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Supply Erection Supply Erection
1 Supply, installation, testing and
commissioning of Down comer pump
comprising of the following:
Horizontally mounted centrifugal
pump, suitable for operation on 415 volts ±
10%, 3 phase, 50 HZ A.C supply. Fire
pump having C.I. body, bronze bronze
impeller and S.S. Shaft with mechanical
seal, capable for deliverying 900 LPM of
water at 30 mts. Head complete with
necessary pressure gauge with gun metal
shut off cock and syphon on delivery side.
The pump should meet the condition of
Local fire Authority
Squirrel cage induction motor TEFC
type for operation on 415 V, 3 phase 50
HZ AC supply for the above pump with a
synchronous speed of 2900 R.P.M. with
flexible coupling and coupling guard etc.
as required.
Common base plate for (a) and (b)
from M.S. channel as required size.
Suitable cement concrete foundation
with plaster, Antivibration arrangement of 2 Each 49000 3000 98000 6000
cushy foot mounting.

2 Providing, fixing, testing and

commissioning of pressure vessel (450
mm dia & 1800 mm height) for
pressurization of fire system complete with
pressure switches with isolation valves,
pressure gauge with isolation valve, 1 Each 19860 2500 19860 2500
valves at outlet / drain to operate as per
operating sequences including 80 mm dia
drain valve, air release valve with stop
cock on the top Duly painted from inside
and outside complete as required

3 Providing, laying, jointing and testing of

following sizes of pipes conforming to IS-
1239 with all accessories like all fittings
including tees, elbows, reducers, flanges,
pipe headers,rubber gaskets, nuts bolts,
washers and fixing the pipes on floor / wall
/ceiling with specification. Proividing two
coats of synthetic enamel paint of
approved shade over a coat of primer.
Including painting of legends both
direction arrow as per the approval of the
architects / consultants. And G.I. pipe
sleeve to be provided wherever the pipes
are crossing the walls/floors and sealing
the sleeves as per consultants
requirements including cutting holes and
chases in brick, R.C.C work and making
good the same to original conditions
complete in all respects
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Supply Erection Supply Erection
For down comer System - G.I
Schedule-40 Class`C' Heavy class Pipe
a) 25 mm dia 22 Mtr 225 65 4950 1430
b) 50 mm dia 11 Mtr 440 130 4840 1430
c) 80 mm dia 11 Mtr 670 195 7370 2145
d)100 mm dia 6 Mtr 905 260 5430 1560
e)150 mm dia 154 Mtr 1370 390 210980 60060

4 Providing, laying, jointing and testing in

trenches the following sizes of - G.I
Schedule-40 Class`C'(heavy class) pipes
with accessories like fittings including
tees, elbows, reducers, flanges, rubber
gaskets, G.I. nuts, bolts and washers and
providing 150mm thick fine sand layer all
around the pipe, including excavation in all
kind of soil, refilling, ramming and
removing the excavated surplus material
and protection to embedded M.S pipes
and fittings by wrapping bitumen faced
hesian, including proper overlaps on joints
making good the same complete as
a) 80 mm dia 33 Mtr 710 195 23430 6435
b) 150 mm dia 22 Mtr 1450 390 31900 8580
5 Providing and Fixing Gun metal Gate
valve C.I. Wheel approved quality
(screwed end)
a) 25 mm dia nominal bore 2 Each 1480 50 2960 100
b) 50 mm nominal bore 3 Each 4225 100 12675 300
c) 80 mm nominal bore 5 Each 10860 150 54300 750

6 Providing &fixing C.I. Sluice valve ( with

cap ) complete with bolts , nuts, rubber
insertions etc. ( the tail pieces if required
will be paid separately).
a) 100 mm dia 2 Each 5145 200 10290 400
b) 150 mm dia 9 Each 7600 300 68400 2700

7 Providing and fixing of C.I. check valve

suitable for pressure 15 Kg/Sqcm. with
flanges, Nut, bolts & washers, painting
etc. complete as required.
a) 150 mm dia 2 Each 5750 300 11500 600

8 Providing & fixing double flanged flexicon

rubber expansion joint with unit control of
standard length as per maufacturers
specs. Working pressure of 10Kg/Sqcm
including rubber gaskets, flanges, nuts,
bolts and washers complete as required.
a) 150 mm dia 3 Each 5740 300 17220 900
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Supply Erection Supply Erection
9 Providing & fixing gun metal fire hydrant
valve with 100 mm N.B. flanged inlet,
brass spindal, one no. 63 mm dia female
instantaneous outlet type. G.M. 3 Each 10410 250 31230 750
coupling,blank cap, chain. Conforming to
IS:5290. Including tapping from wet riser
complete as required.

10 Providing & fixing swinging type First Aid

hose reel in red colour with 36 mts long
and 20 mm dia dia heavy duty rubber
water hose, 20 mm dia globe valve stop
cock, terminating with G.M. coupling & 20 Each 4820 250 96400 5000
nozzle of 5mm outlet with shut off valve
confirming to IS 8090 - 1976 complete
with drum and brackets for fixing on wall,
bolts & nuts conforming to IS:884-1969
complete as required

11 Providing and Fixing Hose pipe, 63 mm

dia and 15 mts long, duly reinforced,
rubber lined suitable for brusting pressure
not less than 22 Kg/Sqcm. conforming to
IS 636-1988 type A with gun metal heavy 5 Each 3350 16750
duty instantaneous type coupling ( Pair
male & female parts) conforming to IS
903. Complete as required (two nos. for
each hydrant)

12 Providing and Fixing 63 mm dia

instantaneous pattern branch short
gunmetal pipe, 16 mm dia nozzle
3 Each 1590 4770
conforming to IS 903, suitable for inter
connection to hose pipe coupling
complete as required.

13 Providing and fixing standard firemans

3 Each 800 2400
axe with heavy rubber handle.

14 Providing and fixing weather proof cabinet

of size not less than 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.45 mtr
made out of M.S. sheet not less than 1.5
mm thick having central opening and 4
mm thick glazed glass doors (Two nos.)
suitably marked on the outside 'with the
letters "FIRE HOSE" including necessary 3 Each 2450 250 7350 750
locking arrangement and painting in red
colour suitable to accomodate, external
yard hydrant valve, 2 nos 15 mtr long
Hose pipe, branch pipe, nozzle and fire
man's axe. It shall be mounted on
boundary wall complete as required
15 Providing and fixing 4 mm thick glass door
of size 2.1 m x 0.9 m with anodized
aluminium frame of size 0.10 x 0.05 M
with centre opening for fire hose cabinet. 20 Each 13500 1500 270000 30000
Suitably marked on the outside with the
letters "FIRE HOSE" including locking
arrangement. All aluminium work to be in
Red P O colour
Unit Rate Total Amount
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Supply Erection Supply Erection

16 Approval of fire system from local fire

authority at initial & various other stages of
works, including preperation of report /
drawings as per local fire authority.
1 LS 75000 75000
Contractor shall include cost of all liasion
works which are not explicity mentioned
above but are mendatory to have fire
authority approved.

17 Providing and fixing inlet breaching having

C.I. body four way gun metal 63 mm dia
instantaneous inlets conforming to IS 903
fitted with non return valves, 25 mm dia 2 Each 6630 450 13260 900
gun metal drain cock, blank cap, brass
chains and 150 mm dia flanges with all
accessories suitable for local fire tender
complete as required.

18 Providing and fixing of Fire Brigade

adopter assembly with 150 mm dia outlet,
1 Each 6630 450 6630 450
suitable for local fire tender complete as
TOTAL 1032895 208740