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Key Selection Criteria

1) A patient focused approach to care

In my last experience of nursing assistant, working at a local clinical centre in my resident, My
responsibilities included Providing professional support to individuals, groups and families,
Serving clients with specific needs - such as helping an individual with an autism spectrum
disorder, assisting a parent with improving his/her quality of life, or providing professional
counselling to a teen, Designing, implementing, assessing and assessing whether services are
achieving. In performing these roles, I took a patient focused approach to care. I provided true
care to patients according to their needs, minimize unstructured time that drags patients along
and incorporate the dynamics of the home into the delivery process. To find where I was going,
I had to step back and ask myself how much I valued my patient's natural ability to make
decisions and do the things that made them happy. This was my first crucial move to determine
the areas where I had to innovate and find the things I could improve on. I specifically
proceeded many steps along the care continuum, and includes feeling welcome, receiving
accurate, up-to-date and complete information and handling an array of emotions and needs of
patients with a great empathy for patients, lending my ears to them and carefully taking notes all
of their personal ideas and requirements. I provided with actions to protect the benefits of our
patients and provision of appropriate pain management resources. The valued outcomes of such
working approach of mine is that my efforts were recognized when I enabled patients to achieve
better health and more communicative with staffs during their staying at our nursing centre
2) A positive approach to ongoing self-education and skill development
When I got an acceptance to work at the clinical center, I clearly defined competencies for
education and skill development that I would make attempt to gain in this job position. It is my
serious intention for continuing education in the field of nursing or nursing fellowships. Besides
I also attempted to realize health professional subjects and patient care as it relates to nursing
practice in a clinical setting. I performed my physical therapist and occupational therapist
specialty areas to meet the skills demands of health care services at the clinical center as I
recognized this is essential to overall health care success.  I kept focusing on growing personal
strengths, focusing on team and classroom relationships, working to enhance a nurse's sense of
self-worth, and being good at my job.
3) A flexible, innovative team oriented approach to service delivery

In my experience as a nursing assistant, I was assigned to perform tasks in group of 3 other

assistants. I took a flexible, innovative team oriented approach to providing healthcare service
tasks and supported the communication of a seamless healthcare delivery system that maximized
the quality of health care delivery in an efficient and cost effective manner. I not always
followed the rules especially in emerging situations. The experienced and enthusiastic team at
Clinical centered I participated provided me valuable lessons; all of which allowed me to feel
more comfortable and confident throughout the period I was performing my tasks. While this is a
relatively brief summary of my experience as a Nursing Assistant, I hope this will give other
young nurse practitioners and nursing educators a better understanding of the level of service an
academic nurse is expected to provide and the commitment that should be expected from them.
As a nurse assistant I am known for my fun, sweet nature and always treat everyone around me
with respect.  
4) A positive approach to change and diversity
Continuing on a path that is healthy for the profession, it is important to make sure that decisions
and studies are based on the facts rather than myths and false assumptions and outdated views.
Clinical center helped to keep positive approach to address some of the issues that concern
nurses in service delivery. I currently work for a bit home care service and healthcare insurance
company in the state of Victoria and aim to help new applicants and current graduates to the field
get a foot in the door of their chosen profession. While it may seem trivial to accept a one-hour
event to help a patient in their capacity with a completely different background gain an entry-
level understanding and acceptance in nursing, I ensured they receive the full effect of my
support regardless of their social background, nationality, or sexuality. I realized that an
individual with experience and knowledge, complete with professional potential and a positive
outlook that is essential for growth. I showed respect for career diversity. I was taught to look for
professional opportunities in any nursing field where I was represented with a positive approach
to change and diversity. I set forth desired changes and strengthening my strengths for the