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Ref No. : BL/HR/CHR/COVID/CIR/202021/0009 Date: 18.04.


To: All SBU/ Function Heads

Sub: Prevention and containment of spread of COVID-19 – Resumption of work

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) from time to time has issued guidelines to run critical operations
and bring back employees to the workplace in a phased manner. In pursuance of the MHA’s circular
No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 15.04.2020, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas vide Office Order
F.No.A-60011/08/2018-Estt(Pt।) dt. 15.04.2020 has now advised that the subordinate offices under
its control should resume operations where it is not specifically prohibited. The objective is to initiate
economic activities with reasonable safeguards in a graded and location-specific manner such that
liquidity and employment is brought back in the Country at the earliest possible time, consequently in
Balmer Lawrie [BL] we need to play a constructive role in the emerging context.

Accordingly, the following guidelines as detailed below for functioning of all Offices/Units/ Locations/
Sites with effect from 20th April, 2020, shall be required to be implemented where the establishment
of BL does not fall under a notified containment zone being identified under the COVID -19 guidelines,
issued by the State/ Unit Territory/ District Administration/ Municipal Corporation and/ or the Central
Government from time to time:-

1. All personnel in Grade E4/ FTE4 and above shall be required to attend office at their place of

2. Additionally, all personnel in Grade O1 and above, who are currently being reimbursed vehicle
running expenses shall also be required to attend office at their place of posting.

3. Officials in Grade E4 and above who are not currently availing reimbursement of vehicle
running expenses and are not using pool vehicle/ cabs to commute (where applicable), if are
unable to attend office arising out of lockdown stipulations, shall be required to work-from-
home after obtaining due approval from the Director [In-Charges]. In locations where
lockdown restrictions are expansive, such permission can be obtained by the RHR Heads, for
group of personnel affected as a collective, however such approvals must list personnel by
name and should not cover employees not present at designated place of posting.

4. Personnel not covered above, if are required to attend office, shall be provided with
conveyance support on a case to case and need basis based on requisitions raised by the
locational HoD/ Business/ Function Heads. Such requisitions shall have to be communicated
to the RHR Head or Official responsible for handling admin matters in the location well in
advance. Such support shall not be demanded as a matter of right by any person, considering
that the Company has already initiated an austerity drive effective 17.04.2020.

5. It is reiterated that all establishments of the Company which does not fall under containment
zone shall become operational effective 20.04.2020 and if any person as specified in para
points [1], [2], [3] and [4] are unable to attend office because their residential location is under
lockdown as part of containment procedure, they shall be required to submit copy of
Government/ Municipal Corporation order citing that the location is under lockdown and also
a certificate from the Councillor of his locality, certifying that the residence falls under the
area as notified in the Government/ Municipal Corporation Order.

This circular is being issued in pursuance of the Government’s directive to bring in pace in economic
activities, however the focus on containment and prevention of COVID 19 must not be diluted in any
manner. Accordingly, this circular shall have to read in conjunction with the circular Ref No.:
BL/HR/CHR/COVID/WFM/ AN/2020-21/0006* dated 15.04.2020, which specifies the guidelines to be
followed with regard to:
a. National Directives on COVID 19 Management (Annexure – I of Annexure – I*)
b. Standard Operating Procedure for Social Distancing for Offices, Workplace, Factories and
Establishment (Annexure – II of Annexure – I*).

As an abundant measure the circular in reference above is attached as Annexure – A to this Circular.
The objective is to ensure necessary actions as specified in the circular, not compromised in any
manner. Particular focus has to be maintained on the following:-

i. Maintaining Social Distancing across all workstation in the establishment

ii. Mandatory wearing of face-covers by all personnel entering the establishment
iii. Mandatory thermal scanning of all personnel at entry point
iv. Mandatory sanitisation of personnel at entry points.
v. Mandatory disinfection of vehicles entering all premises of our establishment

The above is illustrative and not exhaustive.

Further it must be noted that the Company has already issued an SOP Ref: Standard Operating
Procedure for Work Resumption after Lock down on 10.04.2020. Implementation of the same must
be ensured by the RHR Heads at all offices where resumption of operations can be allowed, subject to
their not falling under containment zone, or where permission to operate has been obtained under
specific approval granted already, considering the need to operated essential services.

It may also be noted that those not attending office, for them the work-from-home [WFH] practices
shall continue. All instructions as issued vide referred circular with regard to WFH shall continue to
apply. It is further reiterated, that while best effort shall have to be made to resume operations, till
3rd of May or as may be notified in future, the practice of maintaining rosters, for those who are not
mandatorily required to attend office as above and implementing staggered shift etc. shall have to
continue to ensure that for the categories of personnel, not covered above in this circular, the
stipulation of operating with maximum 33% manpower strength must continue.

Finally, it is to be noted that the RHR Heads must maintain continuous vigil on the emerging situation
and orders issued by the State Government/ Union Territory(s)/ District Administration/ Municipal
Corporation(s) or the Central Government. Compliance to the Government Orders/ Directives toward
Management COVID 19, as issued from time to time for any location, shall be and remain the priority
of all concerned and shall have to led by the Regional HR Head and Regional Administrative Head.

[Adika Ratna Sekhar]

Director (HR&CA)

Cc [oo] : C&MD/ D(F)/ D(SB)

Cc [oo] : RHR Heads / SBU [HR] - Kindly ensure wide circulation please.