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Rules for repeaters concerning the biophysics and biostatistics subjects

There are two (but mutually exclusive!) ways for repeating students to complete biophysics and
biostatistics courses:

A: Take the exam course (course codes: „AOBIF02T1E-10-11-01-ExCour” for Gen. Med. or „
FOBIF04D1E-10-11-01-ExCour” for Dent. students) on the Neptun (those who already
subscribed to the “new” biophysics and biostatistics courses must unsubscribe first!). It is not
compulsory to visit any classes during the exam course*. The biophysics written exam will be
similar to the ones from the previous semesters (minimal requirement questions and written
test containing biostatistics part). Completing the course will yield 8 (Gen. Med) or 7 (Dent.)
credits. Further options:

A/1: - Students may keep the bonus points and exemptions earned in the previous
semesters. They must decide about this in advance and must notify the manager of

A/2: - Students may write the two biophysics and the biostatistics self control tests
and may make presentations for earning new bonus points and exemption from
minimals (the old ones will be all cancelled in this case!). New bonus points and
exemption from the minimals will be calculated from the scores of the three (two
biophysics and the biostatistics) self control tests. Students must also notify the
manager of education if they choose this,

Students already passed the minimals (or earned exemption) are allowed to keep this
regardless of choosing A/1 or A/2.

B: The other way is to take the “new” biophysics (course codes: „AOBIF02T1-10-11-01” for
Gen. Med. or „FOBIF04D1-10-11-01” for Dent. students) and statistics (course codes: „
FOBST04D1-10-11-01” for Gen. Med. or „ AOBST02T1-10-11-01” for Dent. students) courses
and complete them according to their requirements, so the same rules will apply as for non-
repeating students.

Exemption from the practices and the practical exam can be given for those who already completed
them and received biophysics signature at the end of a previous semester, regardless of choosing A
(exam course) of B (“new” courses) Students must apply for this exemption in email containing their
names, group number and the academic year when they completed the practices.

Repeating students must ask permission for visiting the biostatistics group seminars or the biophysics
seminars from the manager of education in email. Students will be permitted to visit the seminars of
one (always the same) group throughout the semester.