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Student Activity-Based Learning (SABL)

Subject Area: English: Listening
Grade: 8
3rd Quarter
S.Y. 2019-2020

Name of Student: ________________________________________ Score: ____________

Section: __________________________ Date: ____________

I. Lesson Title (Day’s Lesson): Southeast-Asian Literature

II. Reference/s:
Asian Literature. (2008). Retrieved from www. Literature. org /Asian Literature: www. Literature. org
/Asian Literature/genres/features

III. Objectives/Intent
At the end of the activity, the students CAN:

Identify the notable literary genres contributed by Southeast Asian writers.

1.1. Listing the Southeast Asian literary pieces (poems, short stories and play).

1.1.a. Identifying unique feature of notable Southeast Asian literary pieces.

IV. Learning Activity

A. Collaborative Work:
Title of the Activity: (Think-Pair-Share)
Instructions /Directions for the implementation of the Strategy:
List literary pieces of Southeast Asian Literature and organize them on the graphic organizer.

1. This activity will involve two people.

2. Each member of the group will work on the graphic organizer provided.
3. One student will read the hand-out and the other one will write the information in the graphic organizer.
4. After identifying the literary pieces under Southeast Asian Literature they will present it to the class.

Poems Novel

Asian 1|A B L W o r k s h e e t
Drama Short

B. Processing Students’ Responses: (Questioning)

b.1 Questions that draw out content
1. What are the different features of Southeast Asian literature?
2. What are the similarities and differences of each genre?
3. What are the unique characteristics of each literary genre?

b.2 Questions that process their experience

1. What Strategy helps you in listing distinguishing features of Southeast Asian Literary
2. Is the use of graphic organizer helpful?
3. What difficulties did you face as a group?
4. What could be done?

Name: _____________________________________________________
Section: ___________________________________________________
Independent Practice
List the unique characteristics of each genre and identify similarities of each genre at the center.

Southeast Asian
Literary Genres
Short Story Novel
Short Story: ______

Drama: ________

Drama Novel:_________ Poem

Poem: ________

2|A B L W o r k s h e e t