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When we compare two things or

Tobby people we add –ER THAN to a

Susie short adjective.

Example: short + er
Tim Mary
Gina Luke is short.
Luke is shorter than Tim.

When we compare two things or

people we add MORE + ADJ +
THAN to a long adjective.

Example: intelligent
Susie is intelligent.
Susie is more intelligent than

1. Look at the picture and write sentences using the adjectives from the
box in comparative:
(Mire las fotos de los niños y escriba oraciones usando los adjetivos del
cuadro en comparativo)

tall – short – thin – fat – happy -

intelligent- pretty – handsome

Example: Tobby is taller than Luke.

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2.Complete the chart and write the comparatives and superlatives adjectives:
(Complete la tabla y escriba los adjetivos comparativos y superlativos)


1. nice: agradable / chévere

2. dangerous: peligroso

3. young: joven

4. modern: moderno

5. old: viejo

6. careful: cuidadoso

7. new: nuevo

8. popular: popular /

9. bad: malo

10. short: bajito

11. expensive: costoso

12. good: bueno

3. Choose the correct adjective or answer the sentence:

(Elija el adjetivo correcto o responda la oración)

1. Mary is ________________ than Kate.

a) tall b) taller c) the tallest
2. Tom is _________________ than Bob.
a) short b) shorter c) the shortest
3. Nick is ________________ than Mike.
a) fast b) faster c) the fastest
4. Tim is _______________ than his brother.
a) helpful b) more helpful c) the most helpful
5. This text is _________________ than that text.
a) difficult b) more difficult c) the most difficult

6. Liz is the __________________ (fat) girl in our street.

7. Peter is the _____________ (good) runner at school.
8. It is the ______________________ (heavy) box here.
9. My granny is the _____________ (old) in our family.
10. This car is the ________________ (expensive) here.

4. Write the adjective in Comparative or superlative:

(Escriba el adjetivo en comparativo o superlativo)

1. August is the _________ (hot) month of the year.

2. November is _____________ (cold) than September.
3. It is the __________________ (old) tree in this park.
4. My mobile is ____________ (expensive) than yours.
5. This text is the ___________ (easy) text in the book.
6. It is the _________________ (boring) film this week.
7. Pam’s hair is _____________ (long) than Kate’s hair.
8. This building is the __________________ (beautiful).

5. Write 5 sentences in comparative and 5 sentences in superlative about the things in

your house, your family, your pets and your house.
(Escriba 5 oraciones en comparativo y 5 oraciones en superlativo sobre las cosas en
tu casa, tu familia, tus mascotas y tu casa)


COMPARATIVES: - My dad is taller than my mother.

(Mi papa es más alto que mi mamá)
-My room is smaller than my parents´.
(Mi habitación es más pequeña que la de mis padres)

SUPERLATIVES: - My brother is the youngest in the family.

(Mi hermano es el más joven en la familia)
-The living room is the biggest room in my house.
(La sala es la habitación más grande en mi casa)

6. Record the 10 sentences. (Grabe un audio con esas 10 oraciones)