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ACC suspends What MPs are getting …

Gelephu dungpa … is nothing compared to what the others are taking home, according to members of
Rinzin Wangchuk
other related works. It was
reportedly found that the Salary package
The Anti Corruption Com- dungpa and dungkhag ad-
mission (ACC) yesterday ministrative assistant, who Minimum pay scale Nu 65,930
issued a suspension order is also the Losel Cinema House rent allowance 30% of basic pay
to the Gelephu dungpa, hall in-charge, have mis- Travel allowance within Bhutan As per entitlement rules
who is alleged to have used and embezzled more
Vehicles purchase amount (lump sum) Nu 1M
siphoned Nu 10.637M, a than 10.63M after a legal
fund generated from Gel- battle with the State Bank Mobile purchase amount (lump sum) Nu 5,000
ephu’s Losel Cinema hall. of Sikkim. Monthly telephone charges Nu 2,000
Sources said Losel Monthly driver allowance Nu 6,000
CORRUPTION Cinema hall belonged to
Monthly fuel & maintenance allowance Nu 7,000
An official from ACC Gyalwa Karmapa, which
said a letter has ben sent was managed by a man Gratuity, Daily subsistence allowance As per parliament rules
to the parent organisation from Sikkim. He had de- Discretionary allowance Nu 100,000
to suspend dungpa Pema posited more than Nu Expenses for carriage and personal effect As per parliament rules
Wangdi as the investiga- 6.291 in the State Bank of
Pension/social security annuity -do-
tion on the alleged corrup- Sikkim as fixed deposit in
Info courtesy: MoF
tion and embezzlement his own name. However,
complaints lodged against the manager passed away Sonam Pelden
him is not yet completed. before the due period of isters, constitutional post holders July 1, MPs will be taking home Nu
The suspension order, the fixed deposit. The Members of parliament, who have and Cabinet secretary, they are the 10,388 more, which is an increase
ACC officials said, was is- amount has accumulated been receiving flak for deliberating ones who are taking home the least of 19 percent on their existing salary
sued as per the provision an interest of Nu 4.346M their salary revision, argue revised salaries. of Nu 50,445, according to finance
of the ACC act which states amounting to Nu 10.637M. that, compared to the min- SALARY Starting ministry officials. Pg.3
that whenever the com- The cinema hall was
mission finds a prima facie later taken over by the
case, the alleged person
shall be suspended from
dungkhag administra-
tion and sources said the Govt. defends pay rise for civil
“Our team in Gelephu
is still investigating the al-
dungpa, after knowing
about the money, had
sent the administrative
legations,” an ACC official, officer to Sikkim to file Tshering Palden
who refused to share de- the case against the state Justifying the revision, lyonpo ence for the civil servants.
tails of the case, said. bank. After more than a Namgay Dorji said the govern- While the take-home pay for
It was learnt that on the year, they were able to get The salary revision proposed by ment recommended for a higher the highest civil servant in the
request of the dzongkhag the money from the state the government for civil servants take-home pay to the civil serv- executive level one has increased
administration, the Royal bank. But the money was is better than the one the pay ants than that proposed by the from Nu 41,329 to Nu 50,599,
Audit Authority (RAA) also never deposited in the commission recommended, ac- second pay commission, which those in the lowest rung at O4
audited the financial sta- government revenue ac- cording to Finance Min- actually would level would now take-home Nu
tus of Losel Cinema and count. Pg.12 ister Namgay Dorji. REVISION make a differ- 8,907, Pg.2


Border talks
» India and Bhutan agreed to cooperate and assist each other in reducing
trans-border crimes during the ninth Bhutan-Indian border management » Cabbie rises to »Taklai to the
and security meeting held at New Delhi on June 20. Home secretary the occasion rescue
Tshering Dorji led the Bhutanese delegation. Sneh Lata Kumar, secretary | PG.5 | PG.9
of border management, led the Indian delegation. The next meeting will be
held in Bhutan.
PAGE 2 KUENSEL | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Govt. defends pay rise for civil servants

Comparison of Pay Scale, Gross Pay and Take Home Pay from Existing
Position Existing Second Pay Commission Revised (Govt.) Percent Increase from Existing (%) Net Increase in Take
Level Home Pay from
Second Pay Commission Revised (Govt.) 2PC Govt.
Min. Gross Take Min. Gross Take Min. Gross Take Min. Gross Take Min. Gross Take Take Take
Pay Home Pay Home Pay Home Pay Home Pay Home Home Home
Scale Pay Scale Pay Scale Pay Scale Pay Scale Pay Pay Pay
EX/ES-1 45,860 52,654 41,329 63,200 63,200 47,914 54,575 65,490 50,599 38% 20% 16% 19% 24% 22% 6,585 9,270
EX/ES-2 38,475 44,175 35,178 53,000 53,000 40,758 45,785 54,940 43,004 38% 20% 16% 19% 24% 22% 5,580 7,826
EX/ES-3 32,520 37,338 29,986 44,800 44,800 34,889 38,700 46,440 36,921 38% 20% 16% 19% 24% 23% 4,903 6,935
P1 25,610 29,404 24,046 35,300 35,300 27,874 30,990 37,190 29,936 38% 20% 16% 21% 26% 24% 3,828 5,890
P2 22,620 25,971 21,437 31,200 31,200 24,821 27,370 32,845 26,611 38% 20% 16% 21% 26% 24% 3,384 5,174
P3 19,830 22,768 18,981 27,300 27,300 21,914 23,995 28,795 23,521 38% 20% 15% 21% 26% 24% 2,933 4,539
P4 17,660 20,276 16,970 24,300 24,300 19,664 21,370 25,645 21,121 38% 20% 16% 21% 26% 24% 2,694 4,151
P5 14,460 16,602 14,010 19,900 19,900 16,205 17,495 20,995 17,459 38% 20% 16% 21% 26% 25% 2,195 3,449
S1 13,305 15,276 13,032 18,300 18,300 15,037 16,365 19,640 16,449 38% 20% 15% 23% 29% 26% 2,005 3,417
S2 12,055 13,841 11,877 16,600 16,600 13,691 14,830 17,795 14,958 38% 20% 15% 23% 29% 26% 1,814 3,081
S3 11,015 12,647 10,918 15,200 15,200 12,579 13,550 16,260 13,717 38% 20% 15% 23% 29% 26% 1,661 2,799
S4 9,775 11,223 9,773 13,500 13,500 11,233 12,025 14,430 12,230 38% 20% 15% 23% 29% 25% 1,460 2,457
S5 9,045 10,385 9,103 12,500 12,500 10,443 11,125 13,350 11,358 38% 20% 15% 23% 29% 25% 1,340 2,255
O1 8,580 9,851 8,664 11,800 11,800 9,977 10,725 12,870 11,066 38% 20% 15% 25% 31% 28% 1,313 2,402
O2 8,060 9,254 8,187 11,100 11,100 9,431 10,075 12,090 10,434 38% 20% 15% 25% 31% 27% 1,244 2,247
O3 7,325 8,410 7,431 10,100 10,100 8,641 9,155 10,985 9,539 38% 20% 16% 25% 31% 28% 1,210 2,108
O4 6,805 7,813 6,896 9,400 9,400 8,072 8,505 10,205 8,907 38% 20% 17% 25% 31% 29% 1,176 2,011
GSP - I 6,465 7,423 7,258 8,900 8,900 8,574 8,080 9,695 9,297 38% 20% 18% 25% 31% 28% 1,316 2,039
GSP -II 6,155 7,067 6,905 8,500 8,500 8,215 7,695 9,235 8,881 38% 20% 19% 25% 31% 29% 1,310 1,976

Dy. Speaker/ 63,000 81,900 63,058 75,600 90,720 68,706 75,160 97,710 73,816 20% 11% 9% 19% 19% 17% 5,648 10,758
Dy. Chairper-
Members 50,445 70,624 55,268 66,600 79,920 60,966 65,930 85,710 65,656 32% 13% 10% 31% 21% 19% 5,698 10,388
Info courtesy: MoF
Existing Gross=Salary+Lumpsum Salary Allowance+House Rent Allowance
Revised Gross=Salary+House Rent Allowance

From Pg.1 the highest positions, after gives higher take-home more tax would be deducted
“… the
an increase by 29 percent merging the salary allow- amount. at source. It will also mean
from the existing take-home
government ance to the minimum basic The greater minimum that the government’s con-
pay of Nu 6,896. came up with a salary. pay scale, as proposed tribution to pension would
“For those in the lower higher percentage The actual rise is four to by the pay commission, increase.
rung, the actual take-home revision at the 10 percent in a downward would mean more post re- The government’s pay
pay has been increased by lower position revision. So the total revi- tirement benefits for civil revision gives higher take-
Nu 2,011,” the finance min- sion for the civil servants, servants in pension and home amount because the
levels and vice
ister said. including the new 20 per- group insurance scheme. minimum pay was less com-
He said, considering
versa to benefit cent house rent allowance, But this would mean less pared with the pay commis-
the high cost of living hav- those with less is between 24 and 30, the take-home amount because sion’s recommendation.
ing greater impact on the earning” highest going to the lowest
lower income category, and income level.
house rent forming a major Namgay Dorji “We have to include the
component of household ex- The finance minister new 20 percent house rent
penditure of civil servants, allowance, because it’s part
the government’s proposal merging the existing lump of the rise,” lyonpo said.
was a bottom up approach. sum salary allowance to the The second pay commis-
“Thus, the government minimum basic salary, re- sion recommended a flat 20
came up with a higher sulting into an increase of percent on civil servants’
percentage revision at the 38 percent on the 2010 pay gross salary.
lower position levels and scale for the civil servants. This greater minimum
vice versa to benefit those The government pay pay scale would bring great-
with less earning,” lyonpo proposal revised the salary er post retirement benefits
said. “Further, to tide over by 25 percent at the lowest for civil servants, but the
the erosion of purchasing level, and by 19 percent at government’s pay revision
power of the civil servants’
pay, it was important to give
a higher take-home pay.” TO ADVERTISE IN KUENSEL:
The second pay commis- Call 326191 or fax 326638; or email
sion recommended revising us at advertisement@kuensel.com.bt
the pay by 20 percent, after
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | KUENSEL

PM to visit Japan
Gyalsten K Dorji
that agriculture will perhaps be sistance. another type of equipment is any requests to expand diplo-
a major agenda for the trip. Under KR-II, the country currently being worked out. matic relations, may have led
In what should expand areas The majority of Japanese as- has received 2,795 power till- Another area the Japanese to the suspension of this effort.
of cooperation with Japan, the sistance to the country, since it ers, but an estimated 6,000 have been providing assist- While in Japan, lyonchhoen
Prime Minister will visit the is- began in 1964, has been in the more are required. Other kinds ance in is irrigation. A Japanese will also meet with members of
land state, later this month. agricultural and rural develop- of farm machinery are also re- company is currently engaged the Japan-Bhutan Parliamen-
ment area. ceived under KR-II but mostly in implementing an irrigation tary Friendship League and
DIPLOMACY This is the 50th year of Bhu- power tillers are provided given system in Sarpang. The govern- senior Japanese government
Lyonchhoen Tshering Tob- tan-Japan cooperation. its popularity with Bhutanese ment has also informed the Jap- officials
gay, accompanied by aum Tashi It was recently confirmed farmers and high demand. Ca- anese that there are more areas Bhutan and Japan estab-
Doma, will be in Japan from that Japan will be discontinu- pacity building is also a part of in the south of the country that lished diplomatic relations in
June 29-July 3. ing its KR-II grants to Bhutan. KR-II. will require similar assistance. 1986.
Agriculture minister Yeshey The KR-II grants, which have Japanese farm mechanisa- Farm road and bridge Bhutan has received Nu
Dorji, foreign minister Rinzin provided Nu 1.7B since 1984, tion assistance is also being building, and horticulture de- 3.4B worth of official develop-
Dorji, ambassador to Japan V is vital for the country’s farm received through non-grant velopment are two other areas ment assistance (ODA) and Nu
Namgyel, and four other offi- mechanisation efforts. support. of support being received by the 18.9B of grant aid since 1964,
cials will comprise the delega- While the Japanese govern- The Japanese government is agriculture sector. from Japan. Japan is currently
tion. ment has indicated that it will also aware of the government’s Another issue that could Bhutan’s largest bilateral ODA
Lyonchhoen will meet the continue to support Bhutan’s pledge to provide a power tiller be discussed is the establish- partner according to statistics
Prime Minister of Japan, Shinz farm mechanisation under dif- for each chiwog. Tenzin Dhen- ment of a Japanese embassy from Organisation for Econom-
Abe, to discuss bilateral rela- ferent programs, what these dup pointed out that while in Bhutan. In 2013, a Japanese ic Cooperation and Develop-
tions and other issues of mutual programs will be and at what no concrete commitment has politician visiting the country ment’s development assistance
interest and concern, according scale, whether less, equivalent, been made, the Japanese have had expressed the Japanese committee.
to a foreign affairs press release. or more than during the KR-II indicated their desire to help legislature’s intention to urge It was also recently indi-
Specific details on what assistance, is as of now, unde- in achieving this goal. However, the prioritisation of establish- cated that Japan is considering
these issues may be could not termined. the logistics of this effort, spe- ing an embassy in Thimphu expanding assistance to Bhu-
be obtained from the foreign Agriculture secretary Ten- cifically determining ownership by 2014. However, the present tan to include the environment,
ministry. zin Dhendup pointed out that and handling of the power till- government’s intention to re- disaster management, indus-
However, the inclusion of farm mechanisation efforts are ers, and whether each chiwog solve local problems such as the trial and urban infrastructure
lyonpo Yeshey Dorji indicates entirely reliant on Japanese as- would require a power tiller or economy, prior to entertaining development.

What MPs are getting …

From Pg.1 or argue whether it’s too high or recommendation. Wagon R and two servants,” he but it has more to do with the
Their take-home salary is not,” lyonchhoen said. “How- But before the National said. “The PM also saves Nu way the speaker phrases the
now Nu 65,656, which is at par ever, on the Prime Minister’s Assembly endorsed the pay 37,500 a month for giving up questions. “He spins the ques-
with the salaries of government salary, I also agree that it’s too revision, Kuensel learnt that five personal servants.” tion, depending on how he
secretaries. high. Our country can’t afford it the MPs and cabinet ministers Meanwhile, the endorse- wants the results, making it
While the deputy speaker, and my conscience will not be had a heated discussion on the ment on the salary revision at easier for ruling MPs to press
the deputy chairperson, consti- able to accept it,” lyonchhoen revision in a closed-door meet- the national assembly itself yes,” he said.
tutional post holders, Cabinet said. ing. The meeting was on who didn’t happen without confu- The speaker, however, re-
secretary and justices of the This means, the Cabinet should or shouldn’t take how sion. It was endorsed with 30 fused to share the details of the
Supreme Court will now take- ministers are the ones, who much raise, with the MPs sug- “yes” votes, 10 “No” votes while voting results on the pay revi-
home Nu 10,758 more. This is an are taking home the highest gesting the ministers to bring three members abstained. sion with Kuensel, even though
increase of 17 percent on their amount of revision. They will down their salary at par with The speaker Jigme Zangpo Chapter 23, Section 251 of the
existing salary of Nu 63,000. take-home an additional Nu the MPs, and to instead take said there was no confusion National Assembly Acts states
With the revision, the 45,760 with the 60 percent revi- an executive allowance on that and that the house went with the disclosure of the votes. “The
Prime Minister will be getting sion on their take-home salary basic salary. the majority. “I told members Secretary General shall cause
Nu 89,885 more, a 117 percent of Nu 76,715. Along with the While that didn’t happen, to vote “Yes” if they stand by the the votes of each member to
raise on his take-home amount ministers, the National As- the ministers also did not settle national assembly’s decision to be recorded and disclose such
of Nu 76,715 However, since sembly Speaker and the Chief for the Nu 120,000 minimum go with the revision, and to vote records, except in the case of
the Prime Minister chose not Justice are also getting the same salary recommended by the “No” if they want to defer the re- voting through a secret ballot.”
to accept the revised salary, and revision. second pay commission. In- vision and go with the national Speaker Jigme Zangpo
to donate Nu 50,000 from his Members of Parliament stead, they chose to take Nu council’s decision,” he said. instead said the media was
revised monthly salary to char- said the only revision they have 130,000, which was endorsed However, some MPs said responsible for creating the
ity at the end of his term, he will taken is the increase in the sal- in the sixth Parliament session. there was confusion in the confusion. “The revision is al-
now be taking home Nu 39,885. ary, and the additional amount Finance minister Namgay house. Opposition leader (Dr) ready passed and the media has
While presenting the state of Nu 300,000 on their vehicle Dorji said there was a reason Pema Gyamtsho said many of been manipulating and creat-
of the nation report to Parlia- purchase grant. why the ministers are taking them thought the voting was on ing the confusion,” he said in a
ment, lyonchhoen said many The National Assembly on home an increased take-home deferment of the revision, be- telephone interview. “I’d have
people have criticised the salary June 18 endorsed the much amount. “The ministers are cause that was what the house shared the voting details if the
for Members of Parliament and awaited pay revision, amid taking home Nu 45,760 more was discussing. RTI bill, which has now been
Cabinet ministers. confusion, as well as by shoot- because they saving Nu 30,000 Panbang MP Dorji Wangdi turned down by the Council,
“I’ll not defend the increase ing down the National Council’s a month after giving up the said the issue was confusing, had come through.”
PAGE 4 KUENSEL | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tweaking the civil MY COUNTRY, MY TOWN


he royal civil service commission is seri-
ous about ensuring that the bureaucracy
is small, compact and efficient.
The commission recently notified that
it is freezing all decentralised recruitment
at entry level positions, including those at the lowest
rung, the general support personnel and elementary
support personnel like gardeners and cleaners.
It is also freezing all in-service recruitments until
really necessary. This is because, despite the policy of a
small, compact and efficient administration, the size of
the civil service has been growing at five percent every
The commission has indicated this as a concern.
In other words, what was considered a healthy evo-
lution in government is now being reviewed. In 2007,
the commission decentralised the authority for recruit-
ment, training, and promotion of some civil servants to
ministries and dzongkhags. This was looked upon as a
good move, and considered an achievement of the gov-
ernment’s overall goals of decentralisation, good gov-
ernance, and the principles of the position classification
system (PCS).
The PCS, under which the powers were decentral-
ised to ministries and agencies, was thought to be a Green greenhorns: The environment is in safe hands if and when the young
progressive system of organising the civil service. But are brought on board Photo by Phub Tshering, Tour Executive BTCL
all along, many knew that it was not going to overhaul
the Bhutanese bureaucracy.
The freeze will be lifted once the commission com-
pletes its organisational development exercise, which
will kick off soon. But why is it that we have to return to
a system of centralised power structure, even if a tem- MY SAY
porary measure?
When the power was decentralised to the agencies
and dzongkhags, it was not that the government agen-
cies suddenly proved capable of carrying out the new
responsibilities. Leaf, emission free and its
This is evident from the fact that the commission
had found out that agencies have recruited against the
10th Plan staffing pattern, even though the Plan had
batteries, eco-friendly
Recruitment is a sensitive issue today, especially Sir quality. Other battery makers storage for solar panels and in
when jobseekers outnumber jobs, and civil servant This is with reference to globally aspire to achieve the UPS packs.
posts are looked upon as the best. A more sensitive concerns raised about electric same standards as Nissan. 4. Lithium ion batteries
issue is the complaint people have against the bureauc- car batteries in a recent let- 3. Nissan leaf batteries con- do not contain toxic materials
racy for their service delivery. ter to the editor published in sist of 48 modules and the full like lead and cadmium, unlike
The common complaint against the bureaucracy is
Kuensel. I would like to offer pack rarely needs replacement. lead-acid batteries Nickle-
that, despite the increasing number, service delivery has
not really improved. It should be a big concern if we the following clarification Perhaps one or two of the cadmium batteries.
have huge number of civil servants vis-à-vis our popula- about Nissan Leaf batteries: modules may require replace- 5. Lithium ion batteries are
tion. We have one civil servant for every 30 people and, 1. Nissan offers an 8-year ment and that too only rarely. therefore non-hazardous and
ideally, should enjoy the best of services. warranty on the batteries. Any Lithium ion batteries used in battery elements including
The civil service, as an important government ma- replacements, should it ever be leaf are same as the batteries iron, copper, nickel and cobalt
chinery, should evolve from time to time. While we wait needed, will be done for free. used in your mobile phones are considered safe. These
for the OD exercise to know the exact human resource After 8 years, the batteries will and laptops but with higher metals can be recycled too.
requirement, what we know is that the civil service will still be functional. capcity.
not expand. 2. Nissan batteries are state 3. As a second life, these Tashi Wangchuk
While it is difficult to fire those they hired, the fact is of the art and of the highest batteries are reused in energy Thunder motors
that the civil service cannot expand. What we can im-
prove is the service provided. We can compromise on
the quantity, but not on quality.
But even as we try not to expand the civil service, the
pressure will be on other sectors, as the number of job- Corrigendum
seekers increase every year. The priority, like we always Please refer the story ‘Interview to be held this weekend’ on June 21 issue. In the second last paragraph,
say, is providing alternatives. the unemployment benefit scheme which was replaced with guaranteed employment program would cost
A government that can create good environment and the government Nu 453.28M during the 11th and not Nu 3.08B as mentioned in the story. The error is
opportunity for jobseekers outside the civil service will highly regretted.
be a successful government, at least for the thousands
of jobseekers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | KUENSEL PAGE 5

Cabbie rises to the occasion

A taxi driver’s timely and conscientious actions go beyond the call of duty vis-a-vis his fare
Ishita Dave
“Chuwan is “Chuwan is like a messiah
for all of us. I cannot thank
Pujan Pandya, an Indian tour-
like a messiah him enough for all that he has
ist from Gujurat, who has been for all of us. I done for my son. My son was
at Jigme Dorji Wangchuck cannot thank caught up in a foreign land
National Referral Hospital him enough for and it’s all because of Chu-
(JDWNRH) suffering from all that he has wan’s help that we have him
paralysis, will be flown to his done for my with us,” said Pujan’s father,
hometown of Ahmedabad adding that the hospital staff
son...” has been immensely support-
ive. “I will always be indebted
EMERGENCY Pujan’s father to the warmth of the people in
Pujan was on a vacation in Dr Tashi Tenzin, the head
the country for the third time. but he was adamant. I just of the Emergency Depart-
On his way back, on May 30, couldn’t leave him like that ment, said that a medical es-
Pujan had a severe headache there. So I waited for him at cort will accompany Pujan till
Pujan Pandya
and fever. The airport officials the airport,” said CM Chuwan, his hometown.
in Paro noticed that Pujan was the taxi driver who took Pujan Pujan’s parents to tell them of the brain, which had affected The government bears
not well and referred to hospi- to the airport. As a “responsi- their son’s health condition. his speech. medical expenses not only for
tal in Paro. ble citizen,” he decided to help Pujan was shifted to JD- Pujan’s parents are, how- Bhutanese patients but also
“I advised him against Pujan as much as he could, WNRH on June 1 and a surgery ever, happy that their son will for visitors who suffer from
travelling in that condition, said Chuwan. He contacted was done to remove the clot in be alright in a few months. health conditions.

Vehicle and fuel tax will push up project costs – BKP

Seeing as transport will be affected, hydropower will be the first to feel the pinch, says party president

Nirmala Pokhrel counter productive to overall Imported vehicles from third countries
  “How can one economic growth, considering
Not exceeding
While economic benefits of even think of transport is a vital component
the recently endorsed vehicle availing such in our economic develop- 1,500cc 100%
and fuel tax at macro level ment,” Sonam Tobgay said.
will be less, cost escalations
discretionary The president said, lower
will be huge, especially in the privileges while taxes for low CC vehicles and 1,500cc to
hydropower sector, according proposing new vice-versa could drive people
to Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party tax regimes that towards cheaper vehicles,
(BKP). discourage a which mostly are Indian made,
common man thereby putting more pressure
CRITIQUE 1,799cc to
from owning a
on the rupee.
Sonam Tobgay said the 2,500cc 120%
BKP president, Sonam car?” steep taxes on higher cylinder
Tobgay, said over 60 percent capacity vehicles would en-
of the works done in hydro-
Sonam Tobgay
courage people to buy small
2,500cc to
power sector is transportation.
President, BKP
vehicles, whose durability and 3,000cc 125%
“Given the thousands of heavy versatility will be poor on Bhu-
vehicles with the hydropower pacity (CC), would add to the tanese roads
sector, with imposition of fuel Indian rupee crunch. “Each family is entitled Exceeding
tax, chances are that the project   National Assembly en- for a comfortable family car, 3,000cc 180%
cost might double,” he said. dorsed the fuel tax at five per- considering the transport
Bhutan currently has four cent and vehicle taxes between infrastructure and services,”
* Vehicles Imported from India will be exempted from customs
hydropower projects being 55 to 180 percent, the lowest Sonam Tobgay said. “It’s not
constructed, Punatsangchu being for vehicles not exceed- justifiable for hard working
I, II, Mangdechu and Kho- ing 1,500cc, and the highest civil servant to bear the tax
longchu. The other three being for 3,000cc and above. burden.”
projects, Sunkosh, Amochu Imports from India will  Regarding parliamentar- treatment under the rule of “How can one even think of
and Kurigongri, which will to- not be imposed 45 percent ians vehicle quota that was law. 180%
availing such discretionary
gether generate 5,740MW, are custom’s duty. raised to Nu 1M from Nu 0.7M, “As a member of Parlia- privileges while proposing
yet to commence. “Increase in vehicle or fuel and the tax exemption, Sonam ment, one should contribute new tax regimes that discour-
Sonam Tobgay said vehicle tax isn’t only an irresponsible Tobgay said no individual is towards nation building and age a common man from own-
tax rates, based on cylinder ca- fiscal measure, but will be entitled to any preferential not avoid paying tax,” he said. ing a car?”
PAGE 6 KUENSEL | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Indian ‘black money’ holders listed

The Swiss government has tle. A very encouraging sign,”
prepared a list of Indians who he added.
“ Our job will be
have parked un-taxed wealth In the past, officials have
in Swiss banks and the details
made easier if said that illegal funds were
are being shared with India. it comes out to often sent to tax havens such as
be what it looks Mauritius, Switzerland, Lich-
CORRUPTION like and we will tenstein and the British Virgin
take suitable Islands, among others.
It is a major boost to India’s The new government has
fight against illicit money.
action” said “unearthing black money
India recently set up a spe- is an important issue” for them.
Justice Arijit Pasayat
cial task force to find “black SIT vice-chairman
Analysts say this flight of
money”, in one of the first deci- Undeclared cash is seen as a major hurdle to India’s capital has helped widen in-
sions taken by the government economic growth equality in India.
of new PM Narendra Modi. trusts, domiciliary companies “black money” described it as will take suitable action,” The The former Congress party-
According to some esti- and other legal entities based a “breakthrough development”. Times of India quoted SIT vice- led government had been on
mates, Indians have some out of countries other than “Swiss authorities are pre- chairman Justice Arijit Pasayat the back foot on the issue of
$500bn (£297bn) deposited in India,” the Press Trust of India paring the list and will hand as saying. “black money” and corruption.
overseas tax havens. quoted a senior Swiss official it over to the government “This is a breakthrough de- The Supreme Court has
“These individuals and as saying. which will then forward it to velopment in the fight against also chided the government for
entities are suspected to have A member of the Special In- us for scrutiny. Our job will be black money. Till now, the im- not doing enough to unearth
held un-taxed money in Swiss vestigation Team (SIT) formed made easier if it comes out to pression was that Switzerland illicit money.
banks through structures like last month by India to probe be what it looks like and we is creating hurdles in this bat- BBC

duplex house in satsam accountant with minimum immediately. Contact Visit Gaki Promotions on
chorten, Paro. 17631577. class twelve commerce 17618313. facebook or call 17645726.
Sale: Landcruiser V8. or equivalent and familiar
Contact 77213777. For rent: Shop space Vacancy: 1 machine Admission open: For
with using computer for
available in Thimphu town. operator, 1 chemist & 4 commercial accounting
Sale: Hiace bus ‘04. T.C.C Super Market located
Contact 17337777. helpers at water bottling course at KheyRig Institute,
Contact 17116097. opposite Clock Tower,
factory in Punakha. Contact Jojo’s building, Thimphu.
Thimphu. Interested may
Sale: Maruti 800 ‘02. 17117299. Course commencementing
submit application with
Contact 17522268. Sale: Plot at Rinchending. Call from 1st July ‘14. Eligibility
supporting documents Vacancy: 2 female, 1 male
17160057. class X and above. National
Wanted for hire: Small within 28 June or contact for Photoshop, Thimphu.
certificate awarded by
car for a month in Thimphu. Sale: Thirty decimal land 77100290 for details. 17313545.
Ministry of Labour. Contact
Contact 17644421. @ twenty five thousand Vacancy: 1 chef, 2 cooks Vacancy: Immediate 17116336.
at Tsirang, Mendrelgang. and 1 housekeeper with appointment of three person
Sale: Tata 207 single cabin Announcement: Bhutan
17973966. experience. Interested may experienced in desho making
‘12. Contact 17543740. Ply Film Face Shuttering
Sale: 35 decimal land apply to Jambayang Resort for paper factory in Mongar
Sale: Prado ‘08 model, Plywood at attractive
extended town area, Gelephu. at 327731 with relevant and one security guard,
one hand driven, excellent price Nu. 1,300/ piece.
Contact 17114778. documents. preferably ex-army. Contact
condition. Contact Flush door, plywood and
16927037. Sale: 20 & 50 decimal land Vacancy: One male block boards are also
near Wangdicholing LSS photography assistant Vacancy: 2 cook helper for available. Contact 05-
Sale: Bolero DC ‘10, Prado below class X. Contact immediately employment at 252213/77394597.
& Jakar HSS, Bumthang
‘99, Landcruiser ‘94, Eeco 17600486/17609244. Changlingmithang archery
@ eighty thousand & forty Announcement: Institute
‘12, Spark ‘09, Musso ‘00. restaurant. Only serious
thousand per decimal Vacancy: Teachers with of Professional Studies offer
Contact Kuenjung Motors at candidates may contact at
respectively (negotiable). B.Sc (Chemistry and practical book keeping and
17276707. 17118711.
Contact 17702813. Biology) & Dzongkha-BA/ tally course from 1st July ‘14.
Honours/Degree/Taktse Vacancy: 1 Junior Site Contact 17640903.
ILCS for Dr.Tobgyal School. Engineer for Punakha Hotel.
Sale: Beauty palour. Needed helper. Contact
Looking for job? Visit Contact 02-351533/ Contact 17141388.
Contact 17952075. 77332447.
www.jobs.bt 17140493/ 17110400.
Sale: Garment shop, office Announcement:
Vacancy: For 5 years Required: 1 experienced
with equipment at Paro Want to study in
experienced accountant cook and 2 waitresses for Announcement: Japanese
town. Contact 17116097. Australia? Visit Elyon
(diploma in accountancy). restaurant. Call 17939211. language class basic and Education Consultancy.
Sale: Flats at Dewathang Submit your application to Required: 2 operators & intermediate level at Athang 17787665/17764907.
town with parking and 24 Paro Enterprise, post box helper (minimum X passed) Institute. For detail contact
hours water supply. Only no. 1210, Paro with CV 17115890. Lost: Pass certificate
for T.T Construction.
serious buyer may contact within 25 June. Contact of Mr.Japchu of Ugyen
Contact 17610238. Going to Bangkok? We
17712919. 17684380. Academy bearing index no.
Vacancy: Waiter & kitchen have the cheapest hotel and B/8211/279 of ‘05. Finders
Rent: One double storeyed Vacancy: One experienced helper for restaurant apartment rates-guranteed. please contact 17659099.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | KUENSEL PAGE 7
daffynition worldlywise
critical mass
Religious service for book & film reviewers S. Korea Sudoku
Developed into one of Asia’s most
infobyte affluent countries since partition in
1948, while the Communist North
Make hay while the sun shines
slipped into totalitarianism and poverty
ORIGIN Dates back many centuries,
and changed little in form. In John
Heywood's “All the Prouerbes in the
Englishe Tongue” (1546): Whan the
sunne shinth make hay.
MEANING Take advantage of
favourable circumstances; they may not last

the porcine riddle

q: What do you call a pig

arrested for dangerous driving?
FULL NAME: The Republic of Korea
a: A road hog! POPULATION: 48.6M
todayinhistory How to play
AREA: 99,313 sq km
38,345 sq miles Fill in the grid
1314 LANGUAGE: Korean
MAJOR RELIGION: so that every
Battle of Bannockburn; Buddhism, Christianity; row, every
Scotland regains nearly half of adults profess no religion
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 77 years (m), 84 years (w) column, and
independence from England. MONETARY UNIT: won every 3 X 3
MAIN EXPORTS: Electronic products, machinery
happybirthday and transport equipment box contains
GNI PER CAPITA: USD 20,870 (World Bank, 2011) the numbers 1
through 9.

Soccer striker
beau peep
“The world is like that -
incomprehensible and full of surprises.”

Amada 1912-2001

Red-whiskered Bulbul
(Pycnonotus jocosus)
A resident frugivore
found mainly
in tropical Asia

call 326191 or
fax 326638;
email: advertisement@kuensel.
ecotip call 327463


eco-friendly furniture as of yesterday

Utilise lumber reclaimed from NOTES

fencing, flooring, structural Buy Sell
supports and paneling. Not only US $ 59.20 61.15
are you recycling lumber, you'll
POUND 101.00 103.80
probably save some money.
EURO 80.60 82.85
anagram YEN (100) 58.00 59.65
Unscramble for an actor, screenwriter, and director HK $ 7.65 7.85
AUS $ 55.60 57.15
Power clash thinker (11,6) [Won Oscar as best
SING $ 47.35 48.70
supporting actor in The Deer Hunter]
ANSWER: Christopher Walken Courtesy BNB
PAGE 8 KUENSEL | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Money well spent in

The grant has fully been used for a flurry of activities outside the 11th Plan

Tempa Wangdi
Notwithstanding the debate achieved a
surrounding the source of the lot with Nu
gewog development grant 2 million,
(GDG), the People’s Demo- since all these
cratic party’s campaign prom- activities were
ise of Nu 2M has definitely
helped gewogs in Bumthang
ad hoc”
realise activities outside the
11th Plan. Thinley Namgyel
Tang gup
Gewogs, like Chumey, with Nu 2 million, since all
Chokhor, Tang and Ura, have these activities were ad hoc,”
used the grant to execute Thinley Namgyel said.
activities like constructing He, however, said that the
meeting hall, farm roads and impact of GDG would have
crematorium, besides repair- been huge had the budget in
The kitchen with storeroom in Pangkhar village in Ura constructed with GDG
ing irrigation channel. the proposed plans not been
Tang gup, Thinley Nam- slashed. In Tang, around Nu
gyel, said that the grant was 1.5M was slashed of the pro- had. ed. Choongphel used its Nu The activities include
utilised for major repair of posed Nu 5M in the 2013-14 “Chumey divided the 0.4M share to do major farm construction of a new kitchen
around a two-kilometre long financial year. Nu 2M among its chiwogs, road maintenance, after it was and storeroom for Pangkhar
irrigation channel in Tandi- “Our concern is that, even Gayltsa, Domkhar, Phurjoen, damaged by landslide in 2013. crematorium, and drainage
gang and Bebzor, which were by the end of fifth year of 11th Zungngae and Choongphel,” “The grant could also be for Somthrang village. Rural
damaged by a landslide in FYP, a chunk of activities Chumey gup, Tandin Phurba, used to fill up the financial water supply was rehabilitated
2013. slashed in 2013-14 financial said. void in planned activities, in Beteng village, while a new
“Some of the grant was year might not be achieved,” Gyaltsa constructed a should there be any budget water supply was constructed
also appropriated in repairing he said. new farm road of around constraints,” Tandin Phurba for Tangsibi village.
Namkhai lhakhang, after its Chokhor gewog con- one kilometre. Domkhar re- said. A lama’s residence was
rooftop was blown off by the structed a meeting hall each paired a bailey bridge over He said that the budget also constructed in Ura
windstorm earlier,” Thinley for its Dhur and Thangbi chi- the Chumeychu, besides con- slash would have little impact Doshi, besides constructing a
Namgyel said. wogs. The remaining money structing a culvert for Dom- on gewogs’ ability to achieve approach road to Shingkhar
The grant was also used was used to repair the bailey khar village farm road. 11th Plan, since only those ac- crematorium, and renovation
to construct a couple of sheds bridge for Chokhortse village. Phurjoen also constructed tivities related to small devel- of Shingnyer lhakhang.
and kitchens for Rinmochen When asked why the around 300m of farm road and opment projects were slashed. All the GDG activities have
crematorium. Around one money could not be equally repaired around 40m of foot- Ura gewog carried out been reported completed in
kilometer of farm road was divided among other chiwogs, path. In Zung Ngae, a new around nine activities with Bumthang.
constructed for 10 households Chokhor gup, Sangla, said that crematorium was construct- the Nu 2M.
of Pangshing village. And the GDG was mandated for
Kunezangdra farm road was those in need, and Thangbi
extended by over 80m, besides and Dhur had no meeting
doing maintenance works. hall, which other chiwogs like FLIGHTS
“We’ve achieved a lot Pedthseling and Dawathang
Date Route Flight No. Departure Arrival
June 18 Bangkok to Paro via Bagdogra KB 131 06:50 am 10:00 am
June 18 Paro to Bangkok via Guwahati KB 140 10:50 am 04:15 pm
June 18 Paro to Singapore via Kolkatta KB 500 07:20 am 03:35 pm
Fuel Prices June 18 Paro to Delhi via Kathmandu KB 204 08:00 am 10:45 am
June 18 Delhi to Paro via Kathmandu KB 205 11:45 am 03:35 pm
(In Nu)
Dzongkhag Diesel Petrol Kerosene LPG
Note : All timings in local. Timings are subject to change. Call Drukair toll free No. 1300 for latest flight information.
Thimphu(DPCL) 57.27 68.29 14.94 508 Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air)
P/Ling(Damchen) 55.55 66.29 13.86 456 June 18 Bangkok to Paro via Kolkatta B3-701 06:30 am 09:45 am
June 18 Paro to Bangkok via Kolkatta B3-700 10:35 am 03:50 pm
*Prices as of yesterday
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | KUENSEL PAGE 9

Taklai to the rescue

Timely release of enough water from incomplete irrigation channel helps paddy farmers

Sershong. Lhamo from Norbuling,

Meanwhile, like Karma, who owns about four acres
farmer Ngedup from Chuza- of paddy field, said she was
gang is also anticipating to expecting quality rice and a
start paddy cultivation in his better yield. “Relying on rain
over two-acre paddy field and the small stream leads
next month. to low production,” she said.
Another farmer, Rinchen

Good day
‡ WRSHUIRUPlhasung
Hope: Farmers expect more yield with more water to irrigate their field
Bad day
Tshering Namgyal, Sarpang ‡ WRURRIKRXVH
paddy twice this year, besides
growing a variety of vegeta- “We’re happy $JRRGGD\IRUULWXDOV laza IRUWKRVHERUQLQWKHWLJHUDQG
Farmers of Chuzagang and bles.” that we can UDEELW\HDUV
Sershong gewogs under Sar- The only setback so far, he work with full
pang are expecting increased said, was water scarcity. *HQHUDOO\DJRRGGD\ sogza IRUWKRVHERUQLQWKHPRQNH\
yield this year with the Taklai Taklai irrigation chan-
irrigation channel, otherwise nel was constructed in 1988.
on rehabilitation, releasing a Flashfloods, which happened
Farmer \HDUV
bigger volume of water. almost annually, had caused Norbuling
damage to the irrigation sys-
AGRICULTURE tem and the source, costing
The farmers had request- the government a substantial
JUNE 26, 2014
ed the Taklai rehabilitation amount to maintain them. Nippon.
project officials to release
more water so they could
The central machinery
unit (CMU) had provided a
Project officials said the
water would be left open to
cultivate paddy in full swing. machine to clear the source, the public until October, after Max Min
Facing water scarcity most so farmers could have con- which the project will resume
farmers had cultivated only tinuous supply of water. remaining work.
parts of their fields. “The two-year Taklai ir- While work, like construc- *DVD  
Karma, 48, from Norbul- rigation rehabilitation project tion of 410m protection wall
ing village has been leaving was expected to reduce an- and 480m box culvert canal
half of his two-acre field nual maintenance cost of at the source area have been %XPWKDQJ  
barren because of irrigation about Nu 0.4M every year,” a constructed, others like sedi-
problem. rehabilitation project official mentation tank were left.
“The irrigation water from said, adding that, starting “Half of the work is com- 6DUSDQJ  
the small stream at Norbul- mid June, water was released plete and we’re targeting to
ingtoed was just enough to for irrigation. complete the entire work by
Source: Meteorology Division, DHMS, MOEA
cultivate half, that too if it “We’ve released the water June next year, two months
rained heavily,” Karma said. based on the request of the before August 31 deadline,”
“We’re happy that we can farmers for irrigation,” the Udai Pradhan said.
work with full potential.” Dai Nippon construction Once complete, the irriga-
Karma, also the in-charge project’s chief engineer, Udai tion channel is expected to
of the irrigation water, has Pradhan, said. The rehabili- cater water regularly to 1,500
finished ploughing his field. tation work is supported by hectares of paddy fields of
“I’m planning to cultivate JICA and carried out by Dai farmers of Chuzagang and
PAGE 10 KUENSEL | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Announcement for Consultancy Services RE- INVITATION OF

Position : Local firm/Institute – to support the process of planning, DRUKAIR CORPORATION
creating and outreach for Gamification Services
Contract Type : Institutional Contract
Duration : 50 working days spread over 6 months (July 2014 – December 2014) DA/ADM-007-2014/3338

UNDP Bhutan would like to seek the services of a qualified and experienced Drukair Corporation Limited would like to invite
consultancy firm/institute who will be required to deliver the following tasks: limited sealed tenders from eligible suppliers for the
a) Content creation services with a proven history of IT expertise in on-line gaming supply of ground staff uniforms.
platforms. The local firm will finish all written game content and provide or create
Tender documents are available with the
additional in game resources (infographics, links to online tools and documents,
Administration and Personnel Section during office
etc.) with the support of the Lead Consultant from Emerson College, USA.
hours and on our website www.drukair.com.bt.
b) An outreach capability with proven networks (memberships, twitter, Facebook, Interested bidders have to pay a fee of Nu. 200/-
youth groups, etc.) to a diverse cross-section of Bhutanese society, but (non-refundable) for the tender documents. Sealed
particularly able to mobilize and encourage a large number of Bhutanese youth tenders have to be submitted on July 8, 2014 before
to participate in the game (5,000+). 1200 noon and tenders will be opened on the same
c) Workshops across the country, representing a geographically and socially diverse day at 2.30 pm at Drukair head office, conference
cross-section of Bhutanese society that will promote in-depth discussions hall.
regarding the games content. For further enquiry, please contact the Administration
d) Joint moderation of the game with Emerson College for the three weeks it is live & Procurement Officer at telephone No. +975-8-
in October. 271856 during office hours.
e) In conjunction with the launch of the online game in early October, the local Management
firm will ensure that all logistics are in place for the organization of a two day
workshop with the participation of game provider representatives.
f) With the support from Emerson College, the local firm will document and
analyse the feedback and data generated by the game users in an overview
report, with the aim to reflect unemployment challenges and proposed solutions.
Minimum qualifications:
The following are the minimum qualifications and competencies required for lead
consultant and the team members:
a) Legal entity related competencies:
and its challenges, especially in relations to youth unemployment;
produce results;
tools and approaches;
Closing date: 29 June 2014
Application details:
email to tshering.palden@undp.org

Please submit your company proposal along with CVs of team members and financial
proposal to: procurement.bt@undp.org before the closing date.
ADVERTISEMENT Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | KUENSEL PAGE 11


NRDCL, Sha Region, Wangduephodrang invites sealed tenders from experienced/certified power chainsaw operator for carrying out the
following works from the Nahi Working Scheme for the year 2014.

Sl.# Name of the work Eligibility Volume Location

1 Logging works (Logs conversion into Kachhen Experienced/certified power chainsaw 14,100 cft Nahi working scheme
sizes) operator
Date of sale of tender documents : 23/6/2014 to 18/7/2014 till 12 noon
Last date and submission of tender documents : 18/7/2014 till 1 pm
Date, venue & time of tender opening : 18/7/2014 at 2.30 pm in the Regional Office, Sha Region, Wangdue.
Detailed bidding document can be purchased from Accounts Section, NRDCL Sha Regional Office @ Nu. 300.00 (non-refundable). For
further details contact at Tel. no 02-481272 during office hour.
Regional Manager


Sl. Post Slot Eligibility Documents Date AND FORESTS
No. (s) Required Line
1 Security 1 - Should be able to read and write. Completed Job 3rd July
Guard - Ex-Armed Forces Personnel are Application 2014 1DWLRQDO0XVKURRP&HQWUH
encouraged. form ONLY <XVLSDQJ
Applicants shall submit their completed job application form to the Human Resource
Development Officer, HRA Department at the head office, Thimphu. Please Mushroom poisoning cases have happened and are
follow the link http://www.tashicell.com/files/forms/job/application.pdf to happening quit often in Bhutan. NMC advises the
download the Job Application form. general public to collect those mushrooms which they
HRD Officer regularly consume and are familiar with and avoid
Since mushroom absorbs substances from the
PUBLIC NOTIFICATION substrate even edible mushrooms can become
poisonous if the area where the mushroom grows has
MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTS been sprayed with pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority Program Director

In accordance with the notification no. Mongdzong/Sonam-24/2013-2014 dated
10/6/2014 from the Mongar Dzongkhag Administration, and under the power
granted by the Plant Quarantine Act of Bhutan 1993, the Bhutan Agriculture and BT/MKt-06/2014/492

Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) is implementing internal quarantine measures Bhutan Telecom Ltd. invites sealed quotations from
in Gyelposhing to contain the snail infestation within the area. the small class contractors for the construction of
plinth protection at Yotola, painting of staff quarter
Infested zone will be marked and quarantine checkpoints will be activated at strategic and office building at Trongsa.
road points towards Bumthang, Mongar and Nganglam. All the vehicles and risk goods
moving out of the quarantined zone will be inspected. Risk goods which include plants, Tenders shall be submitted to the Finance Division,
timbers grass and fodder, packing materials, leaf molds, sand, soil, stones and gravels, Bhutan Telecom, Thimphu on or before 11:00 hours
of July 16, 2014.
blocks and other construction materials intended for movement out of the quarantine
zone should be inspected at site by BAFRA inspectors for sanitary conditions, and Tenders will be opened at 2:00PM on the same day in
movement permit should be obtained. For further information, please call the Officer the conference hall of Bhutan Telecom.
In charge, BAFRA Office, Mongar Dzongkhag at 77302459 or 17837379. For details, visit www.bt.bt
Your cooperation and support in prevention of the spread of snails out of the Marketing Officer
quarantined zone through your compliance to the inspection regulation is highly
Executive Director Call 326191 or fax 326638; or email us at
PAGE 12 KUENSEL | Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One more generous ACC suspends

Gelephu dungpa
gesture from PM From Pg.1 to have misused about Nu
RAA also reportedly 0.12M, which was received
Tashi Tenzin
and small.” A public servant shall found that the dungpa also by the dungkhag office as
The source, however, disclose any gift received claimed maintenance cost of compensation for disman-
If the Anti Corruption Com- could not share details of from any source, including Losal cinema and labor pay- tling a bakery that was af-
mission permits, Prime the gifts lyonchhoen re- a permissible gift, within ment by submitting fictitious fected by town planning in
Minister Tshering Tob- ceived, saying all the gifts seven working days after bills. He was also alleged Gelephu thromde.
gay will auction off all the are being stored. receiving the gifts, accord-
gifts received from visiting The Prime Minister has ing to the rules.
guests. also not identified the char- However, according to
ity, which will benefit from National Assembly Sec-
NIAS his gesture. retary general, Kinzang
The money collected The Gift Restriction Wangdi, there is no record
will be donated to a charity Rules, 2009, states that all maintained by the secretar-
fund. foreign gifts are deemed to iat office till date regarding
The announcement was have been accepted on be- gifts received by the present
made yesterday during the half of the government and and previous governments.
launch of the national in- shall, upon acceptance, “I have no idea what the pre-
tegrity and anti-corruption become the property of the vious government had done
strategy (NIAS) in Thimphu. government. with the gifts.”
However, a source from It also states a public As per the ACC rules,
the Prime Minister’s office servant may accept a gift gifts above Nu 500 had to be
said gifts presented to lyon- given and received as a registered with the secretar-
chhoen, that would be auc- souvenir or mark of courtesy iat office, said the secretary
tioned includes both “big from a foreign government. general.

Printed and published by Kuensel Corporation Limited, PO Box 204, Tel: 975-2-322483/324688, Fax: 975-2-322975, www.kuenselonline.com ISSN 0259 1499