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Oral Defense held last December 1, 2017


The researcher would like to thank the following

individuals for their support throughout this study, if not

for them this study would not have been possible:

First and foremost the Lord God Almighty for His never

ending grace and for giving the researcher strength and

wisdom to see through the problems during the conduct of the


To Mrs. Ma. Rita F. Villareal, Principal IV of Capiz

National High School, for giving the researcher an

opportunity to have this kind of activity in school;

To Mrs. Judy B. Dunton, SSHT V- Science Department and

STE Coordinator, for allowing the researcher to conduct such


To Mrs. Maria Fatima S. Bolido, Research Adviser, for

her encouragement, positive suggestions and expertise to

improve the manuscript;

To Mrs. Amefil Sagge, Senior Rice Agriculturist of the

Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, for her expertise

and advice regarding to this study;

To Dr. Salvacion Legaspi, and Dr. Victoria Garnace for

the input and additional information for the improvement of

the study;

To the panel of evaluators, Mrs. Wilhelmina Co, Mrs.

Kristine Baes, and Mr. Stephen John Baes, for their

comments, suggestions, and recommendation for the study;

The researcher would like to bespeak his gratitude to

his parents who long-drawn and supported to pursue this


Thank you very much.

The Researcher


Seed germination is crucial due to dormancy. To break

dormancy of rice it requires enough moisture, varying
temperature and sufficient amount of nutrients and
phytohormones. This study aimed to find out the effect of
fermented Potato (Solanum tuberosum) peelings on the
germination and growth of dormant NSIC Rc298 rice (Oryza
sativa) seed variety.

There were 3 treatments done in 3 replications namely: TA –

2mL Fermented Plant Juice + 998mL Distilled Water; TB – 4mL
Fermented Plant Juice + 996mL Distilled Water; TC – 6mL
Fermented Plant Juice + 994mL Distilled Water; (+) Control –
5mL Commercial Product + 2000mL Distilled Water; (-) Control
– 1000mL Distilled Water. Viability test was done to select
seeds to be used in the experiment. Ragdoll method was used
to determine the rate of dormancy of the selected seeds.
The number of seeds germinated was counted manually, and
length of radicle was measured after 5 days of exposure to
the different treatments and height of plant was measured
after 35 days of exposure to the different treatments. ANOVA
was computed.

Results revealed that treatment A showed the best overall

result in terms of number of seeds germinated (9.3333) with
a p-value of 0.000, in terms of length of radicle (4.667cm)
with a p-value of 0.000, and for the height of plant
(51.5667cm) with a p-value of 0.000. Since the p-values were
less than 5% level of significance, the null hypotheses were
rejected. Therefore, there is a significant difference on
the number of seeds germinated, length of radicle, and
height of plant after 35 days of exposure to the varying
levels of fermented plant juice. Hence, the fermented potato
(Solanum tuberosum) peelings can be used to germinate and
enhance the growth of dormant NSIC Rc298 rice (Oryza sativa)
seed variety.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Background of the Study 1
Statement of the Problem 2
Hypotheses 3
Theoretical Framework 4
Significance of the Study 5
Scope and Limitation of the Study 6
Definition of Terms 7
Review of Related Literature and Studies 8
Materials and Methods 13
Results 21
Discussion 26
Conclusions 27
Recommendations 28
References 29
Appendix 31
Appendix A – Statistical Analysis 32

List of Tables

Table Page
1 Number of Dormant NSIC Rc298 Rice Seeds 21
Germinated After 5 Days of Exposure to the
Different Treatments

2 Length of Dormant NSIC Rc298 Rice Radicle after 23

5 Days of Exposure to the Different


3 Height of Dormant NSIC Rc298 Rice after 35 Days 25

of Exposure to the Different Treatments

List of Figures

Figure Page
1 Number of Seeds Germinated, Length of Radicle, 4
and Height of Plant of Dormant NSIC Rc298
Variety of Rice (Oryza sativa) Treated with
Varying Concentrations of Fermented Plant
Juice from Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

2 Potato Peelings 12
3 NSIC Rc298 Rice (Oryza sativa)Seed Variety 12
4 Experimental Design 16
5 Procedural Design 17
6 Different Treatments 19
7 Application of the Different Treatments 20

8 Incubation of Seeds 20
9 Transfer of Seedlings 21