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Bateman 1

ENG 101, Fall 2010

Instructor: Cynthia Bateman

Essay Assignment #1: Descriptive Narrative

Following the examples in the Woolf and Walker pieces, your first assignment is
to write a descriptive narrative essay in which you discuss an experience you had with a
non-human animal that caused you to see the animal in a way that was different than you
had before. This essay will be a minimum of two pages in length. While you are not
required to conference with me about this paper prior to turning in your rough draft, I
highly recommend that you do so. The secret to your college success will be learning to
use your resources wisely. I am a resource.

The rough draft of this essay is due in class on Friday, Sept 3rd.
Bateman 2

ENG 101, Fall 2010

Instructor: Cynthia Bateman

Essay Assignment #2: Process

Following the example of Mitford, your assignment for this essay is to describe a
process. While you may choose any process you like, I hope you take this opportunity to
seek out a new experience. Go ask questions and learn something new about the world
around you. Then, write a three page minimum description of your process. This essay
should be written in the form of a story, not a how-to guide (remember Mitford’s use of
storytelling in describing Mr. Jones’s experience of being embalmed). You are required
to conference with me about this essay. We will pick conference times as per the

Things to remember when writing a process essay:

• Be aware of your audience’s knowledge about your topic. Assume you are writing
for an audience that knows nothing about the process you are describing (because
we may not).
• Think about what words or terms need to be defined in order for your audience to
understand your process.
• Consider discussing what tools/equipment is needed in order to complete this
• Keep in mind that you’re explaining this process through the medium of a story,
so be creative.
• In choosing a process to describe, ask yourself, What have I always wanted to
know how to do? Or I wish I knew how _____ works. Have fun with this essay.
Take risks.

The rough draft of this essay is due Friday, Oct 1st.

Bateman 3

ENG 101, Fall 2010

Instructor: Cynthia Bateman

Essay Assignment #3: Persuasive Response

For this assignment, you will write a four page response to the argument
presented in one of the following readings: Nagel’s Death, Singer’s Justifying
Infanticide, or Sagan’s Can We Know The Universe. Your essay should consist of your
own opinion regarding the reading. For instance, if you agree with Singer when he writes
that there may be times when killing an infant is the right thing to do, your essay will
focus on persuading your audience that Singer is correct. Please note- this essay is based
on your personal opinion. As such, you should use your personal experiences and beliefs
as tools of persuasion. Use rhetoric that aims to sway your audience to adopt your point
of view.

Things to consider when writing this persuasive response:

• Make a claim regarding the position you are taking.
• Assume your audience has read the essay you are referencing.
• Include a brief summary of the argument you are supporting or refuting.
• Be prepared to tell me what sort(s) of rhetorical appeal you are using (ethos,
pathos, or logos) when asked.
• It may help to think of yourself as a politician when writing this essay. Your goal
is to persuade your audience to support your campaign.
Bateman 4

ENG 101/Fall 2010

Cynthia Bateman

Essay Assignment #4: Film Analysis

Your assignment for this essay is to write an analysis of some component of the
movie, Wall-e. This paper is to be a minimum of four pages in length. Given the required
length of the paper and the complexity of the movie, you will need to focus your analysis
around one aspect of the movie. For example, you may choose to analyze the role of
technology as portrayed in Wall-e, how the movie portrays a message of over-
consumption (and why that message seems to be targeted at America), the rhetorical use
of music throughout the movie, or an examination of specific words used in the movie.

Assume you are writing for an audience that has not seen the music. As such, you
will need to include a summary of the movie, specifically as that summary pertains to
your main claim. You will need to develop several supporting claims to prove your main
claim. Make sure you provide evidence from your interpretation of the movie for each
supporting claim. Remember, the only thing that separates your argument from your
opinion is the evidence you’re able to gather to support your claims. This essay should be
written from third person objective point of view.

Bring a complete rough draft with you to your scheduled conference the week of
Nov 29th (the week after Thanksgiving break).