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Integridad Mecánica, Inspecciones y

Servicios Industriales Corporativos, S.A. de C.V.
Capacitación. Ensayos destructivos en Laboratorio metalúrgico
Calificación de soldadores y procedimientos de soldadura
Tramites de permiso de funcionamiento a lineas de gas y recipientes a presión
Ensayos No Destructivos. Integridad Mecánica

Document: PAUT-MC-02 BeamTool Technique - Detailed

Document Approval

Function Name Signature Date

Prepared By Abraham Pliego Tapia  Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Reviewed By
QA/QC McDermott

Approved By

Project Reference Material

Project Project No. Site Location Technique
AMOCA WHP1 A8156 Patio Altamira PAUT-MC-02
Part Description Weld Procedure Reference Code

Acquisition Unit
Instrument Manufacturer Model Serial Number PA Channels Law Channels
Doppler Flexscan 16:64 AQ0017ICA035 64 128

Tx/Rx Mode Voltage (V) Pulse Width (ns) Pulse Repetition

P/E Max Auto Auto

Filter (Mhz) Rectified Video Filter Averaging

Auto FW False 1

Calibration Block 

Calibration Block Material Target

BLOCK nivel "A" (API RP 2X); BLOCK "PACS"  API 2H Gr.50 ; Steel 1080  side hole 0.060"

Calibration Instructions: Si es requerido realizar una correción por transferencia.

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Part and Coverage

Shear Compression
Thickness Width Length IndexOffset Material
Velocity Velocity
1" 11.811" 11.811" 0" Steel 1095 0.126IN/µs 0.232IN/µs

HAZ: 13.333%     HAZ Width: 0.25"     


Region Angle Height Gap

Upper Fill 45° 0.875IN
Hot Pass - V-Type 0° 0IN
Root 0.125IN 0.125IN

Cap Height Width Overlap

Top 0.125IN 2IN 0.197IN
Bottom 0.062IN 0.25IN 0.062IN

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Phased Array Probe: PA Probe

Index Offset: -2.5"      Scan Offset: 0"     Mirrored: False      

Wedge: SD1-N55S

Velocity Primary Offset Height 1st Element Length Width Angle

0.092in/µs 0.873" 0.324" 0.969" 1.181" 36o

Transducer: 5L16-0.6*10-D1
Num. of Elements Element Pitch Total Aperture
16 0.024" 0.378"

Sectorial Beamset 1 Beamset

Law Config.: Sectorial     Wave Type: Shear 
Element Qty First Element Min. Angle Max Angle Angle Steps
16 1 40o 75o 0.5o
Focusing: None
Gate: OFF

Estimated NearField Min: 1.182"  Estimated NearField Max: 1.926"

Estimated Beam Spread Min: 4.619º Estimated Beam Spread Max: 4.619º

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Scanner Details
Scanner Model Serial Number
stix S/N

Scanner Properties:
Realizarun escaneo por soldadura en materiales desimiles el escaneo sera desde el elemento más delgado.
Scanning Instructions:
Record Criteria:
Acceptance Criteria:08833.ENG.MET.STD/Rev.06-december2008

Special Instructions:

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