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Joseph David Francis Smith W1307994 Entrepreneurship and Finance for Creative Industries MUS74H.


-1Critical Self Evaluation

In this essay I will evaluate the overall efficiency of the group work as well as the issues

that are involved in working in a group. I will also explain my own role in the group and

the input I have made.

The group’s first challenge was to find an acceptable business to investigate. As the first

challenge, it was quite hard to come to a final decision as many people in the group had

their own ideas. First of all, we decided to investigate a company Tina had chosen which

was a promotion company based in Norway. The problem with this company was that the

owner wouldn’t meet us for an interview or disclose any financial information. Alison

then noted that she had contact with the owner of the business ‘Songlink’. This business

is an e-magazine distributor that focuses on connecting their subscribers under a social

network. Subscribers consist are publishers, signed artists and unsigned artists. The

business is entrepreneurial and unique in its nature. Its information was accessible to us

as Alison knew the owner, David Stark. Alison arranged a meeting with him. Thankfully,

he was very open in giving information, even in trusting us with his financial accounts

from 2008-2009. This being said, we could not publish the accounts publicly and

therefore made sure that we were careful in the wording of the presentation.

My role in the presentation was to take care of the financial information, designing three

slides that explained the ingoing and outgoing revenues, as well as explaining the

distribution of funds through out the business. As the financial information was strictly

Joseph David Francis Smith W1307994 Entrepreneurship and Finance for Creative Industries MUS74H.1,

confidential I had to use approximate values and only include the most important

information rather than quoting e.g. how much money was spent on David’s car. I found

that the information provided by David to be extensive and it gave me a good basis to

work from. As the presentation was being finished I was in charge of proof reading the

final submission. There were many mistakes that needed to be corrected, including the

lack of terminology in the SWAT analysis and a lack of continuity throughout the slides. I

corrected all the grammar and reworked many of the slides with Kirsten‘s help.

Alison’s role throughout the group work was key to the success of the group. She

provided the group with a solid business to research and enabled communication between

ourselves and David. Within the presentation Alison undertook the creation of an

introduction giving a good overview of the business and providing key information that

maintained continuity throughout the presentation. Apart from completing her work in

good fashion, she maintained a good head, not taking command over the group and

expressing a biased opinion on the overall project.

Kirsten’s role was to provide the group with the marketing structure of the business. She

provided the group with a very extensive and in-depth analysis of the market, talking

about the macro and micro market, as well as providing a macro and micro industry

analysis. Within the presentation, Kirsten provided the group with the most detailed

slides, making her input crucial to the success of the groups presentation. In addition, she

helped me to proof read the final presentation, correcting many of the errors that were

apparent. She also maintained a level head, not expressing biased opinions and overall

Joseph David Francis Smith W1307994 Entrepreneurship and Finance for Creative Industries MUS74H.1,

control over the group.

Erik was in charge of producing the improvements that ’Songlink’ should undertake. He

provided the group with a brief overview of his ideas, not providing extensive

information. He participated in group meetings, however, making key suggestions and

attended meetings with David. All in all, Erick’s contribution to the group fitted his task,

as he provided the group with what was asked of him. Although his input throughout the

group work was acceptable he continually made an effort to do more, but his moral was

reduced because of conflicts with in the group.

Sarah’s job was to compile the slides given to her by other members of the group and to

put them into a uniform presentation. The overall look of the presentation portrayed

professionalism, including the logo of ‘Songlink’ on each slide. Apart from compiling the

slides, she wrote half the SWAT analysis. The analysis was quite brief lacking business

terminology. Sarah was a problematic member of the group. She did not maintain a level

head and increasingly voiced her opinion even if it was controversial. She acquired the

leader syndrome becoming commanding and not showing team etiquette. Although she

had an aggressive approach to her work and colleagues she did complete the task

assigned to her to a high level.

Tina worked with Sarah on the SWAT analysis slides refining the information taken from

the interview with David that she did not attend. Tina’s input was minimal, as she didn’t

turn up to many of our meetings and in the end didn’t provide the group with additional

Joseph David Francis Smith W1307994 Entrepreneurship and Finance for Creative Industries MUS74H.1,

research. Saying this, she did attempt to contact her business at the beginning of the

group work but over all a less than satisfactory input.

As a group, a few of us gelled and worked together quite well but the strong personalities

and a lack of input from some of the members of the group resulted in a less than

satisfactory experience. I believe that my input was crucial to the presentation, providing

quality control over the finished presentation and providing an in-depth financial

analysis. There are many things that could have been improved within the presentation, 1)

being able to use all the financial data, 2) the use of further referencing and 3) overall

management of the group. All in all, the group did not function successfully, degrading

the moral of the group members and causing communication errors. This being said, the

end product is still of a high standard and evaluates ‘Songlink’ successfully.