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Mr. Florio
Summer Assignment

All students enrolled in the AP European History class for the academic year 2010-11 must
complete the Summer Assignment in order to remain eligible. The completed assignment must
be submitted to Mr. Florio on the first day of classes.
PART I Map Exercises
• Use ONE of the blank maps to locate and label all the islands, nations and capitals of
Europe. If there is not enough room on the map to locate the capital, simply place the
name of the capital in parentheses underneath the name of the nation. Designate to which
nation each island belongs by placing that nation’s name in parentheses beneath the name
of the island. If it is an independent nation place ‘ind.’ in parentheses beneath the name
of the island. Prepare for a test on the political map of Europe (including capitals)
on the first day you return to school.
• Use ONE of the blank maps to locate and label the bodies of water from the list you
received in the Assignment Packet.
• Use ONE of the blank maps to draw in and label the mountain ranges and rivers that
appear on the same list.
• Use ONE of the blank maps to outline and label the peninsulas from the list.
• Use ONE of the blank maps to roughly outline the regions from the list.
PART II Reading Assignment
• Read Chapter 13 in your text, pp. 413-447. You are responsible for knowing the Key
Terms (p.447) as well as the supplemental list of terms, names and dates in the packet
that relate to this chapter. Many of the items on the supplemental list will be
defined/described within the body of the class lecture notes. Prepare to take a brief,
multiple choice quiz on the reading, alone the day you return to school.
PART III Document Based Question
• Refer to the attached prompt and the rubric that will be used to grade your
• Review the information on page A-2 of your text before you begin to write your
• The response must not exceed three pages in length, double spaced, 12 pt. font.
PART IV Art and Architecture of the Renaissance
The attached list of works of paintings, sculpture and architecture should be filled in and
studied in preparation for an exam that will be part of the unit evaluation. In the course of
the year, students will be required to complete six research papers; each addressing the
relationship between political, social, economic and intellectual trends and the art and
architecture of the period. A detailed assignment sheet for each of these papers will be
distributed within the first few weeks of school.

All students must submit their responses to Turn It In. The password and assignment
codes for Turn It In will be given to you the day after you return to school in August.