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2019-2020 Carolina Band Drumline

Video Audition Requirements

A video audition for the Carolina Band Drumline will function in a very similar way to that of a live
audition. As with the live audition, students should choose a primary instrument for the audition and
up to three secondary instruments. If you choose to be considered for other instruments, the video
must include playing the materials for both Primary and Secondary instruments, allowing our staff to
adequately assess your abilities on each.
The required materials are listed on PAGE TWO of this document.

Rules for Submission

1. Your submission must be one continuous video, so please have any instruments you plan on
auditioning with ready. Editing and/or altering the video in any way will result in disqualification
from consideration.

2. Completed videos should be submitted as an unlisted video via YouTube, with a link sent to
Bailey Seabury (bbaileyseabury@gmail.com)

3. All submissions are due by 9:00AM on April 27th, 2018 (Audition Day).

* The audition packet & exercise .pdf’s and .mp3’s can be found here: *

Materials for Video Audition

I. Primary Instrument Audition

Students will play the following materials for their Primary Instrument:

1. Dynamics/Accent Tap
bpm: 140
2. Stick Control
bpm: 115
3. Doubles *two times through, once with the 1st ending, once with the 2nd ending/TAG
bpm: 124
4. Triplet Rolls (omit this for cymbals)
bpm: 148
5. Paradiddle Flow
bpm: 140
6. Audition Excerpt #1
bpm: 158
7. Audition Excerpt #2
bpm: 116
8. Old Fight Song
bpm: 138

II. Secondary Instrument Audition

Students will play the following materials for their Secondary Instrument(s):

1. Dynamics/Accent Tap
bpm: 140
2. Audition Excerpt #2
bpm: 116
3. Old Fight Song
bpm: 138

**BASS DRUMS: Play all Unisons and Bass 3 splits (treble clef E space)

**CYMBALS: Play all Unisons and “A” splits (treble clef E space, or E&C spaces)