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I do not own twilight or Harry Potter, this fan fiction is for entertainment pur

poses only
This Story is set before Bella is changed and before Cedric died
What happens when Carlisle receives a job to become a doctor at Hogwarts and the
whole family must live there to what will happen when Emmett, Rosalie, Bella, E
dward, Alice and Jasper meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Malfoy and Dobby all m
A few notes
ã » Bella doesn't live with her father anymore she lives with the Cullens
ã » And Jasper doesn't crave blood in this story
Chapter 1 : The beginning
I was sitting on the couch deciding on what movie to watch when I heard the door
slam, I turned around to find Edward smiling sheepish at me, confusion had stru
ck my face as he started to take really slow steps towards me . It wasn't until
I realized what he was doing until his cold lips finally touched mine , but only
for a few seconds until he pulled away with my favorite crooked smile on him.
' Edward, may I ask what your doing' I asked in confusion as he still stayed in
the same position finally after a moment he jumped up
' guess what?' he yelled and jumped around the room]
' what!' I yelled back he passed me a container ' eye contacts?' I asked even mo
re confused
' but there green look?' he said as he put them in his eyes and OMGASH! did he l
ook hotter. I stood there starring at him for a few seconds until I finally foun
d my voice
' you have to wear them 24/7 ' I squealed as I hugged him,after a few minutes la
ter I let go and went back to picking out the movie I was going to pick finally
I came across Harry potter 5 awesome I thought as I placed it in the dvd player
'Emmett I'm watching Harry Potter!' I yelled towards the stair case, after a few
minutes he came flying down the stairs
" COOL!' he yelled as he sat down on the couch with really messy hair
salie yelled from upstairs
'but it's Harry potter ! ' he yelled back and then turned his whole attention ba
ck to the Tv and didn't even notice when Carlisle walked in through the door and
called a family meeting. We all moved to the dinning room and sat around the ta
ble while Emmett was still watching Harry Potter
"EMMETT!' everyone said at the same time as he ran into the room
' What!' he yelled and looked around the room
" Emmett please join us for the family meeting' Esme asked nicely too nicely for
a fact, all eyes turned to her and she just kept looking at her nails.
" OK so I got offered a new position in a new area" carlisle began as everyone j
ust nodded
' guess where' he asked as he looked at everyone
'New York!' jasper asked
"Paris' Rosalie yelled
'Alaska' Edward asked I'd say carlisle was blocking him out
' Argentina' I asked
' HOGWARTS!' Emmett yelled as all eyes turned to him and just glared at him
' As if Emmett of all people you should know better that, that is the most stupi
d thing' Rosalie complained
' what I was just guessing' he said quietly
' OMGASH! Emmett that wasn't a guess' Alice squealed and everybody laughed all e
xcept Emmett he just looked confused
' So where are we going ' he asked and then everyone just started laughing again
" Hogwarts you Idiot' I yellled at him
' but there's no such place" emmett asked confused and we all just started laugh
ing again as Emmett stormed out the room for a few minutes it was quiet then he
came back
" Bella come on we have some planning to do' he said as he grabbed my hand and p
ulled me out the room i looked at Edward with a help me look on my face and he j
ust shrugged his shoulders as i left the room. Emmett brang me up to his room an
d placed me on his bed and pulled out a map
" Emmett what's that' i asked confused as he unfolded it
' a map' he said and i glared at him
' i can see that, but why do you have it' i yelled at him
' oh ooops sorry it's the map where you can see who's on the hogwarts grounds an
d where they are' he said as he looked at me
' umm how did you get it' i asked as he just smiled
' oh i've already been there before' he said quietly
' really what's it like' i asked excited
' well it's pretty boring when all i have met was freaking Ron Weasley' he yelle
d at me and started pacing around the room
' but i like ron weasly' i said as i yelled back at him
' well i don't he's so red haired and annoying i mean come on who really like's
an annoying person' he yelled back at me
' well if i cannot like annoying person, i'm leaving this room because someone w
ho is standing in front of me is an annoying person and i shouldn't like him' i
said as i stormed out the room
' but bella i'm not really that annoying am i' he asked quietly
' well yes your even more annoying then ron weasly' i yelled as i slammed the do
or and then made my way to my room and sat on the bed. After a few minutes i hea
rd the door opening and i thought it would be Edward but it wasn't it was freaki
ng emmett
' what are you doing in here' i yelled at him
' i'm in here to get an apolegy from you' he said normally and sat on the chair
' Like freaking hell, get out!' i screamed at him and he barley moved a metre
' EMMETT GET OUT!' i screamed louder and he jumped up and walked towards me
' Aplogize and i will' he said to me
' no way get out or i'll get Edward' i said with my hand on my hip
' no i'm not getting out' he yelled at me
' Emmett GET OUT!' i yelled thinking were the heck was anybody i walked into the
ensuite and closed the door and he just opened it and walked straight in
" Emmett i screached as he came closer to me
' apoligize now!' he yelled in my face
"NO!' i yelled back at him and grabbed the shower gel and poored it all on him
' You idiot, alice is going to kill me this shhirt was designer' he yelled at me
as i ran out the door and down the stairs to were everyone was sitting around t
he living room laughing i walked in and they all stopped
' oh don't mind me i'm just going out for a while' i said as i smiled and then t
hey all started laughing and then alice's face went blank and evryone went silen
t and she and edward just started laughing again
' of you go bella make sure you get extra honey' she said as she jumped up and t
hen Emmett was running towards me but Edward blocked him off
' Go bella run' edward yelled at me, i ran out the door and grabbed Edward's key
s to his volvo and ran to the car and jumped in and drove to the shop as fast as
i can. Once inside the shop i got some honey , chocolate topping, feathers and
a jar of peanut butter . I ran as fast as i can and ran back to the car once ins
ide i drove as fast asi can back to the house. Several minutes later i pulled up
to the house and drove in the garage to find all the cars were missing except t
he jeep which ment Emmett was waiting for me to return back excellent i thought
to my self as i grabbed the items i ran to my room and locked the door i grabbed
a bucket and placed the honey inside the bucket and placed it on top of the doo
r, then i grabbed the chocolate sauce and placed it in my hand and place the fea
thers on the roof with a sensor on the floor so when Emmett would walk in and ge
t covered in honey he would get covered in feathers on the top. i laughed to mys
elf and then there was a knock on the door
" yes who is it' i said
' it's me Emmett i have come to apoligize' he sad as he opened the door and got
covered in honey
'BBBEEELLLLLLAAAAA!' Emmett Screamed at me and then lunged for me then just as h
e crossed the sensor he was covered in feathers i quickley made my way to door s
till with the chocolate sauce in my hand