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S.Y. 2019-2020

Subject: SCIENCE
Grade Level: GRADE 3
Content Standard/s:
The learner demonstrates understanding of the…
 Ways of sorting materials and describing them as solid, liquid or gas based on observable properties.
Performance Standard/s:
The learner is able to…
 Group common objects found at home and in school according to solid, liquids and gas.
Formation Standard/s:
The learner should be able to …
 Show care and concern with the different objects found at home.
Transfer Goal:
The learner will be able to independently use their learning to…
 Apply safety precaution in grouping different objects according to solid, liquid, and gas found at home.
Performance Task:
ASSIGNED TASK: make a portfolio of harmful and useful household materials.
Engaging Scenario: The barangay held a project wherein


Enduring Understanding:

Essential Question/s:

Content Learning Competencies Assessment Activities
 Pre–Assessment and Formative  Board work and individual
 visualize number up to 100 000. Assessment (seat works/exercises and white board in
 Reading and writing numbers up book exercises) demonstration of method of
 Numbers through Hundred to 100 000 in words and
comparing and arranging
Thousand symbols.  The pupils will answer the following type whole number and decimals
 Comparing and Ordering  Finding the factor and multiples of test with ease and understanding:  Using Venn diagram and
Numbers through Hundred of a number up to 100  Short answer other graphic organizer in
Thousand  Finding the GCF and LCM of Write the place value and value of showing the different kind of
 Prime and Composite Numbers two or more number using listing the underlined digits.
method, prime factorization and  Modified True or false
 Prime Factorization  Using gallery walk in
continuous division. Write true if the sets of digits are
 Factor Multiples arranged in increasing manner and if presenting the different
 Identify the kinds of fraction
 Greatest Common Factor and not, arrange the digits in right methods of finding the
 Change improper number to
Least Common Multiple manner. multiple s and factors of a
mixed number and vice versa.
 Fraction Using Regions, Sets  Classification number.
 Change fraction to its lowest
and Number Line Classify the given digits in according
 Similar and Dissimilar Fractions to their kinds (composite and prime),
 Identify the place value of aa
write your answer inside the column
 Improper Fractions and Mixed given digit. with the appropriate heading.
Numbers  Rename decimal to fraction and  Identification The pupils will fill out the following
 Fractions, Decimals and Place vice versa Identify the appropriate rounded digit Exit Slips regarding things they
Value up to Thousandth  Read and write decimals in for each given place value, choose discovered and question on the
symbols and words. your answer inside the box. lesson:
 Comparing, Ordering and
Rounding Off Decimals  Compare and arrange decimal  3-2-1-chart
number.  Thumb it up
 Round off decimal up to the  As I See it chart
nearest thousandth.  Confusion declaration card

VP for Academic Affairs: Mrs. Ma. Raquel P. Oredo