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n 5 January 2020 (Sunday), Jesus Calls Vanagaram Campus was overflow
ing with people, numbering around 8000. The occasion was the New Year
Blessing Meeting along with a celebration for “50 years of Jesus Calls
ministry”. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran declared the year 2020 as “A YEAR OF GOOD
BEGINNINGS” quoting the verse from Job 8:7, and shared a powerful prophetic
message, “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous your future be.” As a
part of the celebration, a cake was cut and a plaque was uncovered. Sis .Stella
Ramola led the people in a meaningful time of worship. Sis. Stella Dhinakaran,
Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran and Bro. Samuel Dhinakaran encouraged the people
with promise verses from the word of God. Bishops and church leaders graced the
occasion. Many received miracles
in their body and soul. At the
end, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and
Bro. Samuel Dhinakaran
prayed individually for the
people. All glory to God!

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 3
he blessings of the Lord are going to descend upon you like the appear
ance of fire in an abounding manner this month. No man or woman will
be able to stop it. No devil will be able to hinder it. The only way by
which this will be possible, is for us to put on this man created in the image of
Several years ago, a pastor was zealously working towards making all the
believers in his church to be saved and become servants of God. One day, the
time came for him to deliver the message. But he did not turn up. On the
contrary, a masked terrorist with a gun in his hand suddenly barged into the
church and said, “I am going to shoot down all of you! How many of you are
willing to die for Jesus? Those willing to do so, stand up!” Immediately, ten of
them amongst the 200 gathered there stood up. The rest were scared and lay
on the floor. Then the terrorist removed his mask. Only then it was revealed
that he was their pastor who had come in disguise. He became sorrowful and
said to his church congregation, “You are all liars. You sing on the stage that you
would give your life for the Lord but when troubles arise, your hypocrisy is
4 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
My beloved, put on the new man created in languishing in shame, humiliation, fear, terror
the image of God and not the worldly mask. and hiding yourself. But the Lord is looking at you
Then, everything in your life will become new. and telling you, “I am changing you to be a new
man, a new woman, and transform you so that
What sort of an image?
you are found to be in My image having My glory
“Then I looked, and there was a likeness, in this world”. He Himself put on this skin cloth
like the appearance of fire–from the and came as ‘Jesus’ into this world 2000 years
appearance of His waist and downward, ago. What did He say when He came?
fire; and from His waist and upward, like
“I have come to bring fire on the earth,
the appearance of brightness, like the color
and how I wish it were already kindled!”
of amber.” (Ezekiel 8:2)
(Luke 12:49)
“And from the appearance of His waist and
He said, “My children are found without My
upward I saw, as it were, the color of amber
image and are clothed in skin and languishing as
with the appearance of fire all around
they are caught up in lust. So, for My children to
within it; and from the appearance of His
put on the fiery image of God, I have to put My
waist and downward I saw, as it were, the
fire upon them. They have to become worthy to
appearance of fire with
receive My glory and because
brightness all around it.”
of it I have come into this
(Ezekiel 1:27) Put on the new world to make way for it.” John
From the appearance of His
waist and downward was the man created in the Baptist also voiced that
same concern. He said, “I
appearance of fire and from
His waist and upward was like
the image of God baptize you with water. But
Jesus will baptize you with the
molten metal. My father has and not the Holy Spirit and fire” (Matthew
caught a glimpse of Him. He 3:11). He will baptize you with
saw the God of gods Who worldly mask. fire so that God’s glorious fire
looked like a 17 year old boy. will be set ablaze around you.
Moses and the Fathers of Then, everything This was what the Lord Jesus
Israel saw Him face to face and Christ spoke about in Luke
heard His voice. He has an in your life will 12:49,50, “I have come to bring
image which is terrible and
like the appearance of fire. It
become new. fire on the earth, and how I
wish it were already kindled!
was in this image that He But I have a baptism to be
created man (Genesis 1:27). Adam and Eve were baptized with, and how distressed I am till it is
clothed with appearance of fire and they were accomplished!” I need to put that fire in my body
like God Himself. But when they sinned, they before that. I have come as a man into this world.
became naked. Sin quenched their fire (Genesis So, in thus human form, I need to cover myself
3:7). But the God of gods came down at that time with the fire of God. I need to suffer and be
and clothed them with tunics of skin and that is distressed for this cause. He went to the cross
the human skin that we find on our body. God because of it. The soldiers of Pilate tore the skin
created our skin. How is this skin? The character- of Jesus. And lastly on the cross, the Roman
istics of the human skin are lust of the flesh, lust soldiers pierced His side with a spear (Matthew
of the eyes and the pride of life (1 John 2:16). 27:26; John 19:1, 34). The rib bone unites the
When the Almighty God created man, He made husband and wife in family life. Sin even enters
him beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11). But the lusts of there many times. So, their children do not live
the devil entered into man’s heart and made him as a godly generation thereby losing the image of
nude, wherein he lost his fire. God. This was why that spear tore the flesh on His
Today, maybe you are naked due to sin and side.
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 5
We read in the Bible that during the God in us. The Lord will give us a pure
Old Testament period, every time when language when the Holy Spirit de-
the bulls were given as sin offerings, fire scends upon us and surrounds us with
came down from heaven and accepted the His fire (Zephaniah 3:7-9). The Lord is
sacrifice (Leviticus 9:24). When all the gracious to enable us to worship Him
people saw it, they shouted and fell on with oneness of mind.
their faces. Likewise, when the body of Some years ago, while my wife was
Jesus was given as a sacrifice on the cross, giving a message in a meeting held at a
He gave Himself as an eternal sacrifice ‘Jesus Calls’ Prayer Tower, suddenly she
through the eternal Spirit so that we might was given a burden by the Lord
be cleansed from dead works (Hebrews regarding the sufferings of women
9:14). When His skin was torn, he lost the whose husbands were alcoholics and
sinful body and was filled with the glori- said, “Let the fire of the Holy Spirit
The Lord ous fire of God. The earth shook. The glory descend upon everyone of them now.”
of His fire was revealed in the darkness. At that time, a lady called Lalitha, who
will give us
That was why when the centurion saw Him was in that meeting, prayed saying,
a pure he said, “Truly, this was the Son of God” “Lord, pour out Your anointing fire not
language (Matthew 27:54). on me alone but also on my husband
when the Beloved, Jesus underwent all those who is an alcoholic.” She then returned
Holy Spirit sufferings on the cross for us so that we home after the meeting was over.
descends too would receive that same grace. Today, There she saw her husband sitting
upon us if we say, “Lord, have compassion on me, a under the water tap, which was in front
sinner”, then our prayers will ascend of their house. He left the tap water
before God as an incense (Revelation 8:3- running and was lamenting, “It is
surrounds 5). There at the altar, the blood of Jesus is burning, it is burning.” When she asked
us with His pleading with the Father for us. Our him what had happened, he cried out
fire. The prayers and the blood of Jesus on the altar saying, “I was fully drunk when I came
Lord is combine and become fire. The angel then home; but my body started to have a
gracious to throws the fire down on the earth after burning sensation some time ago and it
which we are sure to receive forgiveness still continues.” It was then that she
enable us
of sin. That fire will transform us back into realized that when she had prayed in
to worship the image of God. So, He said, “I gave that meeting, the burning fire had
Him with Myself as a sacrifice for you so that you descended even upon him. The next
oneness of would bear My image and My flesh of fire day morning, both of them sat together
mind. which is holy; I have given the skin in My and started watching the ‘Jesus Calls’
body to be torn for you. You wait for Me, television programme. I was preaching
for the Holy Spirit.” Likewise, the disciples the word of God at that time. During
of Jesus were waiting to be clothed with the prayer time, I said, “Lalitha also
the holy fire. Then there appeared to called as Lalli, you are watching this
them divided tongues, as of fire and one programme. Your husband Loganathan
sat upon each one of them and immedi- is an alcoholic and you have had too
ately they became new men (Acts 2:4). many sufferings due to that. Now, the
Those who saw them said, “Truly, they Spirit of the Lord is descending upon
were with Jesus” for they were clothed in Him and delivering Him.” On that same
the image of Jesus. The Lord will give that day, the Holy Spirit descended upon
same grace to you too. No devil or no lust Loganathan and completely delivered
will overcome us if we have the image of him from drinking alcohol.
6 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
This is His image which Jesus gives. This divine Lord tells that He will take His children into all
image of God will descend upon each one of us as blessings.
families and the Lord will do that in the coming One woman underwent a surgery for the
days. removal of a fibroid cyst. But, that night in the
Angel of God filled with fire
In addition to giving us the image of God filled
with fire, the Lord also gives us an Angel of God
filled with fire to be our helper. The Lord will
make the fiery angel of God to come along with
us in order to protect our salvation. In the coming
days, the Lord will lead you into situations where
milk and honey will flow (Exodus 13:5). Pharaoh
and his armies pursued the people of Israel
(Exodus 14:9). The Egyptians pursued them to kill
and destroy them. But the Angel of God, who
went before the camp of Israel, moved and went
behind them (Exodus 14:19). The Angel of God
came and stood before the armies of Pharaoh
and behind the people of Israel. What sort of a
person was He? The Lord looked down upon the hospital, she had a terrible pain due to allergy
army of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and suffered a lot. She could not sleep at all as
and cloud, and He troubled the army of the she was going through horrible suffering. At that
Egyptians (Exodus 14:24). time, she could hear somebody talking. When
My beloved, even now, sinful works, sinful she opened her eyes, she saw a nurse dressed up
thoughts, evil people and troubles found in your in a white dress sitting next to her and reading
life may be following you in order to destroy you. the Bible. She asked the nurse, “What are you
But, the Lord looks at you and says, “a fiery Angel doing?” The nurse replied saying, “You go to
of God is standing behind you to take you into sleep dear, the verses that I read will comfort
the land flowing with milk and honey. So, nothing you”. And as the nurse kept reading the Bible,
that comes against you to destroy you will God’s presence filled her and she experienced a
neither touch you nor come near you for I will great peace after which she just dozed off to
sleep. The time at which she saw the nurse was
save you.”
2:45 a.m. As soon as she got up in the morning,
“Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep she looked at the doctor and asked, “A nurse
you in the way and to bring you into the came and read the Bible to me; Who is she? I
place which I have prepared.” would like to see her.” The doctor replied, “Such a
(Exodus 23:20) nurse does not work here.” She went home with
The Holy Spirit, Who was the Angel of God much peace. After reaching home, she was going
during the Old Testament period, will go before through all her documents. When she came
you as a flame of fire. As we do not know the will across her birth certificate, the time of her birth
of God, the Holy Spirit surrounds us like a flame was recorded as 2:45 a.m. She was amazed. An
of fire to help us in our weaknesses. He makes Angel of God who was kept for her sake had
intercession for us with groanings which cannot saved her. This is a true incident.
be uttered and to lead us into the land flowing Likewise, the Lord has commanded an Angel
with milk and honey and into all the blessings of God for you too and that fiery Angel of God
that the Lord has kept for us (Romans 8:26, 27). will lead you. The Lord will send an Angel of God
You are not going to lose even one blessing. The who will take care to bring every blessing that is
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 7
due to you without any hindrance. In spite of the justice. The Lord is going to pour out His Spirit
situations that surround you, when there is a upon your children in a double portion for this
fiery Angel of God who is filled by the Holy Spirit, purpose. Surely, the great rains of blessings is
then the Lord will give you such a grace. going to come to you who are His children follow-
Fiery rain ing which the Spirit of God is going to descend
“And it came to pass after many days that upon your children too in a double portion. God
the word of the Lord came to Elijah, in the is going to pour out this Spirit on all the young
third year, saying, “Go present yourself to people who know Jesus.
Ahab, and I will send rain on the earth.” Chariots of fire surrounded Elisha on whom
(1 Kings 18:1) the mantle fell. The king of the enemy sent his
The Lord tells Elijah, “I will send rain during army to destroy him. But the eyes of the men in
the drought; tell this to the King”. What did Elijah the army were struck with blindness that they
do? He did not pray for rain but said, “Let fire could not see the chariots of fire that surrounded
come down from heaven; then this nation will Elisha. They could not see the man of God
come to know that the Lord is God.” Further he (2 Kings 6:17,18). On the contrary, Elisha led them
says to the people, “You too call on your gods; we out to Samaria. The king of Syria came and fell at
will see whether the fire comes down and his feet and said, “Father of Israel, what should I
whether he answers you”. They called unto their do?” The Lord will send His grace to anoint kings,
gods but did not get any answer. But when Elijah the grace to be delivered from the evil brought
prayed saying, “Oh Lord, hear me”, He sent fire about by kings, the grace that reveals to the
from heaven. Then all the prophets of Baal in the nation “the Lord is GOD” and the grace to be the
nation were executed. You will see these things father to everyone when a double portion of the
happen in the coming days. After the Lord anointing descends upon you. The Lord Who did
removed all the prophets of Baal (removes all this for Elisha will surely give you too a double
injustice and unclean things), Elijah put his face portion of this anointing due to fire in the coming
between his knees and bowed down on the days and that will bring about the heavy rains. He
ground and humbled himself as he prayed. He will make way for our children to be filled with a
prayed for rain, only after the Lord sent down fire double portion of the Spirit and protect them
from heaven. The time came for the heavy rains too. He will show the way of the Lord to the
to begin. He girded up his loins and ran ahead of kings, transform them, and give them the author-
the king’s chariot. The rain comes. But what did ity to change them to be a blessing to the nation.
he do as per the Lord’s leading? He took the Surely the Lord will give you a fiery image of
mantle and threw it on Elisha after which Elisha righteousness and holiness in these days. More-
received a double portion of the Spirit of God over, the Lord will send a fiery Angel of God for
(2 Kings 2:9). us and take us safely to the land flowing with
Beloved, as the Spirit of God descended upon milk and honey, to the land that He has destined
Elisha from Elijah in a double portion, the Lord for us. From now, there will be no more lack or
will send His fire anointing upon your children in shortcomings in your life. He will change all those
a double portion. In the coming days, we are things that do not exist as though they did. The
going to see young people zealously declare His Lord will give us the heavy rains and help us to
word, zealously stand for His cause, not agreeing establish the right kings and also be gracious for
to the injustice of this world but stand up to do us to be blessed in this world.

8 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

Deuteronomy 1:11 - Increase from God

Numbers 6:25 - Lord is gracious

15 Meditation: Gen. 22:17; 26:4,5;
Psalm 115:14; Heb. 6:13-15
1 Meditation: Exod. 33:19; Isaiah 54:8,10;
Lam. 3:32; Micah 7:18,19
Proverbs 10:22 - Lord brings wealth

1 Peter 5:7 - Cast your burden on Jesus

Meditation: Gen. 26:12,13; Deut. 8:18;
1 Chron. 29:12; Eccl. 5:19; 2 Cor. 8:9
Meditation: Deut. 26:6-9; 2 Kings 20:1-6; 2 Psalm 23:4 - Lord comforts you
Psalm 55:22
Isaiah 60:22 - Mighty nation
17 Meditation: Psalm 86:17; 94:19; Isaiah 12:1;
Jer. 31:13; 2 Cor. 1:3,4
3 Meditation: Gen. 12:2; Psalm 112:1,2; Psalm 145:9 - Lord of compassion
Isa. 61:9; 1 Pet 2:9 Meditation: Psalm 145:8; Job 10:12; 18
Psalm 62:2 - Lord, your rock Prov. 8:35; Joel 2:13
Meditation: Psalm 18:2,31; 71:3;
4 Luke 12:7 - You are special
Isaiah 26:4; 1 Cor. 10:1-4 19 Meditation: Exod. 33:16,17; Matthew 6:25,26;
Haggai 2:23 - You are chosen
5 Meditation: Isaiah 49:1-3; John 15:16,19;
1 Peter 2:4,5
Psalm 75:10 - Horns of righteous
Meditation: 1 Sam. 2:1; Psalm 18:2; 23:5; 20
Psalm 16:8 - You are not shaken 89:17; Luke 1:69
Meditation: Joshua 1:5; Psalm 62:5,6; 6 John 6:51 - Living bread
109:31; Isaiah 41:10; Heb. 12:28 21 Meditation: Matthew 20:28; Luke 22:19;
John 3:16
Isaiah 32:18 - Peaceful dwelling
Meditation: Psalm 122:7; Jer. 33:14-16; Ezek. Psalm 34:5 - Look to the Lord
7 34:25,26; John 14:27 Meditation: Psalm 22:5; Isaiah 45:17; 60:5; 22
Joel 2:26,27; Heb. 12:1,2
Psalm 46:7 - Lord is with us
Meditation: Deut. 31:8; Joshua 3:7;
Judges 6:13-16; Matt. 28:20
8 23
James 4:10 - Humble yourselves
Meditation: Psalm 138:6; Prov. 3:34;
Luke 1:52; 1 Peter 5:5
Luke 12:32 - Don’t be afraid
Isaiah 41:10 - Lord upholds you
9 Meditation: Gen. 15:1; Exod. 14:13,14;
2 Chron. 20:15-17; Matt. 14:22-27 Meditation: Deut. 1:30,31; Psa. 91:11,12; 24
145:14; Isaiah 46:3,4
Leviticus 20:8 - Lord makes you holy
Meditation: Lev. 21:8; Psalm 51:10; 10 25 Psalm 81:16 - Lord satisfies you
Meditation: Lev. 25:18,19; Psa. 91:15,16;
1 Thess. 5:23,24
Jeremiah 31:14; Matt. 5:6
Isaiah 46:13 - Splendour from God
Matthew 8:17 - Healing from God
11 Meditation: Job 37:21,22; Isaiah 35:1,2; 49:3;
John 1:14; 2 Cor. 3:17,18
Meditation: Exod. 23:25; Deut. 7:15; 26
Psalm 103:3; Matthew 9:35; 1 Peter 2:24
Isaiah 1:19 - Best food Deuteronomy 15:18 - The Lord will bless you
Meditation: Job 36:16; Prov. 13:2;
Isaiah 55:1-3; Joel 2:26,27
12 27 Meditation: Gen. 22:15-18;
Psalm 115:12,13; Hebrews 6:13,14
Psalm 146:9 - Lord sustains you Jeremiah 32:27 - God of all mankind
13 Meditation: Gen. 48:15,16; Psalm 68:5;
Acts 13:17-20; James 1:27
Meditation: Matthew 19:26; John 1:12,13; 28
1 John 4:2
Isaiah 65:24 - Call, Lord will answer Deuteronomy 7:21 - God is in you
Meditation: Psalm 91:15; 138:3; 14 29 Meditation: Psalm 46:11; Zeph. 3:14,15;
Isaiah 30:19; Jer. 33:3 Zech. 2:10,11; Matt. 28:20
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 9
The ‘Prayer Festival ministry’ helps to announce the love of God to multitudes of
people, help them experience His miraculous touch in their soul and body and receive
miraculous healing and consolation.
Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in Public and problems, those people would come up to the

meetings for 38 years stage and testify saying, “All that is true” and share
their miraculous experience.It proves that the Lord
Grace of calling out names:
still lives. Not only that, during the final prayer
The Lord blessed him with the special gift of calling
time, the Lord performs great miracles through
names of people and revealed things about them,
him. Those who are born lame, jump and begin to
during a prayer time in a “Jesus Calls” prayer
walk. The blind get vision. The deaf hear. Demons
meeting in Alappuzha, Kerala, during February 2-6,
run away howling. Deadly diseases are gone. In a
1994. From that day onwards he participated in all
supernatural way, new organs are created in the
the “Jesus Calls” prayer meetings. When he calls
body. Thousands were touched by the Holy Spirit
out the names, being filled with the strength of
in every meeting, realized their sins and turned
the Lord and tells specifically about their sickness
towards Christ.

10 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

* 1985, in a meeting in Vellore ... were not able to walk, he said, ‘Those who are not
“I smoked terribly for 44 years. I came to the “Jesus able to walk, try to walk now’. At once I threw my
Calls” meeting conducted in the Voorhees College stick and tried walking. I was able to walk, on my
ground in Vellore with my family. On the first day of own. I did not need a stick anymore”.
the meeting, during the message, – Priscilla Edwards, Andheri, Mumbai.
Bro. Paul Dhinakaran condemned smoking. I did not
take it seriously. I went home thinking, ‘He is just a *February 1992 in a meeting in Cuttack ...
small servant of God, let Bro. Dhinakaran say’. The “My son is 14 years old. He was born deaf and
next day morning, I took a cigarette and started to dumb. As Bro. Paul Dhinakaran began to pray, my
smoke. Immediately I experienced an unbearable son started to speak. He can also hear.”
irritation, like my blood vessels are bursting and I’m – Jamaya, Cuttack.
fainting. At once I threw away the cigarette, closed
my eyes and prayed, ‘Lord, forgive me for I was *1992 in a meeting in Sholapur (Maharashtra) ...
indifferent towards Bro. Paul Dhinakaran’. There One hour before the meeting began, a sister came
was a divine peace in my heart! From that day who was in the clutches of the devil.Many gathered
onwards I did not smoke. The Lord transformed me together and prayed. Suddenly, the demon inside
and set me free from my 44 years of addiction!” her howled and ran away saying, “Now Bro. Paul
– M. Durai Raj, Walajapet, Vellore. Dhinakaran is coming here in the car, he is going to
cast me away. Let me run away before that.” That
*April 1991 in a meeting in Mumbai ... time Dr. Paul Dhinakaran reached there in a car.
“For 38 years I was not able to walk on my own. I When he prayed for that lady, the demon inside her
used to walk with the help of a walking stick. When was already gone; she was delivered and began to
Bro. Paul Dhinakaran prayed specially for those who speak normally. It is an amazing miracle!

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 11

* November 1997 in a meeting in Ahmedabad ... a power came upon me. Immediately, I got up from
“I was bedridden for 10 years being affected by the wheelchair and tried to walk. I was able to walk
paralysis, unable to sit or walk. My family put me very well. I walked by myself to the stage to testify.
in a stretcher and brought me to the meeting. Now I am able to walk very well.” – Lama, Gangtok.
When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was praying, ‘The Lord
is healing the legs of those who are not able to * 2004 November in a meeting in Mauritius ...
walk’, a power came upon me. My legs were Nisha, whose legs were bent and unable to walk
strengthened. Immediately, I got down from the began to walk.
stretcher and walked without anyone’s support.
Now I can walk very well”. * 2005 February in a Prayer Festival in Pune ...
– Joseph Oliver Desai, Ahmedabad. When Akksai’s leg was straightened and he started
to walk, who once had his left leg paralyzed from
* I suffered of being deaf for 20 years. When Dr. birth, joyful tears filled his mother’s eyes and
Paul Dhinakaran was praying, suddenly he called me ecstasy could be seen on his sister’s face! The
by my name and said, “Sujatha, the Lord is healing multitudes of people clapped and glorified the
you, He is healing all your disease and the problem Lord!
in your ears. The power of the Lord is coming upon
you.”I was amazed and took out the cotton in my * May 2005 in a Prayer Festival in Delhi ...
ears. At once my ears began to function.” Prasati Lal, who used to use his hands as support
– Sujatha, East Godavari. on the floor and limp and walk, ran to the stage and
* June 2002, in a meeting in Gangtok ...
“I was suffering, not being able to stand or to take a * November 2004 in a meeting in Mauritius ...
step for several years. Wherever I went they would Saradha was delivered immediately when Dr. Paul
put me in a wheelchair. Even to this meeting, I came Dhinakaran prayed, “Saradha, for 18 years you
in a wheelchair. When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed, have been in the clutches of the devil, the power of

12 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

the Lord is coming upon you right now, the Lord is When prayed compassionately, the rain stopped.
delivering you.” The people of Ooty say that it’s a miracle and an
unforgettable truth!
* 2009 July in a meeting in Ranchi ...
“During the time of message itself, Dr. Paul * 1991 April Bangalore meeting ...
Dhinakaran pointed to the place where I was the Lord stopped the rain which was a hindrance
seated. I was shocked when he said, “The Holy and enabled to conduct the meeting without any
Spirit is showing me, there is a young man in this hindrance!
crowd who has just been released from jail.Dear
young brother, your name is Naveen, you were put * 1998 April Colombo meeting ...
in the jail for the mistakes you had done and now When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran began to preach on
you have been released. Naveen who is released April 3rd, the rain started to pour. Then he stopped
from the jail, the Lord calls you.” the message and prayed with great faith and
- Naveen Rajkumar, Ranchi. commanded the rain to stop, saying, “This rain is
an obstacle for you to receive the blessings of the
* 2015 November in a meeting in Hubli Lord, however do not be disheartened; the Lord
(Karnataka)... Sherib, who was unable to walk for will stop this rain now” and in the next moment
35 years, walked. the dark cloud bearing the rain stopped and light
shone through the sky. That day more than a lakh
* 2016 in a meeting in Jeypore (Odisha) ... remained standing and listened to the message and
“I brought my son tied in shackles, who was received the blessing of the Lord!
affected by the devil, and not able to control for 18
years. When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed, he shook * 2000 February Salem meeting...
and fell down. Now he is in a good state of mind When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran stood up to preach, the
and speaks well and is completely delivered. No sky was filled with rain clouds and it began to rain.
shackles are needed anymore.” – Basanthi, Odisha. Immediately, compassion filled his heart. “Lord,
this rain is not necessary now”,he prayed with
tears to stop the rain. The Lord heard the prayers
Grace of controlling the nature: and stopped the rain until the meetings were over
* 1987 June Udhagamandalam
meeting ...
During the beginning
of the meeting, it
started to rain

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 13

and the very next day when the meetings got over, tourists to leave the Fiji islands.All the airplanes in
there were heavy rains for many hours. the Fiji airport were to be sent to Australia and no
one was allowed to conduct any public meetings
* 2002 December Kolkata meeting ... because a storm was going to come (speed of 280
There were signs of a terrible storm. The Lord km per hour) for 6 hours. In this difficult situation
stopped the terrible storm after the prayer! when we were desperate about how were we going
to conduct the meeting, in a miraculous way, the
* 2004 February Coimbatore meeting ... Fiji government invited Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to pray
Dr. Paul Dhinakaran suddenly prayed with around for the Fiji islands to be saved, on National Radio.
one lakh people who were gathered for the The Lord heard the earnest prayer of
meeting for drought to vanish, on request of some Dr. Paul Dhinakaran on the radio, stopped the storm
important persons of the city of Coimbatore. The miraculously and saved the Fiji islands from a great
Lord made the rains to come on the next day itself! disaster. The meetings also went very well.
He restored the water scarcity!
June 2007 in Arunachal Pradesh -Dr. Paul
* 2004 May Jharkhand Prayer Festival ... Dhinakaran’s family was welcomed and honored
The Lord stopped the heavy rains one evening as the State guest.
where more than 5 lakh people were gathered for
the meeting! Apart from this, thousands gather and are blessed
through all the meetings Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
* 2004 November Mauritius meeting ... participates in.
On hearing the prayer the Lord stopped the rain
which was just about to start as the sky was full of Students’Prayer Meet: From 1986, a special prayer
dark clouds! meeting for students is conducted for the divine
knowledge to expand in them and to be successful
* 2010 March Fiji islands ... in the exams. In the first students’ prayer meeting
The prayer that stopped the storm: Just before 5000 students gathered.Followed by that, every
March 13 and 14 when the prayer meetings in the year Dr. Paul Dhinakaran conducts a special prayer
Fiji islands were organized, on March 12 and 13 the meeting for the students. At present, more than
Fiji government had issued a warning for all the 50,000 students gather, receive the touch of the

14 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

Lord, are blessed and receive high marks to glorify Leaders participation: It is worthy to be noted
the Lord. that in the “Jesus Calls” prayer meetings spiritual
leaders, community leaders, national leaders and
Partners’Meet: It is a great blessing that in every great people participate.
good news meetings, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and
Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran prays on a Blessing through live telecast: In every Prayer
particular day for thousands of “Jesus Calls” Festival apart from the people who come in person
partners earnestly in person. Millions of partners and receive the blessings, innumerable are blessed
are blessed. through live telecast in TV, internet and through
Facebook live.
Healing service: On 1993, October 10th the
Bethesda prayer hall was established. From that Millions blessed:
day in each healing prayer meeting that Dr. Paul The Lord has expanded the Prayer Festival ministry
Dhinakaran conducts, thousands come and are from where thousands were gathered during 1970s
blessed. to lakhs being gathered in a single meeting today.
*1995 October 3 - 3 lakh gathered in one evening
Blessing through the generation: meeting in Hyderabad.
Loving children Samuel Dhinakaran, Sharon *1998 November 15 - 3 lakh gathered in one night.
Dhinakaran and Stella Ramola (Sweety), began *2009 May 21-24 - 10 lakh were gathered (4 days)
to stand up and sing, recite verses from the Bible at the Ranchi Prayer Festival.
and pray in the prayer meetings from a young *2012 April Gujarat Prayer Festival - 5 lakh were
age. Today they minister, filled with the anointing, gathered for the first time in Gujarat in search of
before lakhs of people and now they conduct Jesus.
youth meetings on their own.On 9th January 2016,
80,000 young people gathered in a UTurn meeting The Lord has enabled more that 10 crore to be
they conducted in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). They also blessed in the past 50 years.
conduct music concerts.At present
Bro. Samuel Dhinakaran along with his wife The journey of the ministry in the past 50 years
Dr. Shilpa Dhinakaran is a blessing to thousands in In India - The Lord enabled the Dhinakaran family to
the Prayer Festivals. preach in 322 cities.

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 15

Overseas - The Lord guided to be filled with brought the word of the Lord for me with great

prophetic anointing to preach, prophesy and pray power and accuracy. When he prayed, I experience

in around 50 countries visiting them more than 100 the same presence which I received when the

times. servant of God Kathryn Kuhlman prayed.”

Newspaper write-up: 1993 February 17-21

Pastor Benny Hinn’s Revelation

Bro. Dhinakaran participated in the Nashville, India’s Billy Graham in South America

Tennessee meeting conducted by a well known

evangelist in America, Pastor Benny Hinn, and India’s Billy Graham to preach in Durban.

prophesied about America. Benny Hinn told the Father and son spread the Word

multitudes gathered in that meeting about

Bro. Dhinakaran … Dr. Dhinakaran, a famous Indian evangelist like

“Here…Bro. Dhinakaran a servant of God who is Dr. Billy Graham, a famous evangelist in America, is

being used mightily by the Lord is here. He knows going to preach in good news meetings along with

the God of the Heaven. He is one of the mightiest his son Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. He will also conduct

apostles in the kingdom of God. He has been a power ministry seminar. Indian evangelists have

taken to heaven several times. He has seen God. come as father and son along with their team to

Whenever he conducts a meeting in India, around tell about the love of God to the broken-hearted in

3 to 5 lakh people are gathered. Very few are such South America. They have told good news of Christ

servants of God who are anointed like this. He to lakhs of people around the world.

16 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

March 2005: India’s Billy Graham, Dr. Paul

Dhinakaran – Sayings of the Norway newspapers.

From 1970 to 2020 for the past 50 years, the Lord

has touched many people and wiped their tears

through Bro. Dhinakaran’s family and uses them in

the midst of crores of people in the Prayer Festivals.

“I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven

over one sinner that repenteth,… there is joy in

Needs for the Prayer Festival:
the presence of the angels of God over one sinner Stage, seating, live telecast in TV, FaceBook telecast,
that repenteth.” (Luke 15: 7, 10) producing, advertisements and announcements,
arrangements for recording the audio and video,
lights, newspaper advertisement, invitation
As Jesus said, if there is joy in the presence of the expenses, producing the TV program, travel
expenses – lakhs of rupees is needed to conduct
angels of God over one sinner that repents, how
one Prayer Festival.
much joy shall be in heaven for the millions who

were touched by the Lord in the “Jesus Calls” Prayer Special Meetings to be conducted in 2020:
2020 February 1 – Students prayer meeting,
Festivals for the past 50 years.
2020 February 2 – Students prayer meeting,
“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” (2 Chennai
2020 February 8, 9 – Karaikal prayer festival,
Corinthians 9:15) Puducherry
2020 February 9 – Bethesda blessing meeting

My dear partner! Millions of praise to the Lord who

We invite you to be a partner and be blessed
enabled us to meet more that 10 crore around the along with us in this Prayer Festival ministry where
world over the past 50 years only through your multitudes are attracted towards Christ.
Support us as the Lord leads you
support and prayer through the Prayer Festivals.

Continue to pray that even more people should be To know simple ways to send you offerings towards
met through the Prayer Festival ministry. the Prayer Festival Ministry, turn to page 20.

The Lord will bless you, who pray and supports the
We organize the “Jesus Calls” Prayer Festivals with Prayer Festival ministry without any measure.

the vision that not one soul should perish.

Your sorrow will turn into joy

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 17

My beloved in Christ, race and was taken into God’s presence on 20th
Loving greetings to you in the name of the Lord February 2008. As we praise God for his life, we
Jesus! should also pray at the same time that God should
grant us the strength to continue the ministry by
“The Lord make His face shine upon you, And remembering how the Lord fulfilled the ministry
be gracious to you.” (Numbers 6:25) through him.
According to the above-mentioned Bible verse, The Lord intervened in my father’s life when he
the Lord will make His light to shine upon you; all was a young man on February 11th, 1955. He was
the powers of darkness found in your life will be depressed with his life and decided to end his life

removed. No work of the devil will be able to touch

you or your family as the Lord makes His face to
shine upon you and you will walk as the children of
light. Others will see the brightness that is revealed
in your business, job, education and they too will
come to know about the power of the Lord through
I would like to share with you, the details about at a very young age and was in the process of doing
the works to be done through our ministry in the so. At that time, the message of Jesus’ love reached
coming months and the efforts planned according my father through his uncle who had already tasted
to the guidance of the Lord for the salvation of God’s love. The Lord graciously saved my father
souls. I request you to pray earnestly for these in when he cried and prayed at the feet of the Lord
the presence of the Lord. Then the Lord will victo- under the guidance of his uncle. From that day
riously fulfill all the plans that He has concerning onwards when my father came to know about the
our ministry in this month. love of God, he began to declare it to others and
today, by God’s grace this ‘Jesus Calls’ ministry has
FEBRUARY - MONTH OF GLORY expanded in a vast manner.
“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death The songs sung by my father D.G.S.Dhinakaran,
of His saints.” (Psalm 116:15) God’s messages that he delivered and the power-
My father, D.G.S.Dhinakaran finished his earthly ful witnesses God had raised through him, led
18 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
crores of people to the Lord. We are storing up the for so many years and if the Lord speaks to your
messages given by God through all our family mem- heart, I request you to contact the Prayer Tower
bers by using modern technology, to be used later Manager in your locality and provide details about
on for the future generations to receive blessings yourself. They will give you the required training
through them. We have purchased hi-tech and use you in ministry.
equipments for this digitization work using the of- VOLUNTARY SERVICE AT PRAYER TOWER
ferings that you sent. I lovingly request you to pray
that these works be completed soon as well as to “… pray for one another… The effective, fer-
support this effort that is undertaken with your vent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”
financial aid; to take the messages of the servant (James 5:16)
of God in the right manner to the future The Prayer Tower ministry is being expanded
generations. The simple details by which you can by the matchless grace of God. We are establishing
send in your offerings for the Digitization Works new ‘Jesus Calls’ Prayer Towers in places where
are found on page no. 20. there are no Prayer Towers till date. People come
in person to each Prayer Tower and receive prayer
DEDICATION OF THE PRAYER TOWER assistance from the prayer intercessors as well as
AT BENGALURU miracles and blessings from the Lord. Many are even
“The children of Israel brought a freewill of- blessed through the special meetings that are con-
fering to the Lord, all the men and women ducted at these Prayer Towers. They sit at the feet
whose hearts were willing….” (Exodus 35:29) of the Lord in the chapel and receive inner peace.
The ‘Jesus Calls’ Prayer Tower construction works 122 Prayer Towers are functioning throughout
in Frazer Town, Bengaluru have been completed India. Along with the full-time staff we need
and we are to dedicate the new building on Febru- volunteers for all the work to be done in all of the
ary 22nd, 2020. I thank each of you from the bottom Prayer Towers. As you being a partner, if you would
of my heart, who have given your offering with be willing to voluntarily render your service at a
great sacrifice towards this construction work and I Prayer Tower in your locality, it would be of great
offer special prayers for you. The Lord will build help for the ministry. There are many services to
your house as you helped in building a house for be rendered including praying for people who
the Lord (2 Samuel 7:11). The Lord will write down come in search of prayer assistance. As you know
each soul which reaches the Kingdom of God very much about the Lord and have knowledge
through the Bengaluru Prayer Tower into your ac- about the ‘Jesus Calls’ Ministry, if you would like to
count and your reward will be great. Continue to do voluntary service, you can contact the Prayer
pray for this Prayer Tower to bring blessings to thou- Tower Manager in your locality and tell them your
sands of people.
desire and other details. Truly the Lord will give
Likewise, we are to construct Prayer Towers in you the due reward and honour you for your loving
the cities of Trivandrum and Hyderabad. Pray that effort. You can also sign up for training through
the Lord will meet the needs for this purpose and www.jesuscalls.org
grant blessings without any hindrance to the people
in the locality very soon. CHANGE OF CONTACT NUMBER
To bring to your notice, as ‘Jesus Calls’ Partners,
“…if our brethren are inquired about, they
the telephone service number through which
are messengers of the churches, the glory of
Christ.” (2 Corinthians 8:23) details regarding the ministry can be obtained has
been changed. You can now call the number
It would be impossible to personally meet 044-23456677, to know details about how to send
crores of people in India, share the love of God, offerings, schedules of meetings and information
and pray for them in the presence of God if only related to affairs of the ministry. You can also inform
our family members were to do ministry. So, us,on this number, if there is a change in your
amongst the partners who have received goodness
address. Our staff will be waiting to help you on
through the ‘Jesus Calls’ Ministry, tasted the love
this number from 7 in the morning till 9 in the night.
of God and have knowledge about this ministry,
Do share about this change of telephone service
those who are willing to spend their free time for
the Lord’s ministry are given proper training to number to those whom you know. I lovingly ask
serve as ‘Jesus Calls’ Ambassadors in their locality. you not to call this number for prayer assistance.
We are taking efforts to appoint a minimum of PRAYER FOR EXAMS
ten ambassadors in each postal area, i.e., in every “In whom (Christ) are hidden all the treasures
pincode. You have been fulfilling the will of God of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2:3)
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 19
This is the month in which the students February 13-17 - Meetings in Srilanka
studying in schools and colleges prepare February 20 - Brother D.G.S.Dhinakaran
for their exams. We have arranged spe- Memorial Thanksgiving Meeting, Chennai
You can now cial prayer meetings in the cities of
Secunderabad and Chennai for students February 22 - Prayer Tower Dedication,
call the who are to write their exams. We lovingly Frazer Town, Bengaluru
number call you to participate in person in these February 28, 29, March 1 - Meetings in
044 -23456677, meetings. Many are those who attended Indonesia
these meetings in the previous years and Earnestly pray in your daily prayers for
to know received God’s strength and scored high
each meeting mentioned above. In addi-
details about marks in their exams.
tion to giving us His grace to undertake
how to send You may send in your exam timetable,
these journeys, the Lord should also grant
name, standard and complete address to
offerings, us and we will earnestly pray for you. us the messages to be delivered to the
schedules of Send them to the e-mail id: people in these meetings. People should
meetings and paul@jesuscalls.org or to the address: come in great multitudes and take part in
Dr.Paul Dhinakaran,16, D.G.S.Dhinakaran these meetings. I lovingly request you to
information Road, Chennai – 600 028. During the days pray individually, as a family and as a group
related to of exam, you can contact us 24x7 through that the Lord should establish His word
affairs of the the telephone number 044-45 999 000. through signs and wonders and also that
Prayer intercessors will earnestly pray for the Kingdom of God be extended through
ministry. You
you. You can also write down your prayer these meetings.
can also requests and give them at a Prayer Tower
in your locality. “They looked to Him and were ra-
inform us,on
diant, and their faces were not
ashamed.” (Psalm 34:5)
if there is a February 1 - Special Prayer for Exams,
Secunderabad According to the above mentioned
change in verse, may the Lord graciously send
February 2 - Special Prayer for Exams,
your address. Chennai answers to all your prayers and grant you
February 8, 9 - Karaikal Prayer Festival, the required blessings, and honour you
Puducherry in front of everyone. So be joyful.
February 9 - Special Blessing Meeting, Your loving brother who prays for you,
Bethesda Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

20 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

Hi kids! A few pictures are given below.
Identify them with the right person in
the Bible and write the description of the
picture in a few words in the space given

Moses Jesus Joseph Moses

1)................... 1)................... 1)................... 1)...................
2)................... 2)................... 2)................... 2)...................
Contestants aged 5 to 12 years can send your answers to JESUS CALLS, 16 D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road,
Chennai - 600 028 or simply scan your entries and send it to contest@jesuscalls.org and state your full
name, age, and gender. Your entries should reach us by 29th February 2020!

The winners’ names will be published in the April 2020 edition of the magazine.

Loving Father,
I thank and praise You for Your unconditional love towards me. You really care for me and I believe that You are
a prayer answering God. I come before You with an expectant and humble heart. Your word says that You will never
leave me nor forsake me.
Jesus, I ask You to forgive all my sins and shortcomings and cleanse me with Your blood which You shed for me
on the cross. Thank You for accepting me as Your child. Even now, as I prepare for the exams, I ask You to bless all my
preparations. As Your word says, “Your beginning will seem humble, your future will be so prosperous,” I claim this
promise for my examinations.
Dear Lord, You are the source of all wisdom and knowledge. I ask You to fill me with Your wisdom and help me
to focus on my studies without getting distracted by friends or habits. As You gave ten times wisdom to Daniel in
the Bible, remember me and guide me. You said, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will
counsel you and watch over you.” I need Your guidance as I sit for the examinations.
Grant me sharp memory so that I will be able to remember whatever I study now and I will be able to recollect
when I sit for the examinations. Lord Jesus, hold my hand when I write my examinations and help me to answer every
question correctly. Help me to write the answers legibly and also within the given time. Take away all my worries, fear
and anxiety and fill my heart with Your peace. Lord, I thank You for hearing my prayer and I believe that this will be a
new beginning for victory in my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
(The Scripture verses from the Bible for this prayer: Romans 5:8; I Peter 5:7; Psalm 32:8; 65:2; II Chronicles 7:14;
John 1:12; 14:14; 14:26; 15:7; Hebrews 13:5; I John 1:7,9; Proverbs 21:31; Job 8:7; Colossians 2:3; Daniel 1:20; Isaiah
41:10,13; Philippians 4:4,7; I Corinthians 15:57)

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 21

“I am Deepika, a Young Partner and I come from a small village in
Sivakasi. As my family could not afford my education, I studied in a
government school till 10th std. I sought the Prayer Tower for prayers
before my 10th std board exam. The prayer intercessors prayed for me
with much burden. To my complete joy, I scored 496/500 in my 10th std.
As it was my desire to pursue medicine since childhood, my mother put me
in a private school for my 11th and 12th std. However, the school fee
was too high and beyond our capacity. But that school offered me
free education looking at my good marks in 10th std. God’s grace
made me score 1142 in 12th Std and that too was because of the
prayers at the Prayer Tower. Yet, the marks were not enough to get
a seat in a medical college. The prayer intercessors and the Dhinakarans
prayed continuously for me and miraculously a voluntary organization
came forward to help me study medicine. By God’s abounding grace, currently
I am pursuing my 4th year of Medicine in Georgia (abroad). I am grateful
for the fervent prayers offered for me by the Dhinakarans and the prayer
intercessors. The Young Partners Plan indeed helped me receive God’s
wisdom, protection, and prosperity! Glory to God.”

Maybe, you are going through a similar situation It is more than certain that you would inherit
in your studies or in your workplace right now. The such unimaginable blessings from the Lord as you
Lord who does miracles in the lives of His children register to be enfolded by prayers through the
is waiting to bless you indeed with wisdom. As Young Partners Plan.
per Proverbs 19:20, “You will be counted among
the wise.” You shall stay protected. The Lord will As you do, you shall enjoy the following benefits:
watch over your coming and going both now and • The Dhinakarans would pray for you earnestly
forevermore (Psalm 121: 8). You shall lack nothing every day.
for He will “Throw open the floodgates of heaven • At the Prayer Tower, the prayer intercessors
and pour out so much blessing that there will not would call out the names of every young partner
be room enough to store it.”(Malachi 3:10). and claim the promise of the Lord as declared in
I Chronicles 4:10.

22 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

• On completion of a minimum donation of Rs.5000/- a beautiful certificate with God’s promise will be
• A special greeting card from the Dhinakarans will be sent on your birthday.
• The prayer intercessor will call you on your birthday to pray for you.
• Daily promise will be sent to you through SMS.

Witness God’s promises fulfill in your lives!

For PRAYERS (24x7) please call 044 – 45 999 000
Dear Parent,
Make sure you enroll your child as a Young Partner and see them stay blessed. They are the future leaders
of the world and most of all, they are precious in the Kingdom of God. Fill the form found below and send
it back to us with a passport size photograph of your child. May your children be exalted and their future
stay secured in the hands of the Lord!
Prayer works wonders. Never fail to make use of perpetual prayer.
Beloved children,
You are welcome to enroll as a Young Partner at any age and can stay so until you are married.
Enroll by donating any amount.
You may contribute regularly as per your convenience say, monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annually.
Details required for enrollment:
Mr. /Ms.................................................................................................................................
Date of Birth: ................................. Name of Father/Guardian............................................
Address for Communication: ............................................................................................... PHOTO
City: ............................................. Pin code: ................................ Mobile No: .....................
E-Mail ID: ......................................... WhatsApp...................................................................
For more details:
o Website: www.jesuscalls.org
o Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in your area
o Email: ypp@jesuscalls.org
o Address : Prayer Tower,16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road, Chennai 600 028
Simple ways to send your offering, kindly refer page 20

Furthermore, Jesus Calls is gearing up to bless you further with

spiritually nurturing activities and programs through the youth wing
called ‘UTurn’. UTurn is actively engaged in transforming young lives
through various mediums into a lifestyle founded on the Word of God
led by the Holy Spirit. They are trained to live a holy life, blameless in
God’s sight and to shine like stars as mentioned in Philippians 2:15.

www.jesuscalls.org -February 2020 JESUS CALLS 23

Bro. Dhinakaran and I were closely acquainted. He would sing very well. His songs are my
favorite. I always used to listen to him sing. My favorite song of his is “bjhšiy fZl§fŸ
NœªâL« (Thollai Kashtangal soozhnthidum).
My marriage took place in the month of May and a girl for his grandson Dhinakaran from our family
both my elder brothers also were married in the and so the marriage between Bro. Dhinakaran and

month of May. So we all were eagerly expecting my sister Stella swiftly took place on 17th of August

that our younger sister, Stella, would also get that year itself and not in May the next year as we

married in the month of May like us. As a family we thought.

all went to our father’s house for a holiday in May

1959. But the marriage was’t arranged at that time. I was very much afraid of crackers. In the initial

Therefore we all thought that it would be arranged days, when Bro. Dhinakaran used to come home,

in May the next year and we all returned to our he would keep the pea sized crackers in his pocket.

respective cities. It was a great surprise to me that He would smile and ask, “Sister, how are you?”

Bro. Dhinakaran’s grandfather was willing to take and I used to keep looking at his face listening to

24 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

his words; suddenly he would take the hidden pea Since he did not obey the words of a man of God,

sized cracker from his pocket and throw it near me. there was a hindrance for him to write the exam

I would shout on hearing it burst and he would and at last, my husband was never able to complete

laugh at it. Even the naughty acts he did out of love his M. A.

would make us happy.

Bro Dhinakaran and my sister Stella got married.

I had only two elder brothers as my siblings. I did They lost the first two babies born to them. When

not have a younger brother. Maybe to fulfill my my son Ernest was born, we were residing in

desire, my dear Bro. D. G. S. Dhinakaran used to Mettupalayam which is a small town next to Kovai.

call me, “Akka”. He used to affectionately call my We advised them saying, “A lady doctor who took

husband “Annan”. When he newly joined for work, I care of my confinement, Dr. Meenakshi Sivaraman

wrote a letter to him inquiring about his well being. is good. Come to our town, we will take care of

It was a great joy to him! He sent a reply via a post you till the baby is born.” Therefore, before several

card saying, “I do not have a sister, it was your letter months, my sister Stella could come and stay in our

that I first received.” one room house till her son Paul was born. It was

a great joy for my sister and Bro. Dhinakaran that

their son Paul was born in our care in our town of

Mettupalayam and it is unforgettable.

My husband was continuously transferred due to

his work. At last he was transferred to the tenth

He would send me birthday wishes saying, “Dearest place, Pandeswaram in Kancheepuram. He usually

Akka.” did not take leave from work but this time he

found it very difficult to go to work in that place.

My husband was working as a teacher and for six Then Bro. Dhinakaran invited him saying, “Anna,

years he was working in a city called, Kizlakarai. you need not strain yourself. Join with us in the

Bro Dhinakaran wanted him to pursue his M. A. In ministry.” Therefore from 1980 till his death (1990),

the first year, with great difficulty he studied and he worked with truth and integrity in the Jesus Calls

passed. The second year, we got transferred to a ministry. I cannot ever forget the love of Brother

place called Kallupatti. Therefore, saying that he did D.G.S. Dhinakaran to offer my husband a part in the

not have time to go and write the exam he stopped. ministry.

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 25

Bro. Dhinakaran used to go alone to fast and pray. am very proud to think of him, of his humble nature
Then suddenly would call me via telephone and and how he respected elders.
say, “Akka, pray for me”. Being surprised, when I’d
ask, “How can I pray for you?”, he would say, “You Bro. Dhinakaran and my sister, Stella Dhinakaran
pray, Akka”. To satisfy him I would pray and after 2 would bring their children Paul and Angel to our
days when I’d ask, “How are you?”, he would say, “I house when we were in Muthukavundanoor for
am good, you prayed isn’t it, and everything is fine vacation. They would tell us that the children were
now.” His humble acts would amaze me! saying “We won’t go anywhere else; we will go to
periamma’s (aunty) house and stay only there.” It
When we were residing in Pudukkottai after our would be a great joy to us when the children were
marriage, he came to our home. There was an old there. But on one hand we would also be afraid
gramophone in our house. On one vinyl record because our house was located in a farm field
disc a violin music would play. He would listen to it near a granary. Therefore there were many snakes
with much delight. After those humble beginnings, around! Due to the prayers of Bro. Dhinakaran, the
when I saw him sing along with various musical Lord saved the children and us. After the holidays
instruments in Chennai, I’d shed tears of joy. they would happily take the children home.

Once I invited him to come to my home. My son Likewise, when they go for meetings, when Angel
said to him, “You don’t come here, I will bring my was very young, they would leave her with us. She
mother there”. He said, “Akka is elder to me, I would get fever when she found out that they were
should only come and meet her” and visited our leaving her back, but when they’d tell her, “We will
home in person. I was amazed at his humbleness! I leave you in your aunt’s house”, she would become

26 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

very happy because my husband and I would buy all
the things she liked that made her happy.

Palmyra fruit and Palm wine were Bro. Dhinakaran’s

favorite. In our town, the people would not eat the
Palmyra fruit very much. Therefore, more Palmyra
would be available. My children used to just gaze
at how he would take out the fruit with his thumb
finger and eat it. He would say, “You have come
Mr. E. George
from a city to a village. But I grew up in a village. &
Mrs. Angelina George
Only I know how to eat the Palmyra fruit”. He used
to put the Palmyra fruit in the Palm wine and eat it.
the news that my husband died because he was
We would enjoy seeing how he ate.
very weak in the body. However, through a vision by
the Holy Spirit he saw my husband going to heaven
When Bro. Dhinakaran came to our village,
and was in great agony.
Kallupatti, in 1970, he conducted a gospel meeting
with the help of some elders there. At that time,
Even today I feel very proud that such a man of
my husband was suffering from back pain and I was
God called me, “Akka.” I take pride in him because
not aware of that. On a particular day’s meeting,
the Lord gave him as a gift to me as I did not have
when Bro. Dhinakaran preached and prayed, he
a younger brother. I will never be able to forget
mentioned the sickness of many and prayed for
the love Bro. Dhinakaran showed me as a younger
them and they were healed. He prophetically said,
brother would till the end as my very own brother.
“There is a brother sitting here with back pain, get
up and come to the front, the Lord is healing you.”
- Mrs. Angelina George
My husband got up and he was healed completely.
(Sis. Stella Dhinakaran’s elder sister)
Even today, I remember the miracle the Lord did for
my husband through Bro. Dhinakaran!

My husband was admitted in the hospital for

medical treatment and he passed away on
March 5th,1990. Bro. Dhinakaran too was getting
treatment in that same hospital. We did not tell him

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 27

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a
warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not
be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.” (Psalm 127:3-5)
When my wife Evangeline delivered our first child, God wants you to enjoy the real joy in your family
all of us were very excited to see our firstborn. relationships and to acknowledge that He is your
My father (Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran) was the most Father in your family. According to Isaiah 54:13,
excited person because he had lost my sister Angel “All your children will be taught by the LORD, and
great will be their peace.” As a parent, you can
and so wanted a blessing for our home. The day my
only do a certain part. But God says, “I take the
wife got labour pains, we all rushed and reached
responsibility to teach your children through the
the hospital at 10 p.m. Although my wife was Spirit. I will pour My Spirit into their spirit and I
going in happily, suddenly I got a terrible pain in will teach them.” Your children will be taught by
my stomach around the same time. By seeing my the Lord when you submit them into the hands of
tension and excitement, everybody was wondering Almighty God.
whether it was me or my wife that was going to
deliver the baby. Early in the morning, our son I would like to share an experience with you that
Samuel was born. happened in my college days. Due to bad company,

28 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

I drifted away from God. As a result, I failed in my death bed.” After saying this, she pointed towards
subjects. My friends tried to console me by saying, the camera and said, “God will also raise you
“Don’t worry. Still we have many semesters to come and give you 15 more years.” When the program
and surely we will pass in all subjects in the future.” was telecast, a pastor who was on his deathbed,
Their words didn’t console my soul and my heart watching the program received a miracle. Yes, God’s
was filled with fear. On hearing about my failure, power came upon him and he got out of his bed. He
my mom started to fast and pray for me every was healed completely and that evening itself God
Tuesday. My mom’s prayer went something like this, had enabled him to preach in his church.
“Lord, touch my son (Dr. Paul) and make him Your
servant.” Within a few weeks, God transformed Unbelievable! The Lord says in Isaiah 44:3, “I
me and I started to seek the Lord Jesus. He filled will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my
me with His Holy Spirit and joy. I passed in all 12 blessing on your descendants.” Accordingly, your
papers and I was honored with a gold medal in the children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall
university. God didn’t stop there, He gave me a be their peace from generation to generation.
MBA and a PhD degree in Advertising when I was
just 26 years old. God filled me with His treasures of Dear parents, children are a gift from God and
wisdom and knowledge. it is your responsibility to train them in the way
they should go and God will do the rest when you
Similarly, God will fill your children also with His surrender them into God’s hands. God will raise
treasures of wisdom and knowledge. your children to be a blessing to you and for the
society. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit,
It is in God’s mind to bless your children and to God will enable you to guide your children in the
place them in high positions in the nation, to make right path and help you to be an ideal parent for
them blessed like Daniel and Joseph who were a them; it will bring forth a blessed generation.
blessing to the nations. For this to happen, He will
teach your children and make them walk in His I encourage you to fast and pray for your children
ways. When our children Sam and Sharon were just like my mother did to help me out. For sure,
just 12 and 10 years old, the Holy Spirit came upon your fasting prayer will transform your child no
them. The joy of the Holy Spirit filled them and they matter where they are! It is not going to be in vain
started to sing, pray and preach for the people in at any cost. This is the only way I can advise to raise
the public meetings. a blessed generation. You can’t learn how to raise a
child in a classroom. But you can learn from God as
I remember an instance where our daughter Sharon you fast and pray for your child once a week. God
prayed in a television program. She said, “God gave will teach and guide you free of cost.
Hezekiah 15 more years and raised him from the
Let’s pray: “Heavenly Father, I thank You for the opportunity You have given me to read this portion.
Equip me to be an ideal parent and fill me with Your Holy Spirit to reveal Your will for my child, so that
it will build my child to be a better citizen for the nation and for the heavenly kingdom. Help my child to
do the best in all the forthcoming examinations to glorify Your name. In the mighty name of Lord Jesus
Christ I pray, Amen.”

Our fervent prayers will be there for your children’s success in the examination and their great future. Go
ahead by keeping faith in God and He will bless your family and children immeasurably.
God bless you!

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 29

Everyone in this world wants to be blessed. However, the reality is everyone faces difficulties in life like
sickness and conflicts in the family. Some may have a hard time in studies or some maybe waiting for their
marriage for a long time. Everyone has problems in life but when the light of Christ, comes to us, all these
problems will vanish. We can see it in Isaiah 60:1 which says “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and
the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” When the glory of Jesus comes upon you, nothing will be able to
touch and hurt you. The Lord has promised in Isaiah 60:12, “For the nation or kingdom that will not serve
you will perish; it will be utterly ruined.” This will happen to all those who are against you and trying to
oppose you.

30 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

It continues to say in Isaiah 60:13, “The glory of Lebanon will
come to you, the juniper, the fir and the cypress together, to adorn
my sanctuary; and I will glorify the place for my feet.” This verse tells
that the Lord will build you and glorify you. In verse 17&18 the Lord says, “Instead
of bronze I will bring you gold, and silver in place of iron. Instead of wood I will bring you
bronze, and iron in place of stones. I will make peace your governor and well-being your ruler. No longer
will violence be heard in your land nor ruin or destruction within your borders, but you will call your walls
Salvation and your gates Praise.” It means God is going to give you everything but above all, the Lord is
going to give you peace.

Finally, verse 20 says, “The LORD will be your went to the chapel. My grandma would say, “If
Everlasting Light, and your days of sorrow will the time for church is 8 o’clock, by 7:30 am itself
end.” Yes friends, the days of your sorrow will be we should be ready to leave the house.” I used
over. But among all these verses, the one which I to think what happiness they get by doing these
like the most is verse 19 which says “The sun will no things. I wanted to know so I decided to practice
more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of these. I started to practice the same things my
the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your parents and grandma would do. I would read the
Everlasting Light, and your God will be your glory.” Bible and pray in the morning soon after I get up
The sun gives light during the day and the moon in and at night before going to bed. As I took this
the night. But the light of the Lord is everlasting. small step, God started to bless me. God gave me
There is no difference in day or night and when the wonderful teachers to help me to study well. He
Lord is our light; no devil or darkness can come near gave me good friends in college which helped me
us. to excel in my studies and get a good name. When
I started to go to work, there was a small chapel
To receive this Everlasting Light what are we in the hospital and I longed to go there and pray. I
supposed to do? It’s very simple - give priority to decided to go to the chapel even if it was just for
God. Each day when you wake up, give God the first 5 minutes. Everyday I went to the chapel to pray
place in your life. before starting my work and God began to bless
me there as well. I joined as a junior doctor in that
I have experienced this right from my childhood. hospital but God blessed me to the extent that the
As soon as I wake up, when I look around, I would senior doctors would always look for me to help
not see my mother. When I searched for her, I them. They would say, “Shilpa, be with me because
would find her sitting in a corner reading her Bible if you are around us, the problems will be solved
or praying. My father would go for a morning walk easily.” To that extent, I got a favor and name in my
but take a long time to come back. When I asked workplace as I gave priority to the Everlasting Light
him what took him so long, he’ll tell me that he who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Even now God has called me for ministry, that itself is a grace of God and not only that, God has
anointed me with His Holy Spirit. This anointing, when it comes upon us gives great joy. What I share with
you in this article, I am a testimony for that. Therefore, from today onwards give priority to God and you
will be successful in everything.

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 31

I was having a sickness but I was not aware that I was having cancer. It so happened in the year 2012 that
I went for a check-up. At that time I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I used to have muscle pain in my
body. Because of thyroid cancer, all my organs began to dysfunction. I was having problem in standing
or speaking out loud; I did not have the strength to speak. I thought that I should give up my job. I also
could not eat anything. The doctors forbid me from going into the kitchen since they said I shouldn’t even
get the vapor of salt. I didn’t know where to go because I was having so many problems. I was detected
with cancer and also had a problem with my job. At that time I remembered Jesus Calls and wrote a letter
to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. He wrote to me saying, “Don’t worry. You will live. After you are healed, write
back to me.” That word stayed strongly in my mind. My surgery took place after this. As soon as I was
taken for the surgery, a prayer intercessor prayed for me. I didn’t know what happened in the surgery.
After the surgery was over, I woke up and said, “Where am I?” Then I saw that I was in a dark room and a
sister was patting me saying, “Oh you’re awake. I was waiting for you. You are in recovery you know.” In
2016 I was told that I am cancer-free and got back my (permanent) job as well. I wrote back a letter to
Bro. Paul Dhinakaran saying, “Through your prayers, I got healed and got my permanent job back.” Now
there are so many reasons for which I have to thank Jesus Calls. Through this ministry, my husband came
closer to God and in all the struggles that were in every step of my life, there was not a single day that I
didn’t interact with Jesus Calls either through TV Programs, Emails, messages or WhatsApp. I continue to
interact with this ministry one way or another. This is how Jesus Calls ministry is helping me in my day to
day life. It’s been three years since my miraculous healing and I can do all types of work now. I can go to
the kitchen, cook and eat all kinds of food. There are no restrictions and limitations. I thank Jesus at this
very moment and the Jesus Calls ministry for always being there.
- Lily Aye, Dispur, Assam

I am blessed with two daughters. We are partners in the Family Blessing Plan and our grandchildren are
Young Partners. I have received numerous miracles from the Lord through Jesus Calls ministry. I used to
attend almost all the meetings of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran in Chennai and Bethesda and receive his personal
prayers for our family. I started to go for prayers at the CMC Jesus Calls Prayer Tower, Vellore right from
the day it was started. I received peace and deliverance from my problems. Our elder daughter Sasi, who
was blessed with a daughter in May 2013, longed for a second child and this went on for five years. I gave

32 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

this request for continual prayers all through these years at the events held at the CMC Prayer Tower and
also to the prayer intercessors there. I also made a vow that I will testify in the Jesus Calls magazine if
blessed with a grandson. Immediately, God blessed her womb and she gave birth to a son on
March 1, 2019. We are so grateful and thankful to God and the Jesus Calls ministries for bringing such a
wonderful blessing into our family. All glory to God.
- Manimegalai, Vellore

My name is Boopathy and my wife is Thilagam Shanthakumari and my daughter is KB Pauline Priya. I got
married in September 2008 and my wife conceived the very next month itself. We went for a medical
check-up and the growth of the baby was normal. By God’s grace my wife delivered a healthy baby at the
right time. Everything was going good. After six months, we were heading towards Avadi from Tambaram
to erect a fence around our plot. Close to 7:00 pm I was riding the motorcycle and my wife was seated
behind me carrying our six month old baby. The vehicle hit a pothole unknowingly and we fell down on
the new bypass road. Our six month old baby rolled away from my wife. My wife became unconscious as
she fell down and later we found out that she fractured her waist. I injured my legs but still I managed to
call the ambulance and we were all taken to the hospital. I didn’t know at that moment what I should do
further. My wife was taken on a stretcher as she held the baby in her arms. While she was going into the
hospital she asked, “Where am I? Who are you? What happened to me?” She woke up again from the
unconscious state and repeated the same things. I could not understand anything and I just got fed up
thinking that I’m nothing as I could do nothing. As she regained consciousness she told me she actually
thought that she would not live as she had seen the baby’s state. I was relentlessly praying that nothing
should happen to her as she got a fracture. The doctors also said there was nothing to worry about the
baby. There was just a blood clot in the head and it would soon recover. They said if the baby was a little
older, it might have suffered a graver injury. But I could not believe this for the head had got a bigger
inflammation. After the treatment got over we came back to our home. Two years later, one day we
were watching the Prarthanai Neram Raj TV Program from morning 6:00-6:30 a.m as usual. Paul Annan
was sharing the word of God. During the prayer, He called our daughter’s name saying, “Pauline, the
Lord strengthens you, and He is delivering you from the problem you have on your head and strengthens
you.” We also used to follow every prayer offered after the message. And on that day as he called our
daughter’s name we felt a shock in our bodies and joy just overflowed out of us. We took our daughter
and went down to show her to our dad, as there were no traces of swelling found on her head.It had
miraculously disappeared!
- Boopathy, Chennai

I am a Jesus Calls Evangelist. My wife, Mrs. Manola, and I work at the North-Eastern Hill University. We
are blessed with two daughters, Sharon and Nazrin. Both of them are Young Partners. Even though we
were blessed with very good jobs, we could not build our own house. For more than10 years we lived
in different rented houses and shifting the house regularly was painful and disturbing. As a family, we
attended the Shillong Prayer Festival in 2016. In that meeting Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed for us personally
and afterwards both of us were blessed with promotions in our jobs. In a Jesus Calls TV program I heard
Dr. Paul Dhinakaran say, “Build God’s house and God will build your house”. So I contributed to the Prayer
Tower Building Fund and sent an email to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran requesting prayer for a house. I received
a reply from him with the following Bible verse ‘God will establish your house’ - II Samuel 7:11. Soon the
Lord opened a door and we could purchase a house in the heart of Shillong which cost us Rs 80 Lakhs.
The Lord, also blessed us with two other plots of land in Shillong. Our daughters, Sharon and Nazrin
excel in studies as well as in sports. Sharon is representing the Junior Basketball team for the state of
Meghalaya. Not only that, both of them are blessed with very good voice. They travel with me to different
Jesus Calls events to lead the worship.We have partnered with Jesus Calls through the ‘Family Blessing
Plan’, through SEESHA and through Israel Prayer Tower. Praise the Lord!
-Bro. Twenty Five, Meghalaya
The same God who performed miracles for these beloved partners is alive today and can do a miracle
for you too. Feel free to send your prayer requests to paul@jesuscalls.org by email or by letter to
16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road, Chennai 600 028. You can also share your testimony of deliverance and
blessings to testimony@jesuscalls.org or to the postal address.

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 33

As you know, we are sending the Jesus Calls magazine in 7 different languages to more than 3 lakh families
every month. On an average each magazine goes through a minimum of 5 pairs of hands every month. We
are working to extend the reach in two more languages in the coming months. We have set a goal to reach
at least 7 to 8 lakh families, which will help us reach a minimum of 40 lakh individuals with the Word of the
Lord every month. Each magazine costs Rs. 25/- and we want to give it free to anyone and everyone who
needs it.

To be continually blessed through the Jesus Calls magazine


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34 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

“For this is God, Our God forever and Once a wicked man called Saul was persecuting and
ever; He will be our guide even to death.” harassing the people of God. He was threatening and
(Psalm 48:14) murdering the disciples of the Lord. But when he was
Yes, two thousand years ago, our God who has drawn by the love of Jesus Christ and became Paul, he
promised to guide us forever, even to death, took received the divine experience of yielding fruits in Christ
the form of a man and came to this earth by the and said with profound emotion, “It is no longer I who
name of ‘Jesus’. live, but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).
WHO IS JESUS? In his epistle, Apostle John too has written about his
He is the form of God, (Philippians 2:6) the divine fellowship as, “Truly our fellowship is with the
image of the invisible God (Colossians 1:15) and Father and with His Son Jesus Christ” (I John 1:3).
the brightness of His glory and the express image
of His person (Hebrews 1:3). He says, "I am the My dear young children, do not forget to seek the Lord
vine, you are the branches.” He wants us to abide your Creator with your whole mind and heart at your young
in Him just as how a plant and its branches are age (Ecclesiastes 12:1). Getting married, being involved
joined together. in family life and then seeking God at the old age is delaying
"Abide in Me, and I in you. As the things. By then you would become weary in seeking Him
branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless and having fellowship with Him because of the sufferings
it abides in the vine, neither can you, and afflictions you would’ve faced in your daily life. So
unless you abide in Me” (John 15:4).
open your heart even when you are in your days of youth,
accept Him as your personal Saviour and become His
child in which case it would be possible for you to overcome
any affliction or suffering that distresses you, with the
help of Christ and be able to yield fruits.
I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 16 years old
and became His daughter. Since then, the Lord has

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 35

given me the privilege of living sadly. That night the prisoner all sin’ (I John 1:7) and this
a divine life of increasing in His had a dream in which he saw his encouraged and refreshed him.
fellowship for nearly 65 years dear departed mother standing Realizing that the blood shed by
and yielding fruits for Him. at a distance and beckoning him the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross
Though countless sufferings, to come to her. When he started was able to cleanse him of his
afflictions and agonies came running towards her excitedly, a sins, he knelt down and cried out
across my life, the Lord was brick wall came between them to the Lord saying, “Lord, I am
sufficient for me in the midst of and something was written on a sinner! Forgive all my sins and
them and is wonderfully guiding each brick. When he went closer wash them with Your blood.” At
me even today. to the wall and read the words, once, a divine peace and joy
Let us meditate briefly as to he was shocked to see all his sins filled his heart. He received the
how God would be with us privilege of God walking with

GOD WHO WANTS TO him since then (Psalm 32:1).

DWELL WITH US If you truly Dear ones, do you love the Lord
"…I will dwell in them and accept Him in Jesus from the depth of your heart?
walk among them. I will be your heart, a Or is your life filled with rebellion
their God, and they shall divine peace and things of slavery? Think for a
be My people." which the world while. If you truly accept Him in
(II Corinthians 6:16; Hebrews cannot give will your heart, a divine peace which
8:10; Jeremiah 11:3) fill your heart. the world cannot give will fill your

It was a Pastor’s custom to visit

You too would heart. You too would receive the

prisons to meet the convicts

receive the privilege of Him dwelling with you.

sentenced to death and tell them privilege of Him GOD WHO WANTS TO
about the Lord. One day when dwelling with BE WITH US FOREVER
he went to the prison, he met a you. “...and lo, I am with you
particular prisoner and said, always, even to the end of
“Son, please understand God’s written there one by one. He the age.” (Matthew 28:20)
love for you and accept Him in cried out saying, “Alas, this wall Yes, God wants to be with us
your heart. He will give you is standing between me and my every second. His love for us is
divine peace.” He spoke lovingly dear mother, Lord, have mercy!” incomparable. Sometimes, because
and tried to give him a Bible. But Immediately he saw a lamb of our job we may be in a situation
the prisoner became angry and being slain and a drop of blood to live away from our parents or
replied harshly, “I don’t need the falling on the wall which began husband. The Angel of God said to
Lord about whom you are to melt down. He woke up Mary, the Lord’s mother, "Rejoice,
talking. I don’t like to read His startled and saw the Bible in his highly favored one, the Lord is with
Word as well...” So saying, he room. He took it and started you” (Luke 1:28). Similarly the
snatched the Bible from the reading it. His eyes fell on the Lord said to Joshua, “…the LORD
Pastor’s hand and threw it into verse, ‘…the blood of Jesus your God is with you wherever you
his cell. The pastor departed Christ His Son cleanses us from go" (Joshua 1:9). The Lord God
36 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
said to Moses, “My presence shall whenever we have time, diligently, He was with him all
go before you” (Exodus 33:14). particularly early in the morning and through his life and guided him.
When Jacob, who was a mild man, accept Him in our heart. Then His
Look at Daniel! He sought the
dwelling in tents, (Genesis 25:27) presence will fill us. He will be with
Lord diligently even in the midst of
departed from his parents, darkness us forever and dwell in us.
surrounded him. He took one of the Look at the life of the Lord
stones and put it at his head, and “Now when Daniel knew
Jesus Christ! He left us an
he lay down in that place to sleep. that the writing was
example, that we should follow His
That time he saw a dream. The signed, he went home. And
steps (I Peter 2:21). He went by
Lord appeared and said to him, in his upper room, with his
himself and conversed with God in
"Behold, I am with you and will windows open toward
the evenings (Matthew 14:23). He
keep you wherever you go, and will Jerusalem, he knelt down

bring you back to this land; for I on his knees three times
will not leave you until I have done that day, and prayed and
Problems would gave thanks before his
what I have spoken to you"
crop in our lives. God, as was his custom
(Genesis 28:11-15).
But if you are since early days”
Dear ones, do you, perhaps, diligent in (Daniel 6:10).
languish saying, “I am lonely; seeking the Lord
though I have my husband, I still When the situation arose in
even in the midst
feel alone…?” The God of Moses, which Daniel’s friends, Shadrach,
of these, He will Meshach, and Abednego had to be
Joshua and Jacob wants to be with
make you stand cast into the fire because of the
you forever and dwell with you.
as a witness King’s wrath, they were diligent
“The LORD is near to all before them. He and zealous in seeking the Lord.
who call upon Him, to all will glorify you. He came in their midst as the
who call upon Him in
fourth person and saved them from
truth.” (Psalm 145:18)
the fire without any harm (Daniel
sought the Lord early in the
“…He is not far from 3:25). He made them stand as
morning while it was still dark
each one of us.” witnesses before others. Even He
(Mark 1:35). He sought the Father
(Acts 17:27) made the kings to honour them.
all night (Luke 6:12). He sought
"What other nation is so God with fasting (Matthew 4:2). In the year 1963, my husband
great as to have their gods was sent by the Bharat State
Look at the life of David who
near them the way the Bank to a particular city. When
was a man with a nature like ours!
Lord our God is near us we were staying there, we used
He did righteous things pleasing to
whenever we pray to to get up early in the morning
God (I Kings 15:5). He sought the
him?” (Deuteronomy 4:7) and sing loudly and praise the
Lord early in the morning, at night
When we truly seek the (Psalm 63:1,6), in the evening, in Lord. Our neighbours had no
presence of God, He gives us His the morning and at noon (Psalm belief in the Lord whom we
presence. Let us seek the Lord 55:17). Since He sought the Lord worshiped and in us as well. Yet,
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 37
as days went by, when they saw supplications, with vehement cries Job, who laments thus, was of
and heard our joint prayers and and tears to Him (Hebrews 5:7). the hope, ‘Though He slay me, yet
praises, they began to share with He offered Himself up to the Lord will I trust Him; when He has
us their problems and asked us saying, "O My Father, if it is tested me, I shall come forth as
to pray for them. In due course possible, let this cup pass from Me; gold’ (Job 13:15, 23: 10). Hence,
nevertheless, not as I will, but as the Lord blessed the latter days of
those people became very close
You will" (Matthew 26:39). Finally Job more than his beginning (Job
friends to us. When my husband
He defeated the works of the devil 42:12) and made him live
got transferred later, the Lord
on the cross and was victorious peacefully in the end.
helped us to depart from that
(Colossians 2:14,15).
place with a good testimony. Yes, though there may be
“In the world you will troubles tossing our life, when we
My dear sisters, problems
have tribulation; but be of
would crop in our lives through our trust Him, His double fold blessings
neighbours or people around us. If and peace are poured into us.
you are diligent in seeking the Lord
even in the midst of these, He will If you love The Bible says,
make you stand as a witness the Lord truly “You will keep him in
before them. He will glorify you. and decide to perfect peace, whose mind
live a holy life is stayed on You, because
“A faithful man will
he trusts in You.”
abound with blessings...” by committing
(Isaiah 26:3)
(Proverbs 28:20). your life into
GOD WHO GUIDES US His hands, He On the first day, when Brother
TILL DEATH will bless you Dhinakaran and I were united
“Yea, though I walk with a suitable in marriage, we committed our
through the valley of the life partner and life into His hands saying,
shadow of death, I will fear “Lord, it is You who should bless
make you live
no evil; For You are with our life and guide us from today”
me; Your rod and Your (Ecclesiastes 4:12). Of course,
staff, they comfort me.” we faced innumerable problems,
(Psalm 23:4) good cheer, I have troubles, misunderstanding from
overcome the world.”
On several occasions my relatives, poverty and sickness;
(John 16:33)
husband was drawn near death. even death occurred. In the
The Lord Jesus who said this midst of all these troubles, we
Death was always declared upon
will be with you in the midst of all
him. But I would hold on to the held on to the Lord firmly and
your troubles. There are various
Lord firmly and plead to the Lord He helped us live with content
kinds of struggles or troubles for
with fasting. The Lord showed us in this world: and peace.
me His mercy and favour and Trouble in Life The same Lord will not forsake
gave him life. He further helped you but keep you safe even in the
“You renew Your witnesses
him to do His ministry mightily midst of your struggles. He will be
against me, and increase
till death.
Your indignation toward with you; He will strengthen you
When the Lord Jesus was in the me; Changes and war are and encourage you. He will make
flesh, He offered up prayers and ever with me.” (Job 10:17) you live peacefully.
38 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
Trouble Against Sin friends said to him, “Truly the bondage, should be happy in their
“You have not yet resisted Lord whom you love and seek is family life and should hold on to the
to bloodshed, striving faithful. Hearing your prayers, Lord. We should commit ourselves
against sin.” He has given you a godly wife, as a family to stand for the gospel.
(Hebrews 12:4) suitable for you.” The Lord will give us the strength
(Philippians 4:13).
A young man had to shift to a My dear young children, if you
new place because of his job love the Lord truly and decide to “…always laboring
transfer. In that town, during live a holy life by committing your fervently for you in
evenings, everyone used to play life into His hands, He will bless prayers, that you may
cards or go to watch movies or you with a suitable life partner and stand perfect and
would be chitchatting. But this make you live happily. complete in all the will of
young man used to do Lord’s God.” (Colossians 4:12)
Trouble for the Faith of
ministry once he returned from
the Gospel Accordingly, the Lord helped us
his job. His friends made fun of
to start the Esther Prayer Group in
him saying that he was not “Only let your conduct be
1988 in order to labour in prayer
enjoying life like them but was worthy of the gospel of
for the problems of others and
living like a sage at such a young Christ, so that whether I
families. Today, the Esther Prayer
age. Yet this man was spending come and see you or am
Groups have been formed all over
his leisure time in prayer and in absent, I may hear of your
the world and many sisters are
doing ministry. His friends affairs, that you stand fast
laboring in prayer for the people of
would mock him saying, “Your in one spirit, with one mind
wife would be a worldly woman the world, particularly for the
striving together for the
and we are going to see how welfare of women. Miraculous
faith of the gospel…”
you’d manage that…” That time works happen everywhere!
(Philippians 1:27; Jude 3;
this man’s father sent him a I Thessalonians 2:2) What about you? What have
letter informing that they had you done for the Lord? The Lord
planned to settle his marriage. When I look back at my life,
says, "Whom shall I send, and who
The word marriage scared him nobody would have been as timid
will go for Us?" (Isaiah 6:8). Are
and he feared that his friends’ as I had been. My husband used
you ready? The Lord wants to use
words might became true and to preach with zeal but I would be
you as a family.
that if he got a worldly wife, he sitting in a corner. The Lord filled
would not be able to live a even me with His Holy Spirit. He Commit yourselves to serve the
pleasing and holy life for the granted me divine strength, Lord as a family just as how Joshua
Lord. However, as was his courage and grace. declared, “…as for me and my
custom, he began to earnestly house, we will serve the LORD"
“Bear one another's
pray for that. His father was also (Joshua 24:15). He will fill you with
burdens, and so fulfill the
a mighty prayer warrior. After His Holy Spirit (Joel 2:28,29). He
law of Christ.” (Galatians
much prayer, the Lord showed will give you the spirit of power and
him a woman who too loved the of love and of a sound mind and
Lord dearly. Their marriage According to this Scripture, we use you mightily. What a joy it is to
happened and right from the need to labour in prayer with serve the Lord as a family! This
beginning their married life was burden and faith that the people of God will be with you forever and
happy. On seeing this, his the world should be delivered from ever and guide you even to death.
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 39
(Part 6)

e read in Psalm 80:18, “Revive us, and Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He
we will call upon Your name.” Yes, our counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.”
Lord is able to revive us physically as (I Timothy 1:12-14).
well as in the spirit and soul. Yes, it was the love, grace and power of the Lord
It is the will of God that ‘we having died to sins, that revived Saul who was ‘dead’ because of his
might live for righteousness’ (I Peter 2:24). It is not wicked deeds and sins and used him in His ministry
pleasing to the Lord that one soul should perish powerfully and with gifts. He thus glorified His name
because of sin (Matthew 18:14; II Peter 3:9). through him. Similarly, by His power Jesus revived
the life of a Samaritan woman, who was living a ‘dead
“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in life’ by her adulterous lifestyle. She had no interest in
all things and be in health, just as your soul ‘divine things pertaining to life’ and was enslaved by
prospers.” (III John 2) her own lusts and was leading a life of perdition unto
This is the desire and the expectation that the Lord death. Since the love and mercy of God flowed into
has upon each one of us. In the Bible, a man called her, she got favour and grace in His eyes. It was God’s
Saul says, “Although I was formerly a blasphemer, a will to revive her foul smelling life into a life of
persecutor, and an insolent man; but I obtained mercy fragrance. God orchestrated it in such a way that Jesus
because I did it ignorantly in unbelief. And the grace met her and worked in her both to will and to do for
of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13) so that she was
love which are in Christ Jesus. And I thank Christ filled with ‘living waters’ and her life shone as light.

40 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org

She did not stop with merely getting delivered from buried in the tomb. Though He very well knew that,
her life of sin, leading to death. She wanted the whole the Lord Jesus delayed going there in order to do a
world to enjoy her blessing. In order that her people miracle. Lacking faith, Martha said to Him, "I know
too should meet Jesus and receive the divine experi- that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last
ence that she had got and thus was revived, she went day" (John 11:4) and when Jesus asked them to
back to her town, totally forgetting her intention to remove the stone, she further says in unbelief, "Lord,
draw waters and told her people, by this time there is a stench, for he has been dead
four days." Because of her ‘ignorance’ she had no
"Come, see a Man who told me all things faith in the Lord’s words. She could not accept it
that I ever did. Could this be the Christ?" immediately. On analyzing the reason for this we see
(John 4:29) that unlike her sister Mary, she did not pay attention
On hearing her words, several people in that city to honour God’s words, listen to them and seek the
had faith in the Lord Jesus. presence of God. What did the Lord Jesus tell her?

“And many more believed because of His “Martha, you are worried and troubled about
own word. Then they said to the woman, many things. But one thing is needed, and
“Now we believe, not because of what you Mary has chosen that good part, which will
said, for we ourselves have heard Him and not be taken away from her."
we know that this is indeed the Christ, the (Luke 10:40-42)
Savior of the world." (John 4:41,42) “So then faith comes by hearing, and hear-
ing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)
Yes, see how a woman, who was living a ‘dead
life’, was revived by the words of the Lord Jesus and As the Bible says thus, when the Lord Jesus stayed
became a believer! Also, through her many people in their house, Martha was more interested in cooking
also were revived as believers. How wonderful! and doing other chores for Him; she didn’t realize the
‘spiritual blessings’ that could have received from Him,
God delivers our life from the darkness of death
like Mary did. This ‘ignorance’ was the main reason
caused not only by sin but also by our ‘ignorance’ and for her ‘unbelief’. But the Lord raised up her brother
by being ‘tested’. In the Bible we read about a family Lazarus from the dead by His power and revived her
of a man named Lazarus and his two sisters Mary from her ignorance.
and Martha. Jesus loved the three of them (John 11:5).
Martha used to invite Jesus to her house and extended Even today, those who live a superficial Christian
life by not being interested in reading the Holy Bible
warm hospitality to Him. Mary, on the other hand,
and meditating on it and who shun it, are dead in faith
was keen on sitting at His feet, listening to the divine
and are ignorant of the Lord’s power. The Lord tells
words that proceeded from His mouth and lived a godly
such people, “You worry about many things because
life by choosing the good part which would not be
of which you are unable to get the good part and are
taken away from her (Luke 10:39-42).
lacking in faith and are dead. That’s why all these
When Jesus Christ was doing ministry in yet troubles for you…”
another place, Lazarus fell sick and these sisters sent
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowl-
a message to Jesus saying that their brother was sick. edge. Because you have rejected knowledge,
But Jesus did not come at once. I also will reject you from being priest for
“When Jesus heard that, He said, “This Me; Because you have forgotten the law of
sickness is not unto death, but for the glory your God, I also will forget your children.”
of God, that the Son of God may be glorified (Hosea 4:6)
through it." (John 11:4) “I have written for him the great things of
Thus saying He stayed two more days in the place My law, but they were considered a strange
where He was. By that time Lazarus was dead and thing.” (Hosea 8:12)
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 41
Thus we read God telling about the glory of the What was the reason that such ‘dark state and
Scriptures. Dear ones! Examine your life for a while! physical sufferings leading to death’ occurred in the
"You search the Scriptures, for in them you life of a man of God? He ignored the Word of God
think you have eternal life; and these are and did not obey the will of God. Hence, until he
they which testify of Me.” (John 5:39) realized that and obeyed His word, he had to face a
Accordingly, do you have the hope that ‘you will pathetic situation of going through darkness of death
receive eternal life?’ and distress. Dear ones! We, who read this, may be
“Blessed is the man… whose delight is in faithful but still we may not honour or obey God’s
the law of the LORD, and in His law he words because of which we may have to go into a
meditates day and night.” (Psalm 1:1,2) pitiable state of undergoing sufferings unto death. Are
we living our life as we wish, without reading the Bible
Accordingly, have you received this blessed life
and the blessings of Psalm 1:3? Examine and set your diligently with interest and are filled with unbelief, not
life right. Then the ignorance leading to death will be knowing the glory of the Lord and are in a dead state,
gone from your life and you will have the knowledge having lost all the blessings?
of knowing about the eternal life and the divine life
Let us plead to the Lord saying, “Lord, revive
that leads to it.
me according to Your word.” (Psalm 119:154)
IGNORANCE AND GIVE LIFE We would receive the divine experience,
Apart from reading and meditating on the Word of “Your words were found, and I ate them,
God, it is very, very important that we obey them with and Your word was to me the joy and rejoic-
reverence and apply them in our life. Jonah, a man of ing of my heart; For I am called by Your
God, committed this mistake because of which he had name, O LORD God of hosts.”
to pass through a pitiable state of undergoing physical (Jeremiah 15:16)
sufferings which took him closer to death.
Particularly, each and every Esther Prayer Group
"I cried out to the LORD because of my
member who holds on to the promises and prays
affliction…” (Jonah 2:2)
reverentially, being filled with the Spirit, arises and
“For You cast me into the deep, into the heart shines for the Lord by receiving a ‘new life that is
of the seas, and the floods surrounded me;
revived in Christ’everyday. Several such sisters, get
All Your billows and Your waves passed over
filled with the gifts and power of God and receive the
me. The waters surrounded me, even to my
soul; The deep closed around me; Weeds divine life of being transformed in the spirit. Filled with
were wrapped around my head.” the burden for this prayer ministry, they encourage
(Jonah 2:3,5) other women and couples in the places where they go
and strive hard to expand this prayer ministry. Hence,
"When my soul fainted within me…”
(Jonah 2:7) they are special in the sight of the Lord.
Read below the few testimonies of such sisters who have been ‘revived in the spirit’ through
this prayer ministry and enjoy receiving the blessing of being revived in your own life.
Glorious Reviving Love as my family was facing a lot of of the Esther Prayer Group, I came
I had to shift from problems, sickness and demonic to know about the Esther Prayer
Nagercoil to Chennai attacks. I used to visit the Jesus Group and joined as a prayer war-
because of my job. I Calls Prayer Tower for prayer sup- rior in the first group conducted by
was in a distressed state port. That time, through a member dear mother Stella Dhinakaran
42 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
from the year 1989. good jobs. Our family which was Group here and there. He is also
financially backward has been increasing these groups day by day.
By seeing the prayer points
revived and changed by Him into
during the prayer time, I, who was a prosperous one. The Lord has The main thought shared by the
depressed and lonely with no hope granted me godly daughters-in-law leaders of the Esther Prayer
in life, was made to feel as if my and grandchildren. All glory to God. Groups is ‘How greatly our lives
problems were nothing. Every -Mrs. Christal Gnanathangam, have been transformed because of
prayer point gave me the Chennai. the Esther Prayer ministry!’ Right
unshakable confidence that God, Many Groups from the church pastors’ wives
who changed the captivity of Job because of the Reviving who are the leaders, to the house-
when he prayed for his friends, God’s Love wives, every leader is conducting
would change my captivity and By the grace of the groups with burden. After that
dead-like-state and revive me”. God, I have the privilege the Lord is day by day reviving
Every month I used to wait eagerly of serving as a leader of people through the YEPG, JEPG
when the Esther Prayer Group one of the Esther and CEPG, started by dear mother
prayer would be conducted. Every Prayer Groups formed by Sister in which young women, children
prayer point in the Esther Prayer Stella Dhinakaran for women, and couples work for God,
Group helped me greatly to families and young women. The realizing the burden of these
progress in my spiritual life, and in promise verse, prayer points and groups.
the growth of my faith and in my the topic for every month, first Whenever each group is estab-
life. Considering the problems revives us who pray for them. It lished with a leader, every family,
mentioned in each prayer point as points out the lack in our spiritual every individual, even churches
my own problem, I used to labour things, in our personal nature and too, are revived by the Lord Jesus
in prayer with a burden, sincerely in our families and transforms and in the spiritual realm and the name
and diligently, with the faith that the revives us. of Jesus is glorified. All the plans
Lord would grant deliverance
The Holy Spirit has placed in of the enemy to destroy women’s
immediately. Hence, the Lord not
me a burden to introduce the Esther lives are thwarted and people re-
only delivered other women but
Prayer Group to other women to ceive the experience of their dark-
also delivered me from the powers
encourage and revive them also. ness being changed and light shin-
of witchcraft and the works of the
Whenever dear mother would ing upon them. They are revived
devil and also completely loosened
share with us her heart’s burden and arise and shine for the Lord.
the bondage upon my elder son’s
tongue and made him speak that women should raise up as One of the sisters in our group
fluently. My younger son often worthy vessels for God, I was fought with her husband and
used to suffer from breathlessness willing to implement it. Whenever wanted to commit suicide. But the
and neared death. The Lord I met women whom I know and Lord brought her to our Esther
delivered him as well and granted who have burden for prayer, I used Prayer Group. When she came,
him complete healing. Also, He to share with them about the Esther she did not share anything about it.
delivered me from the problems in Prayer Group. This is a wonderful After singing songs and praying
my workplace and lifted me up by plan given by God to dear mother over the promise verse, we started
giving me several promotions. He and hence the Spirit Himself praying for the prayer points. Af-
also made my children to become burdened the hearts of several ter the 5th prayer point, when we
engineers and blessed them with women to start the Esther Prayer asked that sister to pray, she con-
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 43
fessed that she was contemplating me to the Esther Prayer Group. I we prayed in Bro. Dhinakaran’s
suicide and that she would not do did not know what to do. The meeting, the Lord made us glad by
such thing in future. She then prayer warriors advised me to just blessing us with a beautiful baby
prayed with burden for the prayer say “Praise the Lord” while pray- girl and also made us dwell in our
points. Her husband, who had been ing. So I went there happily for own house (Psalm 113:9). We have
searching her all over, came to our prayers. The next month dear named our daughter “Hallelujah
place by accident. All of us prayed mother said that everyone should Jeba Chithra”.
with burden for them. The Lord pray for each point and I came I joined the Esther Prayer
revived them from tears and also home and prayed earnestly for that. Group in 2005 and have been pray-
sent them back with an infilling of I prayed that the Lord should pour ing. Mrs. Vimala Jeyachandran is
His anointing. If not for this Esther into me a spirit of prayer to pray our group leader. She is a dear sis-
Prayer Group, she would have gone for others. I also read the Bible dili- ter who is God-fearing and godly.
elsewhere and ended her life. Glory gently and prayed by meditating on She prayed for my daughter’s
to God who did the miracle of re- the promises. Hearing the prayer, school/college studies as well as for
thus far the Lord has given me the her job. She also led us in joining
viving her life from the path of
burden to pray along with the our daughter in the Young Partner’s
darkness and destruction through
group. Plan. By joining this prayer group
the Esther Prayer Group!
When I first joined the Esther and praying, I was spiritually
A mother who always prays for
Prayer ministry, I struggled even strengthened. I was taught to pray
women in the presence of God, her
for a one time meal. But after I with firm faith, with the help of the
untiring labour and her divine love
started regularly attending the Holy Spirit.
with which she molds every
prayer group, the Lord’s blessings Everyone in the Esther Prayer
woman with a motherly heart. All
began to increase. My children Group prayed in unison for my
these join us along with her and I
excelled in their studies. The Lord daughter’s marriage. Through our
praise the Lord with my whole
blessed them and lifted them up. group leader she got a good
heart for enabling us also to enjoy
Now I have taught my daughter- partner who has accepted the Lord
the divine life of receiving God’s
in-law also to join this Esther and the wedding took place in a
image. -Esther Aruldoss,
Prayer ministry and pray. She too testimonial way like the wedding
Chennai. conducts the YEPG. God has gra- at Cana.
Reviving Power ciously enabled her to start many
in the Family In our group we give impor-
more groups and work for Him.
tance to prayer, testimony,
I was saved during Glory to God!
honouring one another, showing
dear mother’s message
-Selvarani, Chennai. love and meeting other sisters. We
shared in the Perinba
Peruvizha in the year Family Revived! place the prayer points in the pres-
ence of the Lord and labour in
1996. When I once visited the We come
prayer and get the result. We make
Prayer Tower to give offering for from a fam-
the Young Partner’s Plan, I heard every month’s promise verse as our
ily that did
the people there telling that dear own. Accordingly God’s good
not know
mother was coming there. That words have not failed. Everything
Christ. We suffered without a child
time the Holy Spirit urged me to even after 10 years of married life was fulfilled. Praise the Lord!
join the meeting. One sister sent and underwent much pain. When The line, ‘change me into a
44 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
prayer warrior’ in the theme song Prayer Centre and the Jesus Calls their debts since I was going for a
of the Esther Prayer Group ministry. I went there and cried out job. Till today, the Lord has gra-
transformed me wonderfully. In to God and received peace. ciously helped me to provide food
our Vellore church, my husband too for those who come for prayer.
I got the privilege to attend the
attended the Esther Prayer Group. Since then He began to bless me
Esther Prayer Group conference
He was touched by the powerful
in Coimbatore in 2003. On hearing also. Those who took away all my
message of Sister Stella
the testimonies shared, I prayed, “If belongings returned everything to
Dhinakaran. The verse given by
I too have such a calling, please me. The Lord also helped me to
dear mother was ‘He (Jesus)
reveal it to me through Sister Stella clear my Rs. 12 lakh debt gradu-
became for us wisdom from God;
Dhinakaran”. That time, she cor- ally without interest. He ensured
and righteousness and
sanctification and redemption’. Is rectly pointed out to me who was that the 18 lenders did not trouble
there any need for evidence to sitting in the last row and said, me in any way.
show that till now, (as I write this “Aren’t you still conducting the Every month, He is filling each
testimony), I am richly harvesting Esther Prayer Group? You may one of us abundantly. More than
blessings through the Esther Prayer start one…” But when I returned 20 sisters attend our group. From
Group ministry. The revelation of home after this conference, the 2003 to 2015 I have walked
King Jesus has been given as a lenders had taken away all my through the valley of death. Yet the
vision of Esther Prayer ministry to belongings and even a glass was Lord delivered me, who prayed
dear Sis. Stella Dhinakaran and has
not left behind. Even in that state I with zeal for others, and has kept
paved ways for every sister in the
praised the Lord saying that though me today as a blessing and
group to be crowned as Queen
all my belongings have gone, He comfort to others. He has elevated
Esthers. - Raji Ramachandran,
had given me the place to conduct me by giving me a house of my
the prayer. own in the place where I was put
Simple Life of being
Revived in Christ It was in this state I started the to shame. I am conducting this
Esther Prayer Group with 7 mem- group which the Lord has gra-
In the year 2002, I
bers in August 2003. The Lord im- ciously given me, faithfully and
decided to end my life
pressed upon me strongly that with burden. He has helped me to
because of heavy debt
those who attended the prayer form more than 8 groups. I praise
problem and hence left
home not knowing where I was should not go back with hunger and God who led dear Sister Stella
going. I got into a bus going to so I cried that there was no vessel Dhinakaran to start this Esther
Coimbatore. I had no relatives to cook food for them. I requested Prayer Group. All honour and glory
there. I searched for a place to the lenders to give back my cook- be to God!
pray and heard about the Bethesda ing vessels and that I would clear - Ponnuthai, Kovilpatti.

My dear ones! It is amazing that women’s help all the women who are leading these groups
lives are revived in different ways through the and every woman who participates in this prayer
Esther Prayer ministry and is increasing in to realize its importance and enable them to
nations, cities and villages. It can be clearly conduct it unceasingly and attend it with their
understood that this is a divine prayer ministry whole heart! May He revive their hearts and help
given by the Lord Himself. Hence, may the Lord them to accomplish their service reverentially with
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 45
godly fear, without ignoring it. this Esther Prayer Group once to us to know the details about
a month! Prayers should be this. It could be conducted in any
Dear ones! As the Bible says,
offered for one hour or two hours! nation, town or village. This is
the time is at hand. The work that
only a “Prayer ministry that
each one of us has to do is great. Hence, if you would like to do
works along with the Lord.”
It is not very difficult to conduct some service for the Lord, write
(To be continued in the next issue...)

Dear ones,
Accordingly, the dear sisters, couples, young girls and children
who want to start an Esther Prayer Group or Youth Esther Prayer
Group or Junior Esther Prayer Group or Couples’ Esther Prayer Group
in your area, please write to me immediately.

For more details about the Esther Prayer Group:

Sister Stella Dhinakaran (Esther Prayer Group)
16, D.G.S .Dhinakaran Road, Chennai - 600 028
Email: stella@jesuscalls.org

Bible Portion from Esther, Job, Galatians, Ephesians & Philippians

(Answer with Biblical reference)
(Please read the portion line by line carefully.
Do not search for any other help.)
1. What should you walk in? Who loved us? What did He do for us? To whom? How?
2. What did who have (4 things)?
3. Whom did we belong to? Whose seed are we? What are we according to the promise?
4. What did this man (give his name) do for his friends? What did the Lord do for him? In what measure?
5. What type of a mind should be in us?
6. Whom does God who is mighty, not despise? How is he?
7. Who was not revealed by whom? Who had charged her not to reveal it?
8. Who shall supply what? According to what? By whom?
9. Who has redeemed us from what? What did he become? Who is cursed?
10. What do we have with confidence? Through what?
Answers must reach us before February 29, 2020
Address: Bible Quiz – 96
Prayer Tower, 16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road, Chennai - 600 028
Email: stella@jesuscalls.org
46 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
gerly went to America to see her
new born grandchild. But she was
ing for ten upset with the way her daughter-
days was soothed in-law refused to give the baby to
physically and mentally. her and cooked only American food
“Aunty! Please take rest; you’d which she never liked. Above all,
“You’ll be picked up by car her daughter-in-law did not even
be tired with jet lag...” So saying
from the airport’ - When Sasi had want to talk to her and confined
Sasi switched on the AC and left
said this, Princy never imagined herself to her room. All these made
the room which was far more beau-
that Sasi herself would be driving Princy return to India sooner than
tiful than her son’s house in
the car. Enjoying her driving skills
America. Changing her clothes she she had planned.
she asked, ‘When did you learn to
laid down to sleep. Her eyes fell Feeling embarrassed to go back
drive a car? You drive well....”
on Sasi’s family picture hanging on to her place for the fear that other
“What aunty! I used to drive the the wall - A smiling Sasi and her relatives would bombard her with
car even before marriage. My fa- husband. Tears welled up as she questions, she decided to go to
ther never allowed me to drive but saw the photo and her mind went
now my husband allows me. That’s Sasi’s house. She was deeply
back to the incident that happened touched by Sasi’s never changing
the difference...” 4 years ago. love. Lulled by these thoughts she
“By the way, dad said that “Sasi likes your son and wants went to sleep. When she stepped
you’d be returning only after 4 to marry him. So your brother is out of her room in the evening, she
months. But you’ve come early. willing to give any amount of dowry was moved when Sasi introduced
Was America cold?” and settle the marriage. Think this her to her two year old son saying,
Princy wanted to blurt out the over and tell us your decision...” “Look there.... Your grand-
truth that it was a big deal to spend Her relative conveyed her mother....” and the little one came
time with her daughter-in-law even brother’s wishes to Princy. running and hugged her. Tears
for two months but all she said was, Princy mulled over it. Her streamed down her eyes and she
“Yes, it was very cold and besides brother had a shop and Sasi was a showered the child with kisses. The
I didn’t like to stay there. So I came modest and unassuming girl, little boy wiped her tears with his
back....” She lied. brought up in the village. She tender fingers saying, “Don’t cry
On reaching home, she was wouldn’t be modern enough to granny....”. It then dawned on
amazed to see the palatial house. manage living in America. So she Princy how important family
Though her brother David had said decided not to give her consent and relationship was.
that Sasi had her own house, she ended that topic saying, “I’ve de-
never imagined that the house “And now these three
cided not to take a girl from rela-
would be so big with all facilities remain: faith, hope and love.
like a cook, gardener, two maids But the greatest of these is
Within the next few months, love” (1 Corinthians 13:13)
and other things. She had heard Sasi was married to Rajan and
that Sasi’s husband was into some settled in Chennai. After that (Dear ones, let us get filled with
business but she never thought that Princy never saw her. Her son too the sacrificial love of Christ and
he was a business magnate. got married to a wealthy girl and show love to one another and live
Warm hospitality and good once they went to America, they a life pleasing to Him)
food! Princy who had been starv- never came to India. Princy ea-
www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 47
He shall direct your paths”
(Proverbs 3:5,6).
Accordingly, let us keep our trust on the
Lord and receive a blessed life.
This worldly life is full of problems and there is no
rest or peace. In that state, we should know how
our trust on the Lord should increase and how we
should get filled with the divine peace given by God.
In the Bible, there was a woman called Hannah
who was in agony and in a hopeless state as she had
no child. “For it is God who works in you both to
will and to do for His good pleasure” (Philippians
As double-
2:13). According to this, such divine thoughts filled
minded person,
the heart of Hannah who was a broken vessel. She
if we keep our
trust on the Lord as went to the temple of God, and poured out her heart
well as on human filled with bitter grief at the feet of the Lord, like water
beings it would make us (I Samuel 1:15).
pass through various As she poured out her heart, a divine hope and
problems. peace filled her. About this we read in the Bible that
“he is a double-minded man, unstable ‘Her face was no longer sad’ (I Samuel 1:18).
in all his ways.” (James 1:8). As the Bible says, ‘Your sorrow will be turned
“Commit your way to the LORD, trust into joy’ (John 16:20), through the blessings from
also in Him, and He shall bring it to the Lord, sorrow of Hannah changed and joy
pass” (Psalm 37:5)
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding; TRUST HIM
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and “They cried to You, and were delivered;
48 JESUS CALLS February 2020 - www.jesuscalls.org
They trusted in You, and were not we receive His salvation and a blessed life as
ashamed” (Psalm 22:5). mentioned in Isaiah 12:3, ‘With joy you will draw
water from the wells of salvation.’
When Jews, Esther’s people, faced destruction
because of the wicked man Haman, she fasted and Apart from this, as the Bible says we should also
prayed for three days and nights and eventually she grow in Christ to ‘Grow up in all things into Him
who is the head; Christ’ as we read in Ephesians
and her tribe received a great miracle, deliverance
and joy from the Lord.
To receive this divine life and growth, everyone
Yes, my dear sisters, if you too place your
of us should be filled with the anointing of the Holy
complete trust on the Lord and hold on to His feet
Spirit just as how the Lord Jesus was filled (Acts
unceasingly, you will be miraculously delivered from
10:38) and as how His disciples were filled (Acts
all kinds of evil. 2). We too should plead to the Lord according to
WILL LEAD US IN THE Luke 11:9-10. Then as per His promise, ‘If you then,
DIVINE PATH OF ENJOYING being evil, know how to give good gifts to your
children, how much more will your heavenly Father
“Looking for the blessed hope and
give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him’ (Luke
glorious appearing of our great God and
11:13), He will surely adorn us with the divine life of
Savior Jesus Christ.” (Titus 2:13)
receiving it.
Yes, the Lord will make us, who trust Him com-
Then as it says in I Peter 1:8, He will help us live
pletely and hope in Him, inherit the ‘blessed hope’
a glorious life right in this world, rejoicing with joy
on the last day. Also He will give us the privilege of
inexpressible and full of glory. Christ will dwell in
seeing the glorious appearing of Christ.
you as ‘the hope of glory’ as we see in Colossians
How to receive this divine life? 1:27. You shall rejoice with the hope of glory (Romans
Through the trust that we have in Jesus Christ, 5:2), even in the midst of the tribulations of the world.

www.jesuscalls.org - February 2020 JESUS CALLS 49

1. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall
call His name Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14).
2. But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are a little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall
come forth to Me the One to be Ruler in Israel... (Micah 5:2).
3. For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His
name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).
4. For my eyes have seen Your salvation, Simeon (Luke 2:30).
5. When they heard the king, they departed; and behold, the star which they had seen in the East went before
them, till it came and stood over where the young Child was (Matthew 2:9).
6. ...concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who was born of the seed of David according to the flesh and
declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the Spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the
dead (Romans 1:3,4).
7. There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots (Isaiah 11:1).
8. Then the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will
be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord" (Luke
9. And she (Mary) will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from
their sins” (Matthew 1:21).
10.Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the seed of David and from the town of Bethlehem,
where David was? (John 7:42).

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