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Charlotte Police


To: Mr. Gregg Guetschow
Cc: Mayor and City Council
From: William Callahan, Chief of Police
Date: January 10, 2011
Re: Police Department Update for December 2010


As the calendar year 2010 wound to a close the month of December was filled with a number of
“winding-up” activities. We begin to take assessment of the year and set our focus on the next.
Fortunately December was a month of cold weather and lessening activity. Weather related traffic
issues were challenging, but not unexpectedly so. Seasonal programs such as “Shop with a Hero”
were also a welcome change of pace.

One administrative activity involved the resignation of Officer Fred Koning who left our agency to join a
probation department in Barry County. This allowed the department to re-hire Officer Richard Frazer
who left the department last June. Officer Frazer was a very valuable employee and we look forward
to his return.

On December 16th we held a “Command Staff” meeting with the departments shift commanders.
These regular meetings are a great benefit to our agency as we formulate policy, adjust procedures
and address any current issues before us. Currently we are working on ways to increase efficiency and
eliminate duplication. We also continue to work towards a more paperless environment.

As storage space for older files has become an issue we are looking at ways to efficiently archive our
old complaint files. As the law requires we maintain a great many of these files for decades, we hope
to scan and digitize these records for storage. While the effort can be a bit labor intensive, the outcome
will be greater efficiency in retrieving these files when needed as well as freeing up space for storage of
property and evidence.


Some of the more frequent calls for service involve the following;

Abandoned vehicles (10) Alarm Response (21) Assaults (5)

Burglaries (3) Destruction of Property (4) Domestic Disputes (19)
Gun Permits (24) Larcenies (29) Noise Complaints (18)
Narcotics (12) Parking Violations (40) Traffic Accidents (36)
Traffic Stops (118) Warrant Pick ups (6)

When we categorize our activities in such a manner we loose the “time on task” element. For example,
one larceny report may occupy an officer for 30 to 45 minutes, while another may require days or even
months of work. Burglaries, Vandalisms, and Assaults were down in December, however these do
occur, and frequently occupy a great deal of follow up (witness statements, evidence processing, etc.).
Complaints often change from what is reported to what the incident is actually investigated as, further
complicating our record keeping efforts.


For the month of December, Det. Beal was involved in 5 new investigations. These cases
consisted of two larceny complaints, one fraud, one CSC, and one manufacturing and possession
of child pornography case. The case that took up the majority of time was a reported rape (CSC)
on December 4th. There were multiple witnesses, scattered around the Lansing area that needed
to be located and interviewed. The suspect in this case was arrested on the evening of the
offense and has already been bound over at a preliminary exam. Det. Beal has also assisted Det.
King in the execution of two separate search warrants in the child pornography case. The results
of these search warrants have been very successful and the prosecution of this individual seems
to be imminent.

Some pending cases from prior months are also continuing to be investigated by the detectives
as time and duty schedules allow.


In the month of December officer Hafner has been involved in a total of 67 incidents at the High School.
Many of these incidents involved narcotics, specifically Marijuana.

Some typical incidents for the School Resource Officer this past December included;

The first of December Officer Hafner was called over to the Charlotte Middle School to investigate
a possible narcotics complaint. Officer Hafner was advised that a 13 year old female student was
found to be in possession of Marijuana. Officer Hafner was able to confirm the student had
bought and smoked marijuana the previous day and that the student knew she was in possession
of Marijuana at the Charlotte Middle school. The student advised officer Hafner that she has
been smoking Marijuana for the at least the previous year. This case has been forwarded to the
City Attorney requesting charges.

On the second, Officer Hafner was approached by a student and advised that there were two
Charlotte High School students that had been seen with Marijuana and Tobacco products at the
Charlotte High School. Officer Hafner located the two students and both the 17 and 15 year old
male students admitted leaving the school grounds earlier in the day to go smoke. The 15 year
old male was found to be in possession of Marijuana and tobacco products. This case has been
forwarded to the Eaton County Prosecutor Office requesting charges.

On December 10th Officer Hafner was advised by a student that there was going to be a fight after
school involving 2 Charlotte High School students. Officer Hafner was able to locate both
students before the school day ended. Both students admitted that they were going to fight after
school because of unsettled issues. Officer Hafner was able to sit down with both students and
resolve the issues before it escalated to a physical fight. There have been no issues between the
two students since.

Again on the 10th of December Officer Hafner was called to a physical fight that had taken place
at the Charlotte High School. A 17 year old male had physically assaulted at 15 year old male
during class. The 15 year old male had serious injuries that required immediate medical
attention. The 15 year old male was transported to the Hayes Green Beach Hospital for medical

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treatment. The 15 year old victim was admitted to a hospital for several days. The report has
been forwarded to the Eaton County Prosecutor as the victim is requesting charges.

On December 14th Officer Hafner was called to the Charlotte Middle School for a
Narcotics complaint. Officer Hafner spoke with a 13 year old female who had been
caught in possession with Marijuana. The 13 year old student started off lying to officer
Hafner about her involvement in this case. Officer Hafner was able to confirm that the 13 year old
female received marijuana from another Charlotte Middle School student at the beginning of the
school day. A second investigation was conducted for the student selling narcotics at the
Charlotte Middle School. This incident has been forwarded to the Prosecutors Office requesting

Later on the 14th, Officer Hafner was approached by a student who advised that she had seen a
truck driving carelessly on Van Lieu St. The student advised that the truck had lost control and
damaged property at a residence, then drove away with out reporting the incident. Officer Hafner
confirmed that Officer Koning had taken a hit and run accident on Van Lieu the same day. Officer
Hafner assisted Officer Koning and was able to locate the suspect driver and passenger of the
truck. The driver admitted he lost control of his vehicle and damaged property at a residence.
The driver also admitted that he had already personally fixed the damage to his vehicle and didn't
report the incident. The driver was cited for failure to report the accident and driving too fast for

On the 17th Officer Hafner was called back over to the Charlotte Middle School for an Arson
complaint. A witness reported to Officer Hafner that he had seen a 13 year old boy throwing a hat
up at the lights and that the 13 year old boy came into class late and was laughing that the hat
was burning in the hallway. Officer Hafner made contact with a 13 year old boy. The 13 year old
admitted that he had broken into a locker at the Charlotte Middle School and stole an orange hat.
The student stated that he had thrown the hat on top of a light and then waited to see what
happened. The Student admitted that he could smell that the hat was burning and then went to
class late and didn't report the incident. The student also admitted to bragging and laughing
about the incident to friends. The smell of something burning was reported by staff members and
the hat was found half burned on top of the light. Officer Hafner was able to collect evidence for
this incident. This incident has been forwarded up to the Prosecutors office requesting charges.

As the department no longer has DARE instructors and now participates in the TEAM program,
Officer Hafner (a certified instructor) has begun these lessons. Unfortunately he was able to
complete only one TEAM presentation for the forensic class on the affects of alcohol, and had to cancel
six other TEAM presentations because of his involvement in criminal investigations at the school.


• Crime Victim Report

• School Resource Officer Data
• 2009/2010 December Statistical Comparison

Thank You

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Part 1 Crime Victimization



Rate per 100 Population

0.8 2006
0.6 2010



Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Part 2 Crime Victimization


Rate per 100 Population

1.5 2008


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
School Resource Officer Report 2010/11 School Year

Activity September October November December January February March April May June TOTAL
Traffic Stops 6 6 6
Sexual Assaults 2 1
Non-Aggravated Assault 4 5 7
Aggravated Assault 1
Intimidation/Threats 4 10 3 3
Arson 1
Larceny 2 4 9 3
Receiving/Concealing Stolen Property 1
Destruction of Property 1 2 1
Violation Controlled Substance Act 2 5 7 8
Sex Offense 1 1 1
Family Abuse/Neglect 1
Weapons - Concealed 2
Weapons – Other 1 1 1
Public Peace 2 4 6 2
Traffic – Misdemeanor 2 3
Health/Safety Violation 2 4 4 4
Invasion of Privacy/Trespass 1 2 5
Conversation 1
Delinquent Minor 7 3
Non-Criminal Referrals 37 18 19
Insanity 1 1
Misc Criminal Offense 1
Civil Infraction 1 1 1 4
Parking Violation 2 1
Traffic Hazard Investigation 2 1
Traffic Direction/Control 10 12 3 5
Traffic Stops 4
Crash PD-Public Street 2
Civil Dispute 1
Alarm Response 1 1
Fire Regulation Violation 2
Suspicious Situation 5 6 4 3
Hazardous Situation 1
Suspected Narcotics Activity 2
Abandoned /Recovered Property 1
Missing Person 1
Public Relations Activity/Patrol 1 1 1
Assist Citizen 4 12 9 2
Assist Other Agency 2 2
Lock Out 1
Subpoena Service 1

TOTAL 56 136 98 67


2009 2010 CHANGE

Incidents 757 726 -4%

Accidents 53 46 -13%
Total Crimes Reported 146 201 +38%
Arrests 32 36 +13%
Traffic Stops Made 144 105 -27%
Traffic Violations 100 48 -52%
Speed Violations 14 7 -50%
Verbal Warnings 87 80 -8%
Officer Training Hours 44 28 -36%
Public Presentation Hours 4 2 -50%
Community Relations Hours 8 0 -100%
Community Policing Hours 12 8 -33%
D.A.R.E. Presentations - - -
Warrants Issued 15 23 +53%
Time Spent on Paperwork 370.5 396 +7%
Part I Crime Total 51 67 +31%
Part II Crime Total 95 134 +41%

Report Prepared and Submitted by: Sgt. Jim Falk, Badge 6011 01/05/2011