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January 2011 – 13

Awards & Funding
Information for Fellows
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Awards/Funding Excellence in Media Award

Deadline: February 1, 2011
4th Annual BoP Short-Essay Competition This award is for a journalist (print, electronic, and/or
Deadline: January 19, 2011 visual) who has in the prior year most effectively captured
The Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell the essence of a major issue in global health and conveyed
University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management is it to a broad audience. The Global Health Council
recognizes the vital role played by the media in informing
pleased to announce its 2010-2011 Base of the Pyramid
the public, as well as decision-makers, and seeks through
(BoP) Short Essay Competition co-sponsored by USAID this award to highlight the important contributions to
and IFC. This competition seeks to highlight the challenges understanding and action made by the winner of the
of implementing business in underserved markets and award. For details, click here.
identify innovative business initiatives or solutions to those
challenges. For details, click here. The Petra Foundation
Deadline: February 11, 2011
This foundation seeks unsung heroes who deserve
Open Society Institute's Justice Initiative
recognition for their distinctive contributions to the human
Deadline: January 24, 2011
The Open Society Institute is accepting applications for the and civil rights, autonomy and dignity of others. While
Justice Initiative Fellows Program at Central European most Petra Fellows work in the United States, if you are
considering a foreign nominee, please contact us before
University. The program offers a two year study and
practical work experience that aims to develop a network submitting the nomination. For details, click here.
of lawyers and activists working on human rights issues.
For details, click here. World Press Freedom Prize 2011
Deadline: February 15, 2011
Fulbright New Century Scholars Program The purpose of the Prize is to honor a person,
Deadline: consult local Fulbright Office organization or institution that has made a notable
Each year approximately 30 outstanding research scholars contribution to the defense and/or promotion of press
and professionals are selected to participate in this freedom anywhere in the world, especially if this involved
program through an open competition. Program details risk. For details, click here.
regarding submission of applications will be provided by
the relevant Fulbright office. For details, click here. 2011 Best Practices in Global Health Award
Deadline: February15, 2011
The Best Practices in Global Health Award is given
annually to celebrate and highlight the efforts of a public

Find the most up to date opportunities for leading social entrepreneurs on the Ashoka Advantage [Live Feed]. 1
January 2011 – 13

health practitioner or organization dedicated to improving Civil Courage Prize

the health of disadvantaged and disenfranchised Deadline: February 15, 2011
populations, and to recognize the programs that effectively Nominations by Ashoka staff are invited. $50,000 is
demonstrate the link between health, poverty and awarded annually to a person who exemplifies resistance
development. For details, click here. to evil at great personal risk. For details, click here.

Global Fund for Children

No deadline for letters of inquiry
Grants go to organizations whose activities work to
address the root causes of problems facing underserved or
persecuted populations of children or youth and to
empower these young people to become positive agents of
change within their communities. Please note that GFC
does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you are interested
in a grant from GFC, please first read carefully about our
grant-making program. For details, click here.

Information for Fellows

The Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs Transnational NGO Leadership program
The Maxwell School at Syracuse University is pleased to announce the inaugural Transnational NGO Leadership Institute.
This specialized "leap" program offers leadership training for up-and-coming international NGO leaders seeking top NGO
positions. Global professionals from all regions, sectors and organizational sizes are invited to attend a cost-effective,
intensive and interdisciplinary program from 15-19 September 2011 in upstate New York. Read more.

India International Energy Summit 2011 January 27-30, 2011

VNIT, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
IIES 2011 will focus on the theme 'Sustainable Energy Development: a time for innovations and integrated planning' and
provide first-hand information and knowledge on recent technology trends, clean energy projects, energy efficiency,
emission reduction policy, climate change, environmental initiatives and renewable energy. Please visit the IIES website.

Networking & Communication Tool Fellows Only

Ashoka Hub Alpha Testing Continues

Ashoka is currently testing Ashoka Hub—a limited-access space designed by and for members of the Ashoka community.
Just send an email to wkristin@ashoka.org to learn about how you can join early. Learn more about Ashoka Hub and watch
a demo video here: http://hub.ashoka.org/blog

Seeking Your Solutions: Sustainable Urban Housing - Collaborating for Livable and Inclusive Cities
Deadline: February 2, 2011
Changemakers, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, is accepting entries in the Sustainable Urban Housing:
Collaborating for Livable and Inclusive Cities competition through February 2, 2010. The top solutions, policies, and ideas
for urban housing will be awarded US $10,000. The most competitive entrants will be showcased and reviewed at an event

Find the most up to date opportunities for leading social entrepreneurs on the Ashoka Advantage [Live Feed]. 2
January 2011 – 13

that closes the competition in June 2011 at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. where they will be viewed
by public and private partners, including prospective funders. For more information, go to

Vote Now: Property Rights: Identity, Dignity & Opportunity for All
Vote from December 8, 2010-January 19, 2011
All are invited to vote for the best innovators that entered the Ashoka’s Changemakers and Omidyar Network's Property
Rights: Identity, Dignity & Opportunity for All competition. Through January 12, 2010, vote for the best worldwide
solutions aimed at strengthening property rights and igniting economic opportunity. The three winners of this competition
will each receive a cash prize of $50,000. To vote or get more information, click go to

Get Ready to Vote: Geotourism Challenge 2010: Places on the Edge

Voting begins January 19, 2011
The Geotourism Challenge 2010: Places on the Edge - Saving Coastal and Freshwater Destinations competition accepted
entries through December 1, 2010. Entrants from across the globe submitted innovative tourism solutions that protect the
environment of coastal, waterway, and island destinations, and strengthen the heritage and livelihoods of local residents.
The competition is hosted by Ashoka’s Changemakers, National Geographic and the Inter-American Development Bank
(IADB). The top three entries will win US $5,000 each.

Through Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) Opportunity 2010, the Inter-American Development Bank and MIF will provide
up to US $5 million of co-financing for competition entries that provide innovative ideas for sustainable destination
management by micro to medium companies in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region.

In addition, muchbetteradventures.com, Fundación Plan21, StepUp Travel, Xola Consulting, Adventure Travel Trade
Association (ATTA), and Matador Network will select their winners from all of the Geotourism Challenge 2010 entrants.

Volunteers, Interns, Partners Fellows Only

Volunteers Interns
Need help with Strategic Planning? Fundraising? Would you like to advertise for an intern on the Ashoka
Translation? Volunteers can help! In-person assistance? Volunteer website? Many capable undergraduate and
Virtual help? Volunteer teams? Let us know what you graduate students are visiting the website looking for a way
need, and we‘ll help you find what you‘re looking for! to get involved and gain experience in their field of study,
Please give specific details regarding your plans for using a especially over the summer. Contact Beth Inabinett for an
volunteer and information about what type of work they‘ll Intern Request Form at binabinett@ashoka.org
be doing, special skills required, time-frame,
accommodations available, etc. Email Beth Inabinett at

Find the most up to date opportunities for leading social entrepreneurs on the Ashoka Advantage [Live Feed]. 3