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Package Cost Worksheet

Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Disclaimer: This spreadsheet is intended only to serve as a budgetary tool for developing
rough pricing. Prices for individual projects will be affected by location, site
conditions and access, and final project specifications. Please consult Kaplan
Thompson for firm pricing.

Instructions: Each green field below contains a "pull down" menu of choices. Place your cursor
on the right hand side of any green field to see and select from the menu. Bottom
line pricing will only appear after you have entered the distance of your site from
Walpole, NH in the red-outlined field at the bottom of this spreadsheet.


Package Description Estimated
Component Price
Select Floor Plan: Standard - studio floor plan Select Floor Plan:
I. General Requirements General Requirement
A. Site Maintenance Not included -
B. Permitting Not included -
C. CDs. Included by Kaplan -
D. Project Management Included 3,978
Subtotal: 3,978

II. Site Construction Site Construction

A. Earth Work Not included -
B. Landscaping Not included -
Subtotal: -

III. Concrete Concrete

A. Foundation Std. plans included, found. by OWNER -
Subtotal: -

IV. Masonry Masonry

A. Misc. Masonry Not applicable -
Subtotal: -

V. Metal Metal
A. Flashing For trellis and light skirt 1,405
B. Misc. Hardware Misc. timberframe hardware and window pans 931
Subtotal: 2,335

VI. Carpentry Carpentry

A. Timberframe Structure Standard - NordicLam 23,284
B. Exterior Wall Panels Standard- High Performance Cellulose, R-33 24,289
C. Roof Panels Standard - XPS 25,520
D. Trellis POC Trellis 3,121
E. Floor System Standard Floor System 4,836
F. Attic Floor System Extended Floor System 2,983
G. Interior Walls included 677
F. Interior Trim Standard WindsorOne 5,220
G. Kitchen Cabinets Not included -
H Bathroom Cabinet Not included -
I. Loft Ladder BWC loft ladder 2,730
J. Exterior Light Skirt POC wood frame only 3,590
I. Built-Ins Not included -
Subtotal: 96,250

VII. Thermal and Moisture Thermal and Moisture

A. Foundation insulation To be provided by OWNER -
B. Roofing IKO 30 year tab shingles, black 5,118
C. Siding Clapboards 14,456
Subtotal: 19,574
VIII. Windows and Doors Windows and Doors
A. Exterior Windows Loewen triple pane, installed 23,107
B. Exterior Doors Loewen triple pane, installed 9,544
D. Exterior Door Hardware Std. bronze included -
C. Interior Doors V-groove pine plank 757
D. Interior Door Hardware Schlage Accents 63
E. Misc. W&D -
Subtotal: 33,472

IX. Finishes Finishes

A. Wall Finishes Standard - sheetrock finish 1,649
B. Ceiling finishes Standard - sheetrock finish 1,625
E. Flooring Eastern white pine, 8"-12" 2,035
Subtotal: 5,309

X. Specialties Specialties
E. Movable Closet Not included -
Subtotal: -

XI. Equipment Equipment

A. Appliances Not included -
Subtotal: -

XII. Furnishings Furnishings

A. Misc. Not included -
Subtotal: -

XIII. Special Construction Special Construction

A. Modules Not applicable -
Subtotal: -

XIV. Conveying Systems Conveying Systems

A. Misc. Not applicable -
Subtotal: -

XV. Mechanical Mechanical

A. Plumbing Rough In Rough in, utility tie in 1,897
B. Water Heater Electric, 40 gallon 865
C. Plumbing Fixtures Not included -
D. Heating/Cooling Not included -
E. Ventilation Lifebreath HRV 4,559
Subtotal: 7,321
XVI. Site Construction -
A. Electrical Rough In 100 amp service panel w/22 breakers 2,287
B. Energy Monitoring five year subscription 1,200
C. Electrical Fixtures By allowance 2,396
Subtotal: 5,883

X. Shipping and Travel Expense

Enter miles below ↓ (# of miles from Walpole, NH)
Shipping and Travel E
# of miles from Walpole, NH: Enter # of miles from Walpole, NH here to show pricing
A. Trucking #VALUE!
B. Room and Board for Crew #VALUE!
C. Travel for Crew #VALUE!

Total Estimate: #VALUE!