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Bible Standard Publication Society, St. Paul's Buildings, 28, Paternoster Row, London.
Geo. A. BROWN, Pastor of Mint Lane Baptist Church, Lincoln.
THE BIBLE STANDARD is devoted to the exposition of Biblical Truth, especially the doctrine of Conditional Immortality, the literal Resurrection of
the Dead, the Final Destruction of the Wicked, the Signs of the Times, the Second Coming of Christ, and His Personal Reign on earth.

" The Wages of Sin is Death; but the gift of God is Eternal Vife through Jesus Christ our Lord."

No. 22. JULY, _1879. Price Id.

THE HOPE OF THE CHURCH. benighted heathen who had no hope of a future for their
" But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them dead. He would say, Let your sorrow be softened and
which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no mingled with a joy that hope bringeth in the gospel, that
hope."-1 These, iv, 19. "the dead in Christ" shall live again. He would point
THE early Christians, those who had not been fully in- them to a glorious resurrection, when all that are in Christ,
structed in the gospel, were as these Thessalonians, some- both the living and the dead, shall be made immortal.
what perplexed concerning the condition of their friends in In this brief and model funeral discourse, which is the
death. They knew but little of the doctrine of the re- only one perhaps the apostle ever delivered, and which was
surrection, from the fact that they had through a misunder- designed for the instruction and comfort of bereaved Christian
standing of the apostle's letters come to believe that they mourners for all time, he embraces some of the most
should" not see death," but live to see the Saviour's return. sublime and important doctrines which the gospel contains,
They were brought into this position under the apostle's and which modern theologians ignore, namely, the sleep of
preaching, which was a saving and happy one, though they the dead, the resurrection, and the literal coming of Christ
mistook him as to the point of time. The apostle, however, in His kingdom.
put them right in his second epistle. Observing their - Let us look for a moment at the subsequent portion of
brethren falling in death, they were sorrow-stricken and his discourse of which our text is but a mere introduction.
mourned bitterly. They wept, as it was customary for the "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so
heathen to lament over their dead. them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him."
The apostle, learning that many of the believers in The apostle here predicates the hope of rising again on the
Thessalonica were mourning bitterly over their. beloved dead death and resurrection of Jesus; and this agrees with his
after the manner of the heathen, hastens at once to write .discourse on the resurrection in 1 C01'. 15. This is similar-
them and offer them a sovereign balm for all their fears. to the one before us in point of doctrine, but mo!e argumen-
He would not have them to dry up their tears entirely, nor tative, showing conclusively that all future hope for the
to be indifferent over the couch of their suffering and dying Church was based alone upon the resurrection of Christ j
ones, and over the bier of their dead, as tears are sacred, and could it be proved that He did not rise, that He was
and the rainbow of hope may be often seen' through the secretly stolen from the tomb of Joseph as there was an
eyes diffused with tears, and sorrow is sanctifying if it be of attempt made by His enemies (Matt. xxviii. 13), then those
a godly sort, and better prepares the heart for the reception who had died in Him had perished. But the great- apostle
of God's Holy Comforter. John xiv. 16. Jesus was" a fully demonstrates by facts and figures, so to speak, that
man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." He was a man " He was delivered for our offences, and raised again for our
of tears also. At the grave of Lazarus it is said, " Jesus justification" unto life. "For this we say unto you by the
wept," hence He is ever present by His blessed Spirit to word of the Lord." It would seem to be an express revela,
sweetly sympathize with His Church who are brought there.
No, the apostle would not reprove the bereaved ones of
tion here that he is about to present as one immediately ,
indited by the Spirit for the occasion, and applicable to all
Tbessalonica for sorrowing over their beloved dead, but he the Churches in Christ. No reasoning of men could possibly
would gently admonish them not to Borrow as those poor have discovered the things he here unfolds. We cannot

.• 1'\ , ,

find any portion of the apostle's writing where he speaks stone, He cries with a loud voice, " Lazarus, come forth."
more assuredly of his being divinely inspired than when And here, as then, only on a larger and grander scale, we
presenting these great truths. He not only speaks of the see the glory of God displayed, His power exhibited; for by
absolute importance of these doctrines, but that we may the magic inspiration of that sovereign word they" come
attach the utmost confidence to them as being truly authentic, forth" and leap from their dusty beds, and, exchanging
coming directly from God. The language is equivalent in their mortal shrouds for the garments of immortality, they
its bearing and force to that of our Lord when He would unite in the resurrection song, "0 death, where is thy
preface His statements with a solemn assertion-" Verily, sting? 0 grave, where is thy victory?" And giving thanks
verily, I say unto you," "that we which are alive, and to God who giveth them the victory through our Lord Jesus
remain unto the coming of the Lord, will not prevent [go Christ, they roam out sweetly into the glorious liberty of the
before, or stand in the way of] them which are asleep. For children of God. These words of mighty import, that con-
the Lord Himself," not a myth, spirit, or substitute in any tain the sovereign balm so full of consolation, so replete with
way, but the very same Jesus-" this same Jesus," as the all that is calculated to soothe the bleeding hearts of the
angels declare, which is taken up from you into heaven, bereaved mourners,-words that tell us of the speedy ap-
shall so come in like manner." Acts i. 10, 11; Rev. i. 7 ; proach of Him who is the resurrection and the life; of His
Matt. xxiv. 30. Then it is " the Lord Himself" that" shall glorious appearing in the clouds of heaven with all the holy
descend from heaven with a shout [the word of command in angels with Him,-words that tell us that at that coming
the order] ,with the voice of the archangel, and with the the trump of God shall sound as with the noise of ten
trump of God." thousand thunders, piercing the very depths of hell (hades),
This trio of voices united will be like the mighty thunders at which sound old hoary-headed death himself will tremble
of heaven's artillery spoken of in the Apocalypse. These and shake with fear, and quickly loosen his hold of the dead
three things combined in their action will prove most in Christ,-words that tell us they come out of their graves,
startling and wonderful in their effects, and would seem, that tell us of their victory over death, hell and the grave,
from what we know of the nature of sound, to be well cal- and a glorious triumph over the enemies of Christ and His
culated to awaken the dead from their deepest sleep. Church, when their tears shall be dried, their sorrows for-
"And the dead in Christ shall rise first." 1 Cor. xv. ever terminate, and the days of Zion's mourning shall be
7, 51, 55. "Then we which are alive and remain ended. "Wherefore comfort one another with these
shall be caught up [or caught away, as the preposition words." - TVI7l. Shepherd.
warrants] with them in the clouds [not unlikely clouds of
angels, which may prove something like a highway for the SIN,-ITS ENTRY, PURPOSE, AND ABOLITION.
ascent and rapture of the saints] ,to meet the Lord in the I. MANY volumes have been written of an erudite nature; much

air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord." Not that the valuable knowledge and research displayed; much logical,
saints will remain ever with the Lord suspended in the air, theological, and psychological learning called into exercise,
but the ever with Him will be in His kingdom, which will wisely, judiciously, and faithfully, in order to prove that
not be aerial or celestial in its form, but terrestrial, and yet there is no such Divine sentence as a sinner's eternal
celestial in character and principle, under the whole heaven, existence in torment.
not above, To the writer's mind, after some publication of his own,
"Wherefore comfort one another with these words;" and considerable research into the writings of others, it
these words which state definitely the condition of the seems as if the question of the eternal destiny of the un-
sainted dead-that "they rest from their labours." Rev. saved might be summed up, not in expatiating on the
xiv. 13. They Test with the apostle who delivered this dis- evidence against everlasting suffering, but in pointing to the
course, as he would console the same Church in another revealed fact of the future abolition of sin and death. If
epistle. "You that are troubled rest with us." You will sin ceases to have existence, no sinner, as such, can live!
rest with us when, or until the Lord Jesus shall be revealed this is perfectly plain.
from heaven. 2 Thess, i. 7. They sleep on in hope" until Without, therefore, the slightest disparagement to the
the heavens be no more." Job xiv. 12. Then Jesus comes to above, I will endeavour to bring this widespread subject
awake them, as He declared to His disciples relative to the within the limits just mentioned, and see if it cannot be
dead Lazarus, "I go that I may awake him out of. sleep."
John xi. 11. Observe," the dead shall hear the voice of the
summarily disposed of by a few indisputable references to
the volume of Divine Jurisprudence.
Son of God, and they that hear shall live." John v. 25. n. "By one man sin came into the world, and death by
He cometh to the grave of His saints, as to the cave of sin." Roni. v. 12. But we also read that Christ" how once
Lazarus, he being a type of Christ's sleeping ones, and in the end of the ages" (aionon, probationary and legal,
bidding His angels as they come with Him to take away the previous to the first Advent) "'hath appeared to PUT AWAY"

(athetesin, abolish, make an end of) "SIN by the sacrifice excrescence without object, on a new earth where" righteous-
of Himself." Heb. ix. 26. Here are the Divine antagonisms, ness " only is said to " dwell? " God forbid I
or respective effects of the appearances of "the first man," " Former things will have passed away!" and with joy
and" the Second Man;" "the first Adam " and" the last unspeakable we listen to the Divine assurance, " BEHOLD!
Adam," representative heads of the old and new creations; I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW!" Rev. xxi, 4, 5.
the last Adam having been fore-ordained previous to the IV. But, further, we can take yet a step of regression, and
first creation, to supersede by redemption and the calling shew that the source and originator 'of sin will have no
into existence of a new creation, the fall and ruin of the old existence when the ages of eternity and the new earth dawn
through sin. We may, therefore, say, that, as "by one on the new creation. In Heb, xi. 4, and 1 John iii. 8, we
man sin entered into the aion," or first age, so by One read that the mighty effects of the death of the Incarnate
Man shall sin be abolished from the future ages. Son of God, will be the destruction (katal'geo, to make,
Ill. Two evils are above recorded, sin and death,or cause to cease, to destroy) of the devil and all his works, i.e., sin
and effect. If we can show that the cause will be absolutely in all its forms. Again, in Re», xx. 10, we are informed
extirpated, the effect must for ever cease. that at the close of the Millennial reign, before the appear-
Scripture nowhere affirms that God either repairs or im- ance of the Great White Throne of final award, the devil
proves aught that has been tainted by sin." ,But the con- will be cast into the lake of fire, and tormented, not for
trary. "THE END OF ALL FLESH" is said to have come eternity, but eis tous aionas ton aionon, until ~ the ages
before the Divine mind when the flood was ordained to of ages, [?] i,e. until their commencement. It must be
sweep away the entire race of men, save eight souls; and so, in order to harmonize with the Scriptures just quoted,
this act was but an exemplification of what shall yet come which" can not be broken." It must be so, because, as
to pass. The Adam nature is not bettered in the believer, before said, when the last act of judgment closes, the present
it is put to death. "The old man is crucified with Christ," earth on which the lake will be, is said to be reduced to its
and buried with Him, in the purposes of God. Rom, vi. original nothingness. He who called everything into ex-
What then of this irreclaimable flesh in the unbeliever? istence out of nothing, can as easily uncreate by the Word
The earth and its atmosphere shall pass away because of Hili mouth.
tainted with sin. When death and the grave-witnesses to V. Herein, let me observe, is displayed the wonderfully
sin-have delivered up their tenants to appear for final practical righteousness of God, i.e., in the manner of the
sentence before the Great White Throne, they are then cast destruction of Satan. He is not arbitrarily dealt with, as a
into the lake of fire,-they surely not to be tormented,-and flagrantly malignant adversary, but judicially condemned
then the present earth on which the fiery lake will be, and as a legal culprit convicted of the murder of the Son of God!
its firmament, will flee away (ephugm, be eternally banished) tHeb. ii. 14), as the following will prove:
from the presence of Him who sits on the throne. See " In Rom, viii, 3, the Sacred Record proclaims that God
Rev. xx. 11 to the end; also 2 Peter iii. 10-12; Heb, i. is the Abolisher of sin, having visited it on the Person of
10-12. This leaves no possibility for the existence of the His own Son on the Cross for its abolition. Sin was there
lake of fire which will be a component part of the earth that judged; or rather, in the light of Heb, ii. 14, Satan WILS
is to " pass away."] judged. See also John xvi. 11. Thus arraigned, and thus
It is further said, that on the new earth that shall be, condemned, shall God be mocked, and the priceless blood of
"No more death, no more sorrow, no more pain." Why His Son be despised by any reversion of the sentence. of
this complete abolition of human woes? There can be but utter extermination? God forbid.-H. Goodwyn, Olevedon,
one answer. "The last enemy" appertaining to the old April 23.
economy" that shall be destroyed is death!" Death being • "The primary and proper meaning of eis is "to," or" until," when
used of time: its secondary meaning, i.e., " for," when used to express
abolished, there must be no more sin! See 1 Cor. xv. 26 ; " for the purpose of," and the like (Parlchw'st iv), See 2 Peter ii. 4,
2 Tim, i. 10. Sin having fulfilled the Divine purpose for iii. 7; GaZ. iii. 23. Our translators were not free from the Platonic idea.
which it was permitted to come into the world, viz., the of an immortality of woe!

manifestation of Gud in love by the work and character of

the Second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ (John iii. 16 ; Hom,
By the desire of the Londoa brethren-and the Christian
v. 8; 1 John iv. 9), shall it be permitted to exist a malevolent courtesy of the Lincoln brethren-the next Conference will
(God willing) be held in Maberley Chapel (Dr. Wm. Leask's),
• Leviticus, chap. xiii., and xiv., 33 to end, afford elaborate and un- Ball's-pond Road, Dalston, London, N., on Tuesday,
questionable evidence of this truth, leprosy being the acknowledged type Wednesday, and Thursday, September 2nd, Brd, and 4th.
of sin. Full particulars will be given in the August number of
t See my Work on "The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ," Bible Standard. Brethren, pray on behalf thereof.-Cyrus
pp. 319, 320, 323--329. E. Brooks.

VENERABLE ERRORS. a fair field. Has it ever been? Certainly not. Have not
Concluded front page 195. the" orthodox" ministers constantly opposed that gospel in
By C. COLEGROVE. which this heresy was found? Has not the strength of
'l'HE false doctrines of soul-immortality and eternal pain, to ministerial and Church influence been arrayed against those
what are they like.rand pow may they be compared? Inter- presumptuous people who dared to teach in dissent from
twined with truth in unnatural and pernicious blending, they soul-immortalism and misery for ever? Let this tremendous
resemble the crooked and astonishingly vital roots of a barrier be removed, and let the whole strength of Christendom
hateful vine, that unhappily gets fastened in our gardens. be concentrated on the simple and pure basis of an
It springs up prolific and green, growing the whole summer, uncorrupted and rightly-interpreted Bible, and then see,
and unless persistently combated, throwing out its rank and then decide. Let the mighty energy of the Holy Spirit flash
oppressive branches, and weighing down the cultivated rows along the lines of a perfectly pure gospel, with the Church
of peas and potatoes. The hoed crops grow indeed, but they aiding and not opposing the truth, and then we can tell. If
yield far less than if they were not thus encumbered. the idea that the world was to be converted before the coming
So precisely with gospel truth, which for so many cen- of Christ, had any foundation in revelation, we should then
turies has been tangled and burdened with the "thou shalt begin to see the work moving forward to a consummation.
not surely die" root, branching out into asserted immortality, Instead of here and there a beam in the wilderness, a
into a kind of self-exultant soulism, into eternal and in- lantern beam in the deep darkness of heathenism, we should
creasing sin and pain, and int the obscuration of the natural see the truth effectual in sword-strokes right and left, and
and pure power and beauty of the resurrection. Or you Satan in such a panic as never before, since Calvary ancl
may find an illustration in the co-existence of decayed with Olivet.
sound teeth: the latter are very useful indeed, but what The arguments and incentives to liberal giving, wielded by
absurdity and wrong to object to the removal of the useless society-ism, would not be so labored, nor the congratulation
and injurious fangs! We pity or criticise the wilfulness or of actual conquest so idly warranted by the real and awful
weakness that obj ects to removal. We say, these vile roots preponderance of satanic tyranny and midnight blackness of
are capable of mischief only; they injure the health, defile ignorance throughout the entire world. Let us have the
the breath, and corrupt the sound teeth. Are not our creeds truth pure, if we will move on to victory, and the purity with
still contaminated with unwholesome suppositions, assump- unity. Root out the first Edenic sin, in its cause, a lie, and
tions, imaginations, and traditions? Many a nervous then we might hope for Eden restored on earth, if such a
sufferer is hysterically averse to any interference with the restoration were a prophesy, and not an hypothesis, before
true cause of constitutional disorder. the return of the blest Redeemer.
So we find in the Church. The kind hand that would as But let us look at the subject a little more closely. Our
gently as possible remove the offending roots, is viewed with corner-stone is truth; truth is safe to believe and teach. Is
dislike and a scrupulous solemnity of dread and resistance. the sinner deterred from repentance by the teaching of his
You touch" immortality of the soul and unending anguish" destruction, if he does not repent? Let us ask rather, if he
with the end of your finger, and there is a shocked and has not been hardened by the long hammering, and dis-
startled look- The appearance of anything like a moral couragsd and paralysed, and inspired with greater enmity to
surgery, or a therapeutic interference to correct the system, God, by the teaching that the punishment of sin is eternal
isdenounced. It is heresy! Then, dear brother, the Bible life in sin, and the true death penalty in the government of
is heretical, revelation heretical. The only teaching of God differs from all precedent or examples on earth-that it
immortality in Scripture is that grand promise of immortal- is eternal dying, and not death: wailing and woe without
ity to eome in the resurrection. end, instead of a life lost through sin, and eternally brought
The fact is, denominationalism binds us hand and foot. to an end? Do we not feel, at least, a suspicion that this
We can not, we will not, concede such a possibility as mis- preaching has in it a terribly hardening element? And if it
education. It cannot be our Church is wrong. It is is simply unt~ue that eternal death is agonized and eternal
impossible they should have mis-understood and mis- lingering in life,-if this is untrue, if it is a vagary, a
expounded these questions. To which we reply, it is not perversion, a theological monstrosity, who would not wish
only possible, but certain, that we have been wrongly taught; speedily to discover and rectify, with honest frankness of
our theological system is defective, and the Church is not zeal, such an error?
orthodox and pure in her system before God to-day. Does the sinner really believe this docjrine of living in a
But to revert to the affirmed encouragement of destruc- furnace of fire for ever, or can he be expected to believe it ?
tion. as the fate of the last sinner, to perseverance in sin Does any Christian actually and heartily believe it ? Can it
and impenitence, we should like to see this question tried on be believed by finite man? Can there be a conception of it?

Who can tell how many have listened, and been lost, who in enormity anything known or conceivable. Death, not
would have repented under the preaching of the truth?' We torment, is the inexorable demand of the law. How truly it
have the right to press home this question, as truly as is the penalty in the government of God, we have not to
orthodoxy the opposite. If now and then a hearer has guess, or merely to assume. It is written in ink; it is
comforted himself in his sins with the thought that his declared in the language of, inspiration; it is asserted and
punishment was to be less than he had before conceived, reiterated in the book of heavenly and Divine truth. If
who can tell what millions have revolted with a more wilful death, as a penalty of sin, will not alarm and deter the
wickedness under the impression that God was a Creator whose sinner, are you sure that a fear of protracted torment will
penalties for insubordination and sin were an accumulation of serve a better purpose? In fact, while the one seems just
horrors endless and ever increasing, which no mensuration of and credible, is not the other secretly thought unjust and
figures could ever express! incredible? Is it not believed to be untrue? Orif the
Change the question, and ask if the darkening and motion toward repentance and eternal life is made, alas; how
defacing of truth on this subject has not done infinite great reason have we to fear lest the error put into the
mischief; if it has not driven millions into a deeper un- gospel, and not inherent in it, works mischief in impairing,
belief; if it has not filled their minds with utterly wrong enfeebling, and even corrupting, those internal motions
ideas of the character of God; if it has not wrought wherein consist the true beginning of a new Christicu life,
confusion, infidelity, and ruin; if it has not made the gospel, and the mental elements of the reconstruction.
in a large degree, impotent or inefficient, when it otherwise Or take another illustration, and I think of none, on the
would have powerfully prevailed? We submit, this is a whole, more apt and impressive that I could select. Suppose
question fully as pertinent as the other, and far more so, the penalty of some heinous offence, instead of being pro-
because error can produce only evil, unless it is specially tracted torture, were this :-The culprit shall be put bound,
overruled. sitting in a boat, in the middle "of Niagara river, at the
Why are so many professed Christians hesitating, worldly, mouth of Lake Erie, and his punishment shall be to float
and apparently.not more than half converted? Who knows how with the current for twenty miles, without the hope or
much of their lethargy is due to this leaven of false doctrine, possibility of relief or rescue, and to plunge through the
which was dealt out to them in the critical time of their first rapids, over the precipice, into the gulf! Let any man once
awakening? Who, indeed, shall set bounds to the desolating thoroughly realize the horror unspeakable of such a fate,
effect of one falsehood lying enclosed in a bundle of truth? and ask himself if it would not be an adequate punishment
How difficult is it to use a vessel for holding some delicious for the most flagrant transgression of civil law .. Conceive
beverage, which has one leak! Who knows how many a the agony of the voyage. Compass, whoever can, in his
Christian life has been halting, and miserably developed, for mind, the harrowing experience of that one comparatively
the very reason that this terrible mystery of eternal suffering short ride, ended in being borne headlong down into the
has lain like a worm at the heart, or has hung like a mist "hell of waters" below, never more to rise, never to live or
before the eye, perverting or distorting all right ideas of the breathe, or think a thought on earth again! Now must we
true character of the Divine Being? Do not deny such a have superadded to this, the mad invention of an "etermi.l
possibility in a vast number of instances, even though you burning," or rather,-to keep to the illustration,-of an
have not suffered in this way. Your mind has not been so eternal drowning, an eternal pitching over precipices into
troubled, perhaps, but many others have, and if they should chasms, endless rides over endless rapids, and endless
speak honestly, would frankly acknowledge it. And if plunges over interminable steeps? Must God punish with
Christian growth has been retarded and embarrassed by such all His might, or punish with endless drownings, or un-
an incubus of wrong teaching, God only knows how many quenchable burnings, to satisfy justice ?-punish with a
have failed of everlasting life through the same means. retribution never finished, and with a justice never satisfied,
For illustration, suppose that instead of capital punish- because the retribution is not finished and can not be finished
ment, or in other words, the loss of life, for a heinous crime, on account of the vital and inextinguishable element of
it were decreed by legislative enactment that the criminal immortality in the sinner ?-punish in such a way as to
should be placed on his back, and slowly tortured by lighted preserve the sinner, keeping him alive in his sins and in his
candles burning at his feet, and continually kept feeding and woe? punish so that the sin and pain shall for ever be
flaming in the extremities for days and weeks, if life should increasing ?-punish so that in the lapse of ages one. single
not fail, and with an express provision that every possible moment of suffering will be greater in intensity than has
means should be used to prolong life. Would any religious been endured by all the fallen race of man together, since
sentiment tolerate such a statute, or its enforcement? If it .the world was made? Such is the inevitable eventuality,
were possible, surely it must be a case of crime surpassing according to the alleged law of eternal increase. And even

then, the real bulk of woe to be endured has not been memory a defence, or excuse for it, which I read, for the
reaehed, but the most withering and crushing agonies of any first time, thirty years ago. It occurred in" A Gospel
present, in all eternity, are only the faint shadow of what Catechism for Children," by the Rev. James Morison," The
is to come, question is asked :-" Why is it that the unholy must abide
To such inconceivableness do we advance, from a. wrong in the devil's hell forever and ever?" The answer given
beginning; and such are the distractions of false doctrine. is :-" The unholy must abide in the devil's hell forever and
No wonder the daughter of Rufus Choate was said, some ever, and never be released, because without shedding of
years since, to have become deranged, after listening to a blood there is no remission of sins; and for the sins which
discourse on "Hell." If such an awful punishment as the they commit after they leave the earth, Christ never did and
hopeless voyage down Niagara, with its denouement of death never will die."
in the tremendous plunge,-if this would not deter a By " the devil's hell" the author means" the everlasting
criminal, I apprehend nothing would. fire" to which the finally impenitent, along with the devil
The punishment of sin is fearful enough indeed, but let and his angels, are to be consigned after judgment.. He
us not exaggerate it above the truth. We have no right to assumes that the ungodly shall exist for ever in these
add to God's words. It is no man's prerogative to guess a quenchless flames; that, instead of being consumed by the
penalty, or invent one. If it is done, in spite of the solemn fiery element, they shall, while eternity continues, be
admonition of inspiration itself, then we must safely fear preserved alive amid the most fearful horrors and intense
that it is but an added proof of that depravity of the human pain, for ever tossing on the angry waves of "shoreless
heart, which, like the restless sea, throws up mire and dirt. woe."
Let us remember and avoid the justification of 11.11 applica- When one reflects that the lapse of ten thousand centuries
tion of a proverb to every invention of lies, to every acerbity does not mitigate or shorten these sufferings, he is apt to
of untruth, even though, with a supposed religious feeling, compare their' endless character with the comparatively
" an ungodly man diggeth up evil." Let us live the truth, short duration of the rebellion of which they are the
and gain it, and try the errors and detect them, and try the recompense, and to wonder at the apparent injustice, or
spirits and expose them. If we are under bondage to declare it to be utterly at variance with the just and
tradition, the sooner we break the fetters the better; if we merciful character of the God and Father of our Lord
have believed a wrong or a false teaching, because we have Jesus Christ.
been wrongly taught, let us not be slow to search and To meet such an objection the language just quoted has
forsake it. been framed. It is substantially this: The lost are not to
• suffer for ever in the future life for the sins they commit in
ATTEMPTS TO JUSTIFY THE DOCTRINE OF the present life, but because that, while undergoing the
ETERNAL MISERY. punishment due to sin here, the ungodly continue in sin there,
EVERT one who has read with attention the report of the where there is no forgiveness and every sin requiring to be
proceedings of the U. P .. Synod in the .Macra« case must punished, the condemned go on sinning and suffering
have been struck with the indignant denial the" reverend for ever and evermore! The everlasting punishment of the
fathers and brethren" gave to Mr. Macrae's charge against condemned is not for sins committed on earth, but for sins
the Westminster Confession, in regard to its utterances on done in hell !
the doom of lost sinners. The language of that Confession, Where in all the world did the reverend gentleman get
they say, is not to be taken literally. It speaks of the this information? We know not where to find it in the
wicked being tormented iu fire and brimstone, body and soul, Bible, 'and that is the only source of information available
to all eternity, but literal fire is not meant; and, though to men, learned or unlearned. With all our esteem for ths
the word tormented is used-separation from the presence of learning and worthily-earned honours of Dr. Morison,
God-isolation of the sinner with his sin, is what is meant. nothing less than the affirmation of Scripture can gain our
Being immortal, the sinner lives on for ever, and the fact .credence to such a statement.
that he is a sinner, and unforgiven, keeps him miserable for But not only do the Scriptures fail to support the deliver-
ever. The representations of the Confession doctrine given ance, they plainly contradict it. For (1) the only punishment
by Mr. Macrae, Dr. Andrew 'I'hompson declared to be little threatened, in the Bible, to the ungodly, in the future life is
better than a course caricature, although these represent- for" the deeds done in the body;" because of their conduct
ations were quotations of the words of the Confession, and in this life they are to be punished with "everlasting
of some of the men who compiled it. destruction" after judgment. (2) The Bible represents
These recent attempts to justify the doctrine of never-
ending misery as the doom of the unsaved, recalled to my

the everlasting punishment to be inflicted on the finally Believing, as we believe, that the immortalizaticn of
impenitent in such terms as these: "death," "destruction," sinners misrepresents and traduces the character of our
"everlasting destruction," a being "burned up" like chaff Father in heaven, Mr. Macrae did well to claim for himself
and decayed vine-branches, "utterly perishing, like brute and others "the right to stand up and vindicate the
beasts in their own corruption," being "consumed" and character of his heavenly Father, leaving the church to turn
vanishing "into smoke like the fat of lambs"-terms which us out for this if it will."
necessarily preclude the idea of eternal preservation. A minister, who was an active preacher of Life in Christ,
The deliverance in question is but one of many vain was once remonstrated with by a well-meaning friend of his
attempts to make the dogma of eternal misery appear thus: "Why should you raise hostility against yourself by
somewhat compatible with reason and justice. Pressed preaching that unpopular doctrine and making continual
with the idea that an eternity of suffering is out of all onslaughts on the orthodox view." His reply wail: "If you
proportion as a punishment for the sins men commit during heard your father's character misrepresented would you be
a lifetime, seldom extending beyond eighty years; that it silent?" The appeal was effective. That was the proper
appears something like cruelty and injustice to inflict way to regard the matter, and if Christians were as zealous
unending suffering on such a frail being as man, surrounded for the good name of their Father in heaven as they are for
as he is from his birth with powerful and too well adapted their own, or that of their earthly father, they would appear
temptations to evil-they have endeavoured to render their worthier followers of Him Who, in obedience to His Father's
theory somewhat fea~ible by affirming that the ungodly will will, laid down His life for the life of the world.
be kept in "the devil's hell for ever," not for iniquities done "OUR FATHER WHO ART Il{ HEAVEN, HALLOWED Bll THY

here, but for sins committed in hell. N.lJlll:. "

And yet, after all, the plea utterly fails, yea, rather makes W. Laing.
the case more conflicting with those ideas of the justice and
goodness of God, so plainly expressed in Holy Scripture.
WHEN paradise shall be re-established, then the hills shall
For, be it observed, this continual persistence in sin by the
laugh in their beauty, and the valleys sing the Redeemer's
condemned is a necessary part of the penal infliction for sins
praise; then the "wilderness shall be glad," and the
done on earth; that is, the sinner is judicially sent, for
" desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose j " then the
trespasses committed in time, to a place of torment, where
whole earth shall be robed in garments of unfading loveli-
all saving influences are denied him; where, thus shut out
ness, and become one broad highway of holiness, one great
from all hope, and continually surrounded with other beings
paradise with no spot on all its wide extent to send up the
as wicked, or more so than himself, he must remain as vile
wail. of sorrow; then" the throne of God and the Lamb
as ever, nay, from the necessities of his nature, become
shall be in it," and the redeemed shall see His face, and His
progressively more corrupt, and thus his everlasting suffering
name shall be in their foreheads; then" the ransomed of
and everlasting sinning is arranged for by Him who
the Lord" shall" come to Zion with songs and everlasting
"delighteth in mercy" and is "of purer eyes than to look
joy;" then will all the Divine promises be fulfilled; then
on sin."
,will faith and hope be swallowed up in the full fruition of
Well and wisely did Mr. David Macrae reply to the question
paradisaic glory. The brightening streams that gild the
of the U. P. Synod's Commission-" Is it reconcilable with the
eastern horizon tells us that the long dark night of waiting
character of God to permit a human being to continue for ever in
is almost over. Church of the living God! Take warning.
a state of active sin! "Permission," said Mr. Macrae, is not
" Behold I come quickly."
the word for life. If such beings exist for ever it is because
God keeps them in existence. And it is, in my view, •
irreconcilable with the character of God that He should keep EVERY THING BUT THE BIBLE.
human beings alive for ever in a state of conscious active IT is related of Napoleon that when Marshal Duroc an
sin, if that state is the horrible one described in our avowed infidel, was once telling a very improbable story
giving his opinion that it was true, the Emperor remarked;
Standards as the state of the lost.: It is also irreconcilable, " There are some men who are capable of believing every-
in my view, with the revealed purpose of God, and therefore thing but the Bible." This remark finds abundant illustra-
with his character, that such beings should even be permitted tions in every age. There are men all about us at the
present day who say they cannot believe the Bible but their
to continue in a state of what the committee call" active capacities for believing everything that opposes' the Bible
conscious sin for ever." are enormous. The most fanciful speculations that bear
Yes, if the doctrine in question was true, the immortali- against God's Word pass with them for demonstrated facts.
The greediness with which they devour the most far-fetched
zation of sinners and sinning would be the result of the st?~ies, the, flimsiest arguments~ if they only appear to
Divine-fiat, for sinners cannot exist longer than God wills. militate against the word of God, IS a:;;tonishing.-SBl •


THEREare more expeetants of the second coming than most THE LATEIT HERETIC.
imagine. The expectants are also more in number, and of
" THIS I confess, that 1I>fterthe way which they call heresy,
more importance, authority and - significance than our
so worship I the God of my fathers." Thus spoke Saul,
educated men seem ever to have dreamed. Please observe. the Apostolic Heretic; and thus might speak Mr. Macrae,
These expectants comprehend" the whole creation," the of Gourock, the latest martyr to the bigotry of sectarianism.
heirs of the new creation, and" the Lord of all" Himself ! The committee appointed to sit on Mr. Macrae's ease, have
determined to recommend his suspension as a minister of
This may surprise those who have never directed their
the Presbyterian Church.
attention to this point of truth; and those who have seen it,
Our space permits only a few brief extracts, 11>8 we dealt
in a general way, may be profited by having it repeated in It
fully with its previous features in our last number.
connected statement.
QUESTION 1.-Do the unsaved Ixi,t for Iver in the future
1. "The whole creation groaneth "-" the earnest ex- slate .?

psctation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the ANSWER.-" (1) The Standards declare explicitly that the
sons of God." It is now subject to vanity, though in hope; unsaved in a future state do exist, and exist un saved for
because the creature itself shall be delivered. Rom, viii. ever. (2) The Bible nowhere declares this. It speaks of
Hl-22. Here we have the individual creature, and the everlasting life for the saved; nowhere of everlasting
sum of all creature-hood, "travailing together" in hope of existence for the unsaved. It says :-" He that believeth
the world-wide deliverance which the gospel of God discloses. on the Son hath life; he that believeth not shall not see
life.' See also John vi., 49-51. (3) Though multitudes
2. Israel and the Christian church-God's chosen people
of people, and even many ministers, in referring to the
of both dispensations-are expecting (waiting for) what was
unsaved, speak of their "immortal" and "never-dying"
assured to them in the covenant and oath of God to
souls, such language is nowhere found in Scripture. It is a
Abraham. Luke i. 69-73. Nay, more; they are in" earnest
case of traditional views, taking the place of, and being mis-
expectation" of all that the" exceeding great and precious
taken for, the Divine Word. The words translated " soul"
promises" have confirmed a thousand times by prophets,
and" spirit" occur nearly 500 times in the New Testament,
apostles, and the great Teacher, the Messiah I " The
and more than 1,000 times in the Old Testament; but never
burden of the Word of the Lord" is the " rest that remainetli
once, as far as I know, is any adjective connected with the
to the people of God,"-relief from the curse, in the great
words to express inherent immortality. Never once, as far
Sabbath of creation, under the presence and abounding
as I know, in all these 1,1100 Scripture texts, is man's soul
blessing of the Lord. -
or spirit described as "immortal," " deathless," or " never-
~. The third expectant is J eSU8. ThE:)wonder and crown dying." The word "immortal" is only used in the Bible
of all expectation centres in the ascended Saviour. " After once, and is then applied to God-" Now to the King
He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on immortal." The word" immortality" occurs four or five
the right hand of God; from henceforth [from that time times, but is applied exclusively to God and to those who
on] expecting till His enemies be made His footstool." In share in the divine nature. The same teaching runs from
this crowning wonder of all expectation, all language, all end to end of Scripture. "The wages of sin is death, but
thought reaches its utmost height. Nothing remains to give the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our
emphasis and superlative importance to our attitude of ex- Lord." The contrary doctrine was first taught by the
pectation of the coming crisis and the better day. For the , devil, who, when God said of the sinner, " Thou shalt die,"
Lord Christ Himself is the ultimate expectant. Hence the said" Thou shalt not." I said before, and I say again, that
creature's expectation is elevated by that of the whole it is conceivable, without shocking one's views of God, that
Christian church-those truly called to be the body of He might keep lost souls in existence in some state for ever ..
Christ! Nay, more; the blessed hope of the called, and the I said that a living body, killed and cremated, might be said
chosen, and the faithful, is but the counterpart and cor- in a sense still to exist, and if souls are capable of a similar
relative of that which is revealed from within the veil. destruction without annihilation, it would not shock one's
Jesus, from His ascension, has been" expecting till His foes conceptions of the divine character that they should so
are made His footstool" at His coming and kingdom. continue to exist. But I said, and say again, that I consider
What honour, what safety, or moral exaltation of position it more reconcilable with the revealed character and purpose
can transcend ours in such lofty association with "the of God that they should not so exist, while I repeat again
whole creation" and that of creation's Lord !-J. B. Cook. that the idea of their existing everlastingly, not in this

state, but in the state of unspeakable agony of soul and body ever the result to Mr. Macrae, God will be glorified by such
described in the Standards, is to my mind absolutely in- testimony; and truth advanced.
credible and revolting. This, however, is a digression. RELIGIOUSINTOLERANCE.
My answer to the committee's first question is that the Even the" London City Mission," an avowedly unsectarian
everlasting existence of the unsaved in the future world is . organisation, is not free from the intolerance of party sects
not a Scriptural doctrine, and I do not hold it." Such we gather from the generally-reliable pages of th~
QUESTION2.-Do the unsaved exist for eVlr in ths future Chrietian WOTld. Two members of the Committee, who have
world in a state of conscious, active sin? long occupied their position, with advantage to the Society
ANSWER.-" This idea I hold to be not only unscriptural and credit to themselves, have been placed in the painful
but anti-scriptural. I bind and seek to bind no one else, position of doing an unmanly thing, or of withdrawing from
but believing, as I do, in the Almighty power and sovereignty the Society; and they have chosen the latter alternative.
of God-believing, as I do, that the fountain of life is with The chairman desired to catechise them on their creed con-
Him, and that no creature, whether man or devil, can con- cerning the future of the wicked-the eternal suffering
tinue his rebellion and maintain his antagonism against God thereof-and they very properly refused to submit thereto.
longer than God permits-believing this, I look to the Bible Thus, as the chairman refused to remain, if they sat at the
to see if it is God's purpose that this wicked rebellion against board, they resigned. Oh, charity and liberty! where art
His most holy will should go on for ever. And while I find thou fled?
much that is unrevealed in Scripture, and many passages
that are full of difficulty, I find some clear light on this In common with other religious bodies Free Methodism
continues to feel the force of an advancing tide. At the last
question. I find it written that Christ has come to " destroy
Committee sitting, three young ministers failed to qualify,
the works of the devil," and I understand sin to be the
because not sound on the Eternal Torment Theory.
devil's work. I find it written that Christ has come indeed to
destroy the devil himself, for it is said (Heb. ix. 14) that" He REV. C. H. SPURGEON'SLATEST.
took our flesh and blood through death, to destroy him that GLADLY has London welcomed back its popular - and
had the power of death, that is the devil." I find it written deservedly so-minister. But, with renewed health, Mr.
that God is going to "make an end of sins" (Dan. ix. 24). Spurgeon has not received light yet upon that pressingly
I find that God, in reference to sin, is a consuming fire, important subject, The future of the wicked. Notwith-
sooner or later overcoming and making an end of everything standing the utter silence of the Scriptures on the "Natural
that violates His righteous and wise law, either in the Immortality of Man," he takes an early occasion of renew-
material, moral, or spiritual universe. I find it written that ing his public testimony to the truth of that terrible lie ,
the chaff will be burned up with fire unquenchable-Matt. .with which Satan deceived the :first pair, and cursed our
iii. 12). I find it written that the last enemy that shall be earth and race-" Ye shall not surely die." At Mr. Phillips'
destroyed is death-(l COT. xv. 15-26)-that the day is supper Mr. Spurgeon said: "They were asked to give up
coming when there will be no more death and no more the immortality of the whole race, and they would not do it.
curse-(Rev. xxi. 4, and xxii. B)-that death and hell, the They would not degrade man to the level of beasts. It was
very instruments of punitive justice, are to be themselves an awful doctrine, but they would not reject it because it wa
cast into the lake of fire. I find it written that the time is awful." We find, however, that the Scriptures degrade man
coming when there is to be a "restitution of all things." I belou: the level of beasts. In his utter finiteness he is all
find it written that Christ shall reign till all things are sub- a grasshopper before God; and is compared to grass in hili
dued under Him-that" the end shall not come till all things utter nothingness. We agree, however, with Mr. Spurgeon
are put under his feet"- (1 COl·. xv. 24-28). I find it that we are not to give up the doctrine simply because it is
written that it pleased the Father, having made peace by auful, provided it be true. We ask him, and others, how-
the blood of the Cross, by Christ to reconcile all things to ever, to reject it, because it is FALSEas well as AWFUL. It is
Himself, whether they be in earth or heaven. I find it painful to us to see a man of such standing and worth
written that in the dispensation of the fullness of time God lending his aid to inflate human pride and prop a deadly
will gather in one all things in Christ, both which are in delusion. A delusion, too, which gives to the firlilt Adam
the glory :which belongs to the second only, even the Lord
heaven and earth and under the earth; and that at the name
J~sus Christ .. " Who only hath Immortality," and who will
of Jesus every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that gwe-not has,gwen--eternallife; but, to such only, as believe.
Jesus Christ is Lord of all to the glory of the Father." We set Go~ s Holy Word above Mr. Spurgeon's dictum,
Here, we must stay our hand, referring our readers, for a and deny WIth .all the vehemence of our being, that man is
Im;nortal; seemg .that such teaching is both false and awful.
full report, to the GlasgolVHerald of May 2Brd. We rejoice "'Ihe soul. that sinneth it shall die." "The wages of sin
in these noble outspoken utterances of a true man. What- is death." '

NOTES FOR THE CHURCHES. have Buffered all these things, and entered into His glory,
LONDON,HOLBORN.-Owing to the loss of their place of and that this Jesus, whom he preached unto them, is Christ.
meeting-which was required for other purposes- the His magazine, Nathaniel, read by many a Jew and Gentile,
meeting here has been broken up. Every effort was made exalted Jesus of Nazareth as the world's Redeemer, while it
by the brethren to secure another place, but in vain. Our explained many Hebrew customs and obscure texts of Scrip-
loving God will, however, bring good out of this seeming ture. His associate missionaries can testify to his Christian
evil. zeal, faith, and patience under all the assaults of opponents,
CHELTENHAM.-Bro. Henry B. Murray, of London, has false friends, and the infirmities of age.
commenced his active duties here as eo-pastor with Cyrus E. Among his spiritual children are several Hebrew preachers
Brooks. On June 8th and 9th most encouraging services of 'fhe Gospel. One of these is Bishop Thereskensky, of
and meetings were held. On the latter day about 50 gathered the American Protestant Episcopal Mission in China, and
to tea, a number much increased at the after meeting. translator of the Bible.
Addresses were given by Bros. C. E. Brooks and G. Mackay Mr. Lederer believed the end of the dispensation to be
(the latter of Manchester), and a lecture by Bro, H. B. nigh at hand.
Murray, on" The Coming King; His kingdom and subjects." [The above is from the Prophetic Neus ; we could not for-
It was a most happy and helpful meeting. Our young bear inserting it in the Standard, for we wished to add a few
brother received and made a good impression, and gives words to the testimony relative to our dear brother who now
promise of much usefulness. sleeps in Jesus. He fell asleep in New York City on
STRATFORD, LONDON,E.-After a fortnight's addresses on Feb. 25th, 1879. He was a firm believer in Conditional
" The Life and the Hope," by Bros. W. Kellaway and H. B. Immortality, and for many years he loved to converse upon
Murray, the anniversary was held on June 4th, Bros. R. J. this theme in connection with the glorious appearing of the
Hammond (Chairman), W. Kellaway (Pastor), Lieut.-Col. Son of God to raise the dead who sleep in Him to a resur-
rection of immortality ana eternal glory. We well remem-
Armstrong, Wardlaw Scott, C. E. Brooks, and H. B. Murray
ber the last interview we had with the dear old saint.-Ed.]
assisted thereat. A most successful evening was spent,
which must have greatly cheered and strengthened our CORRESPONDENTS.
Bro. Kellaway and his little flock. In the report, the oft-
repeated kindness of Sister Mrs. BIyth, met its deserved THE TRANSFIGURATION.
commendation. To the Editor of The Bible Standard.
BRADFORD.-The evening service has been changed into a I shall be obliged if you will kindly insert, in your next issue,
Gospel service, with great blessing resulting. The meeting the Iollowing few remarks on the paper on the above subject, which
appeared in your April number. The word horama does not necessarily
for believers is now held in the morning.-Secretary. mean a vision in the sense of an unreal light, but its strict primary
signification ili ••a sight," ••that which is seen." It is employed in LieU
DEATH OF MR. GIDEON R. LEDERER. vii, 31: "When Moses saw it, he wondered at the light,"-referring to
MR. LEDEREUwas a Hebrew, born in Pesth, Hungary, in the flame in the burning bush. In Luke xxiv. 23, a kindred word
optasion. is used to express what is translated as the ••vision" of angels
1804. His father was a Rabbi, and educated his son for the which the women saw after Christ's resurrection, where clearly a real
same position. After some experience as a Rabbi, the son sight is referred to.
A careful perusal of the accounts in the three gospels of the trans-
became disgusted with the Mishna and the Talmud, he
figuration, leaves the clear impression on my mind that the whole of the
resigned his position and engaged in business. At length transactions recorded there was real. Christ was metamorphosed (see
he was led to accept the crucified Jesus as Israel's glorious Greek) in presence of the three disciples. In Luke ix, 30, we read,
" Behold, there talked with Him two men, which were Moses and Elias:
King, and confessed Him publicly as his personal Saviour. Who appeared in glory, &c." Peter's own reference to this event, in
A Scotch missionary society employed the young Hebrew as 2 Peter i. 16-18, is as of a real transaction; the glory and the voice are
a missionary to the Jews in Hungary, and he travelled the spoken of ail real, and the fact of his own and his fellow-disciples having
been ••eye-witnesses of Christ's majesty," is cited as a convincing proof
country as a lay preacher and distributor of Bibles until that they had" not followed cunningly. devised fables."
about 1853, when the influence of the Jesuits arrested his Elias, we know, was translated without dying. And I would submit
work, and he removed with his family to London, and soon that there seems to me, from Jude ix, when coupled with the mysterious
record in Deut, xxxiv, 6, that God buried Moses, considerable grounds for
afterwards to the United States of America. supposing that he, so like to Elias in his career, was granted the privilege
In the employ of' the New York City Mission, his work of a resuscitated and glorious existence, after submitting to the humiliation
wall chiefly among his own people. His hearty sympathy of death. The appearance of these holy men on the mount might,
therefore, well be real.
with them and devotion to their welfare won their respect Commeuding these thoughts to the candid consideration of your
and confidence, and they opened to him their houses, and readers,
I am, yours faithfully,
in many cases their hearts, as he taught them out of Moses
and the prophets; showing them that Christ must needs Birmingham, 4th May, 1879.

.A.nnuley Gl'ove, Nottingham, LIVIIRPOOL-Club Moor Hall, Townsend Lane. Sundays, Preaching
June 2nd, 1879. Service at 10-45 and 6-30. Mutual Improvement Society, Monday
To the Editor of The Bible Standard. 8. Prayer Meeting, Thursday 7-30. Applications to W. H.
Miller, at 11, Belmont Road.
LIVERPOOL-9, Clayton Square. In connection with "the Association
In this month's Standard some of your readers mey be misled
for the Dissemination of the Truth of Life and Immortality through
by statements on page 198. It is there said: "the end here spoken of Christ alone; " a Weekly Meeting on Friday at 7 -so.
(Matt. xxiv, 14.) is the end of the world,"-it should be, "end of the
LONDON, N-MaberJey Chapel. Ball's Pond Road, Dalston. Minister,
age." Same page, Rev. xvi. 5-7. should be xiv. 6-7, in reference to Rev. Dr. Wm. Leask, Editor of The Rainbow. Sundays, Services
which the writer says, •• the fiying of thi ~ angel preacher marks the at 11 and 6-30. Thursday, Service at 7-30.
rapidity with which the gospel is to be spread, and identifies it beyond Loxnox-e-Clapbam, Gauden Road Gospel Hall (opposite Clapham Road
dispute with our own day." Now here is evidently a mistake; doubtless Station). Lord's Day morning at 11 o'clock, for Worship and
that period will be during the interval betweeu the translation of the Breaking of Bread according to the Scriptures. All Ohristians
Church and our Lord taking to Himself His great power and reign. The welcome.
place it occupies in the Book as wellas the announcement, show it to be LONDON (North West)-St. John's Rooms, Lisson Grove. Sunday.
one of the" things which must be hereafter" (Rev. i. 9.). and that it will Worship at 11; Preaching at 7. Tuesday, Bible Reading at 7.
All Christians welcome. Address letters, "R. J. Hammond, 62,
be during the manifestation of Antichrist; it connects the thought with
Maida Vale, London, W."
Rev. x, 6, "there shall be time no longer," correct reading is, "delay
LONDON, E- Union Chapel, Victoria Park Road, South Hackney.
(as to the judgment) shall be no longer."
Minister, Mr. N. Starkey. Services:-Sundays at 10-45, 3-0, and
The gospel of God's grace being still refused, and Antichrist .6-30. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8-0.
worshipped, judgment is announced and speedily executed. On the Tuesday (Temperance) 6-30 and 8-0. Come and welcome.
other hand, in these days, God is exercising forbearance and long- NESTON, CRESHIRF.-Neston Gospel Hall. J. J. Grylls, Minister.
suffering (2 Peter iii. 9). A parallel instance is given in 1 Peter iii. 20. Services-Sunday at 10-30 and 6-30. Wednesday 7 o'clock.
Yours respectfully, N.B.-To make this guide really nseful, we need the insertion therein
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[HITHERTO, it has been common for those holding" Conditional Immor-
tality," to bave to hear and support a ministry of which tbey eould not
approve, and the teachings of which were utterly repngnant
or, to come ont and bear tbe cross of isolation.
to them;
Yea, in some cases,
even when there has been in the Mme neighbourhood others, holding the OF THE
truth; or, banded together to declare it. We wish to prevent this in
future, and have therefore designed this Guide. By its help, brethren BIBLE STANDARD PUBLICATION SOCIETY,
can see at a glance where to find suitable fellowship, and enjoy a suitable
ministry. Seeing tbat our aim is to make tbe circulation of the ST. PAUL'S BUILDINGS, 28, PATERNOSTER ROW,
Standard (as our Association organ), co-extensive with those holding our
common faith, to enable us to direct such to suitable fellowship, we
need tbe co-operation of our fellow-believers, and particulars of every All orders of Is. upwards post free by return; or may be had of any
place in the United Kingdom where such fellowship and teaching may Bookseller.
be obtained. See foot-note.J
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(Late Prebendary of Cork, Ireland).
COTTINGLEY,YORKsHIRE.....:.Tuesday evenings at 7, at Mr. Lot Moore's,
CHELTENHAM-Christian Assembly, St. George's Place. Cyrus E. MENT. 5th Edition, 340 pp. An elaborate argument touching
Brooks and H. B. Morray, Ministers. On Sundays, Service with the Punishment of the U nsaved. It is particularly fine in its
Sermon at 11 and 6-30; Bible Class at 3. On Thursdays, Lecture philological chapters respecting the meaning of the Greek words
at 7-45. used by the inspired writers to indicate the doom of the lost.
EDINRURGH-98, South Bridge. A Church of baptised believers, looking Price 3s. 6d.
for eternal life and the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ at His HADES: or, The Intermediate State of Man. Crowu
coming, meets here every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m, 8vo. Price 3s. 6d. This work presents the Bible doctrine of the
GRAVESEND, KENT-Public Hall, New Road. Biblical Discussion Class state of man between death and the resurrection.
each Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Free and open to all. A RESTITUTION OF ALL ·THINGS-The all things spoken
cordial invitation given. of by the mouths of the Holy Prophets who have been since the
HALIFAX, YORKSHIRE-At 101, Northgate (North Bridge Post Office). world began. Price 8d.
Meeting for Worship and Breaking of Bread, at 6-30, each Sunday
evening. Bible Class at 8 each Thursday evening.
HULL-Christians' Meeting Room, Protestant Hall. Room No. 6, NATURE OF MAN: Is he Mortal or Immortal? Notes
Up-stairs. 1st day, Sunday, 11 a.m., Breaking Bread; 6-30 p.m., and Queries. Thoughts on the Soul, &c. Price Is.
Reading or Preaching. Thursday evening, 7-30, Reading Meeting, SPIRITUALISM UNVEILED, and shown to be the Work
at 79, Hessle Road. of Demons : with an examinations of its Origin, Morals, Doctrine's,
LINCOLN-Mint Lane. Geo. A. Brown, Minister. Sunday, Service at 10-30 and Politics. Thrillingly interesting. Second Edition. Price 6d.
and 6. Monday, Prayer Meeting at 7. Wednesday, Preaching at 7. It is a production of grea.t force j in the editor's outspoken manner."-Herald oJ
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