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Remember, you're сooler than you think ;)

Welcome to pattern from @mira_loves_dolls!!!

Here comes the day when the curtain falls, and I will reveal all the secrets !

To begin, I will tell you what materials you'll need:

1) the Hook of 0.8 or 0.9 for the body and 0.5 for the eyes .
2) any cotton yarn, by the way acrylic and viscose will also suit)
3) Synthetic/Swan fluff (for stuffing) + a wooden skewer to push the stuffing
4) Copper wire ( diameter of 2.0 mm)
5) wire cutters and pliers for the wire.
6) Two wooden beads (diameter depends on the yarn, I have 8mm)
7) Yarn for hair or wool doll hair
8) Mouline thread for eyes. (definitely black, the other white 2 color optional)
9) Needle for mouline
10) Glue moment crystal.
Now, everything you need is in front of you.
So get down to business without further ADO!
I always start knitting with feet.

1) 6 sc in AR (6)

One slip stitch (to close the circle)

2) 2 sc, INC, 2 sc, INC (8)

3-6) 8 sc (8)

7) INC, INC, 6 sc (10)

8) 1 SC, INC, INC, 7 sc (12)

9) 1 sc, dec, dec, 7 sc (10)

10) dec, dec, 6 sc (8)

11) dec, 6 SC (7)

12) dec, 5 sc (6)

13-17) 6 sc (or 30 SC) (6)

18) INC, 6sc (7)

19) 7 SC (7)

20) INC, 7sc (8)

21) 8sc (8)

22) INC, 8sc (9)

23) 9sc (9)

24) INC, 9sc (10)

25) 10sc (10)

26) INC, 10sc (11)

27) 11sc (11)

28) INC, 11sc (12)

29) 12sc (12)

30) 10sc, dec (11)

31) 9sc, dec (10)

32)8sc, dec (9)

33-35) 9sc (9)

36) 9sc, INC (10)

37) 2sc, INC, 4sc, INC, 2sc(12)

38) INC, 11sc(13)

39) 3sc, INC, 5sc, INC, 3 SC(15)

40) 15sc(15)

41) INC, 14 SC (16)

42) 16sc*11round (160sc in a circle)

On the first part of "Leg" make three chains and cut the thread, leaving 5-6 cm
Do the same on the second part, but after finishing 42nd row, pick up the stitch of the first
part and knit in a circle. In general you gonna have 38 single crochets.
Continue to knit from the legs 38 SC 10 rows
At this stage, you need to do the stuffing, insert the frame .
First don’t stuff too tight, just to form the doll’s body.
Insert the frame, it should be located closer to the front side of your doll.

Here is the "skeleton" of our doll.

Please note the curved ends, it is important to the wire not to come out
of the knitting.

Now, when the lower part of our doll is ready and pleasing to the eye – you can stuff the legs tighter.

Make a row before the back (if you look at the doll it will be its right side) and do the following:

(3sc, dec)*3, 23sc, (2sc, dec)*3, 23sc, 4sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 22sc

In the end out of the 38 cs, should remain 30 cs.

Knit 18 rows 30 cs, it will be the back of our doll. When you crochet, try to stuff tightly the priests area and a little
weaker the area of the abdomen and chest.
Important: in the priests area the frame remains in the middle of the body, the stuffing should be distributed

BUT! When you start stuffing the area of the back, the frame should be closer to the spine.

Next, you need decreases to display the shoulders. Diminish in a circle is standard:

(3sc, dec)*6 (24)

(2sc, dec)*6 (18)

(1sc, dec)*6 (12)

6dec (6)

Neck knit 5-6 rows

6 INC (12)

(1sc, INC)*6 (18)

(2sc, INC)*6 (24)

(3sc, INC)*6 (30)

(4sc, INC)*6 (36)

(5sc, INC)*6 (42)

(6sc, INC)*6 (48)

(7sc, INC)*6 (54)

(8sc, INC)*6 (60)

Further, to highlight the area of the cheeks, knit 60 CS 4 times. In other words 4 rows 60 CS.

(8sc, dec)*6 (54) (Later IN THIS AREA we are going to MAKE a nose)

13 rows 54sc.

(7sc, dec)*6 (48)

(6sc, dec)*6 (42)

(5sc, dec)*6 (36)

(4sc, dec)*6 (30)

Stuff the head tightly, but not to split the loop and not to make the filler be visible through the knitting!

(3sc, dec)*6 (24)

(2sc, dec)*6 (18)

(1sc, dec)*6 (12)

This is where I stop knitting the head and leave the thread about 15cm and make a spout. It is made in the
decrease area (after four rows of 60 CS) and hide the thread.

1) 6sc in AR (6)

2) 1sc, INC, 1sc, INC, 1sc, INC (9)

3-5) 9sc

6) 4dc from one loop to link into one column (to get lumpy), 8sc (9)

7) 7sc, dec (8)

8-39) 8sc (8)

Leave the knitting, cut the thread for sewing. Pass stitches the same thread

loop through one column, tighten the arm. It turns out the semi-circle(shoulder). Sew the hand to

the torso in the area of extras.

Do the same thing with the other hand.

Important: when sewing hands thumbs have to look forward!

Two identical parts.
In Amigurumi Ring make the following columns:
1sc, 6hdc, 1sc. Tighten, fasten the knot the threads and sew on the nose level departing from
it in the side 13 columns- it is the bottom eyelet level .
(made with moulinet floss and crochet 0,5)


Black - leave thread for sewing

6 in AR,

6inc (12)

Colour 1 – from the last black loop retreat left two links and do 2 ch, then in

the same link 1hdc in the next 9 columns do increase. You should get 20 colour 1 columns

Colour 2 begin knitting from the first column of colour 1.

1dc, 17 SC. Should have 18 Colour 2 columns

White color: begin knitting from the first column of colour 2.

1dc, 14sc. Should have 15 white columns.
The right eye makes mirror :

Black - leave thread for sewing

6 in AR,

6inc (12)

Colour 1 - from the last loop black retreat left 4 link and do 9inc , hdc,dc.

Leave thread for sewing

Colour 2 begin knitting from the third Colour 1 column.

17 SC, 1hdc,. Should have 18 Colour 2 columns

White color: begin knitting from the second Colour 2 column.

14sc,1hdc. Should have 15 columns of white.

Next, apply the eye to the face. For reference: Between the inner corners of the eyes should be

5 сolomns and from nozzle 2 columns up. Fix, tucking strands from the floss to the head using a needle, all the rest
we glue.

Next, knit two chains of 16 loops and insert the ends of the strands in the outer and

the inner corners of the eyes.

Tighten the upper path, creating the eyelid.

Take white color thread embroidery floss or «Iris», and make the rays in the eyes. If you focus on the dial on the
clock, the trajectory of the thread is the following: from one hour to the center, and from 6 hours to 3.

The same rays for two eyes.

Don't forget to hide all the threads!!!

Well, that and Your baby is alive! I wish you inspiration
and further continue on your baby doll!
Remember, it's easier than you think!
With love, mira_loves_dolls!