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J dates and Initiatives as of 5 October 2012 : b3 -1

• (U/~24 September 2012- Meeting with AUSAI ~nd DOJ attomevl Iat NYO b6 -1. 2
b7C -1, 2
Chelsea. At the request oJC::::JAUSAI ~ill explore potential charges fori I
b7E -6
including providing material support to the 9/11 hijackers as well as lesser crimes, which investigators
could present at a future interview with I I
iTT< .\1.
~VI • h I 0 Sent ember 20 J7 1 lhas assisted l coat Conenha~·en in nrovidino information td I b1 -1

II"\ I
I Legat Copenhagen
I b3 -1
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advised on 10 September 2012 thatl I Upon resolution ofthe claim b7D -3
and its likely rejectio~ ~ill coordinate with SDNYI I b7E -6, 7

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b6 -1 DOJ
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• b3 -1
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along·with additionalpeople ofinterestt n 17 September 2012, b7E -6
proffered in Tampa, Florida. During the pro er, c oed previous statement hL..e"~"h-a"Td_m_a....de, denying

r. . .
an···y·····kn·······o···w···...I.ed..g.... o...f... t.h· · e· · h· ·..~i.a.ckers'
eemed oterrorist
timisticaffiliation and providing no additional details of use to anticipate
ing. c:::::::Jnvestigators
future proffer sessions wit nthe ational security issues. During the
week of28 September 2012, time. There was no National Security
related information disclose
• ()Q In August 2012c=Jsent a lead to JTTF Los Angeles seeking confirmation of two possible current b6 -1
addresses fo~ Individual who was known to have extremist views, and was b7C -1
identified as having met with Omara! Bayoumi in private on the same day as Bayoumi's alleged "chance" b7E -1
first meeting with 9/11 hijackers Nawafal Hazmi and Kh~ Mihdhar. FBI Los Angeles confirmed
I ~urrent residence. I Iplanning to approachl__jfor an interview ofhis role aiding Bayourrti
in facilitating the hija~rrival and settlement in California, for whic~as never provided ....--.....
adequate explanation. L__jwill conduct the interview with a GJS, should it be necessary to serve o~
to obtain a statement. L---...J

• (U!~ bn individual who, similarly td tacilitated b6 -1

the day-to-day life of 9/11 hijackers Hazmj and Oihdhar during their time in San Diego, has been identified b7C -1 .I
by FBI San Diego rs living i~ !is reported to be very concerned about his presence on u.s. b7E -5, 6
no-fly lists. in conjunction with the San Diego office, will address seeking an interview o~ I
• (f51~ In June, 2012, NYO investigators, along with AUSAI land HQ analysts, traveled to b6 -2
on, UK, to exp Imt
. ev1'd ence seize . N ew Scot1--......................
. d.ill 2001 In and Yard's search es ofO mara I Bayoum1., s b7C -2
residences and officesJ b7D -3
b7E -6
ls undertaking the translation of these documents to
determine relevancv.l I b1 -1
I b3 -1
.:I .I
_n_ b7E -5

b7D -3

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{S) • b3 -1
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······ b7C -1
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\S) Details on MohdarAbdullah and his connectio.J I b3 -1
(8) t I b1 -1
b3 -1
I 19/11 hijackers Nawafal-Hazmi and Khalid

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al-MihdharJ I b1 -1
b3 -1
land currentlvl I The immediate goal of b7E -2, 5
b6 -1
b7C -1

fU) (~) Mohdar played a key role facilitating the daily lives and assisting future Flight 77
hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. Shortly after February 4, 2000, al-Bayoumi
tasked M~hdar to assist al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar.l I b6 -1
I f Anwar Aulaqi and they may spent time together with the hijackers. After September b7C -1
11, 2001 Mohdar was investigated by the FBI for assisting the hijackers. On September 19,
2001 he was arrested by FBI San Diego on charges of immigration fraud for his claim ofbeing a
Somali asylee (Mohdar is Yemeni). Mohdar pled guilty to the immigration charges and was
. deported to Yemen in 2004.

(U) While Mohdar was detained in an immigration facility he bragged to two fellow
inmates that he assisted the hijackers. The FBI and the SDNY have debriefed these individuals.
Both are cooperative, but there is some prosecutorial concern about their value as witnesses.
b7D -4
, .I

I In a January, 2012 meeting with FBI NYO,

p. ne l' n1 nas a1so prov1aea

IW..,.Jlth.--re...,~lr-le-va-n-:-t-d,...le-ro_g_a-:-to_r_y_,i,....n"'fo_rm_a-:-tl.,.....o_n_o_n....,M:::-r-o'h'd'ar_v_i.,....a_a....,D;:::-;:;ID~O::-,-=-'including details of
Mohdar's false U.S. asylum claim.

(U) Recent investigation revealed strong indications that nrior to Sentember 11 2001
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(U)I b6 -1
I b7C -1

Synopsis o~ b1 -1
b3 -1

-~~...-.....-.....-.....-....-.....-.....-.....-.....-.....-....-.....-.....-........,)is an investigation into individuals known to have provided b1 -1

substantial assistance to 9/1 I hiJaykers NaurafaLHazmr· and Khalid al-Mihdhar during their time b3 -1
in California, prior to the attacks.l . main subjects include Fahad al-Thumairy,

SFf,Rli 1//0K@Olt/;1 fQ}S(tR N

P. 3
s:ec~'/@fi'Ei !ISJI/NOFO@"

OmaruAhffiedual~Bayoumi;f ~hese subjects provided (or drrected others to b1 -1
b3 -1
provide) the hijackers with assistance in daily activities, including procuring living g~arters;~
financial·assistance,··and·assistance··in·obtaining·flight··lessons·and·driver's··licenses;l _
lu~ ~~~ ~~~~ u~eeks to prove these subjects provided such assistance with the knowledgL.e-t....h_a.,..t"""'ar---...1
Hazmi and al-Mihdhar were here to commit an act of terrorism.
($:?lbi(llahad al-Thumairy was the Imam at the King Fahad Mosque near Los Angeles,
California when al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar first arrived in the United States. Al-Thumairy
immediately assigned an individual to take care of them during their time in the Los Angeles

0(~ Omar al-Bayoumi was living in San Diego on a student visa, despite not
attending classes, and receiving a salary from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for job duties he
never performed. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, the two hijackers had an allegedly
accidental meeting with al-Bayoumi, who claims to have been in Los Angeles on personal
business. At this meeting, al-Bayoumi advised the hijackers to relocate to San Diego, which they
did. Once in San Diego, al-Bayoumi assisted the hijackers with a place to live, opening a bank
account, and also assigned two individuals to care for them, one of whom was Mohdar Abdullah.
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