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Reading Plan Charles Dickens

Relevant data
A. Charles John Huffam
“OLIVER TWIST “ Dickens was an English 1. In 1827, at the age of
writer and novelist, one of fifteen, he began working
the most recognized in as a judicial stenographer.
Before reading:
OLIVER TWIST world literature
1.Find out information about the 2. In his job as a political
author and write relevant details B. Date of birth: 7 February journalist for the Morning
of his/her life ( five sentences) 1812, Landport, Chronicle allowed Him to
Portsmouth, UK publish his own book.
2.Guess the story from the cover
and the title: C. Died: June 9, 1870, Gads
3. En 1836 contrajo
A. .What do you think the story Hill Place, UK
matrimonio con Catherine
is about? Thompson Hogarth, con
B. .Where do you think it is? quien llegó a tener diez
When do you think it hijos
happens? 4. Had 10 children with
3.Consult and compare the life of Catherine Thompson
children of the 1830s in England Hogarth
READING PLAN with the life you have and write 5 5. Dickens suffered a railway
important ideas. Example : accident that would mark
EDERSON FELIPE LOPEZ BOLIVAR There were more homeless boys, the last stage of his life,
because men were taken to war
and families were destroyed.
2. 3.
Children of 1830
History is about
 Due to the various political
conflicts, the rate of orphan
From the author's hard children was very high
life, from question 3 and compared to today
from the cover of the  there were no rights of the
book, I infer that the book child, therefore, there was
is about a boy named child exploitation, something
Oliver (by the name of that happens nowadays but
the text), and this boy B.
in less quantity
during his childhood has  childhood as we know it
several problems and
where and when it
does not exist, since from a
generally has difficulties happens young age they had to work,
I think the story will take they were not allowed to be
place in Portsmouth, UK,  Education was for the
since this is where the privileged since there was a
author comes from and It great social gap
happens in times where  there were a large number

the rights of the child did of children in situations of

extreme poverty
not exist, where there was
a lot of child exploitation.
Before 1959
Reading Plan 1.
“OLIVER TWIST “ Main ideas

While Reading:
chapter One
1. Read chapter 1, 2 and 3 . Write 3
They put Oliver in a small and dark room. They
main ideas of each chapter.
OLIVER TWIST Underline the new vocabulary locked the door and left him all alone. He was cold
found (Create a vocabulary and hungry in the room. At dinner time, Mr. Bumble
section on your notebook. Very took Oliver to the hall. He whipped Oliver in front of
creativity). the other boys. The other boys never asked for
2. Create a graphic section or
diagrams about characters,
places and any other aspect
The board and Mr. Bumble sent Oliver to
you find relevant of your
work for are undertaker. They didn't
Reading. You can also include
want him in the workhouse.
images and new vocabulary
and interesting ideas.

Noah one day, he said nasty things about Oliver's

mother. Oliver got angry. He attacked Noah. He
knocked over the table and chair in the parlour.
He grabbed Noah by the throat. Then Oliver
punched him. Noah ran away.
2. 3.
chapter two Chapter Three

Oliver thought, 'I can hide in London. Not even Mr.

Bumble will find me there." Oliver only had a penny, The police caught Oliver. They took him to court.
two shirts and some stockings He was hungry and The old gentleman was called Mr. Brownlow. He
met a young man. argued with the judge about Oliver. Mr. Brownlow
didn't want them to punish Oliver. He asked to take
Oliver home with him.

Noah ran to the workhouse. Mr. Bumble was surprised to

see him, "Oh, Mr. Bumble, sir!' said Noah, 'It's Oliver!
"Has he run away? asked Mr. Bumble and smiled. "No, Mr. Brownlow was right. Oliver was very
sir! He's gone mad. He tried to kill me, sir. He tried to kill ill. They put him to bed. He lay there for
Charlotte. He tried to kill Mrs- Sowerberry. days. He had a fever

They gave Oliver food and a bed to sleep in. He

Oliver got stronger each day. Mr. Brownlow sent
woke up to breakfast. He found out that the
Oliver to the bookshop. He had a £5 note in his
boys and Fagin were pickpockets.
pocket to pay for books
Reading Plan Character one
After Reading:  He is the protagonist of the story.
OLIVER TWIST Now choose and draw four
characters and 2 places and
 it's a boy
describe them in  He is alone because he has no
paragraphs. Don't use their
names. Write about fifty
words for each one.  He started living in a work house.
 Born in London.
 It's curious
 Is not happy
Character two Character three

 Person in charge of the work house  He owns the funeral home

 Evil man  he was the one who picked up
Oliver when they no longer wanted
 High class person
him at work
 He mistreated the children
 he is trying to help oliver
 He was in a bad mood

 Place where Oliver began to live.

 city where oliver was born
 Place where children were
mistreated.  city where you met mr
 They did not give good food to the brownlow
children.  a very large city
 The manager was Mr. Bumble.