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The following is a declaration of sacramental alchemical intention

for those compounds derived from plant origin which are believed to
be of a sacred and spiritual significance in multiple world traditions
dating to antiquity.
1st Sage and 2nd Mugwort
Sage has been used traditionally in native american tradition, while
mugwart is used by european indigenous religious practitioners
as forms of traditional medicine. In the ancient
system of belief the entheogen is a sacrament and spiritual medicine.
The essential oils of these two plants contain compounds which like
mescaline contain arm-like chemical structures (OCH3) affixed onto
identical molecular positions (3,4). Mescaline however is an amino
acid and contains an additional one of these structures on another
key position (5).
3rd Mescaline (3,4,5 TMPEA)
4-allylguaiacol in: cinnamon, cassia, myrrh, nutmeg, cloves, sassafras.
First three are found in the "Ki Shem Tissa" of Torah-Tenach the ancient
text describes the holy anointing oil and incense for use in the worship
of God and in the administration of his kingdom, this is the original
from which Deuteronomy chapter 30 was interpreted under the authority
of the King James of England.
Apothecary was found to be the most accurate translation from hebrew
("Roc Kawk" to compound) which
if translated into modern language: "a chemical engineer of aromatics,
such as incense and oils a compounder of elixures, potions,
an artificer of tinctures and other admixtures used as impliments in
ritual forms of worship involving such religious paraphenalia their
alchemical rite to produce the sacraments and responsibly utilize them
in controlled religious context of quiete contemplation or other states
of meditation, trance etc) which can be administered in religious rituals
for sacramental, medicinal and aphrodesiac properties".
Even safrol can be found in small amounts in the Holy Anointing oil and Incense
if the documented procedure for its chemical manufacture found within the
bible is correctly followed. Eugenol is the immediate precursor of safrol and
as stated earlier is found in the most coveted of the spices: cinnamon, cassia,
myrrh, nutmeg, cloves and sassafrass.
These molecules are medicinal, sacramental and entheogenic and the alchemical
product of their most ancient and sacred use has culminated in the discovery
of the empathogen MDMA. Known as Ecstasy, named after the wildly expanded
mode of concsiousness which is known to occur in communion no matter what
religious tradition is practiced.

The following is the modern alchemical tableture for essential oil and their der
ivatives and extracted compounds:
Oil of Mugwart - 3,5-dimethoxy (Iodo PEA) ?
Oil of Sage - 3,5-dimethoxy (3,5dimethoxy-4-iodo phenethylamine/A?)
Oil of Calamus - (Exodus 30:22-29)asarone = 2,4,5 trimethoxy pattern (compare me
scaline 3,4,5 methoxy).
Oil of Parsley - apiole - 2,5-dimethoxy-3,4-methylenedioxy (modern alchemy)
Oil of Sesame - safrol/sesamol = 3,4-methylenedioxy MDA & MDMA (derived from anc
ient apothecary)
Derived Alchemical Decoctions
Asarone in calamus 2,4,5-trimethoxy structure is the basis of 2,5-dimethoxy-4-io
do/bromo (2CI/B - Shulgin et Al.) and by extension 2CT-2 and 2CT-7 are all modif
ications of calamus extractives. It is our belief that these compounds are alche
mical variations of ancient sacraments and are thus extractives, modulators, and
metabolic progressions of endogenous neurochemical pathways (as a natural exten
sion of the tools and impliments of particularly tantric ritual for somatogenic
effect). Is it any wonder why we believe in religious sacraments?
cognito adaptogen, somatogenic,
gnosi entheoneuro pharmacognostigen?
neuro neuropharmcognostigenic entheogen
pharma entheocognostigenic empathogen

Soma = Entheogen = Sacrament
Entheogens which are alchemical in nature (reveal the inner gold within) are the
means of attaining a knowing which the words Shaman, Soman, Gnostikoi embody in
the merging of unity of knowledge.
We believe that alchemical sacraments are the modern inheritance of the practice
of the ancient priesthood. It is as the addition to logical sacramental alchemy
applied to ancient systems of medicine, spirituality and alchemy to which me ap
pease the artificer in articulating. We believe that we have been charged by the
beliefs of humanity's ancestors to continue the ancient craft with modern alche
These our religious beliefs are not contestable as they are personal beliefs whi
ch are protected by the First Amendment of The U.S. Constitution and The Freedom
of Religion Restoration Act of 1993 and Universal Declaration of Human Rights i
n UN/EU countries (includes freedom of consciousness). Furthermore it is not our
interest to interfere with government in any adverse way unless provoked to res
ort to the legal due process you deserve for not upholding your oath of office.
Thank you.
Furthermore it is not in the interest of the state (eg: liability) to pursue any
illegal interference with afforementioned and declared religious rituals just a
s much as it is not our interest to interfere with matters of the state which be
what they shall be will stand in every way shape and form unless such laws are
contrary to the 1st amendment and our religious beliefs which laws as patriots w
e shall deny even faced with the threat of jail prison torture and all the trial
s subjected to the saints of the most high god which we represent cordially in h
is honor's court of law as clearly as in temples on the street in a coffeshop or
anywhere else god so willing declares to be true.
This has been declared by sacred law as thus quoted to be completely true under
the witness of the authority of ancient texts and it is therefore protected by l
aw from undue government interference as a
religious rite and sacred belief.