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Samsung Galaxy Tab

SA’s tablet invasion starts

Nokia C7
S^3 for the masses

Gran Turismo 5
The racer to lead them all


WWW.TECHSMART.CO.ZA ISSUE 88 January 2011 ISSN 1726–3358
Trends for 2011 ›› January 2011
This year I will …
The start of the new
year always brings about » Tech Trends for 2011 7
noble resolutions, good
about for two weeks
before going the same
route as the numerous
other ones of previous
years. For what it’s
worth here are my 2011
tech resolutions:
» Panasonic Toughbook
1. Backup more. There’s this nagging voice constantly telling
me to backup my data and email. That voice will still be
there one sorry day, telling me that you really should have
2. No more checking the BlackBerry’s mail after hours. That
little flashing red light is sometimes just too enticing to
resist. And of course you just have to reply, immediately. I
suppose no-one ever looks back upon their life thinking “I
» Win the coolest 21
really should have checked my mail more often”. BlackBerry smartphone
3. No more reading news first thing in the morning. Rhino
killings and politicians’ craziness are not good for the heart
while still lying in bed. Thanks again smartphone.
4. Sort out my phonebook. After years of use I can sometimes
stare at my phone’s contact list and ask “Who are these
people?” SA Chris, Hollywood Sac and Igor Securit please
identify yourself before getting deleted.
With tech you’re almost sure that whatever is coming next will
always be better, so here’s to an excellent tech-filled 2011.
» First aid for your PC 29
P.S. Remember the BlackBerry Torch competition that you can
enter on www.techsmart.co.za.

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Google Phone: The sequel Google eBooks, where art thou? Sales blizzard for 3rd WoW

taying with our digital overlords,

G oogle recently unveiled the Nexus S,
their second venture into the
smartphone market. The Nexus S was
S Google has opened its eBooks store
last month in the US, in line to rival
W orld of Warcraft (WoW):
Cataclysm, the third expansion
for the massively multiplayer online
co-developed by Samsung and boasts a Amazon and other online ebook retailers. role-playing game (MMORPG), sold
1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 16 The interesting thing about eBooks is that over 3.3 million copies in the first 24
GB of internal memory. It’s also the first the titles available to purchase will be hours following its release. According
phone to make use of Android version stored in the cloud and will work across to Blizzard Entertainment, this has
2.3 (Gingerbread), bringing numerous multiple platforms (PCs, Smartphones, made it the fastest-selling PC game of
OS improvements such as a new eBook readers, Tablets). You can start all time, toppling the former record of
keyboard and text selection tool, reading in the morning on your more than 2.8 million copies sold in
internet (VoIP) calling abilities, improved smartphone and continue later on your 24 hours, which was set in November
copy/paste functionality and gyroscope PC, bookmarked at exactly the place 2008 by the second WoW expansion,
sensor support. Also included is Near where you left off. There are currently Wrath of the Lich King. There is
Field Communication, taking us one step three million titles available, but not for approximately 12 million people
closer to paying via your smartphone. South Africans yet, although a few free playing WoW world-wide, which is
titles have made their appearance. We more than the population of Greece.
join other book lovers out there in the Massively multiplayer indeed, but who
›› Hot new products hope that eBooks will be here soon. to play, Worgen or Goblin?

1 Tron Light Cycle 3 PSP 2 rumours

1.6 billion. People worldwide with internet access at home in 2010, up from 1.4 billion in 2009.

f you are a big Tron fan then and

1 ecently some solid news finally
I idea of riding around on a real
Tron light cycle gives you a tingle,
R appeared on the long rumoured PSP
(PlayStation Portable) 2. The PSP 2 will
why not buy one from Parker feature a larger touch-enabled display,
Brothers Choppers custom will forgo its predecessor’s UMD drive
motorcycle manufacturers? These for a download-only option plus will
Light Cycles go for $55 000 (around feature both front and rear cameras. A
R376 000), each sporting a Suzuki rear-mounted touch-panel will also be
TLR1000 V-twin engine with steel included for some new controller
frames and fibreglass body work. options and apparently the little device
The Light Trail weapon is will be so powerful in the graphics
unfortunately not included. department that it will rival early PS3
games. No pricing or release date info
2 Powermat Wireless Charging has been released yet. (This image is a
fanboy concept, not the real thing.)
ires – you have to hate them. 3
W Luckily the Powermat has recently
been introduced here in SA, allowing 4 Kinect-powered Forza 4
icrosoft recently
phones to charge without being
connected to a wall socket. Simply put M announced the next title
in the Forza series, Forza
your phone on the surface and it
charges – like magic. This however is Motorsport 4, promising also
only possible alongside a special that this will be the first true
Powermat receiver which at this stage Kinect racer. Supporting the
is only available for certain motion-sensing peripheral
iPhone, BlackBerry and HTC means virtual racers can now
models. You can however control their rides with
charge basically nothing but their bodies. The
anything, from game will (luckily) still
smartphones to
2 feature traditional controller
a Nintendo DS, support in addition to Kinect
via the and developers, Turn 10,
Powermat have flaunted it as “an
thanks to a useful 4 automotive experience unlike
universal connector. anything before it.”

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 5



With Moore’s Law still proving relevant each year, we’re almost always guaranteed of something interesting
happening in the world of technology. 2011 looks set to be no different, heralding tablets, smartphones and the
move towards even faster networks.


ith Apple getting the jump on everybody, ANDROID
W the true tablet showdown is scheduled
for this year since the majority of PC (and oogle’s free Android operating system had a
even cellphone) manufacturers are ready to
jump the market with their own devices.
G good year in 2010, not only reviving the
fortunes of a number of smartphone manufacturers but also
Apple’s traditional smartphone rival, BlackBerry, is due to starting to make an appearance on netbooks and tablet PCs. All
release the BlackBerry PlayBook. Featuring a 1 GHz dual-core signs point to a stunning 2011 for this operating system.
CPU, 1 GB RAM and front and rear cameras, the PlayBook is According to Google’s vice president of engineering, Andy
one of the most anticipated tablets yet. HP’s often delayed Rubin, Google is activating 300 000 smartphones each day with
Slate 500, running Windows 7, is also set to finally enter the the Android platform, with research firm Canalys measuring a
market. It should sport a zippy Intel 1.86 GHz Atom Z540 886% difference in Android shipments in Q2 of 2010 than the
CPU, GMA500 graphics, 2 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD, making it same quarter in 2009. Market analysts, Gartner, goes so far to
the most powerful tablet yet. The 8.9" device will display at an predict that Android will be surpassing the Symbian platform as
impressive 1024 x 600 resolution and should play HD content most used mobile operating system (OS) market in the world by
without a hiccup. Also to watch out for is the Cisco Cius, HP 2014. Amazing, considering the amount of Nokia phones out
PalmPad, the dual-screen Acer Iconia notebook/ tablet and there with Symbian installed.
devices from Toshiba amongst others. Android is also the preferred weapon of choice for tablet
Despite all these efforts, Apple might just steal the show manufacturers looking to produce the next iPad killer, with
again. Though its predecessor is just a few months old, there companies such as Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Cisco, Dell and
are already rumours of the iPad 2 making an appearance as Motorola either having released or planning to release Android
soon as February. At this stage it is widely believed that the tablet devices. According to research firm, IMS Research, Android
iPad 2 will feature front and rear facing cameras, also tablet devices could be as much as 15% of the market this year,
supporting the iPhone 4’s FaceTime video calling. Increases in not bad taking into account the massive head-start Apple’s iPad
the processor and memory sectors are also likely, while the had. Android is also making the trek to netbooks, with Acer
screen resolution should also get a boost. The iPad 2 is recently releasing the Happy netbook that dual-boots Windows 7
4 May 1536. First recorded usage of the @ sign.

surrounded by a strict veil of Apple lawyers at the moment, and Android, while Toshiba has also produced an Android
but when more info drops, we’ll be there to report. The netbook. Although if Google is to be believed their new Chrome
Consumer Electronic Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas OS, to be released later this year, should be the domain of
this month should provide a more solid tablet roadmap. netbooks. (Check our top apps for Android on p. 27) cont...p9

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 7



n 2010 more and more manufacturers
I moved away from standard feature phones
to the connected, application spewing smartphones of today.
In fact, according to Mobile magazine, up to 80% of mobile
phone users are expected to move to smartphones in the
coming months, signifying the gradual extinction of the “call
and sms” phones of yesteryear.
While the old feature phones may have been able to run
some advanced Java applications, smartphones take this
further by running a complete OS (Operating System), just
like your PC runs Windows. At the same time developers are
creating applications that can be downloaded onto
smartphones to enhance usability.
Did you care what OS your last phone ran? Chance are you
didn’t, but now mobile OS’s are becoming just as important a
factor in the decision making process as the hardware. With
the new Android 2.3, Symbian S^3 (Nokia), iOS 4.2 (iPhone),
BlackBerry 6 OS and the Windows Phone 7 OS, the mobile OS
realm is charged with competition for 2011.
Smartphones are also becoming cheaper as Huawei
recently announced its IDEOSTM U8150 smartphone which will
retail below R2000, while LG released the excellent Optimus
One for just under R2500. Vodacom also announced the ZTE
Vodafone 543, taking the spartan smartphone cake at only
R499 a pop. cont...p11
o what exactly is “Smart TV”? Simply put
S it is a merger between two of the most
important technological advances the past couple of centuries
– good old TV and the internet.
The strongest Smart TV offering we’ve seen so far comes
from global search giant Google, partnered with Intel, Sony
and Logitech with their Google TV. The Google TV setup allows
viewers to watch either traditional television broadcasts or
20 minutes. Battery life on the first mobile telephone.

enjoy a variety of shows streamed from the internet, access

websites from their TV, and even run applications on it.
So what is powering Smart TV? Well hardware wise the
leaders in the field at this stage is Intel with its Intel Atom
CE4100 processor. This is Intel’s first system-on-a-chip aimed
at Smart TV’s based on the Atom architecture. The chip allows
Smart TV top boxes to be able to handle dual-stream 1080p
video support and other processing duties.
But Google TV is facing its share of problems though, with
Viacom (representing MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and
VH1) recently opting out of an agreement with the service.
They join News Corp, NBC Universal, Disney and CBS who’ve
also shut out Google’s TV ambitions. Google is also
encountering software issues and have last month asked
manufacturers at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES)
in Las Vegas to delay their showing of Google TV devices.
At the end of the day they say content is king, and if Google
can’t get the big guys interested Google TV will be off to a
very shaky start. Oh yes, there is no news regarding a release
date for Google TV in SA yet.

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 9


3.5G GOES 4G
G is the successor to the 3G and 2G
4 standards, and although a lot of companies
have branded WiMAX and first release 3G LTE
(Long term evolution) technologies as “4G”, WHAT TRENDS WE
these standards don’t actually comply with the definition of a
A true 4G network must fulfil two crucial roles: the first is So how did we do predicting the tech
that it has to be IP-based and use orthogonal frequency-
division multiplexing (OFDM) technology (a modulation
trends for 2010? Well it was a bit of a hit
technique for transmitting large amounts of digital data over a and miss affair. Here are three of our 2010 predictions
LG Optimus 2X. World’s first smartphone with a dual-core processor, the Tegra 2.

radio wave). The second, and perhaps more important and one we missed completely.
requirement, is that it needs to support peak download speeds
of at least 100 Mbps. Gesture Driven Gaming
No true 4G network has been operational in South Africa 2010 was indeed a good year for grand gestures, especially if
yet and it seems that the most positive estimates point to you’ve played with the Microsoft Xbox Kinect, which is not only
true 4G in SA in about two years’ motion-based (it tracks your body movements) but also
time. All three major South completely controller-less. The Kinect sold 2.5 million units in
African mobile providers are just 25 days – a good start in anyone’s books.
currently offering 21 Mbps
HSPA+ networks in selected Google Chrome OS
areas, although full country- We thought Google’s Chrome operating system might just
wide penetration is expected to offer some competition against the mighty Windows, but it did
be completed at the end of the not even see the light of day, with the search giant citing “bug
year. problems” as reason for the delay. The first netbooks running
Meanwhile the 4G dream is the Chrome OS should be out in the first half of 2011, but in
becoming more of a reality in the meantime at least their Android OS is performing well.
first world countries such as
the USA. Several 4G capable 3D technology
handsets and 4G compatible Yes we saw a lot of 3D in 2010, but after the success of Avatar
networks have already it all turned a bit ho-hum. High prices for 3D telly’s and the
surfaced. HTC is one of the need for silly glasses of course did not help either. We’re
leaders at the moment, with actually holding thumbs for holographic TV soon.
its HTC EVO 4G being the
first widely available 4G The iPad
handset. A whole host of Not a lot of people saw the Apple iPad coming. We certainly
4G enabled devices are set didn’t, consequently missing the biggest tech news of 2010. At
to surface at the Consumer least we were not alone seeing that the success of the device
Electronics Show in Las left a number of manufacturers scrambling to get their own
Vegas this month. tablets to market.

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 11



If choosing the rough and tumble road is your preference, Panasonic’s Toughbook range are the only
notebooks that will be able to keep up. We check out the CF-31 and CF-19.

CF-31 CF-19
Display Display
The Panasonic CF-31 is
The Panasonic CF-19
equipped with a 13.1" XGA features a 10.4" sunlight-
touch-screen display with viewable XGA Active
Panasonic CiruLumin Matrix (TFT) colour LCD
technology. LED display, fully
backlighting viewable even in
ensures a clear direct sunlight.
and bright The display is
display. It is rated dual touch,
meaning it
at a bright 1100 nit.
supports a
Processor and digitizer,
The Toughbook 31 makes use of the powerful Intel Core plus the screen
i5-540M vPro processor rated at 2.53 GHz, with Turbo can be adjusted to turn the device into a tablet PC.
Boost functionality taking it up to 3.07 GHz.
Storage The Toughbook 19 comes equipped with an Intel Core
Being sturdy is paramount in a device such as this, so i5-520UM vPro processor with a clockspeed of 1.2 GHz
Panasonic has armed the CF-31 with a shock-mounted 250 and Turbo Boost taking it up to 2.0 GHz.
GB hard drive with a quick-release option for easy drive
swapping. Storage
The Toughbook 19 faces bumpy terrain and accordingly
51 years. Amount of time it took for hard disk drives to reach the size of 1 terabyte (TB).

is equipped with a sturdy 160 GB super fast SATA hard

Memory drive which is shock resistant and can withstand drops
The Toughbook 31 as standard sports 2 GB of DDR3 of up to an amazing 1.8 m.
SDRAM which is expandable to up to a powerful 6 GB.
Dimensions and weight The CF-19 supports 2 GB worth of DDR3 SDRAM as
Measuring in at 292 x 302 x 73 mm, and weighing a solid standard and this can be upgraded to a maximum 4 GB.
3.6 kg, the CF-31 isn’t the smallest notebook around. But
rugged is the name of the game and we’re sure you can Dimensions and weight
handle that extra strain. At 271 x 216 x 49 mm, the CF-19 is a bit smaller than
its counterpart and also weighs less, coming in at only
2.3 kg.
Of course, the most important aspect on a Toughbook is its
durability. The CF-31 is certified by military standards for
The rugged CF-19 passed the IEC529 water resistance
drop shock protection with MIL-STD-810G and IP65 test and features a double waterproof structure for tight
certification, while this fully-rugged notebook also has a water and dust-proofing. It can be dropped from 180 cm
magnesium alloy handle and reinforced locking port covers and passed the military MIL-STD 810G vibration
for extra protection. resistance test and IP65 certification.

Military Specifications and Standards as set by the U.S. Department of Defense

• Free fall test: PC falls onto plywood • Dust resistance test: Tiny particles 10 mm of water per minute.
from 90 cm onto each face, edge and continually sprayed onto PC when • Vibration test: PC was subjected to
corner for a total of 26 drops. operating. vibration for 1 hour at each of its
• Typing Test: Each key was typed • Water resistance test: Precipitation axes.
two to five million times. of the PC for 10 minutes at a rate of • Aging: Tested at -20 ºC and 60 ºC.

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Business Workstation (PC) Fujitsu ESPRIMO Mobile V6555 MINIX Netbook

• Black and Silver
Handle 450W Case
Celeron 900
• Intel Chipset G31
• M Celeron 430
• PC-800 1024MB
• 350GB Sata HDD
• Samsung 22x DVD

• CPU: Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz
AOC 18.5" LCD • CPU: Celeron 900 (2.2GHz 1MB 800MHz)

HDD: 160GB 5400RPM
• HDD: 250GB HDD • Screen size: 10.0" LCD
• Display Type: LCD
• RAM: 2GB DDR2-800 • Other: 1.3M Pixel Webcam, 802.11b/b/n wireless

• Screen Size: 18.5 • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8200M Graphics technology, Keyboard
inch • Screen size: 15,4" WXGA Bright Display skin and Screen
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9 • Other: DVD Super Multi, Gigabit LAN, WLAN, Cleaner cloth included

• Resolution: 1366 x 802.11b/g, Integrated
768 pixels Webcam, Windows 7
• Energy Power Use:
Max 25 Watts
Home Basic + Offi-
ceReady TRANSCEND Slim Portable USB
DVD-Writer 8X R399
• Wall Mountable

R899 MS OFFICE 2010


HP Deskjet 2050 All-in-One

2 user
licences R1499
Printer R499
KASPERSKY 2010 Display Adapter – USB to VGA
3 user
licences R139 Extend Multiple Monitors
Free upgrade to 2011

LG Portable DX325B
Business Projector R5499
This is a USB to VGA Display Adapter, an external
graphics card, that lets you connect an additional
monitor (LCD/CRT) or projector to your desktop or
Samsung notebook computer.

External HDD Visit our website for our entire

G2 320GB 2.5" R429
product range:
• Graphics Cards • Docking Stations • Memory
G2 500GB 2.5" R549 • Media Players • Components • Peripherals
S2 1TB 2.5" R999 • Power Supply Units • & much more...

G3 2Tb 3.5" R999 www.technet.co.za



TechSmart was recently invited to visit Yamato Labs in Japan, birthplace of the legendary ThinkPad, to talk to the
father of the device, Arimasa Naitoh.

n the easy come, easy go world of ThinkPad in 1992. Those days the What’s next?
I technology, it’s not often that a device
can reach iconic status. If there is one
ThinkPad still belonged to IBM and
innovation was the name of the game,
Naitoh is adamant that smaller and
lighter is the way to go. “A reduction in
brand though that can lay claim to this, especially since notebooks were still in notebook weight is my first goal,” relating
it is the ThinkPad. As a business tool the its infancy. further that 1.2 kg seems to be the
ThinkPad range of notebooks has a hefty IBM’s PC division was acquired by magical number in this regard. He also
pedigree – the first modern notebooks in Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo in 2005 mentions a few other developments
4% or 600 people. Amount Yahoo cut its workforce by in December 2010.

space, the first to include a CD-drive and today Naitoh holds office as vice which in the next two to three years
and DVD-drive, the first to include president of Development of Lenovo’s should have an impact on the notebook
integrated Wi-Fi and the first to Notebook Business Unit. As both an IBM market. Firstly screen technology might
integrate a fingerprint reader. Many and Lenovo Fellow, the highest honour incorporate flexible display / colour E-ink
companies though can tick off firsts, but than can be bestowed on a technologist technology, making for foldable thin
as they say the proof is in the pudding. at these companies, he comes across as screens that are basically unbreakable.
The pudding in this case being that in very pragmatic. This trait is clearly Secondly there’s a convergence of
the year that the ThinkPad range is reflected in the ThinkPad range, which smartphone and PC architecture which
celebrating its 18th birthday, Lenovo up until recently have not appeared in should see high performance devices
announced that it has shipped the 60 any other colour but business black. coupled with much better battery life. A
millionth ThinkPad. Naitoh refers to notebooks as “weapons” third technology which can already be felt
for your business, there to make your in the market is cheaper, higher capacity
Yamoto Labs, birthplace of the business more “powerful”. “If you use a Solid-State Drives, making for lighter,
ThinkPad notebook and get distracted by the safer and faster computer storage.
The unpretentious Yamoto Labs is problems it gives you it impacts The quality of the ThinkPad range is
tucked away in a leafy suburb a few negatively on your productivity,” he told reflected in the 60 million ThinkPads sold,
kilometres from Kyoto. It is here where TechSmart. “We are constantly and after spending some time with the
Arimasa Naitoh, known as the father of innovating to lower or eliminate these father of the device, we’re certain that
the ThinkPad, introduced the first customer pain points,” Naitoh continued. that figure is only the beginning. [MJ]

Innovation at Lenovo – the cat and the owl

Innovation is the name of the game for was inspired by the pads on cats’ feet, ThinkPad’s silent fan blades, managing
the ThinkPad range, even for the bringing down hard disk system failures to keep machines both quieter and
smallest detail. The shock absorbing due to hard drops by as much as 20 – cooler by as much as 4.5°C than on
feet on newer ThinkPads for example 50%. Owls’ feather structure inspired the 2007 machines.

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 15


Samsung Galaxy Tab quicker than the iPad’s – something

which we found a nuisance.
over an iPad?
Overall, the
›› The invasion starts In terms of storage, the Galaxy Tab
is available in 16 GB and 32 GB variants
iPad is
arguably more
which, when coupled with a 32 GB attractive in
With a number of features that the MicroSD card, can mean up to 64 GB of terms of
iPad does not support, Samsung’s storage space. It also features a 3.5 design and
Galaxy Tab sure is impressive – megapixel camera with video capture certainly
(not present in the iPad), 7.2 Mbps prevails over
but is it just too expensive? HSDPA and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support, Samsung’s
plus of course full integration with the device with
learing one million units in one Android Marketplace and Google regards to
C month, the Galaxy Tab looks like the
fiercest competition for Apple’s iPad yet.
applications such as maps and mail.
Doing the computing is a 1 GHz ARM
its ‘cool’
factor. But
And it’s no surprise, since the Galaxy Cortex processor which is perfect most the Tab has
Tab incorporates a number of offerings of the time but can struggle if you do a number of
which Apple chose to ignore. These heavy multi-tasking. decent
include MicroSD support for up to 32 GB
cards and mobile network support by
default (3G support is only available on
“The Galaxy Tab incorporates
selected iPad models). Additionally,
users are able to make cellular calls
a number of offerings which
using the Galaxy Tab – a luxury which is
not available on the iPad.
Apple chose to ignore”
Screen The Galaxy Tab also features DivX features the iPad doesn’t have,
The Galaxy Tab incorporates a 7" TFT media and full 1080p support for a including microSD support and
capacitive touch-screen which boasts a number of video file formats and can calling.
resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. function as an external drive should the Had Samsung priced the Galaxy Tab
14.1 million. Apple iPhones sold in the fourth quarter of 2010. 4.19 million. Apple iPads sold in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Although this is smaller than the iPad, user choose this option. Compared to more aggressively, the answer would
which measures in at 9.7", the Apple’s relatively restrictive iTunes have been more clear – but at a cost of
resolution is competitive – Apple’s software, it is far easier to load and R8500 locally, it really is a issue of
offering measures in at 1024 by 768 remove data onto the device. personal preference. Still, with the iPad
pixels. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Tab’s not officially launched in SA, the Galaxy
Gorilla Glass display (which also Galaxy Tab versus iPad Tab is the only proper tablet currently
supports multi-touch), gets dirtier far So, is it worth purchasing a Galaxy Tab officially available. [TM]

Nokia C7 ›› Symbian^3 smartphone for the masses

Bluetooth 3.0.
Nokia is facing some strong
Given that amount
competition in the mid-range in of functionality, its
the form of decently priced battery life of 1½
Android-powered devices. How to two days is
above average.
does their new C7 with the
The C7 makes
revamped Symbian^3 (S^3) use of an eight
operating system perform? megapixel
camera with
he C7 reminds a lot of the popular auto-focus (sans
T XpressMusic 5800, although more
rounded and also a lot thinner. The build
the usual Carl Zeiss
optics) that captures really good
quality struck us as really good and the quality videos in high-definition (720p).
device feels very solid in hand. Its 3.5" But its bigger brother, the N8, still takes Conclusion
AMOLED capacitive touch-screen feels the cake if it’s a good camera and video Overall the C7 is a solidly built device
slick when tapping or swiping your way you’re after. with good multimedia functionality.
through its menu system, a lot more so We’re not big fans of Nokia’s new S^3 S^3 is a great deal better than its
than on LG’s Optimus One but is less OS and the C7 offers users access to a predecessor (Symbian Series 60), but
impressive than Samsung’s Wave. It less than average three home-screens, to in our opinion this new OS isn’t as good
doesn’t boast the 1 GHz processor populate with your chosen widgets. It as iOS and Android. This leaves us
usually found on the top-end devices, also integrates social networking, eager to get our hands on Nokia’s first
still the 680 MHz ARM 11 CPU did a good including Facebook, but you have to be smartphone running their the new
job of keeping things smooth. hooked up with a Nokia Ovi account Meego operating system co-developed
with Intel, to be released later this
“The build quality struck us as really good and year. [HD]

the device feels very solid in hand.” » Quick specs

Features (available for free though) through which • 3.5" Capacitive touch-screen
This smartphone packs HSDPA to do this. Afterwards you can only • 680 MHz ARM 11 CPU
connectivity, integrated GPS with A-GPS manually link phonebook contacts with • 8 GB onboard memory
receivers, 8 GB of internal memory, Facebook, which is a more cumbersome • Wi-Fi, HSDPA
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and the faster process than on BlackBerrys for example. • Bluetooth 3.0

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Edimax 3G-6200n wireless router Edimax 3G-6210n wireless router
›› Tired of sluggish connections? ›› Fast speeds, small router
The Edimax 3G-6200n is a mul-funcon wireless The 3G-6210n is a portable wireless 3G
broadband router which can be used to connect to either broadband router which really puts
a 3G or 3.5G USB modem and allows users to share this the emphasis on the “portable”
internet connecon. part.

he device support speeds to share the same

T up to 7.2 Mbps and
includes a built-in Ethernet
printer. A built-in NAT
(Network Address
U sers can connect either
a 3G or 3.5G USB
modem to the router, upon
WAN port for cable or xDSL Translation) which all users on the
modem support. When function is also network can share this
connected to included internet connection. According
either of these allowing the to Edimax, the 3G-6210n is
modem types, router to connect currently the smallest wireless
the up to 253 wired or 3G router in its range, with a
3G-6200n wireless clients to compact design making it you need it. The 3G-6210n
will enable an internet easy to carry around complies with the IEEE
the xDSL or connection simultaneously. wherever you go. 802.11b/g wireless standard
cable Thanks to its compatibility with The router is capable of and is compatible with the
broadband connection the IEEE 802.11n wireless supporting speeds of up to 7.2 faster IEEE 802.11n standard
automatically when a 3G standard the router can reach Mbps and includes a built-in as well. When fined-tuned to
connection is not available. speeds of up to 150 Mbps, Ethernet WAN port for a cable operate using 802.11n
The device also features a three times better than what or xDSL modem. A technology, the device can
USB port which can be used you would get with a standard rechargeable Li-ion battery reach data transmission
to connect a printer and 802.11b/g device. It is also makes an appearance, speeds of up to 150 Mbps.
function as a print server to available from Matrix providing up to 1.5 hours of It is available from Matrix
enable users on the network Warehouse Computers. R629 wireless internet whenever Warehouse Computers. R849

Edimax AR-7266WnA/B wireless router Edimax AR-7284WnA/B wireless router

›› Fast for the home or business ›› Wired and wireless
If you’re looking to seriously speed up your home or Another high performance router from
small business connecon, the Edimax AR-7266WnA/B Edimax, the AR-7284WnA/B fully supports
may be just what you’re looking for. the ADSL2+ standard and is also compable
with the latest 802.11n wireless standard.
his high performance
T router provides the
full rate of ADSL2+ A dvanced MIMO technology
enables up to six times
connectivity and complies better data transmission, with
with the latest wireless a claimed data
standard of 802.11n. transmission rate of
Featuring advanced MIMO 150 Mbps. It also
technology, it is able to provides three times
provide users with a data better wireless
transmission rate of up to coverage than a
nine times better (up to standard
300 Mbps), while 802.11b/g
providing five times the router. The
coverage of standard connection can
802.11b/g routers. be shared
The device also among both
enables users to share wired and wireless users on virtual server and DMZ
the wireless broadband includes two detachable 3dBi the network, supporting up to function enabling applications
connection with up to 253 RP-SMA antennas, ensuring 253 clients simultaneously, that require open ports (such
users, with Edimax claiming you get the most robust with up to 24 Mbps as games and VoIP services),
downstream speeds of up to coverage possible. downstream speed and 1 to be enjoyed.
24 Mbps and upstream speeds It is available from Matrix Mbps downstream speed. This It is available from Matrix
of 1 Mbps. The AR-7266WnA Warehouse Computers. R639 device also feature a built-in Warehouse Computers. R459

Alberton Head Office (011) 869-2613/4 Centurion (012) 654-0513/0818 Fourways The Buzz (011) 658-1642/1594 Kensington (011) 615-3466/9101
Benoni (011) 849-9249/5346 East Rand Mall (011) 823-6658 Germiston (Lambton) (011) 824-0772 Krugersdorp (011) 954-1500
Benoni Lakefield (011) 918-8130 Edenvale (011) 454-1416 Highlands North (011) 885-2786 Lenasia (011) 852-4778
Bracken Gardens (011) 900-2984 Ferndale (011) 326-0427 JHB City Centre (011) 838-0638 Maponya Mall (011) 938-0003/3292
Bronkhorstspruit (011) 935-1549 Florida-Constantia Kloof (011) 679-2918 Kempton Park (011) 972-7209/10 Melville (011) 482-7186

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Edimax EW-7711ln wireless adapter Edimax BR-6225n wireless router

›› Connected in a jiffy ›› No hassle management
Geng wireless connecvity doesn’t have to be a The Edimax nLite BR-6225n is a compact, high speed
painful process, as the Edimax EW-7711ln 32-bit wireless router soluon that complies with the
wireless PCI adapter demonstrates. 802.11b/g wireless standard and is compable with the
stronger 802.11n standard.
his PCI adapter supports
T data rates of up to 150
dipole antennas. Security is
of course important when dimax claims router either locally or from a
Mbps if connected to a
802.11n device. The
walking around with a
wireless internet connection
E the device can
reach peak data
remote location using the
internet. UPnP compatible
EW-7711ln is an easy way to and the EW-711ln supports speeds of up to devices are automatically
add or upgrade your wireless 64/128-bit WEP data 150 Mbps when detected and information
connectivity on your encryption to protect your optimised to about the devices
notebook or desktop PC. network from unwanted work with are listed in the
Users can also connect to any visitors. It is available from 802.11n management
public hotspot to access the Matrix Warehouse Computers. technology. interface of the
internet using the R249 A built-in NAT router. Users can
EW-7711ln. (Network Address remotely
A detachable Translation) manage IP
antenna with an function allows the addresses,
extended cable comes device to support bandwidth
in handy if you have up to 253 clients. control, open
connectivity issues The device ports and DMZ.
within your introduces the new The BR-6225n is
office, with the Edimax EZView available from
device even system, which Matrix
able to connect allows users to Warehouse
to external manage their Computers. R399

Edimax EW-7711UAn wireless adapter Edimax EW-7811Un wireless adapter

›› Small for a big connection ›› Nano size, macro performance
The EW-7711UAn is yet another The Edimax EW-7811Un is a nano USB wireless adapter
quick and easy way to add or which despite its super compact size supports a high
upgrade wireless connecvity on data transmission rate of 150 Mbps when connected to
your computer of choice. a wireless 802.11n device.
he device features a high-
T gain USB adapter which
can support a data transfer
the EW-
7711UAn is S imply plug the USB
connector into a free USB
rate of up to 150 Mbps when very compact port and enjoy
connected to a wireless and easy to high-speed wireless
802.11n device. Users simply carry around. network access –
need to plug the adapter into Its rotatable especially handy if your PC
a free USB port on their 3dBi high gain or notebook does not
computer and they can enjoy antenna also include built-in Wi-Fi.
wireless internet access increases wireless Supporting the 802.11n
hassle free. transmission wireless standard, the device
The EW-7711UAn complies range. It is increases wireless coverage
with the 802.11n wireless available from by up to three times and helps wireless
standard and thanks to new Matrix Warehouse reduce “dead spots” in connection isn’t in use. The
wireless technology can Computers. R239 wireless connectivity. EW-7811Un sports a compact
increase wireless coverage Edimax is also thinking design making it very easy to
range by up to three times green with this new device as carry around, it is also very
compared to previous it automatically adjusts small, meaning you can keep
models, also reducing “dead transmission output by it plugged into a USB port on
spots” within the wireless distance and CPU offload to your notebook at all times.
range. Toted as the help reduce power It is available from Matrix
company’s smallest wireless consumption when the Warehouse Computers. R159

Midrand (011) 312-6668 Park Meadows (011) 615-8385 Randfontein (011) 412-4320 Sunny Park (012) 341-4166
Mondeor (011) 433-4192/4243 Park Rand (011) 913-4813/4 Southgate Value Mall (011) 941-3829 Sunward Park (011) 896-5108/5153
Monument Park (012) 460-4547 Pretoria Kolonnade Retail Park (012) 548-4733 Springs (011) 362-3362 Three Rivers (016) 423-7158/9
Nigel (011) 814-2156 Pretoria North (012) 546-1156 Stoneridge (011) 452-5818 Vanderbijlpark (016) 931-3604/6
Olivedale (011) 704-5675/5726 Princess Crossing (011) 768-5240/6756 Sunninghill (011) 807-3006 Victory Park (011) 888-2201

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1292 Heuwel Avenue l Centurion, 0157 l (Next to GWM) l Prices Quoted are CASH or EFT only!

95%. Amount of information in the US stored on paper as opposed to electronically.

012-663-1155 | www.laptopcity.co.za l sales@laptopcity.co.za
Gigabyte Q1580L HP 4520s Samsung X120 Acer 5740G Laptop Batteries
Intel Celeron Intel Core i5-430M 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core I5-
Dual Core 1.9GHz 3GB DDR3 Memory SU7300 1.3GHz 520m 2.53GHZ,
1 GB DDR2 Memory 320GB Hard Drive 3GB DDR3 Memory 4GB DDR3
DVD-Writer 320GB SATA Hard Memory, 500GB
250 GB SATA Hard Wireless Lan SATA H/Drive,
Drive Bluetooth Wireless Lan DVD-Writer,
DVD-Writer Built in 3G Bluetooth Lan, Wireless Lan, Bluetooth, A
Wireless Lan Windows 7 11.6" LED Display Radeon 512MB VGA Card, Windows 7
Windows 7 Starter 32Bit Professional Windows 7 Home Premium 32Bit Professional 64Bit, 1 Year Fetch,
Repair And Return Warranty From

R4299 R8690 R6699 R8099 R710

HP Compaq 620 HP Compaq 620 HP Probook 4515s 3 Fan Cooling Pad Laptop Chargers
Intel 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz AMD Athlon Dual Core
1024 MB RAM 2048 MB RAM 2.1GHz
160 GB Hard Drive 320 GB Hard Drive 4GB DDR2 Memory
DVD-Writer 320GB SATA Hard Drive
DVD-Writer Wireless LAN DVD-Writer
Wireless LAN Bluetooth Wireless Lan
15.6" LCD Display 15.6" LCD Display Bluetooth
Built in Webcam Windows 7 Built In Numeric Keypad
Windows 7 Basic Professional Windows 7 Home Basic 32Bit

R4899 R6599 R5699 R120 R260

Terms and Condions apply. Stocks are limited. E&OE. Prices may change without noce due to Rand Dollar fluctuaons. All prices quoted are cash or EFT only and Incl VAT.

Printer Repairs l Repairs l Upgrades l Projector Repairs l LCD Screen Repairs

All repairs done in our workshop
HP, Acer, Compaq, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, Mecer, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Packard Bell, LG, Lenovo, Proline, Gigabyte, Apple Mac, BenQ, Sahara, and many more….

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ION PICS 2 PC Asus SBW-061S-U 6x external
f you have boxes of old Blu-ray writer ›› Blu-ray and 3D too
I photos and slides lying
around at home and always
wanted to digitise them, then If you want to enjoy Blu-ray movies without having to
the ION PICS 2 PC is the buy a Blu-ray player or PS3, then the Asus
gadget for you. Capable of SBW-061S-U 6x external slim Blu-ray writer may just
scanning 35 mm negatives
and slides as well as 3 x 5, 4 x
be what you were looking for.
6 and 5 x 7 inch pictures, the
PICS 2PC is no slow poke n addition to Blu-ray
either since it can scan photos
in one to two seconds to
I playback the drive can also
write BDmedia at 6x. CDs
convert them to 5.1 transfer. It retails at R1599 and DVDs can also be
megapixel pictures. It and is available from The burned at blistering speeds,
connects to your PC via a G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop on making the Asus one of the
regular USB port for easy 012-346-2726 most versatile external
drives around.
Oregon Scientific +ECO Projection Clock As a bonus the Asus is
able to convert 2D movies to
his eco friendly clock from 3D content (with a pair of 3D
T Oregon Scientific utilises a
solar powered battery to
glasses included), as long as
you have the Nvidia graphics
charge it, so there’s no need card to support this.
for a regular battery or The drive is essentially
adapter. The solar battery is noiseless, even when
fully detachable to allow it to operating at maximum speed
be charged wherever the sun and is also compact so you
is the brightest. With only six can travel around with it
hours in the sun needed for fairly easily and a stand is
the +ECO clock to work for a included so it can attractively
full two weeks, it’s easy to blend into your desktop
Fastest rising Google searches worldwide for 2010. 1 chatroulette, 2 ipad, 3 justin bieber, 4 nicki minaj, 5 friv.

see why this is a green available from The jungle. It is available for a
favourite. G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop on recommended retail price of
It retails for R649 and is 012-346-2726. R1999.

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What was the biggest tech news of 2010?

• MWEB goes uncapped 24%
• The iPad, obviously 18%
• The rise and rise of WikiLeaks 15%
• Cell C’s whoooooosh HSPA+ network 11%
• The iPhone 4 arrives on both MTN and 9%
• 8ta, Telkom’s new cellular network 8%
• 3D’s whimper 4%
The BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone is designed to 4%
• The Xbox Kinect
take your breath away. Onboard this marvellous creature
you’ll find: Slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi®, 3G, built-in • I found a free Wi-Fi network to leech off 4%
GPS, 3.2" touch-screen and the new BlackBerry® 6 OS. from!
• Don’t know, too busy playing Starcraft II 3%

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answer this easy question: “Name one of the features found on
the BlackBerry Torch”. FOLLOW US Facebook: http://tiny.cc/TSFB
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The Global Leaders in “ultra low cost and ultra green desktop virtualization”

New Year’s Promotion

3 year warranty
• Efficiently share one PC with up to
30 users
• Dramatically reduce acquisition &
support costs

Fastest rising Google searches in SA for 2010: 1 justin bieber, 2 nicki minaj, 3 toptv, 4 locnville, 5 die antwoord.
• Easy to set up, maintain, and
secure X550 1 WATT PC
• Compact and reliable PCi connected
• Exceptional multimedia
/ 5 user kit
• Supports Windows and Linux
• Energy-efficient
(just 1–4 watts per user)

“NEVER before has a single

technology connected so many L300 4 WATT PC
people at such a low cost” Ethernet connected

Save money, time,
and aggravation

U170 2 WATT PC
USB Connected

Official importer and distributor
of NComputing Products

L230 4 WATT PC
Ethernet connected

CALL: 011 513-4048 l Email: info@ncs.co.za
For more information Web: www.ncs.co.za
• E&OE • While stocks last • Prices are ex VAT and subject to the Rate of Exchange
ruling at the time of invoice

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Score More educational software ›› Scoring has never been easier

The Score More educational animations, simulations, activities and
games to keep students engaged in the
software packages, based on the after-school learning process. With the use
South African curriculum, has of richly animated lessons and interactive
recently been added to Edutain’s games, the software will keep any learner
wide range of educational glued to their PC for the next lesson.
The packages also offer formative
software. assessments, completed exam papers,
printable worksheets and a test centre so
hese packages offer a digital way of
T learning for the 21st century student,
allowing learners to play and interact
students can test their knowledge. With low
system requirements the program will run
on most computers and it is available for
while actually mastering the subject, grade 10, 11 and 12 learners in Physical
claiming that “Scoring has never been Science and Maths. The software is
easier!” available from Edutain Distribution
Score More offers digital curriculum (www.edutain.co.za) at R295 each. For
content in the form of multimedia more info call 011-450-4168.

Norton Internet Security 2011 ›› Stopping online threats in their tracks

Norton Internet Security 2011 the first time, less than two minutes had Network for Automatic Response) makes
sees Symantec introducing a gone by, while online registration can an appearance once again, policing your
also be quickly completed. PC for suspicious software behaviour.
streamlined new user interface Users can now even tell the program to
(UI) along with useful new tools. Interface scan their Facebook walls for any
Most importantly the software Norton Internet Security 2011’s malicious links that might have been
uses much less of your precious interface remains largely the same as carried over.
last year’s version. On the left side of
12 cents. Amount it costs to send a trillion bits of data from Boston to Los Angeles today. $150 000. Cost in 1970.

processing power to get the job the interface the three main security Conclusion
done this time around. sections are plainly laid out – computer Norton Internet Security 2011 offers
protection, network protection and web users a comprehensive antivirus solution
protection. The sections include that keeps them safe from viruses,
rom the functionalities such as antispyware, malware, spyware and online threats.
F start
things are
firewall protection, safe surfing and
identity protection settings.
Most importantly 2011 shakes the
resource intensive image of old Norton
markedly packages since it uses a minimal
faster. Install Features amount of system resources. A three PC
time has been As can be expected users can easily license is available for R899. [JK]
sped up in scan their system for viruses, with a full,
Norton quick and custom scan option, with Norton Activity Map
Internet Norton offering firewall and online An interesting new feature is the Norton
Security protection settings too. Activity Map – a small map of the world
2011, with Norton System Insight version 2.0 which can be used to see virus threat
the program monitors your system for programs statistics for the world’s major cities.
now including using an unnecessary amount of Clicking on different parts of the world
a smooth new memory. By clicking on the will display threats blocked by Norton.
install ’Performance’ button in the upper right At the time of writing Pretoria sported
interface that can part of the interface, the UI flips around 1605 active threats, Cape Town 2094
be completed in less than a handful of and users can see exactly how System threats, with JHB in the lead for SA with
clicks. From popping the disc into the Insight is monitoring their computer. 3271 threats.
optical drive to running the program for Norton’s SONAR (Symantec Online

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 23

11%. PCs that are recycled, a higher percentage than televisions.

January 2011 l techsmart.co.za


Sci News
Julian Assange (Wikileaks): “What are the differences between Mark Zuckerberg and me? Let’s take a look. I give you private information about corporations for free. And I’m a villain. Mark

Pretty flamingo Fast touch Food for thought

ome people are really good at touchy
B irds want to look pretty to catch a
suitor’s eye. But we’re not talking
about the human kind. A study which
S feely stuff. According to an article
recently published in the Journal of
H ere’s a handy tip for those of us
without grand culinary skills: make
your guests work for their dinner.
recently appeared in the journal Neuroscience, people who have been blind According to a study in the Proceedings
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, from birth can respond to touch much of the Royal Society B, food becomes
showed that flamingos apply natural faster than those with normal vision or more attractive if it was hard to come
make-up to their feathers to stand out who became blind later in life. Scientists by.
during the mating season. During this measured the response time to a tap on Scientists trained mice to press a
time the birds’ plumage tends to be a the index finger in normal sighted people lever to receive a food reward. In one
bright pink-orange, which fades shortly and those with various levels of vision test, the lever had to be pressed only
after they start to breed. The scientists loss. On simple tasks, such as distinguish- once to drop the titbit, while in another
found that the surface of the feathers is ing between a light and a strong tap, the it had to be pressed 15 times before
tinged by an orangey secretion from a two groups performed similarly. But when delivering a similar nibble.
gland near the base of the tail, which a light touch was followed immediately by Later, when the mice had free access
the birds probably apply by rubbing their a longer vibration, the participants who to the two treats, they clearly preferred
heads on their necks, breast and back had been blind from birth responded the type they had to work for – and
feathers. The specific rubbing behaviour much quicker than any of the other seemed to enjoy it more. The results
occurs regularly during the mating volunteers. Researchers believe that the suggest that food enjoyment may be
season. Pretty in pink indeed. lack of visual stimulation changes the way linked to the amount of effort that goes
the brain processes tactile information. into getting it. Bon appétit. [LP]
» Other interesting stuff
Is good luck at gambling all in the New cell type implicated in vision Total number of known stars in universe
genes? http://bit.ly/genegamble http://bit.ly/iseevision triples http://bit.ly/starsinthesky

Eco News
Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and he’s Man of the Year.”

Cisco makes other IT HP first to ship new greener

companies green with eco- Ethernet Standard
Legendary achievement envy P has announced that it is the first
etworking and communications H company to ship products based on
looming for the Toyota Prius
oyota’s poster child vehicle for the
N technology company, Cisco, has a new energy-efficient Ethernet

T green car industry, the Prius, has

been the best-selling car in Japan for
claimed the number one spot on
Greenpeace’s Cool IT Leaderboard. The
standard, which the company helped to
develop. Products utilising this new
environmental watchdog group named standard enables their users to reduce
the past 18 months. But even more Cisco, Ericsson, as well as Fujitsu, as the the energy consumption and
impressive is the fact that the Prius is top three most environmentally operational costs of their IT equipment.
on track to beat the record set by responsible IT companies. Cisco scored This IEEE Energy Efficient Ethernet
Toyota’s legendary Corolla (300 008 70 out of 100 possible points, whilst standard (IEEE 802.3az) reduces power
cars) for most sales in Japan within a Ericsson notched up 57 points and Fujitsu consumption of IT equipment by
calendar year. 52 points. Points are awarded based on a automatically adjusting energy use
January to November Japanese sales company’s efforts to offer economy-wide based on actual network traffic
of the Prius clocks in at 297 563, which technological climate solutions, which will between switches as well as other
is a mere 2 445 cars shy of the record contribute to global greenhouse gas networked devices in real time. The
set by the Corolla two decades ago. reductions, initiatives that they offer to new HP E-Series zl modules are the
Seeing that Toyota has been selling reduce their own global warming first IEEE Energy Efficient
around 20 000 Prius’s per month, this emissions and whether they are actively Ethernet-enabled switches to
green car looks to be a certain bet to engaged in political advocacy as well as automatically enter “sleep mode” as
become the new record holder. support for science-based climate and will connected EEE-devices, when no
energy policies. traffic is being transmitted. [HD]
» Other interesting stuff
Dreams of a world where fuel-less Manure will become a valuable Excellent website for all things green.
planes occupy the skies. commodity in the US again. http://www.thedailygreen.com/
http://tcrn.ch/hHKFg5 http://bit.ly/grNDFh

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 25

200. Memory caching servers needed for Facebook’s day to day operation.

January 2011 l techsmart.co.za


Web Time Wasters

www.angryalien.com www.mapofmetal.com http://htwins.net/scale/ http://bit.ly/dxa6CM

Angry Bunnies? Map of Metal Scale of the Universe Chrome web store
repare to have your mind
E ver wanted to watch a
movie but never seemed to
have the time? Problem solved
H ardcore screaming and
instrumental mayhem
your idea of music? Map of
P blown with this flash
application that lets you
G oogle Chrome is the
internet browser of
choice here in the office,
thanks to angry alien Metal draws out a map, zoom in and out from the with Google managing to
productions. This website starting of with the bastard biggest collective universe, make it even better by now
allows you to see all your child of rock music, heavy all the way down to the introducing the Chrome
favourite movies in a sweet metal, to show how all smallest theoretical webstore. Here you can
and short 30 seconds. Good, different types of rock relates quantum foam. Every level purchase and download a
but what’s the selling point? to it. When clicking on a in size travelled is multitude of applications,
Well it’s all re-enacted by specific type of metal a accompanied by some themes and free games,
bunnies. You can watch these history of the genre and unbelievable facts and it will including the great new Tiger
animated rabbits act out the several tracks to illustrate it soon make you realise just Woods online. There are also
full story-line and plot of will pop up. Also, want to how insignificant (or Facebook apps that allows
movies like Twilight, Die Hard know how to link each and important) you really are. you to see if you’ve received
and even the entire nine hours every artist or band to any Going through this journey new activity without actually
of Lord of the Rings all in half other one ever in six degrees of our known universe will opening the site. However
a minute. Also check out of separation? Check out the surely make for a well spent you do need to download
http://bit.ly/Al35 for Six Degrees of Black Sabbath afternoon. If you like this Google Crome first by
alternate endings to your over at also check out clicking through to
favourite movies. http://bit.ly/bH6WcH. http://bit.ly/fiPXcp. www.google.com/chrome.

Android Apps of the month

With over 100 000 apps available for Android smartphones at the
Android Market, TechSmart would like to help you get to the good
ones first. Here are our top Android Apps of the month.
35%. People on the internet who’s native tongue is English.

Angry Birds ASTRO File Manager NetCounter News24

ith more than 12 million
W copies sold and over 30
million downloads of the free
A lthough Android has most
of the smartphone bases
covered, easily scrolling
A ndroid users have been
proven to use the most
data of all smartphone
N ews24 is one of the
most popular apps for
the SA market and makes it
app across all platforms, through your files, especially addicts, and trust us, your easy to receive local news in
Angry Birds seems to be on your SD card, is not one data usage can easily run a jiffy. In this app’s case it
Snake for the smartphone of them. ASTRO File Manager away with you. To keep track actually tracks your current
generation. A must have in makes it a breeze to view, of your bits and bytes we position to provide location-
regards to gaming on the copy, paste, select and delete recommend NetCounter that based stories. For
Android platform, these files, so if you plan to copy shows your total, monthly international news that’s a
furious birds exacting lots of data to and from your and past seven days usage. bit less resource intensive,
revenge on pigs hiding in phone, ASTRO is essential. It makes it dead easy to try the BBC News app for a
shelters, is way more It’s also very easy to use, keep tabs on your precious never-ending stream of
addictive than any adult since if you know how to data bundle, while niftily also news. For news from the
would like to admit. operate Windows Explorer keeps track of data other side of the Atlantic,
Download only if you have you’ll have no problem downloaded via your Wi-Fi download The New York
lots of time to spare. navigating via ASTRO. network. Times app.

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 27

The Dual-SIM GSM Broadband router is a commercial grade
wireless WAN (WWAN) device that supports High-Speed
Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). It is designed with high
speed corporate networks in mind to support mission critical
data communications requiring 24/7 uptime.

It offers a cost-effective and safe solution for your branch networks

and peripheral devices to connect to your corporate network or the
internet. Ideal for high bandwidth applications.
Cut phone costs and save!
Don’t order more phone lines Popular Applications:
Use your current ADSL line and get 2 landlines • Video monitoring and surveillance
• High bandwidth applications
• Internet and phones use the same ADSL line
• Remote or branch office connectivity
• No monthly phone line costs • Backup or primary Internet connectivity
• Mobile calls from R1.40 per second billing (Incl) • GSM Internet gateway
• Geographic numbers provided (012 Pretoria)
Get Up to 8 lines on a dedicated ADSL line
• Integrated modem supporting GSM GPRS,
• Connect your existing PABX EDGE, 3G, HSDPA
• Replace your outdated costly premicells • PPP dial-in / dial-out
• Get a virtual PABX/Switchboard • Firewall
• Call recording • Port Forwarding
• VPN Tunneling
• IVR (press 1 for Joe ..)
• Dual-SIM Redundancy (Two SIM slots
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By using the MimioPad™
you are free to move around the
meeting room and still able to work
Turn Talk
interactively with your screen or board.
into Text
Jan. Special NOW R2,881 excl.VAT

$2 billion. Expected sales for Facebook for year end 2010.

Was R4,850 excl.VAT

Turn your whiteboard or flipchart into an

interactive presenting tool with the Mimio
Teach™. Capture your flipchart or
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into text. Used for meetings, conferences,
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Jan. Special NOW R13,000 excl.VAT Nuance Dragon
NaturallySpeaking Nuance Dragon
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Premium 11.0 NaturallySpeaking
Home 11.0

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incl VAT
incl VAT
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Creating documents with Dragon is three times faster than typing
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PC Medic ›› First aid for your PC

It is said that the idea for the Large Hadron Collider came to him in a
dream and that he knows how to turn off the entire internet. The PC
Medic answers some of your tech related queries.

Hallo PC Medic. I recently bought a allow me to encrypt my flash-drive that I

Q new portable hard-drive for my PC use to save work files on, without
to keep videos and music on. When trying having to download new software to do
to copy high-definition movies though it this? I use Windows 7 Ultimate both at
keeps saying the drive is full, even work and home. Pieter Uys
though there’s more than enough space
to be able to copy it. Fix? Romana Bailey You can utilise Window’s BitLocker
A Drive Encryption in order to protect
It would seem that your drive has your memory sticks. To employ BitLocker,
A been formatted as a FAT 32 drive, insert the flash-drive (that uses the unlock this drive” and then click “Next”.
which will allow you to copy files up to 4 FAT/FAT32/NTFS file system), click on the Now you can just save/ print your
GB in size. Just reformat it (after you’ve “Start” button and then select recovery key (for if you happen to forget
moved all your stuff off it) so that it “Computer” (alternatively just double your password) and on the “Ready to
utilises the NTFS file format, which should click the “My Computer” icon on your Encrypt This Drive” page click on “Start”
fix this issue as the NTFS file size limit is desktop). Right click on the flash-drive Encrypting’. Remove the memory stick
16 TB (or 16 000 GB). and then click on turn on Bitlocker. only when the encryption process is
Where it says “Choose How You Want complete. This is only available in the
Hiya PC Medic. I wanted to know if To Unlock This Drive”, select one or more Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Vista
Q there is a way in Windows that will of the options such as “Use a password to and Windows 7 though.

» Tips for Windows 7:

Taking a screenshot functionality, such as the ability to take called the “Snipping Tool”. Click on the
Want to take a screenshot of an a snapshot of only a certain section of “Start” button, then “All Programs” and
interesting page or high-score? Simply the screen, as well as highlighting you’ll find it under “Accessories”. You’ll
hold down ALT and press the “Print certain paragraphs within the be able to save your screen-grab as an
Screen” key if you want to include the screenshot, you can make use of a image file such as JPEG or BMP (or
entire screen. For some added very useful program in Windows 7 even an HTML webpage file).
38. Years it took radio to reach 50 million people. 5. Years it took the internet to reach the same amount.

Jargon Busters ›› The Intel Edition

We continue our series of jargon busting features as we take a look at
some amazing, yet sometimes confusing, technology from Intel.
slated to be the successors to the current
Nehalem range. The processors will be
manufactured using the same 32 nm
(nanometre) process as used in the
current range. The new generation is
Core i3, i5, i7 processors purported to be equipped with impressive
o what exactly does it mean when a integrated graphics which are apparently
S computer has an i3 or i5 processor?
Well, firstly they are naming conventions,
powerful enough that it might eliminate
the budget graphics solution market (not
designed to differentiate between the good news for AMD and Nvidia). These
different offerings on the market, with next generation processors will be Moore’s Law
processing power increasing from i3 officially launched at the Consumer Moore’s Law, not to be confused with
through to i7. While Intel’s Celeron and Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas, scientific laws, is a long-term predictable
Pentium are seen as entry-level Nevada, on the 5th of January 2011. trend that has been observed in
processors, the Core range is aimed at computing hardware since the 1950’s.
mid to high performance users. The Core Intel GMA graphics The law states that the number of
processors are all based on the Nehalem Intel GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) is transistors that can be placed on an
micro-architecture and while there may a graphics solution built into the integrated circuit doubles approximately
be vast performance differences between company’s Core i (see above) line of every two years, basically doubling
an i3 and i7 chip, they do share a couple processors. This enables users to gain processing power. The trend has
of similarities. For the layman, the only access to decent graphical performance continued since the invention of the
knowledge really required is knowing that without needing to buy dedicated video integrated circuit in 1958 and today
the different strengths of the processors cards. Intel GMA includes built-in support many digital devices have been linked to
are indicated by their numbering for graphic intensive 1080p full HD Moore’s Law. Advances in processing
conventions, just like a Pentium 4 is playback, supports DirectX 10, Shader speed, memory capacity and even the
better than a Pentium 3. Model 4.0 and OpenGL 2.0, making it a number of pixels in digital cameras can
very useful solution that will effortlessly all be measured using Moore’s Law. The
Sandy Bridge take care of any media playback as well law is named after Intel co-found Gordon
Sandy Bridge is the codename for the as allowing you to play a couple of games E. Moore, who first described the trend in
next generation of Intel micro processors, on the system. a 1965 paper.

techsmart.co.za l January 2011 29

BUSINESS DIRECTORY To advertise in the Business Directory please call Anneke 012-362-2732

your company’s visibility
The TechSmart Business Directory
Take advantage of TechSmart magazine’s 100 000
copies distributed every month! Advertise in our print
directory from as little as R900 per month.
To advertise call Anneke on 012-362-2732.

30%. Reduction in size from Opera 10.60 to the new Opera 11.

30 January 2011 l techsmart.co.za

Want to win On www.techsmart.co.za this month
Lexmark’s excellent As per usual there is a lot more to find over at
www.techsmart.co.za, SA’s top tech site.
ASUS Bamboo U43Jc
3-in-1 printer? Asus’ U43Jc is one of the smartest
looking notebooks we’ve ever reviewed,
plus it’s damn powerful. Oh yes, it’s also
How? Join our Facebook page made from bamboo.
(http://tiny.cc/tsfb) and comment on any
of our daily postings. The best comment Dance Central for Kinect
wins the Lexmark! One of the best, if not the best, title that
we’ve seen for Microsoft’s Kinect yet. If you’re
This month’s winner is Tiego Donas who commented our
into dancing, or even if you’re not, Dance
Top 5 games of 2010: “Starcraft II was an obvious one, I
Central will have you throwing your hands in
still don’t agree with the ridiculous price of the game
the air, waving ‘em about like you just don’t
though. Other than that it’s gotta be an awesome game
care. http://bit.ly/danceyouronfire
even though I’ve never laid my hands on it.”
The Lexmark INTERACT is a 3-in-1 printer, scanner Philips SHL8805 headphones
and copier with touch-screen. It includes paper The Philips SHL8805 headband
saving Eco Mode and a three year guarantee with headphones offer great sound and
lifetime phone support. creative looks but a bulky price. Though if
you’re looking to add your own style these
Lexmark Green Fact might just be it.
Did you know? 1 in 6 pages printed in the workplace are never http://bit.ly/philipscreative
used! Let’s protect the planet together. Let’s stop printing waste!
Ask your administrator to show Courtesy of: Apple iPod nano
you how it print in duplex and The new generation nano might be tiny but

13 multi-up, it saves paper.

Tips from Lexmark for those of us looking
to improve our printing practices, for the
benefit of the environment.
contains a big amount of functionality
including multi-touch, live radio recording
and a pedometer. http://bit.ly/nanoisbig

Competition runs from 1 – 31 January 2011

Also daily news and reviews online every day!
Twitter top trends 2010: 1 Gulf oil spill, 2 FIFA World Cup, 3 Inception, 4 Haiti Earthquake, 5 Vuvuzela.

Smart Ideas
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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit ›› Fast cars, furious police
16 years and 16 titles down the chasing. The racer part of the game is
fairly simple. You select a car and off
line, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
you go into winding desert tracks,
might possibly just be the crowded country roads and snowy
greatest Need for Speed title ever mountain slopes. The races are either a
created. one-on-one challenge, a four to eight
car race or a solo timed race. In these
races players collect bounty which
he plot this time round is simple, makes their drivers and car choices level
T since in Seacrest County all the rich
people around the world, including you,
up and unlocks new tracks. Just be
careful of the hated Seacrest County
flock to race their expensive cars. The Police who will appear and try to run you opinion, one of the best Need for Speeds
police, having to deal with these racers, of the road, and they are not gentle. ever. The missions are sometimes
have in turn upgraded their cars to incredibly challenging to even the most
become the fastest law enforcement Performance experienced video game driver but it is
agency in the world. The cars in Hot Pursuit are meticulously worth doing some missions over and
From the word go this game is an animated and the scenery is picture over again just to see how beautiful it all
adrenaline fuelled ride. The first cars perfect. The cars handled very looks. The game is available for R499.
available to you are already top tuned realistically, sliding on wet tracks, losing [CM]
and breathing fire from the exhaust speed when driving on dirt road
pipes. There is no need to constantly shortcuts and losing all grip when » The Good
upgrade your vehicles as in previous activating nitrous. A big problem,
NFS titles since every car is already graphic and sound-wise, comes in with Offers great graphics,
tuned to its maximum performance level the police missions, since you can’t realistic handling,
and equipped with racing nitrous switch off the sirens or lights. So every great tunes and days
system, excellent suspension and bad police mission is filled with the annoying of re-playability.
boy racing tyres. screeching of sirens and the constant
flashing of red and blue (insert epilepsy » The Bad
Gameplay warning here).
Police missions tend to get annoying
At the start of the game a map of with the sirens blaring the whole
Seacrest County is revealed, with the Conclusion
time, while the game is sometimes
ability to do missions as either the ones Brilliant graphics, great sounds and
incredibly difficult.
doing the racing or the cops doing the realistic gameplay makes this, in our

Gran Turismo 5 ›› Racer to rule them all

The latest iteration of “The Real Driving Simulator” has taken
six years to take to the track, but has it been worth the wait?

he original Gran Turismo was released yourself, but it certainly is a lot more
T in 1998 on the PlayStation, sporting
almost 200 cars to drive, an amount
difficult to win races, since you are
relying on the driving skills of someone
unheard of then. The new GT5 boasts a else.
line-up of over 1000 cars that can be
raced on 71 tracks within 26 different Sound and graphics
locations – all in glorious high-definition Although the HD visuals are stunning the
(HD). music soundtrack of the game isn’t
really, as the uninspiring smooth jazz
GT Life music comes across as really cheesy. But
The bulk of GT5’s activities lie within the it’s the on-screen action which takes
overarching main mode dubbed GT Life. precedence over the music and the
Here you learn the ins and outs of racing game’s graphics will not disappoint in
via the licence tests, as well as partake that regard, seeing that GT5 boasts full
in what is certainly the heart of any GT HD (1080p) visuals and incredibly high-
game – buying your first wheels, race, detail on all the vehicles and tracks.
upgrade it, purchase a better ride and do Simply put, if you want to see something
it all over again. more real, you have to watch racing » The Good
Most of the racing action in GT Life events on DStv’s Supersport HD channel. The HD graphics are
takes place in either the A spec or B spec amazing, the cars
modes. In the former you get behind the Final word looks stunning and
wheel as a driver, to increase your level Is GT5 still king of the driving simulation the tracks are
by challenging a variety of racing events. racers? The short answer is yes. The completely
Within the B spec races you assume the long answer is hell yes! Is it perfect? No, gorgeous.
role of the director of a racing team and far from it, but like its tagline promises,
give commands in races to your AI- it is the most realistic racing title » The Bad
controlled driver, such as maintain pace, available boasting the best graphics and
Long loading times and cheesy game
increase pace and overtake. This might most realistic handling. It retails for
not be nearly as exciting as racing R699. [HD]

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Uncapped Business Wireless Uncapped Home Wireless

Startup package from Startup package from

R650.00 R450.00
• Uncapped or no limit internet • Fixed IP address • Fixed monthly costs • NO telephone lines

Special installation price till 28 February 2011

Was Was
R1750 R1450 .00 R1050 R850.00
Call us on 087 980 0101
www.xdsl.co.za l info@xdsl.co.za
E & OE, terms & conditions apply. Contact us to see if your area is covered.