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(To Demand Letter dated May 8, 2020)

May 13, 2020

Attention: MR./MS.


I have read your letter dated May 8, 2020 requesting me to refund within ten
(10) days the amount of One Million Pesos (Php1,000,000.00). Dutifully, I am not
running away from my obligation, however, I categorically dispute the amount
being demanded in your letter.

For your information and the ones who served the letter, on April 4, 2020,
your husband Mr. _____ acknowledged the receipt of Php750,000.00 I
refunded. Attached herewith is the acknowledgment receipt proving that I have
partially refunded the amount you are asking for in your demand letter. Thus, my
remaining balance is only Php250,000.00 and NOT Php1,000,000.00.

For purposes of record, you will agree with me that the service of the said
demand letter was made by CIDG officers who stormed to our house and
compelled my daughter, who by the way is only 14 years old, to receive the
same. The overwhelming presence and number of CIDG officers caused
emotional distress to my minor daughter. Surely, I will not let this pass and the
CIDG officers who irresponsibly acted on your whims will all be held responsible
for their actions.

My question is – what crime did I commit that there is a need for you to
implore the assistance of the CIDG to act on the matter? THERE IS NONE.

For the CIDG group who served the letter – Is it not that the PNP-CIDG an
investigative unit, primarily to undertake the monitoring, investigation and
prosecution of all crimes involving economic sabotage and other crimes and to
investigate all major cases involving violation of the Revised Penal Code (RPC)
and to conduct operations against organized crime group? Am I considered a
transgressor of the RPC or other penal law because of a civil obligation? Does the
service of a collection letter within your power to act? I don’t think so, and even
for the sake of argument that the CIDG does, they should have at least investigated
the matter first and ascertained the veracity of the claim.

Verily, there is no doubt that the CIDG officers acted with grave abuse of
discretion and beyond their mandate without weighing first the legitimacy of the
claim. You are using the force of the CIDG as a means to serve your personal
interest, that is – to harass and inflict fear on me and my family just so you can
collect. I guarantee you – your actions and that of the CIDG’s will have legal

Again, I have already refunded partial of the amount you are collecting and I
have no intention to dodge my remaining obligation. By the looks of it and the
methods you are enforcing your right, it seem that you are employing unnecessary
and harassing means to realize your claim. Please be mindful that I could initiate
the proper legal actions against you and the responsible CIDG officers, civil,
criminal or administrative, with a claim for damages, to protect my and my
family’s rights and welfare.

Sincerely yours,