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Steve Haase's Email Marketing Resources

Source Name Purpose Notes
Email Testing Apps
Send a test of your broadcast prior If issues are found keep the
to sending to see if there are any window, open make the
Mail-Tester issues. recommended adjustments
and refresh to see the
ISnotSPAM Works similar to Mail-Tester
App shows you which Gmail tab
Which Gmail Tab
your email will go to
Another email testing app. Very Free for just a couple of tests
through then paid after trial
DMARC and Other Settings Tests & Guides
A wizard to guide you to get your
DMARC Guide settings including DMARC correctly
Checks your email sending domain
to ensure your SPF, DKIM and
DMARC settings are correct.

Domain & IP Reputation Monitoring

Monitor the sending reputation of The leading authority on IP
Sender Score your sending domain and IP. and domain reputation
Another top notch domain and IP
reputation monitoring app
Another good reputation
Watch Guard
monitoring app
Misc. Resources
Feedback loops or FBLs is a system Register your information
by which an Internet Service and you may be able to
Provider provides the sender a inbox these various email
copy of the message that one of service providers.
ISP Feedback Loops their subscribers has reported as
spam — usually by hitting a “report
spam” button in that ISP’s mail

The defacto standard of all around Free for most tasks but if
email testing tools on the market. you need more features they
MX Toolbox
have paid plans as well.

Nice suite of testing tools including

blacklist checker
Excellent article on warming up Provided by SendGrid
IP Warm up
your sending IP.

This cheatsheet was

created by Steve Haase.
It is a living document
and will be maintained
ongoing as things change
and new resources come
to lite.