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SPECIAL ANNEX - 27th Issue, Vol. 3, No.

12-B ISSN 2094-1765 December 2010



The Philippines has

shown again the
Filipino's credibility in the
landscape industry as it
showcased a Philippine
exhibit booth entry in the
Global Garden
Competition at the 2010
Taipei International
Gardening and
Horticulture Exposition,
Taiwan. With the theme
of "River, Flower, New
Horizon" the 6-month
expo will run from
November 6, 2010 to
April 25, 2011. The
exhibit is located at the
Global Garden Area, Fine
Arts Park Area, which
exhibit an exotic array of
landscapes from around
the world.

The construction of the

exhibit was headed by
Ms. Rolita Spowart and
her VS Orchids team
assited by Albert Fermia,
Cryrus Beringuela, Kelvin
Manubay, Tony Padilla, CV Lazaro and Jerome Uylengco.

The main Philippine exhibit booth is identified by a large bell tower ruins of the
Cagsawa church in Albay, lavishly adorned with red white striped bromeliads,

surrounded by a river mote to symbolize our country as a group of islands and
artistically landscaped with various plants. The display is in a Christmas season
mood as it also displays parols and a golden Mama Mary in the tower. It is
spectacular when lighted at night.

A view of Vigan in the interior exhibit and the

Cagsawa Church lighted at night.

The exhibit is a walk-in passage way,

wherein the interior of the exhibit is
divided into various pocket gardens
adorned with Philippine orchids -- Lady
Slippers, Butterfly Orchids, Vandaceous
hybrids and Dendrobiums, plus an
assortment of bromeliads, tillandsias,
palms, aglaonema, ferns, boungainvillae
and others. Each pocket garden displays
a picture of some of the familiar tourist
destination sites in our country like Vigan,
Banawe Rice Terraces, Hundred Islands
in Pangasinan, and the Palawan
Underground River,

Exhibit showing Palawan’s Underground River (top) & Bohol’s Chocolait Hills

Baby Spowart and CV Lazaro posing in one of their creations…

Kelvin Manubay visiting some of the Orchid stores in Taipei

Imagine the sheer beauty and quantity of Phalaenopsis orchids…

This is the Taipei International Indoor Floriculture Exhibition at the Expo Dome. The group
was also joined by the POS Secretariat Jenny Rivera along with staff of King Louis Plants
and Flowers.

An Indoor Exhibit designed by King Louis Plants and Flowers.

The Philippine booth is one of the most visited and a favorite among visitors. The
exhibit participated by about 33 countries -- some of which includes the United
States, Thailand, New Zealand, Korea and Japan.

The Philippine delegate was co-sponsored by the Philippine Orchid Society and VS
Orchids. We hope that the Philippine government, especially through the
Department of Tourism and the Department of Agriculture, could help support in
promoting the beauty of the Philippines in various horticultural gathering around the
world. Congratulation to the Philippine delegates for a beautiful work!

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