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Montsonyane R.P

Nurs 210 presentation

Complications of intravenous therapy

They are classified into local and systemic complications

1.Local complications of in therapy are associated with adverse reactions or trauma to the venipuncture
site or the surrounding tissue. They are life threatening and are easily recognised early with frequent
assessment of the iv site.

a) Hematoma; a localised collection of blood usually clotted within the tissue. The formation of a
Hemafoma during intravenous therapy is related to flow of blood into the surrounding tissue at the
venipuncture site. It mostly forms when initiating or discontinuing iv.

Symptoms of a hematoma; tenderness at the venipuncture site, bruising around the venipuncture site
and inability to advance or flush iv line.

Possible causes; vein puncturedthrough central wallet time of venipuncture, leakage of blood from
needle displacement, discontinuing an iv without applying an adequate pressure at the venipuncture

Nursing interventions:

Prevention measures include; ensuring that the catheter and tubing are securely anchored, good
venipuncture technique and no more that two unsuccessful attempts at any one site, applying pressure
to the site after an iv is removed and choosing a vein that can accommodate the size of the intended
venous access device.

Treatment measure: remove the venipuncture device