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Laws Haven't Changed Since Primeval Times

When the world was at a very primitive stage, people did not realize the
importance and the necessity of law. People tried to follow some religious norms
of behaviour. But soon they realised that such rules were insufficient because they
did not suite all the situations and were not very fair.

One of the earliest best known legal codes was that of Hammurabi, the king of
Babylon, who lived in about 1800 BC. Of course it would be difficult to compare
his laws to modern ones. Nowadays many things such as the instruments of
punishment or the degree of offender's responsibility are different from those of the
primeval times. What's more, throughout the history the very approaches to the
concepts of crime and criminality have changed.

For example, not so long ago euthanasia (assisted suicide) was made legal in the
Netherlands. Now it is the only country where "painless killing" of those people
who are terminally ill or very old in order to stop them suffering is no longer a

Even in pre-historic time people in tribes had different norms and rules of
behavior. For example, a member of a community was punished if he had done
harm to another member of the same community, if he had stolen something or if
he had failed to perform his duties. Nowadays the essence of such regulations of
social life is absolutely the same. Today people are responsible for all their deeds
according to contemporary laws.

This statement is easy to illustrate. In primeval time if a man murdered another

man from his tribe he had to pay à sort of compensation, for example three sheep.
And in modern law code of Chechnya we can read that if somebody kills another
man, he has to pay a compensation of one hundred cows.

Besides the society itself is developing bringing the need for new changes in
legislation. That is why nowadays it is impossible to live under some primeval
laws. For example, today individuals and whole industries can be sued and tried in
courts for violating the bans on environment pollution. Certainly the laws, which
are applicable to those cases, are ecological laws and statutes, that did not exist
before at all.

Any time humans don’t believe in the truthfulness of some fact or phenomenon,
they tend to experiment on themselves. That’s why thousands of years ago our
ancestors created a set of rules of behavior in self-protection. Most of these rules
are still in force nowadays.

Nowadays the eternal law is the foundation of the contemporary laws.

Unfortunately such rules as “don’t kill” and “don’t steal” aren’t enough to regulate
the complicated relations in our society, and our lawmakers are doing their best to
create sufficient laws

Consequently we can see that laws have changed since primeval times, though
the main idea of justice has remained.Therefore laws haven't changed since
prehistoric times and in all ages their function has been to regulate the life of
people in society.