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Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd.


TEPO-AUTO Product Catalogue


Company Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------P.2

TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash System Introduction---------------------P.3

Main TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Parts Introduction------------------------------P.4-8

TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Optional Equipment Introduction-----------------P.9-10

Commercial Terms-------------------------------------------------------------------P.11

TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Equipment List-------------------------------------------P.12

TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Specification Data---------------------------------------P.13

TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Layout Drawing-------------------------------------------P.14

Autobase Wash System Co., Ltd.

AUTOBASE Car Washing Equipment , aims to keep the highest world quality and make
the top brand of the car washing industry, to lead the industry to develop in a healthy way.

AUTOBASE has the independent autonomous intellectual property rights, the ability of
the highest extremity technical studying and exploitation, the unmatched techniques, the
developing ideas of considering all for customers and exploiting all kinds of automatic car

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

washing machines which fit for all the areas of the world.

Autobase, a vehicle wash equipment brand with a long history of dozens of years and
a prosperous future, is developing most rapidly among the automatic vehicle wash
industry in the world.

For AUTOBAS, full automatic computer car washer, our company purchases the most
advanced and stable component parts. All its electric control parts, electric machinery,
pneumatic parts, air control parts and sensors are originally imported from Germany, Italy
and other countries. Its mechanical drive parts and main frame are processed with filter,
hot dip galvanizing and spray and baking paint, to prevent corrosion to the maximum.
Only in this way can guarantee stability, entire look and service life of the AUTOBAS
computer car washer.

Autobase is the main brand of Autobase Wash System Co., Ltd and is also the image
brand of it. It is the advertised industrial image of the company and represents the
development trend of Autobase. The vivid image also exhibits the ambitious objective of
the company.

TEPO-AUTO is the T-series products as well as the principle products that Autobase
are launching towards the world. It represents the most specialized products of Autobase
among the vehicle wash industries.

TEPO-AUTO wash systems are also the most salable and widely applied products of
Autobase, which are designed and manufactured as high-end products to meet the
demands of the public, and have a wide variety of products. The credit and influence of
TEPO-AUTO series products are obvious to all.

Main products: Reciprocating Car Washer, Tunnel Car Washer, Brushless High-
pressure Car Washer, Drench Cleaning Line Special for Auto Production Line, Bus
Washer, Professional Engineering Mechanical Cleaner, Train Washer, Sewage Circulation
Purification Equipment and so on.

TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash:

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

●This model is swing arm design with advantages such

as small space occupation, small investment, quick

cleaning speed, and streamline cleaning principle, etc.

and is recognized,promoted and used by many small-

scale car washes.

●You can win profit easily even though you use the shortest conveying belt; furthermore, you can

increase cleaning capacity without limit with your advantageous cleaning brush. The same design of

components guarantees easiness and variety of services. Each brushing station is designed with self-

sufficient framework. You can select the quantity and sequence of side and top brushes and add and

install the quantity of subassemblies necessary to be connected and used without limit. The autarkic

controller can even help you to connect and use the subassemblies manufactured by other


●Powerful high-pressure cleaning: the side nozzle and top profile-modeling nozzle installed on the top

can remove inflexible blot. The high-pressure injection can clean the parts difficult to clean more

effectively, which owes to the design of water supply system of 4KW water pump and 90bar/170-


●The years of experiences pool into the present development,

which guarantees the best program function and brings high-

efficiency performance and best cleaning effect.

1. TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Main Function:

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

System Automatic Testing Function, Automatic Inducing Water-Spraying Function,

Automatic Profile-Modeling Washing Car Function, Automatic Spraying Detergent

Function, Automatic Washing Chassis Function, Automatic Washing Car Hub

Function, Automatic Spraying Glass Wax Function, Automatic Profile-Modeling

Drying System.

2. Tunnel Car washer Washing Flowchart:

The vehicle drives to guide systems →high pressure water spray →hairdressing foam

insufflation →front small brush cleaning→ front big brush、roof brush、back big brush rinse

→back small brush cleaning→ Advanced polishing wax spray →powerful air-dry systems

3. Main Equipment Character:

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

Steel-house Main Frame:

Framework and crossbeam adopts 1mm-10mm thickness of Cold Rolled

armor plate and the face is processed by galvanization, baking paint,

Drenching, sand blasting, coating and so many antirust treatments and

the lifetime is about 20 years.

Roof Brush System:

1. Roof Brush automatic move receiving the signal from computer

system and monitor and adjust the brushing pressure according to

contacting pressure between brush and car body.

2. When it keep the car washing effect, at the same time it can keep

the car washing safety. If there is any problems on operation work, the conveyer belt stop

automatically, keeping washing car safety.

3. Roof Brush can move according to car model when washing and the washing speed of Roof Brush

can be adjusted according to requirements.

Vertical Brush System:

1. Vertical Brush System includes 4 sets of big vertical brushes and 4 sets of

small vertical brushes. They are controlled by Pneumatic Control System and

can wash cars according car shape and then adjust brush moving rail to get the

better washing effect and keep the car safety.

2. Vertical brushes can move with car moving, increasing washing time and keep the better washing

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO


3. 4 sets of big brushes rotary on clockwise and anti clockwise direction, without sand and not hurting

car paint in washing process.

4. The contact pressure of 2.5 KGF ensures the safety and comfort washing cars. It can wash cars

with a height less than 2.2meters, width less then 2.25meters and length less than 5.6 meters.


1. It adopts Germany brush, with advantages of long lifetime, without hurting car

paint, high washing effect and so on. The lifetime can wash four hundreds thousand

of cars.

2.the face of brush is plane, keeping the balance pressure between brush and body. Brush can get

better effect.

3. Brush Driving Device can get IP55 protection grade, keeping pressure 2.5 KGF with advantages of

work stability and no noise and so on.

Conveyor Belt

1. The widened galvanized conveyer guarantees the demand of high

flow at the carwash yard. This kind of conveyers can hold tire with a

maximum diameter of 34 cm.

2. Unique proprietary technology, strict anti-corrosive treatment,

complicacy of running assure car washing system stability.

3. it is controlled by computer system and can adjust the speed of conveying according to


Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

Console Board

1. all TEPO-AUTO car washer models are equipped with France

Schneider mechanical system, whose provides the powerful satefy

control. This system have advantages such as simple operation,

clear, and easy maintenance.

2. Customers can control the cleaning, waxing, drying, brushes process by each controlling button

keeping easy operation, safety and such advantages.

Computer System

1. as the head of whole system, it adopts Germany Siemens PLC and

ensure the reliability.

2. It adopts single switch -single control principle and it doesn’t effect the

whole system operation when one parts have problems.

3.It have test-self function and test washing system, motor, gas pressure,

water-spraying, wax-spraying, air drying system and so on equipments. It can Identify the car model

and wash cars automatically.

Air Drying System

the roof twyer of TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash adopts

the separation design, separating the twyer from the fan.it

enhance the security of car washing system.

Air Drying System is made of four high pressure turbine air dryers, with the flow of 350 liter per

minute, the power is 4 kw and noise of less than 70 decibel.

Air Drying effect can get 85%.

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

Safety Protection system:

1. Car washing system has creepage protection device

2. Car washing system has guiding front-wheel driving before conveyer


3. Car Washing System has the urgency stop switch.

4. Car washing system have anti-hitting device in exit of car washing system.

5. Car Washing System have Alarm sign and notice.

Computer counting function

The computer of car washing system can show the car washing quantity and total quantity in order to

count management.

Chassis Wash System:

TEPO-AUTO chassis washing device can clear the dirt adhere to the underneath of the car. It is

supplied by independent pump system and work under the control of the computer system, with a

working pressure as 2.5 KGF and flow as 2 cubic meters/hour

Rotary high pressure water spraying system

The rotary high pressure water spraying system are made of stainless steel and has advantage of

free maintenance, work stability, noiseless, its water-spraying pipe and water nozzle are made of

stainless steel. Rotor and Sealing are made of aluminum magnesium alloy and copper magnesium


Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

TEPO-AUTO -Sewage Water Recovery Equipment:

◆This product uses the most advanced biologic film separation technology
in the world. It is unnecessary to add other chemical treatment substances

during sewage disposal. This system uses complete physical separation

technology and has the advantages such as long service life, no any

wastage, and clear treating water quality, etc. and is recognized and used

according to the highest requirements in car washing industry.

◆It combines the characteristics of cost effectiveness and novelty and even uses no flocculating agent

during water circulation through filtering, which can form ideal treatment effect. Auto wash is an

important breakthrough of water treatment system whose novel system fills up the blank that physical

water circulation uses no chemical additive completely. The process water completely complying with

the car cleaning requirements can be obtained by using the system. Any dirt particle in the dirty water

can be filtered and removed effectively so that the cleaning water can be recycled completely. The pure

biologic water treatment system is based on Bio film process and is the best method recognized for

treating car cleaning system.

4. Commercial Terms:

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

name quantity Price (USD) Note

Steel-house main frame 1 set 11764

Rotary high pressure water spray 1 set 5882

Detergent spray device 1 set 3412

Long vertical brush washing system 4 sets 7823

Short vertical brush washing system 4 sets 6352

Horizontal brush washing system 1 sets 5352

Horizontal Wheel Short Brush 2 sets 5120

Liquid wax spray device 1 set 3412

Air dry system 1 set 6294

Chassis washing device 1 set 2210

Feeding water pump 1 set 5294

Steel conveyor walking track 1 set 3882 Length 14 meters

Computer control system 1 set 5352

Pneumatic control system 1 set 3882

Steel column cable support 1 set 5411

Swage Water circulating treatment 1 set 8088

Total Price USD 89,530.00

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

( 一 ) Terms of Delivery: After the down payment entering account, we deliver goods within 45

working days。

(二)Payment Method:T/T

After both sides make a contract, the buyer paid 30% as down payment. The seller started

production. Production finished, seller immediately notifies the buyer. The buyer paid the 70%

balance, the seller immediately makes consignment.

(三)Warranty Period: Signed for goods from the date of computation, warranty is one year under

the use of normal operations, lifelong maintenance.(This service is for paid service. But round

trip air tickets, board and lodging fee must be borne by customers).

(四)Period of Validity: This quotation term of validity is three months.

(五)We are the FOB port of Tianjin, China, delivery goods.

3. TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Specification Data:

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO


( L ) ×(W) × ( H )

CAPACI TY 550×225×210 cm







WASH SPEED 40-60 Pieces/Hour






Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

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① Console Board ② Structure Frame ③ Conveyor Walking Track ④ Short Vertical Brush System ⑤ Infrared Electric Eye Device

⑥ High Pressure Water and Detergent Spraying System ⑦ Long Vertical Brush System ⑧ Top Brush System ⑨ Air Drying System

⑩ Shop Roof

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Autobase Wash Systems<Beijing>co.,Ltd. TEPO-AUTO

Tunnel Car Wash System TEPO-AUTO-TP-901 Model Sample:

Tunnel Car Washing Shop

Tunnel Car Wash System Structure

Tunnel Car Wash System Appearance

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