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Lesson Plan

LESSON Netiquette TIME 45 TARGET 6th year Elementary Ss

PLAN minutes LEVEL Intermediate
Language Points: Reading
Target language: Do and Don’t

OBJECTIVES Student learning objectives (SLOs):by the end of the lesson,

Getting the main idea of the reading text by “Do’s and Don’ts” Netiquette
and answering a guiding question.


1. Ss will be able understand that the rules of netiquette are standards that are
based in real life.
2. Ss will be able to know some of the rules of good netiquette

Time Procedure/Sequence Interaction Materials

5 Introduction T-Ss Internet –access
• Greet Ss, introduce my name, smile, make eye
- preview main SLO for this lesson
• T shows pictures. Look at the board. Pictures of
Worksheet #1
T: What do you see?
S: (Ss answer; graph)
T: Yes, it’s a graph.
It is a graph about the number of E-mail addresses T-Ss Laminated word
worldwide. (worksheet #1)
( Do you all have e-mail address? There are
basic rules of e-mail use.Have you ever heard
“Netiquette”? It means network etiquette.)
Today, we will talk about do’s and don’t
Worksheet #2
when you use internet.
10 Name of Activity 1: Brainstorm
- steps of activity: T-Ss

1) T pre-teaches vocabulary.
2) Vocabulary Checking
(Worksheet # 2)
Now, let’s check the vocabularies. There are Group work
Worksheet #3
6questions we just learned. Fill in the blanks.
Use following words to complete
3) The guiding question card
Question card
10 Name of Activity 2: T-Ss
Reading for the main idea
Worksheet #3
I - I already gave you this reading as an assignment for T-Ss
pre reading .
-Look at this sentence. Let’s read the question together. Now, we
will skim this article through, keep this question on your mind
when you read, and think about the answer as you read.

Name of Activity 3: Scanning for the details

8 Look at ‘Reading for Details’. Worksheet #4
• There are 9 sentences that are all wrong. Correct them to Group Work Worksheet #4
make true.
• For example, Look at number 1. It said ‘Keep your e-mail
• Is this write? (No) then you will correct it. Like this, you
will write ‘short’ on the text. OK?
• I will give you 5 minutes. Work in group.

Name of Activity 4:
Group Work
Providing Ss guide line for using Internet T- Ss
Now let’s try to do O X Quiz.
8 O X Quiz Activity
Now, look at ‘Reacting to the Reading
’worksheet #5
Picture cards
There are 7 sentences. Flash cards
If you think the sentences are supported by information in your text, Worksheets #5
Check it.
Evaluation/Assessment Individual work
- method of checking S understanding

- summarize teaching points or SLOs
Group Work
Extension/Homework/Assignment T-Ss
- if S finishes activity early->Ss sing a song PPT, Computer
4 About “what did you do?” T-Ss

Internet access
- homework done at home or online Song Script
- Assignments :
 Hot Potatoes 1: Figure 3: Please try to find proper
answers in the blanks. How much do you know symbols
Individual CD Song,
in Internet?
Work Internet
 Hot Potatoes 2: Figure 4 &Figure 8: Listening PPT
Comprehension Check up. Listen and try to fill in the
blanks.(Safe online communication and Internet
 If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail. T-Ss
beckie@naver.com or you can post questions on my
moodle site. www.eflbox.com