better public service, want to create awareness on
Part of the change process is to pay specific attention to the (improve-
ment of) the ICT skills of officials. One advantage is that future employ-

the New World of Work and also improve digital skills of the civil ser- ees will have been spoon-fed on these digital skills. Through our Digital
vants. The central ambition of Digital Action is that the entire public ser- Academy the civil servants have every opportunity to develop their skills
vice will start working in accordance with the principles of the New Way and professionalism by global collaborative classrooms, webinars and
e all love simple things. We love them because we loathe going of Working. apps and learn how to work with and benefit from co-creation.
through a frustrating experience of discovering how something does
what it’s supposed to do. The New Way of Working is a vision of making work more effective and Keywords Digital Action: Open Innovation, Action, Social Media, Govern-
efficient, but also more pleasant for the organisation as well as the em- ment 2.0, New World Of Work, Academy, Sustainable Innovation, trends
Although we share affection for simple things we rarely realize how hard ployee. Social trends (such as the digital revolution) make a shift toward and shifts.
it is to create something that is perceived as simple. the New Way of Working necessary and urgent. Not schemes and sys-
tems, but people and their possibilities should be at the centre of the go-
A while ago an Italian genius, called Leonardo, said: “Simplicity is the ulti- vernment’s thinking. The civil servants of the future should adapt their You’re brilliant, we’re hiring
mate sophistication.” He obviously understood that anyone can make method of working to face the rapid changes in society. But how to do it? Our agents are always looking for new talent. Do you want to rock
something look hard but only a few can get it to look simple. By placing the employee centre stage and giving him the leeway and the world? Become a free agent and become part of the movement.
freedom, within certain limitations, in how he works, where he works,
when he works, what tools he works with and with whom he works. Our company Digital Action supports Google’s Innovation principals:
Examples are found everywhere from tangible (science & technology) * Ideas come from everywhere
to the intangible (spirituality & philosophy). In science one of the smal- We love what we do * Share everything you can
lest formulas out there provides us answers to the hardest questions Due to the rise of the interactive Internet (web 2.0) over the last few * You are brilliant, we’re hiring
(E = mc 2 ). In technology a portable music player with one button ignited years, distances are ever easier to bridge, information and knowledge is * A license to purchase dreams
w a new era. In spirituality Zen is just a perfect example. Simple things spread more widely and faster, and new ways of (cooperative) working
lize ho
* Innovation, not instant perfection

l y r e a make sense and attract. are possible, for example by using Wikis, forums, social networks, crowd * Don’t politic, use data
re te
“We ra d it is to crea sourcing, supply and demand facilities and other 2.0 tools. The digital * Creativity loves restraint
har t is
ing tha .”
I’m a webdeveloper and with my team we strive to create simple things. changes have a high impact on how people, groups and organisations * Worry about usage and users, not money

so m e t h
This pursuit is definitely demanding. Most of the problems we solve are establish connections to one another. Boundaries between what are in-

v e d a s pretty sophisticated in terms of technology and programming. But no side and outside, who belongs to a group and who doesn’t, what is work Our mission: “from eating your own dogfood towards drinking
percei matter how sophisticated the thing is you’re doing; you have to make and what is private. These developments lead to significant changes in our own champagne!”
sure that your creation is simple enough for almost anyone to under- society and politics. You’re creativity and expertise will add an extra dimension to our
stand. Once the majority of people don’t realize how much effort was projects and could lead to results once considered impossible.
put into it: you’ve done a great job! The gulf between government and civilians can be closed through more Visit www.digitalaction.nl and work on kick ass projects.
transparency, more feedback, better information. If we start using all the
The academic world in specific seems to have more appreciation for so- available expertise, ideas and creative talent, within and outside our or-
phistication than simplicity. ‘Simplicity’ here is too often mistaken for ganizations, we can accomplish the fundamental changes our society
‘simplemindedness’. Instead it is the opposite; simple things come from needs. Cooperation over all kinds of borders becomes possible, creating
willing, passionate and intelligent beings. I know you’re one of those. So solutions from practice – with teachers, scientists, artists, local residents.
please… Do us all a favor and create simple things because that’s the Use of human capital will be improved, making the civil service as a who-
most challenging thing you can do! le better able to anticipate future issues.

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