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Volume 1, Number 1   http://www.ExhibitionPoultry.net  October 2010

The West Texas Fair  An Interview With P. Allen  ‘Ask The Judge’, The First
& Rodeo - Abilene, TX Smith on the Goals of the Article in a Series.
September 11, 2010 Heritage Poultry Conservancy.
 Upcoming Shows, Show
SHOW RESULTS  Lot of 10 Live Poultry Bring Results and more.
The West Texas Fair & Rodeo in
$4,300 at Sothebys, New York.
Abilene, Texas held it’s poultry show on
Saturday, September 11th, 2010. We
had Steve Jones from Poetry, Texas
doing a fine job of judging the birds.
There were a total of 309 birds in the
show. There were 226 bantams, 57 stan-
dards and 26 waterfowl. The competi-
tion was hot and so was the weather at
95 degrees on Saturday.
We had some really good quality birds
in the show. We had exhibitors from San
Antonio and Beaumont to the South, to
as far as Amarillo and Littlefield to the
North, and Fort Worth, Dallas, Paris, and
in between, to the East. We had sev-
eral new exhibitors on hand this year
along with the usual ones. There were
29 exhibitors for the show.
The cash awards were really nice,
being $100 for Super Grand Champion
of the show, $50 for Champion Bantam
and Standard, $30 for Reserve Cham-
pion Bantam and Standard, $25.00 for
Best Bantam and Standard Classes; $15
for Reserve Bantam and Standard
Classes; and $35 For Champion Water-
fowl and $25 for Reserve Champion Wa-
terfowl making a total of $840 in premium
pay outs for the show.
We also had Castlebury Plaques for
the seven Champion Bantam classes
donated by Glen and Debbie Crocker of
San Antonio, Texas; plaques for Cham-
pion and Reserve English were donated
by Jerry Wiley of Gardendale, Texas, and
plaques fo r Champion Asiatic and
Champion A.O.S.B. were sponsored by
Tim and Sue W orcester of Amarillo,
Birchen Modern Game Pullet - Photo by Bobby Castlebury
. . . . continued on page 2

Champion AOCCL, White Crested Black

Polish bantam pullet, shown by Glen Croker.
Reserve Grand Champion Large Fowl,
Photo By Chad Spence.
Black Cochin hen shown by Tim
Worcester. Photo By Chad Spence.
Champion English - Black Australorp,
Ch. Modern Birchen Pullet Sean Young; Reserve Champion En-
Thanks for a GREAT SHOW! Class Champions glish - none.
Large Fowl Champion Mediterranean - Brown
Bobby and Aileen Castlebury Champion American - Rhode Island Leghorn, Sean Young; Reserve Medi-
903-785-0206 - Brookston, TX Red cock, Cooper Kegley; Reserve terranean - Brown Leghorn, Sean Young.
Champion American - Rhode Island Champion Continental - WC Black
Castlebury Plaques Red, Cooper Kegley. Polish Black, Showtime Poultry ; Re-
http://www.castlebury.net Champion Asiatic - Black Cochin, Tim serve Champion Continental - Wheaten
Worcester; Reserve Champion Asiatic Marans, Silvergate Farms.
- Black Cochin, Tim Worcester. Champion AOSB - Black Sumatra,

Texas . Thanks for all the donated

plaques for the show. A list of the win-
ners will follow this article. Everyone had
a good time and really enjoyed them-
selves. I wan to thank everyone who
helped make this show a huge success,
from the exhibitors to the people who
helped set up and tear down the coops.
The West Texas Fair & Rodeo gave
the cash awards except for $100 for
Super Grand Champion of the show. It
was sponsored by Jackson Brothers
Feed & Seed Company of Abilene,
Texas, the Purina feed store.
The 2011 show will be held on Satur-
day, September 10th, 2011 at the Taylor
County Expo Center. Remember, the
show has gone online. Go to http://
www.taylorcountyexpocenter.com for the
catalog and/or entry forms for the show.
The telephone number for the office is
(325) 677-4376.
I want to give a special thank you to
C. W. and Edna Carey for helping me
with the show. Everyone please come
back next year to the Fair Show in
Abilene, Texas.
Thanks Everyone!
David Bell,
Poultry Superintendent,
(325) 893-5925 David Bell and Edna Carey hard at work running the show in Abilene, Texas on September11th.
Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 2  October 2010
Champion Featherleg - Light Brahma pullet,
Champion Bantam Duck, East Indie hen,
Grand Champion Large Fowl - White Crested shown by Spence/Williams. Photo by Chad
shown by Noah Ziesman. Photo By Chad
Black Polish pullet shown by Showtime Poultry. Spence.
Photo by Chad Spence.
Champion Ducks
Showtime Poultry; Reserve Champion Grand Champion Bantam Duck - East
AOSB - Silver Phoenix, Tim Worcester. Indie hen, Noah Ziesman; Reserve
Grand Champion Large Fowl - White Grand Champion Bantam Duck - Grey
Crested Black Polish pullet shown by Call hen, Noah Ziesman
Showtime Poultry. Reserve Grand
Champion Large Fowl - Black Cochin Champion Geese
hen shown by Tim Worcester. Grand Champion Goose, Sebastopol
Old Goose, Silvergate Farms. Reserve
Champions Grand Champion Goose, Sebastopol
Bantams Old Goose, Silvergate Farms.
Champion Modern Game - Birchen
pullet, Bobby and Aileen Castlebury; Show Grand Champions
Reserve Champion Modern Game - Show Champion - Black Breasted Grand Champion Goose, Sebastopol Old
Birchen pulle t, Bobby a nd Ailee n Red Old English Game cock shown by Goose, shown by Silvergate Farms. Photo by
Castlebury. Marvin Cagle. Chad Spence.
Champion Old English - BB Red cock, Reserve Show Champion - Birchen
Marvin Cagle; Reserve Champion Old Modern Game pullet shown by Bobby
English - White hen by Marvin Cagle. and Aileen Castlebury. END

Champion SCCL - White Plymouth

Rock cockerel, Tim Worcester; Reserve
Champion SCCL - Silver Phoenix cock, Permian Basin Fair & Champion Featherlegged, Lori Carey,
Tim Worcester. Expo Buff Bra hma Co ck; Re se rv e
Champion RCCL - Quail Belgian Fe at he rlegged, Je rry W iley, Buff
d’Anvers, Showtime Poultry; Reserve September 18, 2010 Brahma Hen
Champion RCCL - Golden Sebright, Tim Odessa, Texas Champion Bantam, Lori Carey,
Worcester. White Wyandotte Cock; Reserve Ban-
Champion AOCCL - White Crested A total of 118 bantams and 6 large fowl tam, Doug Connally, Quail Belgium
Black Polish pullet, Glen Croker; Re- were judged by Monty Fitzgerald. D’Anver Hen
s erve Cha mpio n AOCCL - W hit e Champion Large Fowl, Jerry Wiley,
Class Champions - Bantam
Crested Black Polish pullet, Glen Croker. Black Australorp Pullet; Reserve Large
Champion Modern Game, Kelvin
Champion Featherleg - Light Brahma Fowl, Black Australorp Cockrel
Jackson, Birchen Pullet; Reserve Mod-
pullet, Spence/W i lliams; Res erve
ern, Lori Carey, Lemon Blue Pullet SHOW GRAND CHAMPION
Champion Featherleg - Buff Brahma
Champion Old English, Kelvin Jack- Lori Carey, White Wyandotte Bantam
cockerel, Lindenborn Family.
son, Black Hen; Reserve Old English Cock. END
Grand Champion Bantam - BB Red
Tee Pee Poultry, Birchen Hen
OEG cock shown by Marvin Cagle.
Champion RCCL, Lori Carey, White
Reserve Grand Champion Bantam -
Wyandotte Cock; Reserve RCCL, Doug Deadline for show results,
Birchen pullet shown by Bobby and
Connally, Quail Belgium D’Anver advertisements, and articles for
Aileen Castlebury.
Champion AOCCL, Lori Carey, Dark the November 2010 issue is
Co rnis h He n; Res erve AOCCL , October 24th.
Doug Connally, White Cornish Cockrel
Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 3  October 2010
P. Allen Smith To Bring The Heritage Poultry Conservancy
Some Special Friends to An Interview with P. Allen Smith
Sotheby's in September
By Ann Charles
09.02.2010 – Honks, quacks, gobbles
The press release to the left may give Devonshire, “The evolution of an inter-
and clucks may not be the normal back-
you a clue as to the personality and in- est in plants starts with the flower”.
ground sounds at New York’s prestigious
terests of the person I had been granted Those chicks were Smith’s ‘flowers’ and
Sotheby’s Auctions. But that will all change
a phone interview with early on Thurs- they began and nurtured an interest in
on Sept. 23 when author, television host and
day morning, September 23rd. The in- poultry that has evolved into what is now
garden and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith
terview took place while Smith was in Moss Mountain Farm, situated about 30
brings a collection of his Heritage Poultry
New York participating in “The Art of miles outside Little Rock, Arkansas. But
to the inaugural Tri-State Heirloom Veg-
Farming” benefit at Sothebys. his interest in poultry is not really sur-
etable auction, The Art of Farming.
Proceeds from the auction (and from prising since he can trace a continuous
Jamie Niven, chairman of Sotheby’s
the cocktail party and gala that followed line of farmers in his family back to the
North America, will lead a live auction of
both nights) benefited Gro wNYC’s year 1685 in Virginia.
heirloom vegetables from more than 40 lo-
Farmer Development Project, which Anyone who has seen a copy of the
cal farmers from the tri-state area. And,
helps immigrants establish local farms, 2010 APA National Catalog knows that
hailing from the hills of Arkansas will be
as well as the Sylvia Center at Katchkie Heritage Poultry Conservancy will have
Smith, poultry in tow.
Farm, which teaches children about a big presence at this year’s National
“I’ve been a poultry enthusiast since I
healthy eating and farming. Show in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The Heri-
was 10 years old,” Smith said. “Today, be-
The ‘poultry in tow’, as it turned out, tage Poultry Conservancy, a nonprofit
cause of my passion for heritage farm ani-
were not the live variety (logistics ended group, is donating close to $5000 in
mals, I support the Heritage Poultry Con-
up making this impractical) but they were added prize money to displays of birds
servancy, which is dedicated to preserva-
well represented at Sothebys through you can ‘eat’ namely, turkeys, ducks,
tion and support of all threatened birds and
video and pictures during the auction. geese, and large fowl chickens. Part of
strains of domestic poultry. Our effort to
The HPC donated lot of poultry consisted the total is $450 allocated to Junior
increase the numbers of heritage poultry fits
of a pair each of Blue Slate Turkeys, and Showmanship prize money in the form
hand-in-glove with the heirloom vegetable
Dewlap Toulouse Geese, plus a trio each of Brian Anselmo Memorial Awards*.
movement.” This first-of-its-kind event will
of Barre d Plymouth Roc ks , and Smith also believes that supporting the
celebrate edible heirlooms and the art in-
Aylesbury Ducks. The 10 birds were sold Juniors through both 4-H and the FFA
volved in their creation.
on Friday night, September 24th, as a are excellent ways to also promote heri-
Included in Smith's auction items will be
group and the high bid was a very re- tage poultry.
several examples of Heritage Poultry, in-
spectable $4300. The Heritage Poultry Conservancy
cluding chickens, geese, ducks and Blue
I had seen Smith’s gardening show was founded by P. Allen Smith in 2009,
Slate turkeys.
on TV many times. I particularly remem- His supporters in this effort were Danny
“To me, poultry is the ideal type of live-
ber one on Goldenrods (one of my fa- Williamson and Frank Reese of Good
stock for homesteads of any size – even if
vorite Fall wildflowers) and his debunk- Shepherd Turkey Ranch. He says that
it’s just a backyard," Smith said. "I’m look-
ing of the long held belief that they HPC has created a support system of
ing forward to the excitement these birds
caused allergy problems. But I was generous donors but needs more to
will bring to the Sotheby’s event.”
having a hard time putting together this grow. There is much he wants to do but
soft-spoken TV gardener with the per- the funding level does not yet support it.
son who had just recently begun inject- When asked if the HPC plans to con-
ing so much prize money into our Arkan- tinue the premium donations at the
sas State Fair shows and most recently Crossroads show in 2011 he stated that
the 2010 APA National Show at Shaw- it would depend on whether the dona-
nee in December. But apparently, he has tions to HPC are there to warrant it.
a lifelong history with poultry and it has When asked why the awards at Shaw-
always held an equal place with his love nee were allocated only to the large fowl,
of gardening. Smith replied that the genetics of ban-
Allen Smith says that as a 10 year-old tam breeds are not in as dire need of
he had bought a new Sears 100-egg in- preservation. According to Smith the
cubator and hatched chicks in his bed- prize money at Shawnee has a definite
room, much to his mother’s chagrin. He purpose.
set eggs constantly, hatching a medley “The prize money is structured to sup-
Reclining Eggplant, an orginal watercolor by P. of bantam and large fowl breeds and port displays, which represent a true
Allen Smith which was auctioned at Sothebys,
learning from them along the way. On heritage poultry breeding program. And
New York on September 23rd as part of “The Art
Of Farming” benefit. Well over $250,000 was the subject of those first chicks, he he literally means display as defined by
raised the first night alone. quot ed Andr ew, t he 11t h Duke of the APA standard of perfection. For large
Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 4  October 2010
fowl chicken breeds that means 1 cock, ences set backs, he lost around 20
1 hen, 1 cockerel, 1 pullet and three ad- young Aylesbury ducklings to a raccoon
ditional birds (minimum), all of the same raid in the Spring. To round out his wa-
breed and variety. For turkeys, geese, terfowl he also raises Dewlap Toulouse
and ducks, four birds must make up the Geese and Sebastapol geese.
display, consisting of a young and old pair You may be better able to understand
of a single breed and variety. his overall plan if you realize that what
Allen Smith has definite ideas of the P. Allen Smith raises, never leaves the
ideal breeding populations that these dis- farm. They are eaten. Smith regularly
plays should represent and he puts his hosts lunch and dinner groups, recep-
ideas into practice at his 650+ acre farm. tions, etc. at his Moss Mountain Farm
Smith is currently working on breed im- and the featured food items are all grown
provement with 5 varieties of large fowl: there. The day I talked to him he was
Sliver Laced Wyandottes, Black Jersey getting ready for a 200 person wedding Allen Smith holding one of his
Giants, New Hampshires, Barred Ply- reception. And they would all be dining Blue Slate turkeys
mouth Rocks, and Buff Orpingtons, and on heritage poultry.
he is considering adding White Cornish With the ongoing success of his TV
to this group. He only works with one gardening show, I asked if there was the ability to live a long, vigorous life and
breed of Turkey. The Blue Slates are a possibility of a syndicated poultry show thrive in the rigors of pasture-based,
favorite, and he has approximately 45, in the works. His answer was, no. He outdoor production systems. Breeding
but rai ses t hem beca us e o f t he ir explained that poultry are still such a hens should be productive for 5-7 years
treatened state. But he admits that due niche market that he did not believe the and roosters for 3-5 years.
to certain genetic problems prevalent in money was there to support the many 4. Slow growth rate: Heritage Chicken
the Blue Slates at this time, he does keep thousands of dollars required for produc- must have a moderate to slow rate of
a 15 bird breeding population of Black tion costs. growth, reaching appropriate market
turkeys and periodically crosses them “People think that this is a glamour- weight for the breed in no less than 14
into the Blue Slates to improve them ge- ous job, but they don’t understand that it weeks. This gives the chicken time to
netically. is really hard work, and expensive, to develop strong skeletal structure and
Smith’s duck breeding population is produce a television show. The reason healthy organs prior to building muscle
more evidence of his concern for rare I do it is because I have always been mass.
and endangered breeds. He works ex- interested in teaching, and it is an excel- “It seems that a stronger and more
clusively with Aylesbury ducks and cur- lent medium for sharing information”, sustainable approach would be for two
rently maintains a population of around Smith stated. or three farms per state to specialize in
80 breeding birds which were acquired Smith also pointed out that over the a certain breed/variety with a flock size
from three different sources, nationwide. years, he has managed to slip a num- of 50-60 birds,” said Smith. To him this
The ALBC estimated that at the time ber of episodes focusing on poultry (20- would be an ideal way to promote and
Smith started collecting Aylesburys, 30 in total) into his gardening shows. All preserve our heritage breeds on a local
there were only about 200 left in this of this is in support of his ideals on what level. And he is a man who spends his
country. And like all of us, he experi- people really should be focused on with money (and his donors money) in sup-
their poultry breeding programs. port of these ideals. The generous
awards to displays at this years APA Na-
* Brian Anselmo By HPC definition a Heritage Chicken tional show is a prime example.
Memorial Awards must adhere to the following: At least one APA judge that I know of
Brian Anselmo was the co-founder 1. APA Standard Breed: Heritage has speculated that poultry exhibitors will
of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Chicken must be from parent and grand- be hunting turkeys at every poultry swap
Lindsborg, Kansas in partnership with
Frank Reese. parent stock of breeds recognized by the and auction they can find for the next
“Mr. Anselmo died in his sleep in American Poultry Association (APA) prior couple of months trying to come up with
Sep temb er at the age of 28. Mr. to the mid-20th century; whose genetic the numbers they need to qualify for a
Anselmo was an auditor for the Animal line can be traced back multiple genera- “display’, and hopefully take home some
Welfare Institute, certifying that small tions; and with traits that meet the APA of the prize money offered at Shawnee
farms adhere to standards of animal
care and breeding. Standard of Perfection guidelines for the by the HPC. This may not be exactly
Mr. Reese and members of several breed. what P. Allen Smith and his Heritage
animal welfare and poultry organiza- 2. Naturally mating: Heritage Chicken Poultry Conservancy had in mind when
tions decided to proceed with the new must be reproduced and genetically setting up their award specifications for
institute as a tribute to Mr. Anselmo. The maintained through natural mating. the large fowl classes at the 2010 APA
institute has received nonprofit tax sta-
tus and has begun the initial phase of Chickens marketed as “heritage” must National. But it could well be a start to-
fund-raising. . . be the result of naturally mating pairs of ward a different way of thinking, and
Excerpt from the New York Times, Pre- both grandparent and parent stock. hopefully go a long ways toward their
serving a Poultry Project, by Kim Severson, 3. Long productive outdoor life-span: goals of making production and numbers
November 18, 2008. Heritage Chicken must have the genetic important in our show birds, once again.
Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 5  October 2010
part of the ordinance.”
SALUTE!! Can The Rooster “In July, city officials held forums to
By Pat Malone, Ever Win? get feedback about what people want in
APA District # 7 Director an ordinance, given the annual 450 com-
By Pat Malone,
APA District # 7 Director plaints about hens and roosters. Offi-
Before writing an article for this new cials now hope to put an ordinance be-
publication I want to share an opinion. It fore the City Counsel in October. Roost-
In Ft. Worth, Texas, it appears the
has been my privilege to serve on the ers are already restricted or banned in
answer is “yes,” to some degree. For a
APA Board of Directors for the past 26 Texas communities, Fort Worth offi-
number of months now, the Ft. Worth
twenty years (District # 7 director; APA cials said. Arlington allows them only in
city counsel has been considering
President; Director at Large; and now agricultural areas.” I don’t have to tell
whether or not to allow ANY roosters in-
again as District # 7 Director). During you that there has been and continues
side the city limits. Last night (Thurs-
that twenty year period, Ann Charles is to be an explosion of back yard flocks
day, September 23 rd) 150 people partici-
the most committed, talented State Di- all across the country. I see them as the
pated in another public hearing on the
rector I have worked with, bar none. ones benefitting most from this new or-
matter, and most of them were on
What you are reading is strong evidence dinance as they cannot only have fresh
therooster’s side. The Fort Worth Star
of her creativity. It is also strong evidence eggs, but they can hatch and raise re-
Telegram reports: “Residents want to
of her commitment and work ethic to placements for their flocks.
keep their roosters, Fort W orth code
make our poultry fancy better, not only The Malones started out as backyard
enforcement officials were told Thursday
in the state of Arkansas, but throughout flock owners where I had as many as
night, after city leaders floated a com-
District # 7. fifty-five (55) hens (no roosters) in our
promise that would allow people to keep
We have not discussed this, but if she back yard in North Richland Hills. If we
up to three roosters, depending on their
has the desire, time, and money, she can encourage, help, and support these
lot size. Bennett, the city’s code compli-
be a very effective District # 7 Director backyard flock owners, at least some of
ance director, said the proposed ordi-
when this old man gets out of the way. I them, like the Malones, will wind up as
nance is a reasonable alternative to a
wish that I could clone her and share her breeders and exhibitors of standard bred
complete ban. But most speakers said
with our other APA districts. poultry. We entered one Bearded Buff
during a public hearing at City Hall that
Ann (and you better publish this ex- Laced Polish pullet in the Fort Worth
they oppose any crackdown on rooster
actly as I wrote it), you have my full sup- Livestock Show in 1971. She was 1st of
owners.” The bad news is, many of the
port to make this new publication the very five pullets entered, Best of Variety, Best
folks in attendance were cock fighters
best that it can be! I am glad to call you of Breed, and Champion Continental
that want to have 100 game cocks in their
my partner in serving the fanciers in APA Class. I didn’t even know what that was
back yard. This whole discussion started
District # 7! at first. But we were hooked!
as an effort to put cock fighters out of
business by getting rid of all game cocks What can we learn from what is tran-
(roosters). spiring in Ft. Worth:
“ ‘Texas, especially Ft. Worth, loves 1. First, there are some city officials
their animals,’ Eric Johnson told city of- who are not prejudiced against roosters
ficials. ‘We’re not Dallas. We don’t want and will listen and seriously consider rea-
to be Dallas,’ where ro osters are sonable proposals. My hope is that Fort
The banned.” The article goes on to say, Worth can become a model for poultry
“Under the current city code, Fort Worth people to use when this issue comes up
Mailbox residents can keep up to 12 fowl on a in their city.
half-acre or less; up to 25 fowl on prop- 2. If we don’t speak up, then we have
erty between a half-acre and an acre; no right to bitch and moan about what
Ann, and 50 fowl on an acre or more. There takes place. I am happy I can tell you
are no restrictions on the sex of the fowl. that our APA President, Sam Brush, was
Thank you so much for the article. That at some of these public hearings. So
was a once in a lifetime show for Will Bennett proposes that roosters be lim-
ited to one on up to a half acre; two from get involved!
and he was old enough to appreciate 3. How you approach city officials is
that. He came down the hill (to the goat a half-acre to just short of an acre; and
three on an acre or more. Cock fighting very important. “You catch more flies
show) with the biggest grin on his face, with honey than with vinegar” my Mother
saying "I can't believe I beat Mr. Bob! paraphernalia would be banned also as
taught me. Some of the Fort Worth resi-
Bob Rhodes has been our mentor and dents on both side of the issue could
got Will started. Will also said that even have ruined this discussion for all of us.
if he didn't win anything else the rest of So don’t be a horse’s tail in public and
the day it was a great, great day. make poultry people sound like we just
fell off of the pulpwood truck.
Thanks and see you soon, In conclusion, “yes,” the rooster can
Anne (Bryles) win! Viva la Fort Worth!

Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 6  October 2010

The terms for directors are two year - the sequence of numbers will be in the
Greetings terms. Directors can be elected for three low digits for those that like small num-
ABA Members consecutive terms. They can be re-
elected after a time lapse of four years.
You can order t hese Early Bird
We have some items of business to To serve as the President or Vice Presi- Le gbands on our W e bs it e
share with you and will be doing that over dent, you must first have served as an www.bantamclub.com.
the course of the next week or so. I ABA director. The following sizes are offered with
hope your bantams are growing nicely some references on breeds. A Full list-
and you have put some shows on your These are your districts: ing can be found on our website. (re-
schedule so we can all take a look at District #1 CT,MA,ME,NH,RI,VT member - these are suggestions and
them. District #2 NJ, NY individual needs may vary)
The ABA has been working diligently District #3 DE, PA
on a number of items in the past few District #4 MD,VA,WV D's (1 0 mm) - Mo de rn Game -
weeks. Karen, Matt and I would like to District #5 KY,OH Sebright females - OE females - Leg-
share some of these with you. District #6 IL,IN,MI horn females
District #7 NC,SC E's (11 mm) - Call Ducks - Leghorn
Jeff Halbach District #8 AL,GA,TN males - PRock/RI Red females d'anver
ABA President District #9 FL,LA,MS females - American Game female
District #10 IA, MN,ND,SD,WI F's (13 mm) - Wyandotte males -
District #11 AR,KS, MO,NE,OK d'anver males-Leghorn males - Ameri-
2010 National Meet is right around District #13 AZ,CO,NM,UT can Game Males - Ply Rock male -
the corner. We will meet at the Ohio Na- District #12 TX Sumatra male -
tional Poultry Show put on by the Ohio District #15 CA,HI,NV G's (15 mm) - Feather Legged Breeds
Poultry Breeders in Columbus, Ohio on District #14 AK,ID,MT,OR,WA,WY - Cornish Females
November 13-14, 2010. You can visit District #16 All of CANADA H's (18 mm) - Heavily Feather Legged
their website at www.ohionational.org for Breeds - some Cornish Males
more details. It is shaping up to be a We will be sending out a quarterly I's (20 mm) - Many Large Fowl -
large event with lots of exhibits and op- newsletter in early November. If you some Cornish Males
portunities to meet and greet your fellow would like to run for office and want to
bantam fanciers. submit an article or letter to the mem- Banner Ads: Want to support the
The ABA is fortunate to have some bership, this must be received in the ABA American Bantam Association and pro-
quality birds being donated for the ABA office no later than November 5th 2010. mote your bantams or products to the
Breeders auction to take place Novem- Fall Quarterly: Would you like to share bantam fancy at the same time?
ber 13th. Take a peek at the offerings at some ideas with your fellow ABA mem- The American Bantam Association is
our website: Bantamclub.com. bers? The next quarterly newsletter will offering ‘Banner Ads’on our website at
There are two special qualifying meets go out in Early November, so send in http://bantamclub.com. This site is vis-
arranged to be held at this show. The those letters, questions, and articles to ited by thousands of folks interested in
White Serama Bantam and the Self Blue the ABA office no later than November bantams every month.
Silkie are both scheduled for this show. 5th . We will mail this newsletter shortly We will be limiting the rotating banner
The birds in this exhibit are separately thereafter. ads to 10 total ads and the cost is $200
judged and reviewed. Once complete, 2 011 LEGBANDS: The 2 011 per year or $125 for six months!
a report is filed with the final decision of legbands are due in the ABA office soon. We also are offering business card
standard inclusion to be held at a future To insure delivery, ordering with our size ads on our ABA Photo Gallery for
date and finalized at our Semi-Annual EARLY BIRD SPECIAL is the way to go. $30 per year.
meet in Harrington, Delaware in March. Any order Received Before Decem- The Photo Gallery is one of the busi-
(more on that show soon) ber 1st at a minimum of 100 bands will est bantam sites on the Internet with over
The Self Blue Silkie description will be be offered 2010 pricing of .33 ea with $5 200,000 visits since Feb. Buy a Banner
printed in the next quarterly and will soon shipping and handling per order. ad and receive a free Photo Gallery ad
be posted on our website for all to re- After December 1st, all legbands will for maximum promotion to the bantam
view. The White Serama description has be sold at .35 with $5 shipping and han- fancy! If interested email Karen at
already appeared in a quarterly and is dling per order. fancybantams@embarqmail.com and
currently accessible on our website - If you want to insure your delivery and save your space and promote your ban-
www.bantamclub.com. can commit to 100 or more, this is a great tams or products to those who will by
2011 Election: The ABA is having an opportunity to take care of it early and them! Matt Lhamon, ABA VP
election and the following are the dis- not have to worry later in the year. Also
tricts. You have the opportunity to volun-
teer your time and energy to helping the
ABA make good decisions for our mem- Download your free copy of this publication
bership. Deadline for filing is November
1st 2010 and will be strictly enforced. online at: ExhibitionPoultry.net
Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 7  October 2010
October 17, 2010
Columbia, South Carolina
South Carolina State Fair, Contact: Mr.
Clint Attaway, 501 Springhill Road, Lex-
ington SC 29072, (803) 957-4152,
geninfo @s cs ta te fa ir.o rg, ht tp:/ /

October 30, 2010

Morganton, North Carolina
Burke County Fairgrounds, Friendship
Poultry Club Fall Show. Judge: Jim
Adkins. Contact: Brian Price, 265 Poteat
Road, Marion, North Carolina 28752,

Upcoming APA & www.bigtex.com.

ABA Shows October 9, 2010
Boaz, Alabama November 6, 2010
OCTOBER 2010 Marshall County Fairgrounds, Heart of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dixie Bantam Club 45th Annual Fall Washington County Fairgrounds. Heart
October 1-3, 2010 Show. Contact: Frank Reid, 1190 Dog- of the Ozarks Poultry Association 2nd
Tulsa, Oklahoma wood Lane, Piedmont, Alabama 36272. Annual Show. 2010 DISTRICT MEET.
Oil Capital Stakes Poultry Show. Judges: Phone:256-239-9721, or Adam Feazell, DOUBLE SHOW. Judges: Sam Brush,
Cle ll Agler, OH, Ja mie Ca rs on, 256-343-4261. TX - Steve Jones, TX - Monty Fitzger-
NB, Ca na da , and Je ff Halba ch, ald, TX. Contact: Jacob Bates, Presi-
Burlington, WI. Late entries accepted October 15, 2010 de nt (47 9) 9 65 -5 22 2 or Email:
until September 17th. Contact: Terry Little Rock, Arkansas jakeab42@hotmail.com, Website:
Britt, (405) 739-1726, ext.128. Website: Arkansas State Fair and Livestock Show. http://www.HOTOPA.com
http://www.tulsastatefair.com. Judge: Matt Lhamon, OH & Sam Brush,
TX. Entry Deadline: September 17th. November 6, 2010
October 2, 2010 Contact: Arkansas State Fair and Live- Salisbury, North Carolina
Cookeville, Tennessee stock Show, 2600 Howard St., Little Rowan County Fairgrounds, Old English
Putnam County Fairgrounds, Upper Rock, AR 72006, Ph: 501-372-8341, Game Bantam Club, 47th Annual Jam-
Cumberland Fancy Feathers Club Fall Fax: 501-372-4197. Email: allison@ boree. Contact: Neil Mahaffey, 336-403-
Show. Judges: Tin Clanton, others pend- a sf g. ne t, websi te : ht tp:/ /www. 8640, or David Hager, 704-232-1176.
ing. Contact: Daryl Strunk, 931-879- arkansasstatefair.com/
2765, or, David Rose, 520 Lowe Road, November 12, 2010
Crossville, Tennessee 38572, 931-788- October 15-16, 2010 Heartwell, Georgia
6676, rosewood@citlink.net Clanton, Alabama Heart County Bantam Club at the
Chilton County Fairgrounds, Alabama National Guard Armory, bantam
October 2, 2010 Bantam Club, Triple Points Show. Con- chickens and ducks only. Contact:
Orlando, Florida tact: Claudia Gore, 3286 County Road Keith Sokol 706-376-3211
Southern Serama Classic, Dianne or 48, Jemison, Alabama 35085. Phone:
Gary Brewer, 407-405-3188 or 407-257- 205-646-0604, before 9PM Central, or, November 13, 2010
9806, PadadiseSeramas@aol.com, Glen Cryar, email: GCryar@AOL.com Inverness, Florida
http://www.SHomeParadise.com Citrus County Auditorium, Central Florida
October 16, 2010 Poultry Breeders Association Double
October 9-10, 2010 Newcastle, Oklahoma Show. Judegs: Dwayne and Melody
Dallas, Texas Newcastle Poultry Association 9th An- Jonas, Glen Cryar, and kevin Wagoner.
State Fair of Texas, Standard and ban- nual Fall Show. Judges: Frank Joseph Contact: Tom Carey, 352-344-8204,
tam Poultry Show. For open poultry (NM), and Donna LeChey (CO). Con- CareyBantams@wb4me.com
show infomation and forms contact: Sam tact: Scott Kincaid, 1132 Cnty St 2967,
Brush, Associate Superintendent, 1009 Blanchard, OK 73010, Phone: 405-413- November 13, 2010
Hillview, Dr., Keller, TX 76248, phone: 3494 Greensboro, NC
81 7-37 9-64 75 . Email: Carolina Feather Fanciers, Karl
SLBrush@verizon.net. Website: http:// Urshel, cffa@academicplanet.com

Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 8  October 2010

National Guard Amory, Hart County Ban- Padgett, 15930 W State Road 238, Lake
November 13-14, 2010 tam Club, 33rd Annual All Breed Ban- Butler, Florida 32054, 386-496-2561
Columbus, Ohio tam Show. Contact: Keith Sokol, 795
2010 ABA National held in conjunction Ridge Road, Hartwell, Georgia 30643, January 22-23, 2011
with the Ohio National Show, Sponsored 706-376-3211 Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth Stock
by The Ohio Poultry Breeders Associa- Show. Judegs: Paul Kroll, John Monaco.
tion. Contact: Eric Markley, email: December 11-12, 2010 Website: http://www.fwssr.com/
markley@ohionational.org, Phone: 419- Shawnee, Oklahoma.
56 8-74 02 , W e bsi te : ht tp:/ /www Oklahoma State Poultry Federation 94th FEBUARY 2011
.ohionational.org/ Annual Show. 2010 APA National, 2010
Araucana National Judges: Tracy Hill, February 19-20, 2011
November 20, 2010 TX - Rick Hare, NY - Troy LaRoche, Newnan, Georgia
Haynesville, Louisiana Canada - Jamie Matts, NY - Dave Ander- Coweta Fairgrounds, Chattahoochee
Pelican State Classic, (North Central son, CA - Daniel Fry-Shaw, CA - Jim Valley Poultry Association 8th Annual
Louisiana) Judges: Terry Britt and Danny Sallee, CA - Erik Kutch, CA - - Pat Mal- Show. Contact: Beth Smith, 81 Main
Padgett. Juniors show in both Open and one (Junior Judge), TX - Butch Gunder- Street, Moreland, Georgia 30259; 770-
Junior Shows. Contact: Jim Crain, 1520 son (Junior Judge), WI. Contact: Steve 25 1-65 10, Jerry.O. Smit h@At t.ne t,
Fincher Creek, Minden, LA 71055, email: Jones, 9677 Butler Lane, Poetry, Texas CVPA-Newnan.org
jcrain@chilitech.com, phone: (318) 927- 75160. Email: ghia4me@sprynet.com
2795. APRIL 2011

November 20, 2010 - - - 2011 - - - April 17-18, 2011

Clemson, North Carolina Stevenson, Washington
T. Ed Garrison Cattle Complex, Ander- JANUARY 2011 APA Semi- Annual, sponsored by the
son South Carolina All Breed Bantam Pacific North West Poultry Association,
Club Annual Fall Show. Contact: An- January 8, 2011 Contact: Bob Anderson, phone: 503-889-
thony Ashley, 2021 Hamby Road, Honea Bluebonnet Classic. Judges: Charles 6819.
Path, South Carolina 29654, 864-369- Ma ho ne y, Marty McGui re , Da vi d
0909. J ohns on, Ja mes Co oper. ht tp:/ / OCTOBER 2011
November 27, 2010 OCTOBER 28-30, 2011
Cement, Oklahoma, South Central January 8-9, 2011 Indianapolis, Indiana
Poultry Club, ABA Speical Meet, Double Lake City, Florida Crossroads II Show. 2011 APA National
Show. Contact: Mathew Glass, email: Columbia County Fairgrounds, Florida & 2011 ABA National. Contact: David
mrglassmaker@yahoo.com, phone: Sunshine Classic. Contact: Norma Wulff, Email: info@PoultryPress.com
(405) 320-3817.

November 27, 2010

North Carolina
Forsyth Fowl fanciers, Contact: Jerry
Shouse 336-764-3317
November 30, 2010
Abilene, Texas College Station, Texas
Abilene Poultry Association Fall Show,
grounds Expo Bldg., Judge: Steve
Jones. Contact: Bonnie Campbell, 325-
January 8th, 2011
529-6064dlintember 2010 Is-
sue: September 2
DECEMBER 2010 Come join the fun and
December 4, 2010 be a part of our club!
Orangeburg, South Carolina
Sandlappers Poultry Breeders Asso-
ciation http://www.Bluebonnetclassic.com
December 11, 2010
Hartwell, Georgia (1-1)

Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 9  October 2010

The 94th Annual
Oklahoma State Poultry

Hosting the APA Annual Show

Entries close November 15, 2010
Judges: Tracy Hill (TX), Rick Hare (NY), Troy Laroche (ONT), Jamie Matts (NY),
Dave Anderson (CA), Daniel Fry-Shaw (CA), Jim Sallee (CA), Erik Kutch (CA),
Junior Show Judges: Pat Malone (TX), Butch Gunderson (WI)

Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, 177 and Independence Avenue, Shawnee, OK, (405) 830-4338
For additional information and catalogues please visit:
http://www.amerpoultryassn.com/ or http://apa-arkansas.com/
For catalogue request please contact:
Steve Jones, OSPF Recording Show Secretary
P.O. Box 741146, Dallas, Texas 75243 email: ghia4me@sprynet.com

Ohio National Show online catalog up on the web site with a the Ohio National show secretary at
To Host 2010 printable entry form for both the open markley@ohionational.org or you can
show and the youth show, so be sure call 419-568-7402 and we will help with
ABA National Meet and vi si t the Ohio Nat io na l si te : any issues you may have.
www.ohionational.org for all of the lat- Thank you,
The Ohio National would like to thank est information on the show. Ohio National Staff
the ABA for the opportunity to host the As always you are welcome to email
annual meeting for the 2010 show sea-
The show headquarters hotel, Hilton
Garden Inn at Polaris IS FULL, so
please contact the Comfort Inn which is
Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply
just 300 yards away from the show 14000 W. 215th St., Bucyrus, KS 66013
headquarters. They have a breakfast Ph. 913-879-2587 - 7:30 AM - 3 PM CST M-F
buffet and are also $89.00 per night for
a single or double room. Their phone
24-hour Fax. 913-533-2497
number is 614-791-9700. Be sure and Minimum order $10.00.
tell them you are with the Ohio National
Poultry show.
Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply is owned and operated by John and Terry
There will be many vendors attending
Smith, a husband and wife team who have served bird and animal breeders
the Ohio National show this November
since 1988. We provide our customers with quality products from GQF, Brower,
13,14, so be sure to contact the vendor
Kuhl, Miller, 3T Products, Horizon, and other manufactures. We offer competi-
of your choice and have the items you
tive prices and give fast, dependable service to our customers.
are needing and save the ever rising
shipping cost.
The Ohio National web site has the
We will be at Shawnee for the APA National Show Dec. 11-12

Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 10  October 2010

LaGrange, Texas Proposed Changes Cash Awards at Shows
Show Results Regarding Muscovy Duck From BidBird.com
Judge: Monty Fitzgerald Regulations By Jesse Paul
By George T. Allen, Ph.D., C.W.B. As the weather cools down the auc-
There was 345 birds shown by 28 ex-
hibitors. Thank you to Monty Fitzgerald tions will certainly heat up. We see that
for supplying the show results. W e ha ve publi shed pro po se d as an awesome opportunity to bring as
changes to the regulations governing many buyers to your auctions as pos-
Large Fowl Champions waterfowl. The changes are intended sible. So we put on our strategy caps
Best Asiatic, Golden Laced Cochin, to accommodate activities with muscovy on and started throwing ideas out. What
exhibited by Silver Gate Farms. ducks, particularly keeping the ducks for about more advertising? Well, we will
Best American, Single Comb Rhode exhibition, or as barnyard animals for continue to do that with large ads in poul-
Island Red Cock, exhibited by Busters personal consumption and egg produc- try publications but we wanted to do
Chickens. tion. The changes also address sale of more! Then came the idea of give aways
Best Mediterranean, Light Brown Leg- the ducks and their eggs. in the form of trinkets, custom sticky
horn Hen, exhibited by Coulter Prairie You can submit comments by either notes, pens hats or tee shirts! Well that’s
Poultry. of the methods highlighted in red in the fine and we might do that one day but it
Best English, Black Orphington Hen, proposed rule. Submissions by any just was not big enough, nor was it ex-
exhibited by Dykes & Houghton. other means may not be considered citing enough. And then it hit us. Cash!
Best AOSB, Crele Old English Hen, when we prepare the final rule. Everyone loves cash! So we are
exhibited by Bob & Claudia Choate. Comments on the proposed rule are pleased to announce that BidBird will be
Best Goose, exhibited by Silver Gate due no later than December 30, 2010. the exclusive auction site sponsoring
Farms. champion row at many of this seasons
ADDRESSES: You may submit com-
upcoming poultry shows offering cash
Bantam Champions ments by either one of the following
methods: prizes of $25, $50, $75and even $100.
Best Old English, Black Cockerel, At many of these shows we have in-
 Federal eRulemaking Portal:
exhibited by Marvin Cagle. cluded separate cash awards for cham-
Best Modern, Brown Red, exhibited http://www.regulations.gov. Follow
the instructions for submitting com- pion waterfowl and champion call ducks
by Bob & Claudia Choate. ments on Docket No. FWS-R9-MB- as a display of our dedication to the wa-
Best SCCL, White Japanese, exhib- 2010-0037. terfowl community as well as general
ited by the Wenzel Family.  U. S. Mail or hand delivery: Public poultry. We look forward to seeing the
Best RCCL, Quail Belgian D'Anver, Comments processing, Attn: FWS-R9- upcoming winners on BidBird‘s cham-
exhibited by Dianna Tyson. MB-2010-0037; Division of Policy and pion row and adding the winners pictures
Best AOCCL, White Cornish, exhib- Directives Management; U.S. Fish to our site. In an attempt to sponsor all
ited by Dykes & Houghton. and Wildlife Service; 4401 North
of our member’s interests BidBird is also
Best Feather Legged, Black Langshan Fairfax Drive, Suite 222, Arlington, VA
22203-1610. active seeking to sponsor pigeon shows
Cockerel, exhibited by Phil Harriman. and events this fall. This is just another
Best Bantam Duck, Grey Hen, ex- We will not accept email or faxes.
We will post all comments on http:// example of our dedication to all of our
hibited by Noah Ziesman. members and further proof that our com-
www.regulations.gov. This generally
Champion Bantam mitment to getting your auctions noticed
means that we will post any personal
Champion, Old English, Black Cock- information that you provide. is resolute. The exposure that these lat-
erel, exhibited by Marvin Cagle. ---------------------------------------- est moves will bring BidBird should be
Res erve , W hit e Old Englis h Editor’s Note: huge. Now would be a good time to list
Henexhibited by Marvin Cagle. an auction and get the fall season kicked
The PDF with the full text of the rule off.
Champion Large Fowl proposed changes and explanation are BidBird is proud to be the exclusive
Champion, Light Brown Leghorn Hen worth reading as the following excerpt auction site sponsoring the following
exhibited by Coultier Prairie Poultry from page 1 shows . . .”When we shows: The Big Sky Show in Montana,
Reserve, White Crested Black Pol- published the proposed rule to change The Red River Bantam Club’s show in
ish, exhibited by Tommie French the regulations for Muscovy ducks on Decatur, Texas, The Green River Poul-
August 22, 2008 (73FR 49626) we try Club show in Brownsville, KY, The
were unaware that Muscovy ducks Bluegrass Poultry Association Fall Clas-
were being kept as barnyard animals, sic in Frankfort, KY, The Southern Ohio
for consumption by their owners, and Poultry Association, in Lucasville, OH,
for egg production. We were not made The Ohio National ABA National Meet
aware of these issues until March 1, Columbus, Ohio The Oklahoma State
2010 . . .” U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Poultry Federation American Poultry
And these are the guys in charge? Association Annual Meet in Shawnee,

Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 11  October 2010

WHAT IS Exhibition Poultry © Magazine? Websites
American Poultry Association
Exhibition Poultry© is a free online publication http:www.amerpoultryassn.com
dedicated to promoting all APA and ABA approved
breeds of show birds, shows, exhibitors, and breed- American Bantam Association
ers in the Southern USA. http://www.bantamclub.com

Everyone is encouraged to download a copy of APA - Arkansas

Exhibition Poultry© each month and pass it on to http://www.apa-arkansas.com
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online. Feel free to send in your show results, win http://www.apaabayouthpoultryclub.org
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included as time and space permits. Original ar- National Call Breeders of America
ticles on showing, breeding, conditioning and raising http://www.callducks.org
poultry are also welcomed. Heart Of The Ozarks Poultry Assoc.
For more information feel free to contact me: http://www.hotopa.com

Ann Charles, Editor/Publisher, Oklahoma State Poultry Federation

contact@SkyBlueEgg.com http://www.okspf.com

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ASK THE JUDGE . . . waterfowl numbers at smaller shows Lot of 10 Live Poultry
where it would benefit everyone regard-
less of who won. Bring $4,300 at Sothebys
Steven Jones' Journey He enjoys judging all classes (as any Auction House
to Judgehood good judge should) but especially enjoys Reprinted From The New York Times,
judging Turkeys, Waterfowl, AOSB, Con- September 24, 2010 -
By Lynora Stallsmith tinental, AOOCL, and judging breeds that “Last night the old masters up for auc-
can sometimes be challenging or un- tion at Sotheby’s on York Avenue were
Mr. Jones first decided to become a comfortable. He often judges showman-
judge at the prompting of his fellow poul- heirloom vegetables. And they brought
ship and says about the older and in more than $100,000 to support local
try exhibitors who felt that he would have younger groups:
the "e ye " fo r judging po ultry. He farming programs.
"Sometimes just getting the younger “I’ve never sold some of these things,”
startedhis journey with an APA judging group comfortable enough to open up
apprenticeship: a period of two years said Jamie Niven, the auctioneer, who
and start talking can be challenging but added that he had presided over more
when he clerked with APA certified once they open up you can get some
judges as often as possible. In addition than 600 charity auctions. “I’m amazed.”
interesting answers. I also enjoy the He got $1,000 each for the ten crates
to this he also spent a good deal of his older group... I am continually amazed
time with a wide variety of breeders lis- of vegetables . . . $2,400 each from two
at the knowledge that some youngsters bidders for a visit to a Manhattan bee-
tening the their views and thoughts on have with poultry
the various aspects their specific breeds. keeper; and $4,300 for 10 live heritage
Mr. Jones has been a judge for 5 years geese, ducks, chickens and turkeys (do-
"The serious breeders will know their and has judged in fourteen states. He
breeds and varieties as well as any nated by the Heritage Poultry Conser-
currently holds two APA hall of fame vancy).
judge." numbers. Number thirty five for his indi-
Immediately after this he took his APA The day-long event, called The Art of
vidual accomplishments in showing, as Farming, was dreamed up by Brent
judge's test, which covers bantams, well as number fourty one which he
largefowl, turkeys, and waterfowl. He Ridge, a Hudson Valley goat farmer who
gained while in a partnership with Terry showed up in a black suit and Wellies.
passed all sections of the test and was Britt of Twisted Feather Farms. He still
granted his APA General License. Dr. Ri dge, o ne o f the “F abulous
has his own birds and is working on Beekman Boys” on Planet Green net-
With the continued encoragement of some new and special projects with
his friends, he took the ABA judge's test work, had only to pitch it to Amy Todd
them. His favorite breed is the large fowl Middleton, an enthusiastic gardener who
which covers bantam chickens and ban- Light Brahma.
tam ducks. He passed both sections and is in charge of marketing at Sotheby’s,
"My love since childhood... As an adult and the auction house was on board.
gained an ABA General Licence as well when I was able to get birds again they
as an ABA Bantam Duck License. During the c ockt ail ho ur–c ele ry
were the first to come and they will be swizzle sticks, of course–farmers in
"Once you are certified as APA Gen- the last to go."
eral Licensed judge you do not have to denim mingled with men in suits and
His encouragement to others consid- women in stilettos. Later, at the $1,000-
go through the formal ABA apprentice- ering becoming a judge?
ship program to be able to take the ABA a-plate dinner for big contributors, a
"One thing I would encourage anyone working farmer was seated at every
Judge's test." that might want to become a judge is to
The hardest part of becoming a judge table.
start thinking on a broader basis from On the way out the door, guests could
for him was taking that first step to start the breeds that originally got them inter-
the process. The easiest part? drop a $20 bill for a bag of vegetables,
ested in poultry to begin with. We all have adding another $2,000 or so to the bot-
"Getting encouragement from other our favorites but to be an objective judge
judges as I was taking my apprentice- tom line, which finally came to at least
you have to look at all the various breeds $250,000. To honor vegetables.”
ship." and take an interest in all of them.”
All of the judges and breeders that he He considers his greatest accomplish-
talked with where very supportive and ment as a judge to be the opprotunity to
encouraging. He says that even from show in different places and meet new
the point of his very first poultry show people.
he met people who instantly became
mentors to him and still are friends to
"I go to shows in different places to National Call Breeders of America
meet and encourage new people into A club formed for the promotion of breeding and
this day. exhibition poultry. There is a great inter- exhibition of Call Ducks, Offering National, District
Exactly what advice did these men- est in showing and some times people and Special Meets. Quarterly newsletters and an-
tors give him? nual yearbook. Memberships: Junior(under 16) $8/
just need a little guidance, constructive year; Individual $15/year or $29/2 years; Family
"One of the best pieces of advice to criticism and encouragement to get them $17/year or $33/2 years; Lifetime membership
me from one of my first mentors is you started in the right direction." $200. Visit our website at www.callducks.org to join
can get farther working with your fellow online or purchase club merchandise, such as t-
exhibitors that you can against them." shirts, pins, patches, posters, etc. For more infor-
He took that advice to heart and mation contact secretary Dennis Fuller, 1729
Otterville Blvd., Independence, Iowa 50644. 1-319-
worked together with others to up the 334-3497, wapsiwaterfowl@aol.com
Exhibition Poultry Magazine©  Page 14  October 2010
differ in the type of comb. For example, 2. Any obvious crossbred
For The Beginners: there are single or rose comb varieties 3. Emaciated, lame, blind in both
of Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, and eyes, etc.
Minorcas. Each of these varieties has 4. Any evidence of faking
Poultry Shows distinctive traits that set it apart from
By Jacqueline P. Jacob other varieties. Worthy birds are then evaluated for
and F. Ben Mather proper type and color. Either incorrect
GENDER AND AGE type (body shape, skin color, number of
PUREBRED BIRDS Within each variety, birds are divided toes, etc.) or incorrect feather color will
STANDARD OR BANTAM based on gender and age. A pullet is a count against the bird. It is important to
Chickens and ducks come in two sizes female chicken under one year old, while note that incorrect feather color can in-
referred to as "Standard" and "Bantam". a hen is a female chicken over one year clude brassy or dirty birds. Brassiness
A few types of birds come only in stan- old. A cockerel is a male chicken under refers to the light yellowish metallic tinge
dard or bantam, but most can be either. one year old, while a cock is a male that can sometimes be found in white
The goal is to have virtually the same chicken over one year old. Chickens feathered varieties. It may be hereditary,
type of bird, except for size. Bantams might also be placed in a trio, which will affected by exposure to sun, or caused
usually weigh 1/4 to 1/5 that of the cor- be either an old trio (two hens and a by the diet.
responding standard breed. cock) or a young trio (two pullets and a The presence of a defect (refer to the
East Indies and Calls are the two cockerel). APA Standard of Perfection) will lower
breeds of ducks which are bantams. A male duck is called a drake, while a the award. Defects include, but are not
female duck is simply referred to as a limited to, thumb marks in the comb,
CLASS duck. Similarly, a male goose is called a frosting on laced feathers, black in bill of
Chickens are divided into classes. gander, while a female goose is simply female ducks, irregular serration of
Within each class there are several referred to as a goose. A male turkey is single comb, and crooked toe.
breeds. For large fowl, the classes are a tom, and a female turkey is a hen. The presence of live external para-
named after the area of origin. They are During the summer, old drakes with sites (lice, mites, fleas, etc.) will lower
American, Asiatic, English, Mediterra- the color pattern of the Gray Runner, the award.
nean, Continental, and All other Standard Mallard, Rouen and Gray Call shed their
Breeds. For Bantams, classes are showy male plumage and take on a WHAT IF A BIRD IS NOT IN THE
named after physical characteristics. plumage resembling that of the female. STANDARD?
These include Game Bantams, Single In the fall, they molt again and take on There are many breeds, varieties or
Comb Clean Legged, Rose Comb Clean the male plumage. Young drakes may hybrids that are not recognized in the
Legged, All other Comb Clean Legged, carry the less showy female color be- American Poultry Association and Ameri-
and Feather Legged. fore they take on adult plumage. can Bantam Association Standards of
Perfection. If the standard of perfection
BREED HOW BIRDS ARE JUDGED for the breed has not been officially de-
A breed is a group of birds having the The American Poultry Association termined, there are no standards by
same general size, shape, and carriage. (APA) publishes a breed standard book, which a bird can be judged and, depend-
Within some breeds there are different the APA Standard of Perfection, which ing upon the judge, the bird may receive
varieties. There are 113 breeds of chick- describes all the breeds and varieties a white ribbon.
ens currently recognized by the Ameri- recognized by the organization, and the
can Poultry Association. Each breed has standards or guidelines by which they are MISCELLANEOUS SPECIES
specific characteristics that differentiate judged. Some youth poultry shows have a
it from all other breeds. One example of In (some) youth poultry shows, a miscellaneous species category to allow
a chicken breed is the Plymouth Rock. modified Danish system is used whereby entry of other poultry projects. This cat-
Breeds will differ in size, shape, feather each bird gets a ribbon. Birds are egory can include turkeys, ducks, geese,
characteristics, comb type and size, skin awarded a blue, red or white ribbon, de- guinea fowl, pea fowl, pigeons, quail,
color, number of toes, or other attributes. pending on their quality. In the purebred pheasants, emus, ostriches, and rheas.
(exhibition) category a bird receives an
VARIETY automatic white ribbon for: Footnotes:
There are often many different color 1. Any disqualification (refer to the This is a partial reprint from document
patterns found within a poultry breed. For APA Standard of Perfection). Examples PS31, published by the Animal Science
example, both standard and bantam Ply- include comb foreign to breed or variety, Department, Florida Cooperative Exten-
mouth Rocks can be Barred, White, Buff, feathers or stubs on shanks and toes in sion Service, University of Florida. Visit
Silver Penciled, Partridge, Columbian, clean-legged breeds, wry tail, and side the EDIS W e b Si te a t http :/ /
and Blue varieties. Varieties can also sprigs on comb. edis.ifas.ufl.edu.

Website: http://www.ExhibitionPoultry.net
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GA 30180, Bantam Chicken

APA & ABA Licensed Judges #229. Higb ee, L. C., 61 00

Cemetary Rd., Noble, OK
AL, AR, FL, LA, GA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX LOUISIANA 73068, APA General Li-
cense, Bantam Chicken
Crain, Jim, 1520 Fincher #176, Bantam Duck #44.
Creek, Minden, LA 71055,
ALABAMA ARKANSAS Schmidt, Micael J., 1170 APA General License, Ban- Murray, Robert. D., 920 SE
Cryar, Glen, 18 Haynes Tunstill, John D., 3170 S. NE Town Terrace, Jensen tam chicken # 344, Bantam 21st St., Oklahoma City, OK
Drive, Moody, AL 35004 - Hunt Lane, Fayetteville, AR Beach, Fl 34957, APA Gen- Duck # 157. 73129-4620, APA Licensed
2113, Bantam Chicken 72701-8058, APA Li- eral License. fo r La rge and Bant am
Mc Carty, Jerry, 513 W. Chickens, Bantam Chicken
#249, Bantam Duck #92. censed for Large and Ban- Stalvey, Byron “Rip”, P.O. McKinley Ave., Haughton,
tam Chic kens , Ban tam Box 254, Kathleen, FL, # 170.
Cla nton , Ti m, 299 71 LA 71037-9460, APA Gen-
County Rd 8, Florence AL Chicken # 1 95, Bantam 33849-0254, APA General er al L icen se, Bant am Peters, Richard, PO Box
35634, Bantam Chicken Duck #66. License. Chicken # 2 70, Bantam 735, Noble, OK 73068, APA
#282. Duck #93. General License.
McGuire, Marty, 104 Ash FLORIDA GEORGIA Woolman, Dwayne, 227 S
Street, Leeds, AL 35094- Brown, Vinita, OK 74955,
Car ey, To m L.3 020 E Johnston, David, 1873 NORTH CAROLINA
4535, Bantam Ch icken Bantam Chicken #232.
Vernon Ct., Floral City, FL Turkey Mtn Rd, Rome, GA Bur ton, W.G., 313 W
#253. 34446, APA General Li- 301 61-8 951, Ban tam Acadia Avenue, Winston
Wagoner, Keith, 561 Co. cense. Chicken # 3 24, Bantam Salem, NC 27127, APA SOUTH CAROLINA
Rd. 52, Jemison, AL 35085- Padgett, Danny, 15930 W Duck #137. General License, Bantam Ashley, Anthony, 2021
5051, Bantam Ch icken State Rd, Lake Butler, FL Chicken # 1 50, Bantam Hamby Road, Honea Path,
#281. 32054, APA General Li- Duck # 57 SC 29654, APA General Li-
Sizemore, Phillip, 419
cense, Bantam Chicken, West Wind Drive, Villa Rica, Hovis, Larry Mac, 404 Vic- cense, Bantam Chicken
#206, Bantam Duck #64. tor Street, Lincolnton, NC #331, Bantam Duck #145.
28 092- 2033 , Bant am Batson, Johnny, P.O. Box
Chicken # 1 84, Bantam 841, Greenville, SC 29602,
Duck #67. APA General License, Ban-
Visit us on the web at: , tam Chicken #32, Bantam
Donal d L., 222 Prue tt Duck # 45.
Road, Casar, NC 28020- Beasley, Mark, 1264 Old
7725, Bantam Chicken Allendale Hwy, Barnwell, SC
#167 298 12-8 002, Ban tam
Chicken # 2 99, Bantam
Duck #122.
Gates, Joey, 190 Zenker
Barnes, Andy, RR 2 Box Road, Lexington, SC 29072
Visit us on the web at: http://www.bantamclub.com 450 , Co manc he, OK Bantam Chicken # 203,
735 29-9 667, Ban tam Bantam Duck #68.
Chicken #269
Hawkins, F. Sidney, 1015
Beauford, Forrest, 18077 Old Roberts Church Rd.,
So Hwy 88, Claremore, OK Anderson, SC 29626-5761,
74017, APA General Li- Bantam Chicken #192.
cense. Bantam Chicken
#276, Bantam Duck # 94. Hovis, Larry Mac., 404 Vic-
tor Street, Lincolnton, NC
Britt, Terry, 10130 E. Ollie 28092, Licensed for Large
Ave., Midwest City, OK and Bantam Chickens.
73130, APA General Li-
cense, Bantam Chicken Hughey, Rocky, 163 Coyl
#298, Bantam Duck #110. Rd., Gaffney, SC 29340-
4621, Bantam Chicken
Eubanks, Mike, PO Box #250.
262, Lane OK 74555, Ban-
tam Chicken #257. Inman, Tommy, 111 Coun-
try Road, Union, SC 29379-
Gilbreath, John C., 1601 9277, Bantam Chicken
N. Payne St., Stillwtare, OK #252.
73130, APA General Li-
cense. Tripp, Bill, 296 Black Jack
Cove Rd., Westminster, SC
29693-6201, APA General
License, Bantam Chicken
#137, Bantam Duck #56.

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Visit us on the web at: http://www.amerpoultryassn.com/


To promote and protect the standard-bred poultry industry in all it’s phases
To continue the publication of the American Standard of Perfection with the
breed and variety descriptions for all the recognized purebred fowl.
To encourage and protect poultry shows as being the show window of our
industry, and education for both breeders and public, and a means of
interesting young future breeders in taking up poultry.
To assist, encourage, and help educate the junior poultry man to the sound
and practical value of standard-bred poultry, and pure breeding.
Toward these goals the APA supports sanctioned meets at poultry shows all
over the US and Canada, including an Annual meet and a Semi-Annual
meet. Individual members can earn points at these shows toward becom-
ing a Master Exhibitor as well as receiving awards from the association.
The APA publishes a quarterly newsletter and an annual yearbook. The
newsletter is sent to all members and the yearbook is sent to individual
members and Endowment Trust members. The yearbook features many
different articles, membership listings, advertisements, APA licensed judges
and master exhibitor information.

Wallace, Jim, 626 Corinth Barry, Alfred G., 1511 Jones, Troy, 7004 Apache, Rounsaville, Craig, PO
Fitzgerald, Monty, 1713
Road, Gaffney, SC 29340- Belcher St, Gainesville, TX Ft. Worth, TX 76135-3402, Box 489, Princeton, TX
CR 428 0, Decat ur, TX
5619, APA General Li- 76240, APA General Li- Bantam Chicken #107, Ban- 75407, Bantam Chicken
76234, APA General Li-
cense, Bantam Chicken cense, Bantam Chicken tam Duck #72. #265.
cense, Bantam Chicken
#220. #78, Bantam Duck #13.
#345, Bantam Duck #158. Mahoney, Charles, 11312 Tayl or, Ra ndy, 178 01
Brus h, Samuel, 10 09 Earlywood Drive, Dallas, TX Robin Rd., Canyon, TX,
Hil l, Tracy L., 107 21
TENNESSEE Hil lvie w Dr ive, Kell er, 75218, APA General Li- Bantam Chicken #283.
Truman St., Amarillo, TX
TX76248-4012, APA Gen- cense.
Baldwin, Tim, 465 12th St., 79118, APA General Li- Urbanosky, Bruce, 14521
eral License.
Cleveland, TN 37311-5116, cense, Bantam Chicken Mal one, Pat, 49 03 Ur bano sky Lan e,
Bantam Chicken #227. Chapman, Robert, 1525 #222 , Bantam Duck #75. Brazowood Circle, Arlington, Plantersville, TX 77363,
Riverbend St, Azle, TX TX 76017, APA General Li- Bantam Chicken #142.
Maddux, Dennis, 4476 Jonas, Dwayne, 436 CR
760 20-3 535, Ban tam cense, Bantam Chicken
Ladd Springs Road, Old 360 5, L ampa sas, TX
Chicken # 2 95, Bantam #247, Bantam Duck #43.
Fort, TN 37362, Bantam 76550, APA General Li-
Duck #108.
Chicken #169. cense, Bantam Chicken Maxwell, J eff, 52 30
Con nally, Do ug, 33 3 #268, Bantam Duck #84. Abercreek, Friendswood,
Whitson, Leroy III, 1789 Hudson St., Amarillo, TX TX 77546, APA General Li-
Bloom Drive, Newport, TN Jonas, Melody, 436 CR
79 108- 4219 , Bant am cense.
37821-6334, General Li- 360 5, L ampa sas, TX
Chicken # 1 89, Bantam
cense. 76550, APA General Li- Moore, Cecil, 1406 Etain
Duck #63.
cense, Bantam Chicken # Road, Irving, TX 75060, APA
Cooper, James, 111 Wood- 267, Bantam Duck #81. General License.
TEXAS bin e Str eet, Kemp, TX
Jones, Steve, 9677 Butler
75143, APA General Li- Osburn, Joe H., 296 CR
Ballard, Dwayne, Rt 5, Box Lane, Poetry, TX 75160, 4896, Boyd TX 76023-
299-G5, Paris, TX 75460, cense, Bantam Chicken
APA General License, Ban- 9721, APA General Li-
Bantam Chicken #167, Ban- #124, Bantam Duck #83.
tam Chicken #341, Bantam cense, Bantam Chicken
tam Duck #86. Duck # 155. #110.

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