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Film 1: Trust Me


Story overview, Woken up abruptly in the middle of the night by and unknown call, Norman is told
by the caller to leave the house imminently to escape the indruders. , he arrives at the flat to meet
the man on the phone and it is revealed that it was all a video for social media


The film begins with the man’s glasses on the side of the table; this is shown through a close up
shot of the characters face before he puts them on to see who is calling him. This is the opening shot
in order to introduce the main character to the audience. The rest of the film is shot entirely in first
person; the effect of this is we get to see exactly what he is seeing, therefore making the intense
scenes of the film even more immersive/severe due to the audience being in his shoes. low angle
shots are used to show the antagonists dominace over prtoagonist, the effect of this is to create a
clear power imbalace between the characters. This is a convention of the thriller genre. This is
especially effective due to the film being in first person becasue we are able to see the intruders
seaching for us, this makes the viewer anticipate what will happen next putting them on the edge of
their seat. the close up of the antagonists face is used to show the audience his emtions as well as
capture his facial expressions. The effect of this is that we are able to see the determanation of the
intruders as they attempted to capture the man. This is an example of when the first person camera
angle creates a feeling of engagement with the viewer as the man is chased through the city. as he
runs the camera is shown to be shaky and unstable in order to create a feeling of panic. Disorienting
camera angles are often used in the thriller genre to discomfort the viewer.


This film goes without any conventional score, instead the film has made use of only diagetic sound
effects. Silence plays a major role in this movie as norman has to escape his house, this means that
when paired with heightened diagetic sound the effects are more impactful on the audience for
example, heavy breathing can be heard when he sprints for the car away from the intruders and
they begin to bang on the window. Silence and hegihtned diagetic sound are common conventions
in the htriller genre.

Mise en scene:

The phone prop at the opening of the film is use of iconography, when looking at the phone it is
shown that the person calling is an unknown caller, this helps to reinforce the thriller genre from the
start as the audience are unsure of what is happening. Mystery is one of the main conventions of the
thriller genre. Another example of mise en scene are the character’s constumes. The intruders wear
dark outfits in order for them to clearly represent the antagonist to the viewer. Connotiations to
having dark clothing include ambiguity, malevolence and the unfamiliar which is exactly how the
intruders are presented. By having their charcateristic be so negative and potentially harmful it
makes it clear to the viewer that they cannot be trusted and that the phone charcter should. Mise en
scene is also use to show location as the story begins with an isolated house deep in the woods. The
location connotes to vulnrability and lonlieness, this effects the audience by bringing on a sense of
anxeity and dread. This location is a staple of the thriller genre and can be seen in many hollywood
block busters such as cabin in the woods and the shining.

Film 2

‘Lie Detector’


This is a short comedy film about an employer interviewing a candidate for a job at a position at a
firm. It is based on a section of the interview where they ask the candidate a line of questioning
under a lie detector to test the candidate. The lie detector catches both the employer and candidate
out on lies by beeping on various occasions before they must admit the truth to each other. Dane
has only one chance to make a stellar first impression, and he’s going to find out how much the truth
really hurts.


This film begins with a wide shot to show the audience the scene and make it apparent that it is a
comedy through the lighting and diegetic sound of a telephone ringing. This makes the comedy
genre apparent because the audience can rule out it being of any other genre as these are
conventions mainly exclusive to the early stages of the comedy genre. We can also see their outfits
from a very early stage, which can make it further apparent through the loose fit of their clothing
which makes them appear senseless, which helps the argument as dressing well to clearly convey
the genre is a key conventions in most, but not in comedy because the distortion of clothing adds to
the mise-en-scene of comedy that it isn’t organised/supposed to be organised. The use of
iconography is also used through the prop of the lie detector that is ‘wireless’, this makes it apparent
to the audience that this is a comedy because it would be impossible for a machine to decide
whether someone is lying without a heartbeat to give an accurate result. Without this machine, or
with the addition of the wires to make it appear as a fully functioning lie detector, the prop would
make the genre less apparent to the audience because it would make the situation more realistic,
which may take away from the humour.


It is also reflected through sound, specifically dialogue in this film as they need to be clear to ensure
that they are heard and can be laughed at. Non-diegetic sounds are also important, in this case
added in ambience of the office is included to clearly show and even emphasise that they are in an
office environment to fit the story of the video – the interview.
In conclusion, this short film ‘Lie Detector’ does not fully correlate to Todorov’s theory, as the points
of the audience’s interest is not in order and does not follow the equilibrium. This short film is a
cross between being conventional and unconventional but sways towards being conventional. This is
mainly because of the different cinematography shots that are used and the sound that is used
throughout the film. However, the reason it is slightly unconventional is because it doesn’t fully fit in
with Todorov’s theory of equilibrium and does not consist of the kind of comedic factors that a fully
conventional comedy film would have.

Mise en scene:

The mise-en-scene is also reflected to show the genre of the film through conventions. One way this
is done is through the lighting, in this particular film the lighting is bright as this creates a more
realistic environment, but at the same time create a more upbeat feeling for the audience as the
director’s intent was to give the audience a cheerful feeling when watching to gratify as this is the
main task. Bright colours are also used to establish the mood of the film is happy and comedic, in
this video it is the videos in the background behind the two characters, but mostly recognisable with
the character Dane as there is a mixture of colours surrounding him including yellow, blue, pink and
purple. These were intentionally used to establish the mood and genre.

Film 3



A horro mockumentary that is plotted around a camera man and crew tracking and investigating 2
serial killers and having the challenge to complete of killing 8 people in one night which is met by
unforeseen events throughout

Mise En Scene:

This film begins with a tracking shot of a suburban street which eventually gets to the two killers
walking away from a burning house and then it cuts to another tracking shot of people eating in a
dinner with diegetic sound of the two killers talking to each other planning on the murders that are
going to take place later on. These two tracking shots are used to show the fact that it is a
mockumentary showing the two serial killers and this emphasises the fact that this is a
mockumentary about serial killers and this has been done to keep the two characters in frame as
this is to portray the documentary style film that is being made.

The main colour this is used in this short film is black as it is a mysterious colour and is associated
with the unknown and or negative imagery and this has been shown through the clothes that the
that the killers are wearing and this represents the disruption of the equilibrium as their victims are
wearing different colours so that they can be differentiated by the audience and this thinks to
Todorov’s equilibrium theory as when shown in following their first victims this is the disruption of
the equilibrium before their lives change.


A montage has been used in this film to show the two killers individual killing sprees and this has
been done to give a narrative story of each individual killing and this relates to Todorov’s Equilibrium
theory as this montage starts just after the disruption of the equilibrium and starts the recognition of
the equilibrium which is where the two killers are in the middle of their killing spre.

Cinematography was used very effectively in this starting off with an establishing shot has been used
in the beginning of the film to set the location were the short film is set as it follows a row of
residential houses up to one that is on fire with the two main characters walking away from it and
this has been done to set the scene and show a brief introduction to the characters and this is
extended after the opening credits when there is a high angle shot of people in a diner with the two
characters appearing at the end so further show who the main characters are.The tracking shot has
been used the most in this short film as each killer has to kill a specific amount of people in one night
and has been used to show each killers individual movements and shows that their kills are
calculated and because they have a target of people to kill shows how they have to rush to find their
next target.


In the beginning of the short film they use diegetic sound of a fire burning a house down which then
changes to the crunching of snow an ice under the main characters feet as they walk through the
street and this has been used to help create suspense as it gives the audience questions as to why
they burnt down the house they are walking away from and shows instantly who the two main
characters are.