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THERE’S a formula to success for many of life’s most challenging pursuits.

For example,
there’s a right way to give a good public speech and many, many wrong ways. And there’s a
right way to swing a 5 iron and strike a golf ball, sending it soaring like a tiny guided missile
directly towards its target: a small red flag positioned hundreds of feet away. And, contrary
to the understanding of millions, if not billions, of men and women, there’s a right way for a
man to attract and seduce a woman. More than that: there’s a perfect formula, which, when
executed in the right way, always has the same result: the female feels genuinely sexually
attracted to the male. This formula is a total mystery to most people, male and female. They
either know it exists but do not truly know what it involves and therefore cannot follow and
use it, or they have simply never heard of it. These are the people who think bringing a girl
some flowers and complimenting her on her pretty eyes is the best thing to do to win her

The real process of attracting women, which can be learned by any man, regardless of his
looks or previous level of skill or experience with the opposite sex, is more intricate and
elegant than any man of “average” skill with women would ever guess. Using special
techniques, both verbal and non-verbal, a man who knows what he’s doing can demonstrate
massive social value; display effortless, unforced confidence; be totally at ease touching a girl
and being touched by her and, in short, do every other thing necessary to attract and seduce a
member of the opposite sex, no matter how hot or seemingly “unattainable” she is. What
follows is a taste of these techniques. They are a tiny snapshot of Black Belt Seduction: the
formula for finding, approaching, talking to, attracting and dating women.

The Secret Symbol

When out in the field, your main goal is to attract a female who, for the sake of clear
explanation, we’ll call your target. However, to achieve this end, you must complete several
crucial sub-goals. If you successfully complete these sub-goals, your main goal completes
itself: the girl will be sexually attracted to you and highly enthusiastic about the idea of
dating you. Let’s briefly look at a few of the sub-goals I’m talking about.

• Stand out from the crowd of other men

• Possess high social status and value

• Have an interesting, unique conversation with the girl

• Demonstrate that you’re socially busy and have a packed calendar, full of positive, fun
social events

• Project a captivating sense of mystery—something which women find irresistible

Although these are but a few of the many sub-goals you should focus on completing when
out in the field—whether you’re in a bar, club, at the park, or anywhere else where there’s a
large group of people socialising—they are undeniably some of the most important things
you must do to attract your target. But how, specifically, do you complete them?

There are many, many conversational techniques and body language theories you can and
should use. But why not use something a little special? Something that ticks every one of the
boxes above, that does everything just listed. The Secret Symbol is one such technique. It
single-handedly shows that you have high (and therefore attractive) social value. It gives you
that powerful sense of mystery. It makes fun, flirty conversation effortless and instantaneous.
It does it all and it does it automatically. And now you’re going to learn it.

The technique involves printing a special kind of symbol on the back of your left hand. You’ll
wear this symbol on your hand while out in the field, when you’re meeting and talking to
women. First take a look at it.

As you can see, it consists of an eye and a star, both set within a triangle. On the right side of
the triangle is a number. This symbol means nothing—but what it can do for you when it
comes to attracting women means everything.

Print out this page and cut out the symbol and the number next to it. Then do the following to
get it transferred onto your hand:
1. Using a NEW and razor sharp cutting blade, like a scalpel or Exacto blade, cut out the
symbol and number from the sheet of paper. Then cut out the black areas ONLY. You are
creating a negative which you’ll later use to make a positive print on your hand. Once you’ve
made all the cuts, you’ll notice that the inner white triangle, which contains the eye and star,
is separate from the large outer triangle and number. This is correct.

2. Lightly apply some SPRAY adhesive to the back of the piece of paper containing the outer
triangle and number. Spray adhesive is recommended because it guarantees the paper will be
lightly but completely stuck to your hand and that it will not move while you make the print.
Once the first piece of paper is stuck on the back of your left hand, lightly spray the other
piece: the inner triangle. Now position it in the center of the first piece and flatten it down.

3. Once the stencil is stuck flat on your hand, you can go ahead and apply ink or black paint
to it to create the print of the symbol. If you used thin card for the stencil, you can use a black
permanent marker to ink in the gaps. If you used normal paper, you can apply a thin layer of
black paint to the stencil using a sponge. It’s up to you.

4. Before the ink or paint dries, purposely slightly smudge part of the design. You’ll see why
this is important later. Once the ink or paint is dry, remove the stencil and you’ll be ready,

You might be thinking this sounds like a lot of

effort—but trust me, it’s worth it. Here’s why:

The symbol is worn on the back of your hand

for a whole day. During the day and evening,
while you’re out meeting women, you can
totally forget that it’s there—that is, until
someone asks you about it. And they

Here’s how the secret symbol helps you tick all

of the boxes mentioned earlier.

Stand out from the crowd of other men

The symbol is unique and eye-catching. It’s

like wearing a really unusual necklace or ring,
something everyone wants to ask you about,
but it’s BETTER. It’s better because no woman
has ever seen such a thing before. When you’re
talking to her, she’ll find it mesmerizing and
totally intriguing.

Possess high social status and value

Here’s how the secret symbol communicates that you have high social value to women
(which is something ALL women look for when deciding whether or not they’re attracted to
men). When a girl asks you what the symbol is and means, you casually yet mysteriously say:
“Oh, it’s for a party I’m going to later. I need it to get in.” This simple line communicates
volumes about your high social value. You’re going to a party which requires a special kind
of invitation to be entered. It’s like you’re a VIP, except better, because how many parties
need secret symbols to filter its guests? The great thing about using the symbol is that, unlike
other guys, you don’t need to verbally tell the girl you’re a VIP or that you’re social and have
a fun, exciting, mysterious lifestyle. She interrupts ALL of this HERSELF just from seeing the
symbol and hearing you say: “Oh, it’s for a party I’m going to later. I need it to get in.”

Have an interesting, unique conversation with the girl

The secret symbol ALWAYS leads to fun, interesting conversations after girls notice it. It can
lead onto talks about tattoos, fun parties, movies (think Eyes Wide Shut) and any number of
other emotionally packed topics—all perfect for allowing sexual attraction for you to form in
the girl’s mind.

Demonstrate that you’re socially busy and have a packed calendar, full of positive, fun
social events

Instead of telling a girl you go to a lot of parties, which can reek of overcompensation, you let
her find out this fact for herself. When she asks what the symbol on your hand is, you tell her:
“It’s for a…special party I’m going to later. I need it to get in.”

Project a captivating sense of mystery—something which women find irresistible

The key point when using this technique is that you DON’T point out the symbol to everyone
and start describing what it is and means. You wear it subtly and casually. And when a girl
you’re talking to, who you’re already in the process of building rapport and attraction with,
mentions it, you briefly give her the answer: “Oh, it’s for a…I’m not sure how to describe
it…for a special kind of party I’m going to later. I need it to get in.” And nothing more! This
gets women feeling desperate to know more: “What does the eye and star mean? What kind
of party is it? Are you the 24th member? CAN I COME?” They don’t for a second think you’re
bragging or trying to be mysterious on purpose because they themselves pointed the symbol

To sum up, having the secret symbol on your hand when you’re talking to a girl is a super
simple, highly effective way of building her feelings for you. It shows you have value, are
social, are mysterious and it gives you something to talk about or around. It’s powerful…very
powerful. The smudge, which I mentioned earlier, is a nice touch because it makes it totally
obvious that it’s non-permanent and therefore not a tattoo. The girl instantly knows it’s there
for a real reason…and she wants to know it badly.

The secret symbol is so powerful in fact, that when you’re using it women will actually open
YOU. They’ll start a conversation with you just to find out what it is and this, of course, gives
you the opportunity you need to use any number of other conversational, attraction-creation
techniques on her.

Extra tip: You can control exactly when your target female sees the symbol, and therefore
when she points it out, by keeping your left hand pretty much out of sight. Then, when you
want to inject a massive dose of attraction and interest into your conversation with her, hold
your beer bottle or glass with your left hand and casually take a sip. A few seconds later and
she’ll see it and be instantly drawn to what it means. She’ll either ask you outright what it is
or simply take mental note of it. Either way, your mysterious, high-value image will be set in
her mind. Perfect…
The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle

The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle is a method of instantly increasing a girl’s interest in you. It
allows you to take a basic level of mutually felt attraction between you and any female and
inject it with a sense of intrigue and mystery that she finds uncontrollably alluring and
appealing - like a fish to some well-cast bait, she chases after you with an increased interest
and sense of urgency. The ‘Heart of Stone’ principle makes your social stock soar and as a
result, makes women crave a piece of it.

Let’s go right into how to use it, then I’ll describe why it produces such massive and
consistent results out in the field.

How To Use The ‘Heart of Stone Principle’

Boiled right down, the technique revolves around a specially invented concept: that you truly
believe you are incapable of love. Whether it’s love at first sight or the kind of affection felt
by ‘soul mate’ girlfriends and boyfriends, it’s alien to you and something you know, deep
down in your heart, you’ll never have. Not because you won’t find it or because there’s
something wrong with you, just because you aren’t capable of feeling it. Plain and simple.

I know it might seem a crazy concept at first glance, in fact, I know that many men would
consider using this principle on a girl suicide, a path to failure for sure. After all, how could
telling a girl that you are fundamentally unable to feel love be a good idea? What could it
help achieve and what positive results could it possibly produce? We’ll get to that stuff in a
little while. First, though, let’s look more closely at how to use The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle.
Here’s an example “script,” that illustrates how to get across the concept we’ve just covered.
It’s short but sweet and communicates all the necessary information.


You: “What do you think about love at first sight?”

Girl: “I think it’s possible for the right people, definitely” (Her response can be anything,
your reply remains the same)

You: “Well, I’d like to think it exists. But, for me [1 second pause]…definitely not. In fact, I
TRULY believe that I'm incapable of love. I don't know why, but in my heart I know I'll never
fall in love."
Now let’s look at how what you’ve said affects the subconscious psychology of the girl you’re
talking to, and in turn how The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle boosts the girl’s feeling of attraction
for you.

When you use this technique you demonstrate/accomplish two things:

1. That You Aren’t Like Other, Average Men.

Good looking girls get hit on constantly. They get doors opened for them, bills paid,
extended eye contact, corny jokes – there are hundreds of ways men show their interest in
them and therefore hundreds of ways women spot what they’re up to and decide to shut
them out and ignore their advances. When you use The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle, you’re
going completely against the grain to what most guys do and therefore what most
beautiful women experience day-to-day. You say you know for sure that you can’t love.
It’s a radical statement and something most people, male or female, would not usually
say. But you’ve said it, unashamed and right to the point. And by saying it you’ve made
it pretty clear that you don’t mind her knowing that you’re unable to love her or, for that
matter, anyone – now or ever.

2. You Blow Her Preconceptions Out of the Water and Present Her With an Obstacle.

Once you’ve stated, nice and simple, that feeling a deep love connection isn’t something
you’re wired for, a strange yet wonderful thing happens. It’s like a challenge has been
laid down there and then – not directly, but discreetly. This girl, who – like so many other
hot girls – usually has men falling at her feet all day, all night long is faced with
something she’s not experienced before: a guy she needs and WANTS to conquer. Sure,
she’s met guys before who try to play it cool and pretend they’re not interested in her, but
she – like all women do – sees straight through that charade. You’re something else.
You’re a guy that’s turned her on, had a great conversation, has been like plenty of other
guys she’s liked, then BLAM! You’ve used The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle and really
confused her. Her natural reaction? To fight it and prove that you CAN love and that you
CAN feel a deep sense of affection for someone. To prove this would mean she’s different
to other girls you’ve met and therefore make her feel great about herself – and that’s the
reason this technique works so well and so often, because girls love challenges, but only
when they feel they’re the right ones. You, of course, have no problem with letting them
prove a point to you, as doing so involves them increasing their feelings for you, flirting
more and, yes, eventually putting out in whatever form you prefer, be it a kiss and a
cuddle or a whole lot more.

Okay, so you now have a general idea of what the technique involves and also why it works
so well. But we won’t stop there - let’s look at the best way of using it within the confines of
your conversation, no matter what kind of girl you’re talking to or where you both happen to
be at the time. After all, this principle works in person, on the phone or even on the internet.

To maximise the effectiveness of the technique, always try to transition naturally into using it.
Doing so always works better than saying it out of the blue, after an unrelated topic. For
example, here are a couple of ways to do it:

1. Mention a TV program you’ve recently seen or an article you read in some women’s
magazine while waiting around someplace. Casually tell her how it described a few
people who met randomly and fell head over heels in love within 30 seconds, or
something along those lines. Then transition into using the technique by saying
something similar to the scripted example you’ve just read.

2. Use the technique as a way of getting out of annoying or irksome questions from the
girl, like: “How many girlfriends have you had?” Or other relationship-related
subject matter. Not only is using the technique at these awkward points a good way
of getting out of very personal questions, it also reinforces the point about you not
being able to love, and generally gives what you say more weight.

Alright, you should now have a pretty solid grasp of how to use The ‘Heart of Stone’
Principle. But before you go out and start using it, there are 5 golden rules to learn and
always remember. Keeping them constantly in the back of your mind guarantees that the
technique works as well as humanly possible and that the results are as instant and amazing
as you’d always hope.

The 5 Golden Rules

Rule #1: Never, ever, ever use this technique as a way of opening a conversation with a girl. It
simply won’t produce any positive results. The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle should be used once
you’ve built a good level of attraction between yourself and the girl. She needs to feel
attracted to you for the technique to work and for what you’ve said to hit home in her mind
as unusual and a challenge. You see, getting her attracted to you builds up and massages her
ego. When you use the technique and say you’re incapable of love, she’s brought right back
down to earth and therefore FIGHTS to get back to where she was and how she originally
felt. So, only use this seduction principle once you’re sure there’s a mutual attraction and
good level of rapport between
the two of you.

Rule #2: When you say what you say, speak seriously and make it obvious you aren’t just
messing around. You TRULY aren’t wired to love a girl, it’s just
how it is.

Rule #3: Don’t appear downbeat or upset when you describe your inability to love, act like
you’re quite accepting of it. It’s not a disadvantage or disability. It’s when you seem
completely serious about what you’re saying while at the same time accepting of it that
women REALLY react strongly. They feel it’s now their job to prove you wrong and be the
special girl that won you over.

Rule #4: The ‘Heart of Stone’ Principle has been road tested dozens and dozens and dozens of
times and WORKS. But that doesn’t mean all men should know about it. DO NOT TELL
ANYBODY ABOUT IT, MALE OR FEMALE. The fewer men and women that know about
this special concept the better – it helps ensure you’ll never run into a pretty girl that stops
you halfway through what you’re saying and points across the room at a guy who’s just told
her the very same thing. Seriously, guys, keep this technique close to you chest!

Rule #5: Try to customise the wording of the technique as much as you can. You don’t need
to say word-for-word what’s written in the example I provided. Just make sure, whatever
you say, that you get across the point that you’re not able to love, say it seriously and like you
don’t really mind that much. Simple as that.
And that pretty much sums it up, except to say that the power of this technique, in getting a
MASSIVE and INSTANT reaction from girls (in the form of seriously increased interest,
flirting and action) is pretty much unrivalled in the world of attraction and seduction.

So, fellas, always remember rule number 4!

The Necker Cube Tool

I’m sure I don’t need to stress the importance and value of having interesting, unusual, fun
things to do and talk about with a girl if your goal is to make her feel attracted to you. This
tool is truly one of the best. It’s simple yet deadly. It freaks girls out and plays with their
minds in the best way possible. It’s memorable and unique, too. In short, it’s a pick-up artist’s
dream and something you can learn and use anytime, anywhere to attract a girl.

Let’s get right into looking at what this tool is and involves.

What is the Necker cube?

The Necker cube is a simple yet quite amazing optical illusion which was first published by
Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker in 1832. It is made up of a wire-frame cube. When
a person looks at the drawn cube they see an initial perception of its construction. However,
around two seconds later the cube seems to instantly change and look different. First it looks
one way, then suddenly it looks another way, and it continues to flip back and forth as the
viewer continues to stare at it. It’s very simple, involves no complex work on the part of the
viewer and is an elegant example of what is known as ‘multistable perception’.

What is The Necker Cube Tool?

The Necker Cube Tool is the application and use of the Necker cube optical illusion in a social
scene, as part of an interaction with a girl (or sometimes a group). It’s used as something
interesting, unusual and fun you can show the girl and work into your interaction with her.

Using it has other benefits too, but we’ll look at these after you’ve seen the Necker cube and
tried looking at it and seeing the optical illusion for yourself.

Stare at the cube and notice the way it looks and the direction it seems to face in. Keep
looking at it – after a couple of seconds it will seem to flip in the opposite direction, a couple
of seconds later it will switch back.

Here are the two main visual interpretations of the cube, which 99% of people see it switch

Quite a cool little optical illusion, huh? Simple and effective. But how can it be used as a tool
in an interaction with a girl?

Here’s how.

• Never use this tool as an opener. It’s best used once you’ve been talking to the girl for a
little while and have built some basic rapport and chemistry between the two of you.

• Wait for a moment in your conversation with her when the following statement, in some
way or another, could be said to be valid: “There are two ways of looking at that.” I
know, I know. That seems pretty unlikely, right? But it’s not. Maybe she mentions that
she’s looking for a new job in a more creative field than the one she’s currently in, but it’s
hard to get one because all of her potential employers want someone with experience. But
it’s a catch-22 because without experience you can’t get a job and without a job you can’t
get experience. She says: “I mean, I can understand that they want the best person for the
job and that probably means getting someone with experience. But from my point of
view, it makes things quite tricky!”

You can then say: “Yeah, you’re right. Actually what you’ve just said, about there being
two ways to look at it, the employer’s and yours, reminds me of something cool…” You
can then transition into using The Necker Cube Tool. But let’s say nothing comes up
naturally which could relate to the theme of the Necker cube: “There are two completely
different, yet equally valid sides to…” In that case, you can introduce the theme yourself.
Do it casually and naturally by talking broadly about something which fits the theme,
like the job example just given, then suddenly ‘remember’ the cube and become
enthusiastic about showing it to the girl: “Oh yeah! Check this out, it’s really cool. I want
to see if this thing works for you too…”

• Once you’ve said the words: “Hey, that reminds me of something. Check this out with
me, I want to see if it works for you too” (or something to that effect), you can go right
into showing her the Necker cube. But this technique doesn’t stop there. There’s more to

You’re going to show her the illusion in a special way. You’re going to perform a local
relocation, by taking her to a different part of your location. Let’s say you’re in a bar, for
example. You’re sitting at one of the tables and are ready to show her the illusion. Say the
words you read above and stand up. Lead her by the hand, if possible, to the bar area.
Your justification for performing the relocation is going to find one of the props you need
to make the illusion: a paper napkin. Once you’ve found one, as you stand at the bar with
the girl (who will be eagerly and excitedly awaiting what you’ve got to show her), ask her
if she’s got some lipstick or something in her bag. Sometimes they won’t have lipstick (as
you’ll see at the end of this knowledge document), but they’ll almost always have
something on them: eye liner, mascara, a small pen or pencil even.

• Beckon her closer by casually making a “come here” motion with your hand. Unfold the
napkin as you do so – she won’t question the motion and will come in closer to you
straight away and without thought. Now, leaning on the bar, draw the Necker cube.
Practice at home a couple of times so you know how to reproduce it so the illusion works.
When the drawing is done, say: “Look, a box. Cool, huh?” She’ll pause, not knowing
whether to laugh. Break the fun feeling of tension by laughing and saying: “No, no I’m
kidding. Here, look at this box. Stare at it for a couple of seconds and see which way it
faces. Keep looking at it and tell me if it seems to change in any way.” Let her do it.
Chances are she’ll see the change and will react positively, looking back at it to repeat the
illusion. If for some reason she doesn’t see it at first, say: “Look at it again. Keep staring at
it and it will suddenly seem to flip and face the other direction, then flip back a couple of
seconds later. See?” She’ll see the illusion and react with some genuine enthusiasm and
excitement. It’s not going to blow her away and change her life – it’s just a fun little
illusion, but it WILL be interesting and fun for her because it has MEANING. It’s a real
thing for you to do together. It’s a great chance for you to both focus on the same thing
and bond as you do so.

Using The Necker Cube Tool provides you with the following benefits:

1. It’s something interesting for you to talk about and DO together.

2. It gives you both something to look at together – shared experiences help a bond
form between you and her.

3. It gives you a perfect opportunity to perform a local relocation. Say you want to be
alone with the girl and not a part of the group – this tool allows you to achieve just
that. Once you’ve relocated to another part of the venue, you can do the Necker cube
illusion than continue to talk with each other. The vibe will be upbeat, lively and
FUN – which provides the perfect breeding ground for mutual attraction to grow and
grow and grow.
4. Part of the technique involves borrowing a writing tool from the girl. This builds the
trust bond between you and her. She gives you something – the natural psychological
result of this act is her receiving something back from you. You give her more
attention and she ACCEPTS and ENJOYS it. The game of give and take really starts
and attraction and comfort are naturally born out of it.

5. Finally, the napkin or piece of paper you use to show her the illusion can be kept by
you or her. Later on, if you want to swap numbers, you can write your number on
one part of it and she can write hers on the other. Then you can tear it in half and
swap contact information. It’s a great way to close – and she won’t ever forget it.

Above: An example of The Necker Cube Tool used in real-life. The girl wrote her number on the napkin with the
same eyeliner our expert borrowed from her earlier that evening to draw the cube.
Group Tactics: The Block Out

To attract a woman, you first need to meet her. Women, however, rarely go out and stay out
for any significant amount of time alone, without friends. This means that many, if not most
of your interactions with girls will involve entering their groups. This can present many
problems for guys who don’t know about the social dynamics of entering groups of people
with the intention of not only winning them all over and gaining their approval but also
sexually attracting one or more of its female members. This is why it’s essential you know all
about group tactics. Let’s take a look at an example of one very important group tactic.

The Problem

A block-out occurs when you, the seducer, are positioned opposite your target female with
one or more persons on your left and right.

Take a look at the diagram above. You are seated around a table. Your target is directly across
the table from you, a female is on your left and a male is on your right. As you talk to your
target – which is clearly something you MUST do if you want to get her attracted to you – the
other members of the group are blocked out of the conversation. Your conversation is cutting
off any chance they have of having a conversation with each other. Their only options are:

• Listen to you and your target talk for a while. This can quickly get boring, however, and
they more often than not begin to get tired of listening. So, reacting to the restriction your
conversation across the table with your target is having on them, they’ll break up your
conversation with your target with negative body language and subtle verbal indicators
of discontent. If they are your target’s friends, she’ll feel their discomfort and, out of
loyalty, restrict the conversation she has with you as much as possible. Clearly this is a
bad thing for you.

• Alternatively, the blocked out members of the group will chime into your conversation
with comments and statements. This is okay for a few minutes, but you’ll soon get bored
of having a four-way conversation. To really stand a chance at attracting your target, you
need a conversation with her in which she’s focussed on you and you’re focussed on her.
While members of the group are blocked out on either side of you, this cannot happen.

• Another possibility is that either the girl on your left or guy on your right will try to
balance things out by talking to your target, leaving you to talk to the person who’s either
on your direct left or direct right. In reality, this makes sense, because by pairing off in
this way nobody’s conversation is undermined or made impossible by anyone else’s.
However, if this change occurs, you clearly won’t be the one talking to your target female
for the majority of the time – a bad thing.

The Solution

Take a look at the image above. It shows the solution to the block-out problem. You are still
sitting across from your target female, but you no longer have anybody on your left. As a
result, the other two members of the group can have a conversation without the conversation
you’re having with your target interrupting it. You’re still free to talk to the other members of
the group, of course. You do that by simply turning to the right or the extreme right. This
simple but highly effective solution always stops the block-out and its nasty consequences
from affecting your ability to interact with your target. All you need to do is change the
‘layout’ of the group. You’re taught how to do this in detail during your Black Belt Seduction
The Standing Block-Out

The Problem

You’ve just learned about the block-out. Above shows a subtle variation of the block-out. You
are in a group of four people standing near the bar. You are directly opposite your target,
with a guy on your right and a girl on your left.

Again, just like in the first example, whenever you talk to your target you are isolating the
two other members of the group. This puts a strain on the dynamic of the group because it
makes the blocked-out members feel unable to properly join in.

The reason it’s worth looking at this variation of the standard block-out is because it’s often
much harder to realize the group you’re in is in the block-out formation when you’re all
standing up. Sure, it feels like you’re just standing there talking, but the block-out is still able
to form and have a negative effect on your ability to talk to your target female for the period
of time necessary to use your conversational attraction-building techniques.

The Solution
Once again, the solution to the block-out is repositioning the members of the group. In the
example above you move around so you’re with your target female and the other two
members of the group are together next to you.

You’re now able to:

• Talk to your target while the other members of the group have their own conversation

• Talk to the male in the group while the females chat

• Speak to your target, then switch to having a group discussion for a few minutes, then
switch back to a one-on-one with your target

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“Women don’t really know what they want…but we do…and we give it to them.”

Mr. X.

The Black Belt Seduction course is designed to take you from

beginner (white belt) all the way to advanced pick-up artist and
beyond (black belt). The routines and techniques in this document
were selected from various belts of the course.

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