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Customers’ acquisitions and retentions are the top concerns in MySQL, Php) stack and the proven and
all organizations. Increase pressures to deal with lower budgets, robust Asterisk IP Telephony as part
competition, and sophisticated customer expectations for of the communication solutions. CIS
provides a comprehensive suite of
services and interactions in the traditional and emerging social
modular application that is required to
networking are some of the daily challenges in small and operate and manage a contact center
medium enterprises of the new age. efficiently. It is designed to allow
Compared with larger enterprises, Center solution for small to midsize contact center to add on the module
the small to midsize business have operations, meets these objectives. as and when the business requires it
to drive and increase productivity CIS enables organization to adopt thus enabling a lower entry cost.
throughout the organization with an large enterprise solution that
efficient support team. This needs improves business and operation
to be achieved by optimizing efficiencies, location independence,
resources and expertise across the and an efficient deployment model…
business, while lowering operating all at a price point targeted for the
expenses. Accordia Customer small to midsize setup. It utilizes the
Interaction Suite (CIS) IP Contact open source LAMP (Linux, Apache,
Features Overview
Accordia Customer Interaction Suite
 Unlimited Skills (CIS) IP Call Center provides an Call Center Manager is given the
integrated solution that includes flexibility to choose whether inbound
 Integrated Auto Attendant & Accordia Automatic Call Distributor calls should be routed to the first
Voice Mail (ACD) Routing Engine for both group available agent, most idle agent, or
and skills based routing. It is agent with skills that best match the
 Integrated IVR developed on top of the proven and customer’s needs. Targeting
robust Open Source Asterisk IP specifically, the micro, small, medium
 Integrated Voice Logger Telephony platform that has been and virtual contact center with single
deployed in many countries world or multiple sites, Accordia CIS has the
 Computer Telephony wide. Accordia ACD comes with an solutions that you need to manage
Integration (CTI) unlimited Greetings and Busy and grow your business.
Announcement Prompts without
 Out Bound Dialer additional external announcement
devices. The built in Voice Recording
 Web Based Application application allows Call Center
Manager or Supervisor to perform Call
 Comprehensive Web Based Quality Monitoring as well as manages
Reports call disputes by listening back to the
agents conversation in the call center.
 Integrated easy to use contact
management and knowledge CIS helps businesses meet and exceed
Base application the service level expectations of their
customers, while driving employee
 IP Agent productivity and controlling
operational costs. Accordia CIS is an IP
Modular Solution
 Works with any SIP based IP based Automatic Call Distribution To Grow With Your
Soft Phone or IP Hard Phone (ACD) that maximizes routing and
resource selection, allowing agents to Business Needs
 Integrate to conventional PBX handle calls effectively and improving
via standard T1 / E1 or SIP overall productivity in a single or
Trunk multiple location seamlessly.
Business Benefits
By leveraging on the right resource
at the right time , calls are routed
to the right resource based on
callers requirements in order to
ensure the call center achieve its
- English
call answering service level, - Printers
- Tech Support
reduces abandon rate and fulfill the
organizations commitments and
operational efficiency. Best Match Agent with skills set :
English + Printers + Tech Support

Accordia CIS Reporter provides

performance reporting on all real Accordia CIS IP Contact Center  CIS CTI - Computer Telephony
time and historical activity that is Solutions is a comprehensive web Integration for CRM Screen Pop
pivotal in any call center setup based contact center solution that and Data Base Routing
simplifies customer interaction
Agent or system initiated preview  CIS CM - Integrated Contact
management. CIS comes with the
dialing improves costly proactive Management for quick contact
following module:
customer contact issues. From lookup and append notes to the
outbound callbacks to targeted  CIS ACD - Skills Based Routing ACD contact
outbound campaigns, Accordia CIS Module comes with a set of
uses simple and effective outbound comprehensive web based real  CIS KB - Integrated easy to use
dialing tools to increase the time and historical reports for Knowledge Base Management for
performance of customer contact management analysis FAQs, Sales, Marketing and
in an outbound call environment. Technical Support Information
 CIS IVR - Integrated Interactive
Expand call center agent Voice Response System comes
knowledge with customer history. with unlimited number of Auto
Accordia CIS Contact Management Attendant greetings, busy
history displays a list of previous announcements
customer contacts and gives the
ability to view any contact to  CIS VL - Integrated Voice Logger
ensure more consistent service. for call quality monitoring

Whether you are in Customer  CIS OD - Integrated OutBound

Service, help desk, Telemarketing, Dialer for telemarketing, tele-
Collections, Customer Support or surveys and collection campaigns
in any vertical, Accordia Voice
Logger allows you to store and  CIS CB - Integrated Call Blending
track important conversation for increase agents productivity and
training as well quality assessment. utilization rate

 CIS - Soft Wall Board

All-in-one Communications Suite
Unlike the conventional solution that
Flexible, Scalable, Integrated
has a silo approach with disparate
Accordia CIS contains highly flexible Interactive Voice Response or
systems that leads to bad interfacing,
applications that leverage your phone number identification by
data duplication, operational
investments in other productivity the telcos, caller’s name and
inefficiency, and high total cost of
initiatives. Accordia CIS contact center information can be retrieved
ownership, Accordia CIS is developed
application provides rich and reliable automatically via computer
with an integrated approach that
functionality specifically targeted at telephony integration (CTI) to
minimizes what use to be a very high
improving customer interaction screen-pop a CRM application
integration cost. To serve today's
management in a contact center or Accordia Contact Management
multi-contact customer, Accordia CIS
environment. screen.
all-in-one approach leverages
seamless component integration, and Accordia CIS Benefits
offers next-generation capabilities for Improve call-routing flexibility: Minimum Servers Requirements
inbound, outbound and blended Skills based routing capabilities ensure
Application & Database Server:
campaigns for customer support, calls or contacts are routed to the Intel Xeon Quad Core, 8 GB RAM,
telemarketing or collections in contact suitable agent with the skills that 2x500GB HD, Supported OS: RHEL or
centers. best match callers’ needs in a timely
Reporting Server:
manner avoiding unnecessary call Intel Xeon Dual Core, 4GB RAM,
Accordia CIS Increases Call Center 2 x 500GB HD, Supported OS: RHEL or
Agent Productivity - Accordia CIS CentOS
provides a fully integrated contact Reduce costs, increase efficiency Client PC:
management solution that empowers 1 GB RAM, Mozilla or Google Chrome
By improving call routing efficiency
Web Browser
your agents to deliver competitive couple with a set of comprehensive
To learn more about Accordia CIS Call
customer service, lowers operating real time and statistical reports helps Center Solutions, please contact
costs, increases agent efficiency and call center manager in resource your Accordia Client Executive
or Accordia Authorized
effectiveness, and helps you make the planning Business Partner or email us at
most of every customer interaction.
Deliver personalized service sales@accordiasolution.com
With Accordia CIS, you have a
powerful assortment of features, With Caller ID and account number © 2010 Accordia Solution.
All Rights Reserved
capabilities and applications to meet presented to the call center agents
all of your call center needs. based on callers input to Accordia