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Mars 2020 – Document non contractuel



À L’ENTREPRISE P récurseur et leader dans le domaine
de la santé, le Mastère spécialisé en
management pharmaceutique et des
MsM Biopharma: a rockstar

Depuis près de 15 ans, nous accompagnons

la transformation des organisations biotechnologies - ESCP Business School BEYOND BOUNDARIES 13
et l’engagement des collaborateurs. (MsM) se veut être l’acteur de référence An ubiquitary Master
dans la création et la transmission de to target the future
Nous avons créé pour cela le Mag’athon®.
connaissances aux étudiants comme
aux acteurs de la filière. Les ingrédients pour les
leaders de demain
FRÉDÉRIC JALLAT, PhD. Le MsM a toujours su tirer bénéfice de
son antériorité tout en se réinventant
Professor – ESCP Business School
Healthcare for all at stake
Academic Director – Master in
Biopharmaceutical management de façon continuelle. Au-delà d’un
processus pédagogique qui permette HEALTH IN HAND 33
à nos étudiants d’acquérir les compétences requises pour The key piece of the puzzle

comprendre les devenirs du secteur, nous avons le plaisir de vous AT THE FOREFRONT 40
donner à lire le résultat d’un exercice novateur de réflexions et Healthcare & data: a fresh
d’échanges, fédérateur de nos énergies et de nos talents. cocktail


Ce magazine est aussi, pour nous, l’occasion de refléter l’amitié Infos pratiques
et la disponibilité de l’extraordinaire réseau des 2 000 alumni et
de nos nombreux partenaires tissé par le programme en 33 ans
Ce magazine a été entièrement
d’existence. Reflet que nous espérons incisif et fidèle à nos savoir- réalisé en 5 heures lors du défi
Mag’athon le mardi 3 mars 2020 par
faire et nos avantages concurrentiels. les 70 étudiants de la promotion 2020
du Mastère Spécialisé® Management
pharmaceutique et des biotechnologies,
UNE EXPÉRIENCE entourés d’une équipe de professionnels

de Madis Phileo, auteur et concepteur
INOUBLIABLE pioneer and a leader in the healthcare sector, the Master in du défi.

D’INTELLIGENCE Biopharmaceutical Management - ESCP Business School

COLLECTIVE UN DISPOSITIF (MsM) aims to be the benchmark in the creation and transmission
This magazine has been entirely
written and illustrated during a 5-hour

SUR-MESURE of knowledge to our students and stakeholders. The MsM has

Mag’athon challenge, on March 3, 2020
by the 70 students of the 2020 class
En créant ensemble of the ESCP Specialised Master in

un magazine de A à Z, En quelques heures, always been able to take advantage of its historical track while Biopharmaceutical Management, and
supported by a team of professionals
vos collaborateurs éclairent à 50 ou à 500, ils racontent continuously reinventing itself. from Madis Phileo, who set the
vos enjeux ou votre avec leurs mots ce que leur
stratégie par une aventure entreprise fait de mieux,
journalistique unique. source d’un nouvel élan. UN IMPACT DURABLE Beyond an educational process that allows our students to acquire
the skills required to understand the (r)evolutions of the sector, we
“L’expérience Mag’athon® est un formidable
are pleased to present you the outcome of an exercise of creation
laboratoire de mobilisation des énergies et
d’intelligence collective et une vitrine incroyable and exchanges, mobilizing our talents and peculiarities.
de ce qu’une entreprise peut et sait faire de
This magazine is also an opportunity for us to reflect the loyalty and
Frédéric Jallat, Directeur Scientifique
MS Management pharmaceutique availability of the extraordinary network of 2,000 alumni and our
Mobilisée à vos côtés, l’équipe Madis Phileo vous et des biotechnologies - ESCP Business School partners united around the program in its 33 years of existence.We
permet d’avoir le magazine en main... le jour-même. hope that our overview will provide you with a clear and insightful
demonstration of our distinctive capabilities and savoir-faire.




MS Biopharma:
a rockstar incubator!
Former students of the MsM and professionals with varied careers were interviewed
in order to determine what brought them together and what differentiated them.
They highlighted the fundamental characteristics that make a student a successful professional.

Benjamin Veisse, Célia Munck

T he specialised Master in Biopharma-

ceutical Management (MsM) of ESCP
Business School strives to offer the same
However, as proven by MsM alumni and
other professionals, the most important
thing through your professional path is
environment as the one in incubators the strength of your soft skills.
by helping students and support them
to achieve their goals. First, students of The MsM gave the opportunity to Julie
the MsM have the opportunity to develop Rachline, MsM 2005, CEO of LallianSe to

themselves by being connected with in- work in various positions to support the
dividuals with different educational back- R&D projects valuation. The crucial soft

grounds (pharmacists, engineers, medical skills are caring and empathy.
doctors, PhD, etc.). Second, they can create JULIE RACHLINE
a strong network with alumni, MsM prac- Wenjing Liu, MsM 2014, Associate Direc- MsM 2005, CEO - LallianSe

titioners and especially other students tor, Medical Operation Solid Tumor Wes-
in the class who will be pursuing similar tern Europe & Canada Abbvie, is another
careers. This network is the main strength example of success. Proactivity, endu-
of the MsM and allows students to discuss rance and agility are essentials to achieve
Leila El Badaoui
with various guests. Finally, students are professional objectives. All interviewers
Established in Paris, in December 1819, as the world’s first business school, motivated to acquire business knowledge agree that the most important strengths
ESCP Business School has trained several generations of leaders. Thanks to its in order to complete their scientific trai- are positive and efficient communication,
six campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw) and its deep ning and be fully prepared to be as ex- the capacity to think in the long-term and
European identity, ESCP has a unique style of managerial training and a global
cellent as possible in the job market. the ability to build long-lasting professio-
perspective on management issues.
nal and personal relationships.
ESCP’s international network of around 100 partner universities is expanding The balance between soft and hard skills
the reach of the European school to a global scale. The school alumni network At the beginning of her or his career, a Developing these abilities allows students
currently has 50,000 members, representing 200 nationalities and present in young graduate relies a lot on hard skills to capitalize on something even more MsM 2014, Associate Director
more than 150 countries. With its long-standing relationships with national and that have been developed during her or important, luck. Besides, as stated by
Medical Operation Solid Tumor
Western Europe & Canada -
international companies, this community allows ESCP to provide unique career Abbvie
his education. This behaviour is a pure Jean-François Brochard, General Mana-
opportunities internationally. Rockstars in their field, sportsmen, students but
not only, ESCP has already two centuries and counts among them as many pro- product of French education as students ger Roche France and sponsor of the 2020
files as alumni with outstanding assets… Did you know that?… Let’s discover are pushed to be individually excellent MsM class, the best opportunity will arise
more together, happy reading! based on their knowledge. when you stay open.

By being open-minded to the world, you

create your own luck that can be an oppor-
tunity for you, but also a chance for other

The MsM key of success

The MsM plays a major role in making stu-
dents aware of the significance of soft skills
in their professional and personal develop-
ment. At the beginning of the year, students
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BROCHARD are challenged with several group projects, Furthermore, students will build friendly
General Manager Roche
France and sponsor of
which are opportunities for exchanges, op- relationships with classmates which will
the 2020 MsM class
position and discoveries, due to the diffe- allow them to improve themselves and
rent and atypical characters. reinforce their personal development.
Indeed, each student is able to identify her
These discussions make them listen first, or his own assets and skills that make her
and then defend their ideas to the team or him unique in order to finally become a
members. This cycle shows the importance better individual and professional. By doing
“The MsM plays of teamwork, feedback and complementa- this “analysis”, students are going to create
rity that are crucial in the life of a company. their own journey towards a future career.
a major role in
making students
In addition, students of the MsM have the According to Jean-François Brochard, Ge-
aware of the
opportunity during the Master to get inter- neral Manager Roche France and sponsor
significance of
national experiences by living and studying of the 2020 MsM class, the strengths of
soft skills in their in London for one month and by traveling to MsM students are their authenticity, their
professional a foreign country for a one-week business ability to question, their strength of propo-
and personal trip. These immersions in different countries sal and challenge. As a final piece of advice,
development.” participate in the students’ open-minded- be tough, work hard and stay motivated to
Jean-François Brochard ness and the discovery of new cultures. turn the impossible into the possible!


Agility Proactivity

Curiosity Luck

Questioning Introspection

Communication Positivism

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


“The program allows students

to tackle the global reality of the
healthcare industries, covering a wide
range of careers and professions. ”


MsM 2020, Vétérinaire
Virology Sales and
Marketing Director - MSD « Vétérinaire de formation,
je souhaite néanmoins
« Outre les souvenirs
travailler dans l’industrie
impérissables de l’année
de la santé humaine.
au sein du MsM, j’en garde
Celle-ci est plus avancée
un réseau professionnel et
que la santé animale et
amical fort. Dix ans après,
ALIX VAN MEERWIJK ANNA ANASHKINA offre, de ce fait, de plus
je réalise à quel point le
MsM 2009 MsM 2020, Biology nombreuses opportunités.
MsM était novateur, car les
and Business J’ai choisi ce Mastère afin
Project Director - premiers cours de market
de gagner ma légitimité
Ethypharm, UK “I got double background in access, affaires publiques,
en santé humaine et pour
Biology and Management et même venture capital,
“The MsM is an excellent acquérir de nouvelles
and professional experience étaient déjà en avance sur
springboard that reinforced connaissances telles que
in both fields in Russia. l’évolution du secteur de la
my professional ambitions le marketing, la finance
My dream is to become Pharma. Ce temps d’avance
and my international ou le management. ESCP
a healthcare investor - fait toute la différence !
exposure - first in China Business School m’a permis
and the MsM program J’essaye de ne jamais rater
where I started my career, de découvrir le monde
helped me to make the l’occasion de prendre part
and currently in the United du conseil et son intérêt.
first step towards it. aux événements organisés
Kingdom. The program Aujourd’hui, je sais que
I want to contribute to par le MsM ou de découvrir
allows students to tackle je souhaite travailler et
the development of well- les talents de demain lors
the global reality of the évoluer dans ce domaine. »
established pharmaceutical des entretiens de sélection
healthcare industries,
and biotech companies du programme. »
covering a wide range of
careers and professions. in order to provide better
The diversity of its access to healthcare
stakeholders requires to for all people. There are « Dix ans après, je réalise à quel point le
have a global vision of the plenty of challenges that MsM était novateur, car les premiers cours
drug value chain as well as healthcare systems are
a complete vision of the facing today, and MsM de market access, affaires publiques, et
international market, which is a unique program that même venture capital, étaient déjà en
aims to prepare future
is extremely important
professionals capable avance sur l’évolution du secteur de la
in a constantly changing
environment.” of dealing with them.” Pharma. Ce temps d’avance fait toute
la différence ! »

« Je souhaite faire du market access et il me fallait pouvoir

combiner bagage scientifique et business. En intégrant
ce programme professionnalisant, j’ai pu sortir du cadre
universitaire. Je recherchais aussi l’aspect international
qui, par mes multiples origines personnelles, me ressemble.
J’ai beaucoup aimé les projets de groupe, j’ai appris à
MARIA BOURAKKADI travailler en synergie et j’ai réellement gagné en efficacité.
IDRISSI Grâce à ce Mastère, je vais pouvoir donner corps au projet
MsM 2020, Pharmacienne professionnel que je construis depuis 5 ans. »

The Montparnasse Campus,

ESCP Business School, 2020 Already two centuries,
but still the beginning
In 2019, ESCP celebrated its 200 years of existence. What made those years a success
and what does the future hold for ESCP? Founded in December 1819 by entrepreneurs
for entrepreneurs, ESCP positions itself as one of the most renowned and oldest business
schools in Europe that manages to stay ahead of its time. For instance, did you know
that ESCP is a pioneer for the creation of specialized Masters in 1986?

Sylvia N’Guyen, Léa Bruno

S pecialised Masters, like the Biophar-

maceutical Management (MsM), are
key elements of ESCP that enable stu-
As stated by Brynhild Dumas, Executive
Director of the ESCP Foundation, “ESCP
just celebrated its bicentenary. Every-
dents to develop technical skills. thing that occurred in the past is impor-
tant but the most exciting is what the fu-
Guillaume Leroy, alumni of MsM 1993 ture holds for the third century”.
and CEO of Sanofi France, underscored
that Masters allow students to be part Indeed, several 21st century trends such
of a global community and to become as digital transformation, environment
young professionals and experts in their and healthcare are going to impact ESCP,
field. This reflects well the brand of ESCP: as highlighted by the transformation of
innovation, excellence and worldwide the Republique building into a sustai- GUILLAUME LEROY
MsM 1993, CEO - Sanofi France
outreach. Many changes happened in nable campus, and an increased focus on and sponsor of the 2018 MsM class

The République Campus, order to reinforce the positioning of the academic topics related to these trends.
ESCP Business School, 1898
school such as the modification of its Therefore, the MsM, which has existed
name to ESCP in 2019 or the creation of since 1989, will be a major actor of ESCP
the ESCP Foundation in 2005. in the future.

“Health is a prior concern for women and

men around the world. The MsM’s degree,
“Health is a prior concern which trains generations of leaders, must
for women and men guarantee this openness to all the health-
around the world. care stakeholders. Their societal commit-
The MsM’s degree, which ment is essential to be able to develop sus-
trains generations of tainable intervention models.” Guillaume
Leroy, interviewed on February 29, 2020. BRYNHILD DUMAS
leaders, must guarantee Executive Director - ESCP Foundation
To conclude, in an ever-changing world,
this openness to all the ESCP’s primary objective remains to train
healthcare stakeholders.” tomorrow’s managers and leaders in new
Guillaume Leroy sectors, which are not yet known.

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


Students, but not only…
Student life is not only about going to class, passing exams, trying to get the best
grades… It’s so much more! We develop connections in the environment in which
we evolve, we are ready to start our careers by having learned a lot about ourselves.
Anne-Sophie Jolly, Francesco Amadori

diploma in sport animation through

the Kabubu association.
Others, by integrating the Master,
decided to build their network with

the school alumni. This was as im-
portant to them as succeeding on an
academic point of view. Sébastien
Boisseau is one of these people and
had one goal in mind: work abroad.
He made the right bet as he is now
in a successful position in Singapore
thanks to his network.

Once again this year, three students

found each other through their pas-

W e have always been told that

having activities outside of
school would enrich us in many
sion in music and formed a band,
Nizden. Francesco, John and Louis
know how to work together to hand
different ways. These activities give in projects for school, but even more
us the chance to meet people, deve- to be creative in bringing joy and
lop skills that end up being essential sharing their songs to their entire
for our everyday life at work. class. Nizden might not be world fa-
mous (for the moment), nevertheless
SÉBASTIEN BOISSEAU Sof ia Martinez Parente
MsM 2003, Market Access
Doing sports is a common hobby in they can count on the community of
& Commercial Excellence
Director - Mundipharma
people’s spare time and helps in buil- their classmates. Internationalization is a fundamental part of the Ms Biopharmaceutical Manage-
ding their character, gives the oppor- ment’s DNA. Since its beginning, the program has welcome and associated stu-
tunity to travel around the country AMELYS BOUCHENE dents with different origins, various educational backgrounds and diverse profes-
MsM 2017, Oncology Product sional careers abroad.
for competitions and, for some, can Manager - Ipsen

even be a boost on a professional le-

The program, developed over the years by dedicated ESCP researchers and tea-
vel. Amelys Bouchene, MsM 2017 and chers at ESCP, works as a platform to discover new countries, connect to new
Oncology Product Manager at Ipsen, cultures and expand our interpersonal network. This international aspect ultima-
would certainly say that playing tely enriches the global experience and helps us to acquire specific knowledge
handball was a determining factor in and to develop new skills and capabilities required in our changing world to tackle
problems from different perspectives.
getting hired. Likewise, Ismail Besri,
MsM 2019, a consultant at Deloitte,
ISMAIL BESRI Being part of the ESCP community means having the thrilling opportunity to broa-
MsM 2019, Strategy & played tennis since he was 5 and den our aspirations and to open up to a world of possibilities. We are offered a
Operations Consultant -
Deloitte today sponsors refugees to obtain a space for re-thinking and re-shaping our standpoint of business within the phar-
maceutical industry at a worldwide level, as well as a place where we can develop
ideas and projects, as we prepare ourselves to make a difference in the world.

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


opened many doors and showed the way to main characteristic to success abroad for
success within the pharmaceutical world”. Franck Perraud and Eid Mansour is the « ESCP
For Hong Xie, an Australian pharmacist, and adaptability. Each country has its culture
Emmanuelle Coutanceau, an engineer, PhD. and it is really important to be able to accli-
showed me

An ubiquitary Master
in Microbiology, being part of the MsM was mate and to be compliant. As an example, the way ! »
an incredible chance to “better understand Eid Mansour, who currently works in Du-
the opportunities outside of medical roles”. bai, finds himself in a pharmaceutical en- Eid MANSOUR,

to target the future

vironment that is deeply changing due to a MD
Alumni and Head of
The main strength of the program: healthcare system that is trying to contain
Pricing and Market
the international study trip costs: the culture in Dubai is really different Access
Gilead Sciences
Complexity and internationalization of the healthcare field makes career choices “You cannot become what you do not know”, from the state of mind and the ways of wor- Middle East
hard for students. Through the story of five former peers of the MsM program, admits Nadine Besson, Associate Director king of the Nordic countries, where he wor-
we intend to give some advice to ensure a successful and international career. Alliance Management, referring to the fact ked for several years. “The most important
that, in order to ‘navigate in international thing is that people hire you for your hard
waters’ you need first to understand the skills, but also for your soft skills and your
Fatem Kadiri, Guilhem Servant cultural background. The international stu- ability to adapt.”
dy trip represents a real opportunity to dis-
represented by a large ESCP’s network of cover a new vision of healthcare systems Finding an internship/job abroad
alumni from different backgrounds and na- but also to have career possibilities. It helps “How to find an internship/job abroad? Well,
tionalities that enriches the exchanges. students to understand what is feasible and you need to match your aspirations and
accomplishable. Meeting peers in real life opportunities,” says Nadine Besson. Ac-
We interviewed five former students of the is a way to identify career goals and how cording to her, the first step is to prepare
MsM program who have built themselves to reach them. As each region of the world yourself before starting any recruitment
successful and international careers. Here, contains cultural and societal specificities, process. That means that you have to know
we reviewed three key topics to identify it is a real chance to discover a new health- yourself and your aspirations. It starts with
career opportunities. care system to improve awareness. the choice of the kind of job that you are
looking for. Then, you need to understand
First, let us introduce our five former stu- Geographical and cultural specificities where are the opportunities and how to
dents: Franck Perraudin, Head of Exter- Two of the main characteristics of working reach them (visa, process, delays…). Last-
nal Affairs - Sanofi Asia, Promotion 1993; abroad are the geographical and cultural ly, you have to feel a real good match with
Eid Mansour, Head of Market Access and specificities for each profession according the company, you have to be flexible, but
MsM 2013, Associate Director, Alliance MsM 2007, Investment Unit Director - Commercial Operations - Gilead Sciences, to the different regions in the world. The you also need to feel that the company will
Management - Gilead Sciences, USA. Novo Seeds, Denmark
Promotion 2006; Emmanuelle Coutanceau,
Investment Unit Director - Novo Seeds, Pro-
motion 2007; Nadine Besson, Associate Di-

G enerally, we could affirm that a suc-

cessful international career starts with
taking good decisions. Yet, sometimes it is
rector - Alliance Management, Promotion
2013; Hong Xie, Education Product Manager
- Dental Monitoring, Promotion 2019. Our
unclear how to make them, which tips to five international alumni responded to se-
follow, how to choose a good school that veral questions and gave us some tips, in
boost our capabilities. order to develop a successful career.

Over 2000 students have chosen the Spe- All their stories start at the MsM of the ESCP,
cialized Master® Biopharmaceutical mana- where they had the opportunity to take part
gement (MsM) of the ESCP. Since 1986, the of its international community. Accor- EID MANSOUR FRANCK PERRAUDIN HONG XIE
main objectives of the Master have been ding to Eid Mansour, a Lebanese physician MsM 2006, Business Unit Director MsM 1993, Head of External MsM 2019, Education Product
- Gilead Sciences, Middle East Affairs and Public Affairs - Manager - Dental Monitoring
openness and diversity. The Program is from Beirut, it was “a good springboard that Region, Dubai Sanofi, Asia Region, Singapore

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


“I quickly found my internship in Pierre Fabre business

development department - a unique opportunity at the time -
while still studying at ESCP Business School. You should trust
your feelings and never look back! Being 30 years old, I am
proud to be now managing a business unit outside of France,
while I feel privileged to have the chance to explore a whole
new cultural environment. It is critical, in such a globalized
GAËLLE CANCIAN THÉODORE LEONDARIDIS industry, to be exposed to a wide diversity of international
MsM 2012 MsM 2013 markets. The MsM is an excellent start as it values cultural
diversity among its students and alumni. This is a real chance
Roche Pipeline Lead - Business Unit Director
London Oncology - Pierre Fabre, for all of us that doesn’t come as a surprise!”
“The MsM was just an
obvious choice to me. The
program conveys simple “The MsM is an excellent start as it values cultural diversity
but essential values and
offers a true international
among its students and alumni… a real chance for all of us!”
exposure. The MsM is
like a large family of
2,000 alumni in which each
support you. Being proactive in the process “Networking, networking, networking, net-
student immediately feels
is a key factor of success, it involves esta- working”, Hong Xie, Education Product Ma- home. Les Caducées also
blishing contact with the right people and nager. The MsM program helps students reinforces these values
investigating if there is a good fit between to contact alumni all around the world. It through projects involving
students and bringing them
opportunity and feasibility. is necessary to have their return of expe-
all together. The MsM is
riences and to know how they reach their constantly demonstrating
actual positions, even if it is not specifical- its capability to evolve CLARISSA GORIN ALI TEBOURBI SAMIA BELMAACHI

ly what you want to do. To be successful, it and to adapt to the MsM 2019 MsM 2020, Pharm D MsM 2020, Master in
biopharmaceutical recent Biotechnology - Imperial
mainly involves passion, a natural curiosity Responsable Innovation “After an international College
breakthroughs. I feel very Médicale - Ad Scientiam
and good knowledge in English. You have academic and professional
proud to be part of it.” “I started my career in the
« L’option Big Data, dédiée pathway from Monastir
to be aware that it does not exist a single and Madrid to Chicago and pharmaceutical industry,
aux nouvelles technologies
pathway and that it is impossible to fore- Paris, I decided to attend after graduating from
a été un véritable déclic !
a Master in Applied
cast a whole career. Mon envie d’intégrer the MsM in order to deepen
“The MsM is my knowledge in healthcare Biosciences and
une big pharma pour
as well as to take up new Biotechnology at
constantly faire du marketing a été
personal and professional Imperial College, London.
bouleversée suite à cette
demonstrating option qui m’a fait sortir de challenges. My greatest When entering the
professional world, I
its capability ma zone de confort. Mes pride is the peculiarity of
realized I lacked business
plans ont été revus de A my international journey
to evolve and à Z et je me suis dirigée combined with an experience skills. I voluntarily chose
the MsM in order to acquire
to adapt to the vers une start-up MedTech in entrepreneurship and a
top business competences
où je suis désormais scientific publication!
biopharma- totalement épanouie ! I loved the strong human and become a recognized
professional. I can describe
ceutical recent Au cours du MsM, nous side of my class. At the MsM,
the program in three
avons l’opportunité de we truly value each other
breakthroughs.” travailler avec des étudiants since we know that we will key words: stimulating,
go further together! The enriching, eyes-opening.
aux profils différents du
program makes us realize In reality, it is not because
nôtre. Une compétence
our real potential in this very things are difficult that we
essentielle car, en start-
complex professional world. do not dare, but because
up, il est primordial de
A must!” we do not dare that they
comprendre les enjeux
are difficult.”
de chacun. »

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


The MsM: a multifaceted Master

Diversity of academic backgrounds, diversity of personalities, diversity of nationalities,
diversity of professional careers... “Diversity” is one of the many assets characterizing
the Ms in Biopharmaceutical Management at ESCP Business School.

Ali Tebourbi , Cynthia Moukarzel

W ith a big network of alumni coming

from different countries and spe-
cialized in diverse fields, the MsM has a
Both alumni agreed on the facts that this
specialized Master is a firsthand immer-
sion in an enriching and fulfilling-like en-
well established place in the international vironment. The multicultural ambiance
healthcare industry. To endorse this as- would allow future students to increase
pect of the MsM, we interviewed Aleksan- their social competences, as well as other
dra Polosukhina, and Jad el Khoury, two soft and hard skills through their parti-
former students, with very different back- cipation in challenging activities. The
grounds and successful careers. Here’s high-quality speakers, from diverse health
what they think about their experience sectors and countries, would contribute to ALEKSANDRA POLOSUKHINA
MsM 2018, Scientific Advisor -
with the MsM. an outstanding network growth leading to Ad Scientiam
many work opportunities in different sec-
Aleksandra, a talented woman with a Rus- tors (Marketing, Big Data, Venture Capital,
sian background, was raised in the USA Consulting…).
where she completed her education. After
obtaining her PhD, Aleksandra was drawn To sum up, we would quote one of the
to the MsM in Paris, because she wanted alumni, who said it all: “The MsM at ESCP
to have a role in the European entrepre- enables you to pursue the career you
neurship ecosystem. It was an opportu- want” Aleksandra Polosukhina.
nity for her to expand her career beyond
academic research and to explore the di-
verse options of careers after the Master. JAD EL KHOURY
MsM 2008, Medical Director -
AstraZeneca, Ireland
Jad, a Franco-Lebanese Physician, joined
the MsM after studying in Lebanon, to
place his expertise at the service of the
healthcare field at a less traditional le-
vel. This brilliant alumnus wanted to im-
prove the access to treatment to patients
and scientific development. After an in-
ternship at AstraZeneca as a Medical Ad-
visor, he is today, the Medical Director of
its Irish subsidiary.

Globe Trotters Express

According to Campus France, there are 5.1 million students going abroad every year
in the world, and the numbers keep growing. French students, who traditionally choose
the exchange in French-speaking or neighbour countries, represent only 1.7%.

Anna Anashkina, Natali Romero Barrios

“ harmaceutical industry of today is
global in its essence,” says Hervé
Gisserot, SVP & Head of Pharmaceutical,
has over 1600 alumni all over the world
and covers 3 healthcare systems: France,
the UK and Singapore. “Internship is the
Intercontinental GSK. International ex- right time to go abroad,” says Emilie Chriv,
perience gives the opportunity to better Product and Market analyst at Clinigen
understand the differences in the health- Group, and the network is the key that
care systems, the cultures and the ways opens up the international opportunities.
of doing business overseas. Hervé admits Emilie recommends reaching out ESCP
that today a successful C-level career alumni to get a thorough understanding
CEO - Corvidia is impossible without having the expe- of possible career paths.
Therapeutics - Boston,
Chairman of Ipsen rience abroad.
& sponsor of the 2013
MsM class
International career is exciting, intel-
Indeed, the USA is the best direction for lectually stimulating and satisfying, yet
those who seek for financing opportuni- challenging as it makes young professio-
ties and cutting-edge biopharmaceuti- nals cope with not only professional, but
cal experience. As for the future trends, also personal and familial constraints.
emerging markets such as Asia and Latin
America are worth looking at, given their
Overall, “people that went abroad tend to
have more beautiful careers than those
unique opportunities to build businesses who have stayed in France,” notices Marc
from scratch. The ESCP Specialised Mas- de Garidel, CEO at Corvidia Therapeutics.
ter in Biopharmaceutical Management

SVP & Head of Samia Belmaachi
Intercontinental - GSK,
Singapore & sponsor of
the 2014 MsM class
STUDENT MOBILITY How to create your dream job? Finding your path, choosing the job that
will truly satisfy your ambition, needs and values, always seems impos-
sible until it’s done. Doing a Master that combines business and top inno-
vations in science gives a real insight on different jobs and sector market
trends. We are the new generation tackling a healthcare sector that is
continuously evolving. Indeed, new jobs will emerge from these changes
and the market requires polyvalent profiles with a two-sided hat: business
and science.
The MsM offers precious partnerships with key leaders of the healthcare
industry providing unique ammo. The complementarity of the modules

5.1 million
students go abroad
of them
enables students to gain knowledge in key areas such as marketing, fi-
nance, database management, corporate strategy, consulting and more…
EMILIE CHRIV Most importantly, our program makes us learn by doing and prepares us
every year are French
MsM 2014, Product and
Market Analyst Global Access -
for real life challenges: working on relevant projects with diverse profiles
Clinigen Group, UK (pharmacists, doctors, PhDs, engineers…).

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


MsM 2015, Associate,
Life Sciences VC -
Turenne Capital

Founder & Partner -
Andrew Mac Thomas


Les ingrédients pour

MsM 2014, Directeur
de projets - 3Prime


les leaders de demain

MsM 1989, VP Head of
Global Operations -
Galderma, Switzerland

Comment ce Mastère a-t-il inspiré différentes carrières ? MsM 2006, Partner -
SKP, France & UK
Quelles sont nos perspectives aujourd’hui ? Cinq anciens témoignent.
MsM 2012, Group
Medical Leader
Immuno-Oncology -
Lise Prenaud, Laurie Dreano

À qui parlons-nous ? jusqu’alors inconnues. Au-delà des nou- précieux qui perdurent tout au long de leur initiale scientifique de nos étudiants, associée
TOUCHE- Nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer velles matières et compétences qu’ils carrière. Lors des premiers entretiens, les re- à une culture business répondent aux besoins
À-TOUT cinq anciens étudiants du Mastère dont ont approchées, c’est un «  ticket d’entrée cruteurs ont confiance en ce Mastère et, plus des nouvelles fonctions du secteur. Un point
les métiers représentent la grande diver- évident » selon Cécile Dussart, ou encore tard, la proximité entre les élèves est d’une de vue partagé par Jean-François Decrop, fon-
$ sité des postes possibles après le MsM. un « tremplin » nous dit Marc. Celui-ci leur aide inégalable. dateur d’un cabinet de conseil en ressources
Rodolphe Montin, médecin de la promo- permet d’entrer dans des secteurs diffi- humaines.
tion 2012, travaille chez Roche aux Affaires cilement atteignables auparavant. L’in- Conseils et astuces pour notre futur ?
médicales. Cécile Dussart, après dix  ans térêt, la passion et la motivation les ont Les étudiants du Mastère peuvent compter sur Au-delà des compétences professionnelles,
de Marketing et huit ans de Ressources conduits vers une solide carrière. un réseau d’anciens particulièrement organisé Jean-François met aussi en avant les qualités
humaines, manage désormais la division et toujours prompt à distiller aux étudiants de humaines de nos étudiants  : «  Les étudiants
industrielle de Galderma, laboratoire lea- • La double casquette business & science. bons conseils pour lancer leur carrière. Tous du Mastère sont humbles et tolérants, c’est
der en dermatologie. Marc Matar, méde- La qualité des intervenants et des ensei- suggèrent aux étudiants d’être audacieux, et de presque la marque de fabrique du Mastère. Ils
cin libanais, nommé Partner chez Simon- gnements en business, marketing, mana- ne pas se restreindre dans leurs choix. « Soyez distillent enthousiasme et ambition qu’on ne
Kücher & Partners. Salim Aberkane est gement sont de réels atouts. Ce Mastère audacieux, soyez visible tout en restant in- retrouve nulle part ailleurs  ». Son conseil est
devenu directeur de projet chez 3 Prime, apporte une nouvelle manière de penser tègres » ; « la loyauté et l’éthique sont deux cri- d’oser ouvrir les portes d’un avenir inspirant
une agence de communication digitale, à des esprits scientifiques rigoureux leur tères fondamentaux pour évoluer dans une or- pour les générations futures.
après y avoir travaillé plusieurs années en permettant de développer leurs «  soft ganisation ». « Soyez aussi patients, apprenez
tant que chef de projet. Mehdi Ainouche, skills ». Comme l’indique Rodolphe Mon- de tous ceux qui vous entourent. Soyez curieux
pharmacien passionné d’innovation, est tin : « ce Mastère crée des profils 360°, qui et osez, même si vous ne maîtrisez pas tout »
devenu associé Life Sciences Venture Ca- savent tout faire, avec une vision globale conseille Cécile Dussart. Un conseil partagé DESSINER SON AVENIR
pital chez Turenne Capital. du marché  ». Ainsi, cette double compé- par Salim Aberkane, qui incite nos jeunes ta-
tence permet l’accès direct à des postes lents à réfléchir sur leurs envies, et sur ce qu’ils
La valeur ajoutée ? à haute responsabilité et une autonomie souhaitent faire au quotidien pour garantir un Diversité Humilité
• Une carrière. La discussion avec ces dès les premiers emplois. épanouissement personnel.
différentes personnes nous amène à Curiosité Technicité
une conclusion assez simple. Le MsM • Des liens précieux. Au-delà des com- Le Mastère était, à l’origine, particulièrement
nous promets une carrière hors norme. pétences acquises, Mehdi, Marc et Salim centré sur le marketing. Il s’est adapté au fil du Exigence Ouverture
Lâchés à la sortie de nos études scienti- nous parlent des amis, des collègues et temps pour répondre au mieux aux besoins du d'esprit
fiques et ignorant le monde de l’industrie, des mentors qu’ils ont rencontrés lors de marché. Cela permet aux étudiants d’acquérir
le Mastère nous ouvre à des perspectives cette année. Ces contacts sont des liens des expertises larges et variées. La compétence

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


La diversité d’aujourd’hui Constantly Reinventing Ourselves

pour la santé de demain Understanding our patients’ environment and health, when they themselves
don’t understand it, is key. Let’s embrace the (R)evolutions of the pharma
Entre spécialisation et diversification, les industries de santé (laboratoires industry for our patients by constantly reinventing education.
pharmaceutiques, MedTech, Biotech) rassemblent des professionnels venant
d’horizons variés afin de proposer des solutions innovantes aux patients. Christelle Matar, Mariel Pietri

Kevin Appourchaux, Cécile Mathieu Our ammunition for the (R)evolutions were no engineers among us.” For Di-
1986… ESCP Specialised Masters’ dier, the integration of such profiles to-
program begins… and success has day marks the hand-in-hand evolution
Quand les talents se rencontrent... Un tremplin de carrière emerged since. Our dear alumni Didier of our program with the general trend
Le MsM est un hub de nouveaux ta- « La force du MsM est sa capacité à Laloye and Jean-Jacques Bienaimé towards Big data. Being a reference in
lents de profils divers et atypiques anticiper et à s’adapter aux évolu- highlighted the evolutions surroun- pharma education, the Master attracts
(pharmaciens, médecins, vétéri- tions du secteur pharmaceutique  », ding the pharmaceutical industry and people from all over the world and
naires et docteurs en sciences). Les selon Thierry Poiraud, promotion how the Specialised Biopharmaceuti- creates a multinational hub, providing
expertises individuelles de chacun 1991 et Président France du labora- cal Management serves as ammuni- cultural richness to its students. That JEAN-JACQUES BIENAIMÉ
ESCP Doctor Honoris Causa, Chairman
sont mises au service de l’intelli- toire Menarini. Toutes ces évolutions tion to tackle real word challenges to is a point highly appreciated by Jean- and CEO - BioMarin Pharmaceutical
gence collective pour créer la santé sont le signe que le MsM comprend this day. Jacques and served him to embrace
de demain. Au fil des années et en bien les problématiques du secteur. diversity.
mouvance avec l’ère du temps, le Cette formation a été pour lui un for- First focused on “traditional marke-
programme s’est internationalisé midable accélérateur de carrière. ting”, the Master now presents a pro- What modules wait for us next?
et a intégré des profils d’ingénieurs gram with multiple options centered The vitality rests on the program’s abi-
biomédicaux ou généralistes. Au- Pour Myriam Boukhali, promotion on Consulting, Big data, Finance en- lity to evolve. While the sunny day that
jourd’hui, plus de dix nationalités 2018 et actuellement Medical Scien- riching the Marketing pillar. The pro- created this curriculum was a long
sont représentées. Cette diversité tific Liaison chez Bayer, le MsM a été gram is evolving just as the industry is time ago, it was and still is just as rele-
permet de développer un socle de un « réel catalyseur » pour sa carrière and meets its unmet needs by conti- vant. Today, Patient Centricity, Market
communication et de pensée com- et une «  réelle valeur ajoutée  » pour MYRIAM BOUKHALI THIERRY POIRAUD nuously seeking relevant external Access and economic models fitted
MsM 2018, MSL - Bayer MsM 1991, Président
mun et crée ainsi une synergie posi- débuter et poursuivre dans l’indus- France - Menarini key-note speakers to prepare the stu- for gene therapies are right around the DIDIER LALOYE
MsM 1990, Senior Regional Director
tive entre les différentes personnes. trie pharmaceutique. dents of tomorrow. “In my days, there corner. Biosimilars - Biogen

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


“The MsM taught me the fundamentals

of the business models and challenges
of the pharmaceutical industry.”


ESCP MsM 2004 MsM 2020, Ingénieur
Affaires publiques et « Fier de faire partie d’une
Communication, Thérapies
communauté soudée et
Cellulaires & Géniques -
Novartis fidèle, actrice du monde
de la santé d’aujourd’hui
ESCP MsM 2011 ESCP MsM 2017 « Le MsM a construit un et de demain. Le MsM de
Associate Director, Chef de Produit - B. Braun réel pont entre mon cursus l’ESCP a réussi à compléter
Licensing Partners universitaire et le monde de ma formation d’ingénieur,
Healthcare Innovation, USA « Le MsM se démarque l’entreprise. Une sorte de en me donnant les outils
grâce à la qualité de “sas”, de mise en perspective
“Joining the MsM was a business me permettant
son enseignement, son de l’environnement et
major turning point in my d’appréhender pleinement
réseau d’anciens et son des enjeux de l’industrie
education and a gateway les enjeux de l’univers
excellente réputation dans pharmaceutique. De
to the global healthcare pharmaceutique, tout
le monde professionnel. nombreux intervenants ont
industry and innovation en m’expliquant les
Mon parcours d’ingénieur été de vrais révélateurs,
field. Beyond the practical problématiques et défis du
médical, technique des catalyseurs qui m’ont
modules in finance, monde de la santé via des
et scientifique, s’est aiguillée vers le monde
marketing, corporate exemples concrets, et en me
vu complété par des professionnel. Aujourd’hui,
strategy or product mettant en contact dès le
connaissances marketing le MsM représente une
management, the MsM début, avec les entreprises
qui m’ont permis d’accéder vraie bouffée d’air frais et
taught me the fundamentals actrices de ce secteur. »
au poste de chef de produit

d’énergie qui me nourrit
of the business models sur le marché des dispositifs différemment dans mon
and challenges of the médicaux. Ce domaine, à quotidien. Merci et longue
pharmaceutical industry l’interface entre le patient, vie au MsM ! »
- the rise of biotechnologies la thérapie et la technologie,

and new approaches in est en pleine révolution et
innovation in particular. Its c’est bien grâce au MsM et à
real international dimension toutes les portes qu’il ouvre
« De nombreux intervenants ont été de
undoubtedly influenced my que j’ai pu accéder à ces vrais révélateurs, des catalyseurs qui m’ont
professional career in the fonctions. »
United Kingdom as well as aiguillée vers le monde professionnel. » D jalil Ghanem

in the United States.”

“I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life to the service of humanity […] The
health of my patient will be my first consideration […] I will maintain the
utmost respect for human life”. These are some of the rules taught in me-
“Alumnus of the MsM and Pharm D, I started dical ethics, extracted from the Geneva Declaration.
my career internationally, combining many
experiences abroad. I chose to focus on the As students of the MsM with academic and professional backgrounds
business side of the biopharmaceutical industry related to the healthcare sector, these few lines represent more than just
for its truly global nature and its wide range of a chapter in our courses, they are thoroughly encoded in our DNAs.
professional opportunities. My choice to attend This section strives to fully and passionately undertake the responsibili-
FRANÇOIS BOUTEAUDOU the MsM was motivated by the widely recognized ties we, future professionals of healthcare industries, must and will carry
ESCP MsM 2017 quality of its professors and talented speakers, regarding Public Health improvement, ethical humanistic issues and en-
its true international dimension embodied in the
Strategy & Innovation vironmental protection.
Consultant - Alcimed
School’s identity, and the fact that it is the only
Princeton, USA program truly dedicated to the pharmaceutical
industry in its many dimensions and expertise.” More than initiating the enlightened changes wholeheartedly chanted by
Generation Z, it is now our responsibility to act for the well-being of society,
earth protection, as well as our legacy to future generations. Throughout
the following interviews with figures of healthcare, we will see how this
transition already started, and how we will take it even further.

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


comfortable about speaking of their job And what about MsM in Healthcare for all?
and industry. Through that partnership Lil- For two years, students have been involved
ly and Makesense achieved several tasks in the Research and Public Health Division

Healthcare for all at stake on a more inclusive medicine, with more

inclusive clinical trials that could clearly
satisfy all the collaborators. Better health
of the students’ association ‘Les Caducées’.
This year 2020, a new breath has been
blown on the ESCP Campus in Paris and
information analysis is improving the un- London. Indeed, the four members of the
What else can change the world derstanding of situations. Whether you are pole thought about new actions to promote

more than the pharma industry an employee, patient relatives, or patient,

information is the key.
awareness and give voice to patients. Pink
October started strongly. Breast cancer is
an important cause of death in France and
Naji also believes that the patient has to young adults have to know more about this
be in the center of the launch strategy of a disease. ESCP students were very recep-
new product, and that the pharmaceutical tive and delighted to meet the pole on the
company has to work to simplify health- stand they hosted on the campus. Health- Little tips from
Ralph Achkar, Rémi Nimbo care access. care for all means also good and consistent Naji : find your
information. That’s why the pole provides “why”, have a
The health regulations will vary between meeting and discussion between people dream, and last
The words of an industry leader... enrolled in the MsM to gain experience countries. He affirms that the healthcare whether they are sick or healthy. This but not least:
Naji Gehchan’s citation from today’s in- in health management. He is the senior system in France is a major factor to im- year, patient associations were very well
be yourself !
terview shows the impact of the pharma- director of sales of the Diabetes business prove the accessibility. The reimbursement represented. “Vivre comme avant” fighting
Naji Gehchan
ceutical industry on therapeutic innova- unit at Eli Lilly in the United States, after a will allow to provide products to all the po- against cancer, or “Un pas vers la vie” which
tion and medical technology in changing career at Eli Lilly France. pulation. Moreover, it will enable the phar- helps autism impacted families, have been
the patient’s life. Naji who is a notable and maceutical companies to launch easier supported through actions that everybody
proud MsM alumnus, is a Medical Doctor Naji has worked hard on several health new products in a regulatory complex en- will remember.
MsM 2009, Senior Director of Sales -
Lilly Diabetes, USA from Lebanon where he volunteered at promotion projects. Indeed, he created “So- vironment such as in France. However, this
the humanitarian Lebanese Internatio- hati” which means “my health” in arabic. is not the case in the United States market,
nal Red Cross. During a dangerous mis- This healthcare information platform is where the products are much more expen-
sion in 2006 he felt the deep will to bring available in all the arabic countries. In this sive than in Europe. There, the price is jus-
even more to patients and wished to have region, the lack of medical information tified because the pharmaceutical industry
a greater impact on their health than he and education is important. Thanks to this spends a big percentage of their revenue on
could provide them only as a clinician. He solution, people reached the possibility to Research and Development, and by funding
get consistent and complete information the healthcare chain value.
about diseases they were faced with.
The company has to collaborate with health
Moreover, he created a partnership authorities, physicians, hospitals and with
between Eli Lilly and Makesense (a star- patients associations in order to fix the
tup not involved in health issues). This product’s price. This will allow the health-
startup didn’t want to work with the phar- care system to gain in accessibility, and to
maceutical industry before this collabo- provide easily the medicine to disadvan-
ration. By showing the vision of health- taged patients. He deeply insisted that this
care he had for everybody, Naji convinced process is a long one, it should start in the
them to work with him! He deeply believes industry’s culture. It’s about the company’s
that the employees themselves should core values and how employees perceive
reflect a great and positive image of what their daily work. They have to believe that
they’re working on a daily basis. Knowing they are saving lives and improving the
their “why” could allow them to be more everyday life of patients.

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


“I did not find

only friends
Les Caducées, une association
when arriving in
Paris and living
au cœur de l’actualité
in London and NATALI ROMERO ALEXANDRE BRIQUET LISE BETTOUN Il était une fois… l’association Les Caducées. Historiquement créée il y a 31 ans,
Singapore, but a MsM 2020, PhD en biologie MsM – 2017 MsM – 2019 l’Association a su s’adapter et se renouveler au fil des années. Elle a su suivre les
végétale modes et tendances de l’industrie pharmaceutique et du monde de la santé.
real family instead, Business Development Consultante Healthcare
« Je souhaite faire de la Manager EU - Kléos Pharma & Life Sciences - EY
without realizing valorisation en projet « J’ai intégré Kléos Pharma en « Je suis pharmacienne et Apolline Bertin, Camille Mirallié
it at first!” d’innovation et il n’existe janvier 2018, une entreprise consultante chez EY où
pas de Mastères aussi fondée il y a 12 ans, alors j’ai effectué mon stage.
spécialisés que celui de composée du seul fondateur. Au moment où j’ai lu la
l’ESCP. Les cours sont Aujourd’hui, l’entreprise description du Mastère, j’ai L'ASSOCIATION
très différents des cours
académiques que j’ai pu
compte 10 membres et su qu’il pouvait m’apporter EN CHIFFRES
je suis numéro 2 depuis ce qui me manquait, c’est-
avoir au cours de mes que je l’ai rejointe. Cette à-dire une vision bien 45 5
études doctorales. La façon bénévoles actions
expérience me permet de plus large des métiers de
en santé
de réfléchir aussi. Ce que côtoyer des professionnels l’industrie pharmaceutique. 3
j’ai aimé, c’est l’ouverture ayant 50 ans de carrière à L’accessibilité, la événements 31
JEAN-PIERRE DESCOURS d’esprit et la diversité des phares ans
leur actif, hauts placés, très bienveillance des
ESCP MsM 2019 matières et des profils. Mais expérimentés. C’est une intervenants et la richesse
Commercial Excellence - ce dont je suis le plus fière, expérience très enrichissante de leur profil m’ont
MundiPharma, Thailand c’est d’avoir su concilier ma et je ne pense pas que j’aurais particulièrement marquée.
vie privée et ce Mastère, pu développer ce genre de Aujourd’hui, je suis vraiment
“I had a large number of
ayant été enceinte puis compétences sans le MsM fière d’avoir fait ce Mastère.
aspirations when joining
jeune maman au cours dont les intervenants sont Au cours de ces six mois, Les Caducées - Promo 2020
the Specialised Master
de l’année. J’ai d’ailleurs vraiment de qualité, cadres l’ensemble des projets
in Biopharmaceutical
bénéficié d’un large soutien supérieurs ou professeurs menés ont pu renforcer nos
Management, held in Paris,

de la part de l’École et
London and Singapore. reconnus. » liens et créer un véritable ans les années 1980, au moment vie de l’association selon les enjeux et des Caducées. L’évolution du milieu
des élèves. » esprit de corps. »
One of them was my de l’essor de la communication l’actualité du secteur. La Table-Ronde pharmaceutique se décentralise des
confidence in making new
en santé, l’association des Caducées organisée par les Caducées est désor- Big Pharma. Il était essentiel pour
friends and sharing my
love for marketing and « Au moment où créé la première remise de prix de la mais une manifestation incontour- nous de mettre en avant ces sociétés
new technologies with j’ai lu la description communication en santé  : La Nuit nable avec une thématique d’actua- qui sont le cœur de la R&D en France.
them. But life often is des Caducées. Anne De Boismenu, lité, ouvrant un espace de réflexion
unpredictable, and only few
du Mastère, j’ai
l’une des fondatrices de l’associa- pour tous les acteurs de la santé en Demeurer un acteur pertinent, au
things fortunately happen su qu’il pouvait
as originally planned. Finally, tion et mémoire de cette dernière, France. Cette année, nous avons choi- plus près de l’actualité, tel est le
m’apporter ce qui
I did not find only friends nous a rappelé leur ambition de faire si de placer le patient au centre de nos challenge que l’association Les Ca-
when arriving in Paris me manquait, de cet événement «  un rendez-vous réflexions. Dans un environnement ducées relève tous les ans.
and living in London and c’est-à-dire une incontournable, pivot de la commu- industriel en profonde mutation, les
Singapore, but a real family
instead, without realizing it vision bien plus nication en santé ». Pierre angulaire professionnels de santé prennent peu
at first!” large des métiers de l’Association, elle a été témoin et à peu conscience que nous ne devons
de l’industrie actrice des changements entrepris. plus désormais faire que pour le pa-
tient mais avec le patient.
pharmaceutique. »
Comme le rappelle Robin Puzenat,
« Passionnée par les thérapies innovantes et les biotechnologies,
j’ai choisi le MsM car j’aimerais aider, à travers mon futur président de l’association en 2017 C’est également pour rester au plus
métier, au développement et au financement de l’innovation en « les évolutions des Caducées suivent près de l’innovation en santé et
santé. Je suis très reconnaissante envers le programme pour celles des enjeux de la santé. » D’abord s’adapter au changement de modèle
plusieurs raisons : la qualité des enseignements, sa renommée
uniquement focalisés sur la cérémo- des entreprises que, pour la première ANNE DE BOISMENU ROBIN PUZENAT
internationale, et son vaste et solide réseau. Je suis également Consultante en MsM 2018 and President
AMBRE LEMAISTRE heureuse d’avoir pu rencontrer de remarquables intervenants nie de remise de prix, les événements fois cette année, nous mettons à communication et of Les Caducées 2018,
Relations Publiques Consultant - Nextep
MsM 2020, Pharmacien et d’avoir participé à des événements exigeants et formateurs. » se sont diversifiés tout au long de la l’honneur les start-up lors de la Nuit Health

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


Éthique, écologie et société :

une responsabilité assumée
Face à ces défis majeurs, quelle est la vision des dirigeants de l’industrie ?
Les avis de Jean-François Brochard, président Roche Pharma France, et William Greenwood,
Country Medical Manager chez Roche, l’un des brillants alumni du MsM.

Maria Bourakkadi Idrissi et Fanette Ravel

L ’industrie pharmaceutique est 1,5 fois

plus polluante que l’industrie automo-
bile en termes d’émission de gaz à effet de
partenaire du système de santé. Un virage
est engagé au niveau des modes de produc-
tion et des nouvelles thérapies  ; avec des
serre. Aujourd’hui, nous faisons face à un médicaments de moins en moins polluants
paradoxe : être à la fois pollueur majeur et dans le domaine des biotechnologies et une
acteur de santé publique. ambition pour Roche d’atteindre 0% d’em-
preinte carbone d’ici 2050.
Ce secteur est confronté à des enjeux pri-
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BROCHARD mordiaux : prise de conscience et responsa- Les enjeux de demain résident dans le fait
General Manager - Roche
France, and sponsor of
bilité collective, tout en prenant en compte d’être un acteur responsable des soins de
the 2020 MsM class
les actions individuelles. Roche possède santé en assurant une soutenabilité écono-
aujourd’hui l’empreinte carbone la plus mique, environnementale et en termes de
faible du secteur en basant leur stratégie ressources.

environnementale sur des constats chiffrés
et des mesures concrètes et rationnelles. Ils INDUSTRIE PHARMACEUTIQUE
se distinguent aussi sur des enjeux socié-
= 52 millions
taux et éthiques  ; comme par la participa-
tion active à la gestion de la crise actuelle
de tonnes de CO2
du coronavirus en Chine (mise à disposi- soit 55% de plus
que l’industrie
WILLIAM GREENWOOD tion de tests diagnostiques), ou encore le automobile
MsM 2019, Country Medical
Manager - Roche programme PRM, qui place Roche comme
Daphné Revol

New challenges strike patients on their daily lives. Our goal as healthcare
professionals is to support them and try our best to overcome those issues
together. Connecting stakeholders and learning from each other should
be our true dedication. Our engagement should be demonstrated through
socio-political reflections, concrete actions and professional dedication.

This section illustrates our collective commitment. As healthcare professio-

nals, we will need to shape the vision of tomorrow’s healthcare system.
Positioning the patient at the center of our priorities is the best way to gua-
rantee an efficient healthcare journey, based on indisputable professional
coordination. The implementation of this vision drives healthcare professio-
nals to take the most from other systems in order to offer the best patient

Transforming tomorrow’s healthcare system, by involving patients through

better information access, will improve the quality and efficiency of the
whole patient pathway. We’re all taking these changes heartfully!

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


The key piece of the puzzle

Patient Centricity has become one of the Industry’s favorite catch-phrase.
As this is a growing concern, it is a priority to enlighten the general public on the implications,
what it would mean for all the players involved and the future challenges.

Léa Cuzzi, Charlotte Avril

The situation in the past years revealed individualized and adaptable care jour- depends on the ability of the patient to health status provides key information on
that patients were not entirely taken into ney, having the opportunity to be deci- make their own decision”. Rather than patient experience and can be the target
consideration. They were placed as spec- sion-makers and to be actors of their own being “at the center”, according to Eric Sa- of therapeutic intervention. However, will
tators of their journey and were not invol- health. Patient centricity, for them, is to lat, “they should be considered as major making patients autonomous through
ved in decisions concerning their health. include those problems in their decision actors without forgetting vulnerabilities the use of these technologies lead to too

“The Kouchner Law of 2002 introduced process and work with patients. Indus- due to their conditions”. The French go- many responsibilities for them? Can we
fundamental patient’s rights, such as the tries are even creating new sectors dedi- vernment’s new strategy “My Health 2022” use private data for collective interest?
right of informed consent, that are today cated to the question of Patient Centricity addresses several of those challenges by The boundaries are still to define. associations
the basis of patient’s empowerment” said and relations with Patient Associations, implementing a patient’s journey that fa- defend patients’
Eric Salat, Patient-Expert and Public Affairs new jobs are appearing, and their goal cilitates the coordination of care. Howe- Patient centricity is becoming a core rights in France
Consultant. is to get as close as possible to patients’ ver, the complexity of the system makes element of medicine development and every day
ERIC SALAT needs and allow them to be “actors”. reforms difficult to put in place and is a value-based healthcare management.
Patient-Expert and
Public Affairs Consultant The emergence of health information challenge to overcome in order to be more However, bringing the notion of centricity
shared on the internet and the interac- However the debate around Patient centri- adaptable to each patient’s need. and Patient-actors is to raise the question
tions between patients through social city and patient empowerment is also of their responsibility and their capability
media allowed them to access knowledge there. Patient Centricity seems sometimes New players are rising today and are offe- of making decisions depending on their
that was first reserved to healthcare pro- to be a marketing term to define their strate- ring more flexibility, in order to respond to state of health. Taking these concerns into
fessionals and healthcare organizations. gy to find acceptable solutions in order to patients’ new behaviours  : Google, Apple, consideration will be the future challen-
Applications and connected objects achieve their economic objectives, but ma- Med techs, equipment manufacturers… ges of the Health organizations.
helped patients to have a better unders- king patients “actors” in a patient-centric Compared to historical players, they are
tanding of their health condition, and system have consequences and we need used to being user-centric, but on the “In France, we started from the the Kouch-
networks (PatientsLikeMe, etc.) have to consider all the factors surrounding pa- other hand their methods are raising new ner law, which gave rights to patients, to
emerged in order to share information tients’ health and decision making power. challenges. Eric Salat shares his worries ‘Ma Santé 2022’ which will give responsa-
and help create communities. about the implication of GAFAs in our bilities and possibly duties to patients” as
Eric Salat questions the idea of patient health and daily life. Indeed, many ethical says Eric Salat, questioning the evolution
At some point, patients have even beco- centricity and thinks the issue goes issues around the use of data can be dis- of the Health System from Patient Centri-
me experts in their disease, especially in beyond that. “It is important to keep in cussed and reglementations vary world­ city, in which patients are passive and
chronic diseases, and are willing to make mind that patients are sometimes vulne- wide. The use of Patient-Reported Out- vulnerable, to Patient-actors which could
their desires heard. As of what industries rable and don’t want to be ‘at the center come Measures (PROMs) questionnaires, make patients “citizens actors of their
seem to understand, patients want an of the system’. Patient centricity also measuring the patients’ views of their own health”.

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


The healthcare ecosystem worldwide and be persistent. On the contra-

ry, the FDA has put in place a “Fast
treatments and the fundamental im-
pact on their families. She believed
Every healthcare ecosystem is an interconnected set of entities influenced by many Track” approval strategy for innova- that the Affordable Care Act (Oba-
stakeholders. There is no single predefined market type. Therefore, we are facing the diversity tive treatments, which is great for maCare) has been tremendously hel-
of the healthcare ecosystem between countries but also within countries. patients especially those suffering ping low-moderate income families.
from critical diseases. Even though The important thing to know about
Lou Statius, Nathalie Akouete it’s an amazing strategy, we must this act is the fact that it brings more
recall the discrepancy in access to people to the system, so that the cost

I n order to learn more about South

Europe & the U.S. particularities,
we interviewed Denis Hello, Vice
Denis  Hello mentioned, pharma in-
dustries must be known for bringing
specific solutions to satisfy patient’s
treatments in the U.S.

During our interview, Delphine Du-

burden is spread and as a conse-
quence more people have access
to healthcare coverage. Young gra-
President Europe South, Abbvie, and unmet needs. The biggest difference bois commented on the inability to duates must be familiar with these
Delphine Dubois, CEO Health Science between South Europe & the U.S. is treat patients without healthcare issues to impact the healthcare in-
Communications. finding a right balance between the coverage in need of these innovative dustries as future managers.
time to patient access to innovative
Healthcare industries must reco- treatments and reimbursement.
DENIS HELLO DELPHINE DUBOIS gnize the fact that there will be
ESCP alumnus, MsM 1992,

Cultivons notre santé tous ensemble

Vice President Europe CEO - Health Science an increasing pressure regarding Regarding South Europe, Denis Hello
South - Abbvie Communications
volume-based price and outcome pointed out that the time to market
value reimbursement. Value must be access could range from 3  days to
well understood by payers, health- 2-3 years. Meaning is crucial for ma- La culture de la santé permet un accès croissant à l’information. En effet, elle se démocratise
care practitioners, and patients. As nagers to master negotiation skills et devient primordiale. En incluant l’éducation et la prévention, il y a une prise de conscience
de tous les acteurs qui ont chacun un nouveau rôle à jouer.

Galadriel Perrinaud, Louis Dumas

A ujourd’hui, le système de soins

évolue face aux changements
majeurs dans l’accompagnement
deviennent acteurs de leur santé,
et peuvent désormais suivre direc-
tement leurs données. Cette prise
des patients. En favorisant la pré- de conscience des utilisateurs lutte
vention, il devient système de san- contre une information jusqu’à lors
té. Le Dr  Alain Trébucq, PDG de descendante du soignant vers le soi-
Global Media Santé, propose une gné. Dorénavant, les patients et pro-
nouvelle perspective  : «  Aujourd’hui, fessionnels de santé peuvent échan-
l’objectif doit être d’aider chacun, ger sur la décision de soin, et cela
PDG de Global Media Présidente Festival
dès l’enfance, à prendre soin de son ouvre la voie vers un consentement Santé de la Communication
patrimoine santé, en adoptant des éclairé. Comme l’explique Dominique
comportements qui soient profi- Noël, Présidente Festival de la Com-
tables à cette dernière. » munication Santé  : «  Cette commu-
nication omnicanale est une grande
Dans une société connectée, croulant chance pour diffuser l’information. »
sous l’information, la culture de la
santé doit passer par des normes et Face à ces changements sociétaux,
des critères bien définis. Ceci permet- le monde de la santé développe des
tra d’améliorer les parcours de soins solutions qui dépassent le soin et
tout en gardant une fiabilité dans renforcent l’engagement personnel
l’information. En effet, les patients et collectif. 

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


“The MsM allowed

me to get strong
in order to
master business MsM 2020, Médecin MsM 2020, Pharmacienne ESCP MsM 2017
development and Product Manager
“After graduating from a « Je souhaite me spécialiser
to understand the medical degree, I realized en marketing depuis le Hypertension Servier -
entire healthcare how much the healthcare début de mes études. Je
industries were in urgent savais que ce Mastère “Amongst great memories,
ecosystem at the need of proper data était le meilleur dans le this program allowed me
same time.” management. Taking the domaine et le moyen de to broaden my horizons
most from data could développer mes soft skills in healthcare and the
revolutionize the healthcare et mon réseau. Je voulais pharmaceutical industry.
system and improve its également découvrir The MsM is able to
efficiency. With this in mind, d’autres secteurs qui create an environment
I discovered that the MsM pouvaient m’intéresser en where teamwork is
is the only program with a dehors du marketing. La part of our everyday
specialization in Big Data diversité des backgrounds life, and my classmates
perfectly in line with the de notre promotion est have been a constant
needs of the sector. This key ce que je trouve le plus source of knowledge,
CLAIRE ROUDOT factor guided my choice… the enrichissant. C’est, pour input and inspiration to
best one I could have done! moi, une nouvelle forme me. I can say my ESCP
ESCP MsM 2013
The MsM also offered me the d’apprentissage. Je suis très experience surpassed my
Responsable possibility of being part of fière de faire partie de ce expectations. I believe
Développement et
Licensing - ICM
Les Caducées Research and programme d’excellence. » that the international
Public Health body, allowing environment, the lectures
“The MsM alumni network me to carry out actions I feel and many encounters we
is a major asset which truly very proud of!” made as well as my personal
makes a difference. During development played a
each of my experiences determining role in the
- whether in big pharma, professional I am today.”
research institutes or “The MsM also offered me the possibility
consulting firms, in France or of being part of Les Caducées Research
abroad - I have always been
in contact with many alumni and Public Health body, allowing me to
from the MsM. In a field carry out actions I feel very proud of!”
that requires both a solid
scientific background and
a demonstrated expertise
in business, the MsM
allowed me to get strong
professional competences « Pharmacien, j’ai amené mon accent chantant de
in order to master business Toulouse jusqu’à Paris pour relever un nouveau
development and to challenge. C’est lors de mon expérience chez Pierre
understand the entire Fabre que je me suis réellement aperçu de l’importance
healthcare ecosystem at du marketing et de son impact sur le terrain. Cela
the same time.” m’a conforté dans mon projet professionnel, et cela
correspond parfaitement à ma personnalité. Je peux
REMI NIMBO d’ailleurs vous confier que je porte toujours des
MsM 2020, Pharmacien chaussettes fantaisie ! C’est peut-être un des reflets
de ma personnalité qui m’a permis d’intégrer cette
formidable aventure qu’est le MsM. »

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


Healthcare & data:

a fresh cocktail
Guillaume Rémont, Jonathann Rouimi

W ith the explosion in the amount of

health-related data collected, data
analytics could be the cornerstone in
health data accessible across both public
and private institutions (while still pre-
serving confidentiality/protection of indi-
improving value for patients. Generally viduals). Lots of progress has been made
stuck in silos and under different formats, recently with the Health Data Hub, which
the access to healthcare data is still too should be scaled-up rapidly.
cumbersome to fully unlock their true va-
lue. Significant action is hence still nee- Many stakeholders, including Private
ded to make sure that they become easily R&D organizations, hospitals, care facili-
available and usable for analytics. But ties and regulatory bodies are currently

how can we leverage health-related data pushing to overcome these challenges. As
to improve patient outcomes? an example, the Healthcare Data Institute, THOMAS LONDON

a collaborative structure, brought to life in Partner at McKinsey & Company,
Member of the Board of Directors -
This transformation is already ongoing. 2014 is dedicated to the transformation of Healthcare Data Institute

Many examples of use cases are already the healthcare system through the use of
being implemented according to Thomas health data for the benefit of healthcare
À L’AVANT-GARDE London, partner at McKinsey & Company, a
world renowned consultancy firm. Among
system stakeholders, patients, and ci-
tizens. “It contributes to enabling contact
these, the improvement of diagnostics between stakeholders and to spreading
and treatments thanks to AI-enabled solu- information about the benefits that could
“With the
Ambre Lemaistre
tions, and the modernization of regulation be generated” stated Thomas London, one explosion in the
Welcome to the future of healthcare! Cell therapies, genome editing, exoskele- mechanisms such as payment for quality of its Board of Director members. amount of health-
ton… These are just few examples of the numerous breakthrough innovations and/or performance in hospitals are being related data
transforming the upcoming healthcare patterns, drawing a new ecosystem. All enabled by the use of data. The number of tech startups in health-
of those, as all great innovations, would have been considered as science fiction
collected, data
Yet, several hurdles still need to be care is booming and several of them also
a few years ago. analytics could be
cleared. First, there is a pressing need to understand the potential of data manage-
the cornerstone in
However, thanks to considerable efforts made by institutions, startups, com- further enhance data acquisition across ment to improve healthcare systems.
panies in order to bring new promising solutions to patients in need, these old care providers, notably in Primary Care.
improving value
dreams are becoming a new reality. Furthermore, the acceleration of acquisi- Another challenge is to continue accele- Take Lynxcare, created by Dr Dries Hens for patients.”
tion and utilization of healthcare data is reshaping the whole system and em- rating the pace at which France makes in 2015 in Leuven, Belgium. Dr Hens, an Thomas London
bodies Biotech and MedTech innovations. The MsM perfectly understood this
dynamic and already started to work on it by strongly preparing us for new
challenges and prospective solutions. To explore these exciting territories, some
of our brilliant alumni and friends have accepted to give us their insights on
today’s key medical innovations.

MD by training, created Lynxcare after The growing interest for digital technolo-
completing his business degree at ESCP. gies taken by health industries and struc-
The company’s ambition is to help health- tures is also transforming education and
care practitioners to optimize treatments training programs in the field. At ESCP
thanks to healthcare data. Its core propo- Business school in Paris, courses around
sition, an AI-powered platform that leve- AI in healthcare and diagnostics were
rages structured and unstructured health taught to students of the Specialised Mas-
data to provide insights and predict out- ter in Biopharmaceutical management
comes, is a case in point of how data (MsM), which trains pharmacists and life
management can improve the quality of sciences students to work in business in
care. As Dr Hens puts it, “You can compare healthcare. A third of them even took an
big data in healthcare with a bandage entire specialisation on Big data, tech-
on a wound. Big data will make sure the nologies & consulting. This shows the
DRIES HENS healthcare ‘wounds’ (financial sustainabi- growing interest of the students for these
MsM 2015, Founder of LynxCare
Clinical Informatics, Medical Doctor
lity, low quality) will be healed.” issues and the program’s willingness to
prepare them for these new jobs.
The implementation of big data technolo-
gies in hospitals will lead to a competence Those aspiring professionals in health-
shift. Better patient data management care will play a pivotal role at the forefront
through integrated platforms (such as of innovation thanks to their understan-
Lynxcare) should allow doctors to focus ding of advanced analytics and their
on tasks where highly cognitive input is ability to leverage those technologies as
needed, either for diagnosis or treatment marketers, clinical developers, resear-
decisions. chers and regulators.

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


Les MedTech : un rêve hier,

“The MsM
allowed me to
acquire skills
which are still une réalité aujourd’hui, en 2020
useful for my Permettre aux personnes paraplégiques de remarcher, connaître en temps réel
career. I also MsM 2015 MsM 2020, Pharm D MsM 2010
ses constantes biologiques, de la science-fiction ? Les MedTech permettent de
learned how to révolutionner la santé, de soigner et d’améliorer la qualité de vie des patients.
Medical Advisor - ALEXIO “I am proud of the Responsable marketing
better market “After a journey in the dedication and hard work SEP - Novartis
Julie Davot, Inès Le Breton
myself.” academic world of life that my class has shown « Le MsM garantit une
sciences, three reasons during this fantastic formation d’excellence avec
guided my choice to join venture. I feel also proud un bel état d’esprit ! Il nous
the MsM. First, it allowed of the team spirit and permet de nous préparer
me to open up professional solidarity of each one of au monde de l’industrie LE MARCHÉ DES TECHNOLOGIES
opportunities outside a us. I am incredibly proud
to be part of our network
pharmaceutique avec toute MÉDICALES EN FRANCE
pure research-oriented l’agilité que ce dernier
career. It then gave me of alumni that is radically requiert. Agilité en effet,
a fantastic opportunity
for a truly differentiated
changing the healthcare
ecosystem around the
car j’ai eu l’opportunité
de toucher à l’OTC, aux €
world. Finally and most médicaments de prescription
YANE YANE CHENG professional path. Last
importantly, I am grateful
4e place
MsM 2014 but not least, I was able, sur le marché de ville et 19 milliards au niveau mondial
thanks the MsM, to take for all the opportunities d’être désormais en charge d’euros
Consultant - BCG, France that I have been given d’un marché de prescription
& USA the most from transversal JEAN-LOUIS EMELINE HAHN

skills and to add a business- during the MsM.” hospitalière. Agilité aussi car CONSTANZA MsM 2014, CEO and
Co-founder and Chief Co-founder - Fizimed
“The MsM allowed me to oriented and more le milieu pharmaceutique Business Development
acquire skills which are operational experience to est très mouvant, et le Officer - Wandercraft
still useful for my career. I MsM nous permet de faire 5% de croissance 76% des entreprises
my background. The MsM is ont une activité de R&D
also learned how to better a real lever for a successful face et d’appréhender les par an
market myself thanks to career in the healthcare problématiques du secteur
a concrete, value-added industries.” dès notre sortie. »
business orientation - an

ideal extension of my
degree as an engineer es MedTech servent la médecine quille. Autonome et auto-équilibré, il au gouvernement de faire évoluer le
from Centrale Marseille. de demain grâce aux progrès ré- a atteint le statut de produit commer- système de santé et de passer à un
Taking the most from alisés dans de nombreux domaines, cial et est utilisé quotidiennement modèle plus personnalisé.
data and understanding
« Au-delà des solides fondamentaux théoriques acquis, le MsM tels que l’intelligence artificielle ou dans certains centres de rééducation
the healthcare context
l’impression 3D, pour ne citer qu’eux. en France et à l’étranger. Cet outil Les MedTech cherchent, pour in-
is now at the heart of my a été pour moi une aventure humaine des plus enrichissantes. »
expertise. That would have Une nouvelle ère de la santé arrive, permet aux patients paraplégiques tégrer leurs équipes, des profils cu-
been impossible without et les MedTech en seront un élé- de réapprendre la marche. rieux et créatifs, sachant combiner
the MsM. This combined
expertise allowed me to « Au-delà des solides fondamentaux théoriques acquis, ment pivot. Voici deux exemples compétences scientifiques et mana-
get a position at the Boston le MsM a été pour moi une aventure humaine des plus de startups françaises qui illustrent Fizimed est un autre exemple de gériales, afin de pouvoir pleinement
enrichissantes. J’ai pu, grâce à la qualité, la disponibilité
Consulting Group. I still bien ce point : MedTech en plein essor. Cette socié- appréhender les différents challen-
clearly see the concrete et la bienveillance des intervenants et des anciens,
mieux comprendre l’écosystème du financement de té développe un appareil connecté ges du secteur. Les actuels étudiants
value of the courses which
were offered to me at ESCP l’innovation en santé et la réalité opérationnelle des Wandercraft, pionnière dans le do- qui permet la rééducation du péri- de l’option Finance du MsM ont eu
Business School.” différents acteurs qui le compose. Le MsM m’a donné les maine des exosquelettes, a dévelop- née après un accouchement via des l’opportunité de collaborer avec Wan-
JEAN-BRIAC LESNE clés pour décrocher mon premier poste dans le domaine
pé un premier prototype Atalante, jeux ludiques sur téléphone. Eme- dercraft sur l’un de leurs projets. De
MsM 2013 du Capital-Risque et restera le véritable catalyseur de ma
carrière professionnelle. » destiné aux personnes ayant une line Hahn, CEO et alumni du Mas- plus, la présence de nombreux alum-
Directeur d’Investissements
- Sofimac Innovation
mobilité réduite suite à une lésion tère, nous a confirmé l’intérêt du ni dans les MedTech traduit la volon-
médullaire ou un AVC. Selon Jean- public pour ces technologies, et ce té du Mastère d’être acteur dans le
Louis Constanza, un des fondateurs, d’autant plus lorsque le sujet est ta- domaine et d’être constamment à la
Atalante est le premier exosquelette bou. L’impact de ces startups sur les pointe des innovations en santé.
ne nécessitant pas l’utilisation de bé- problèmes de santé publique permet Source : www.MedTechinf rance.f r

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


« La révolution
Soigner et innover, que connaissent les

quels sont les défis de demain ? sciences du vivant

au XXIe siècle ne fait
Deux professionnels nous éclairent sur l’innovation en santé dans leur domaine d’expertise.
que débuter. »
David Sourdive

Émeline Mathieu, Amélie Vaslin

A lexandre Bignon, Docteur en

Immunologie, ancien du MsM et
Medical Science Liaison chez Roche
Cela ne fait aucun doute pour lui,
persuadé que la santé de demain
sera interdisciplinaire, offrant aux
qu’il a cofondée en 1999 aux côtés de
son collègue et ami, André Choulika.
Leur vision n’a jamais changé depuis
en Neurosciences, nous a livré sa patients un rôle majeur. D’utilisa- plus de 20 ans : « Façonner le vivant à
vision sur l’innovation en santé et teurs du système de soin à véritables travers l’ingénierie de l’ADN ».
les défis actuels et futurs liés aux acteurs de leur santé, ceux-ci vont ALEXANDRE BIGNON DAVID SOURDIVE

maladies neurologiques. Complexes, bénéficier de l’émergence des nou- « Le vivant passe du contemplatif à MsM 2018, Immunology PhD, MSL - Roche Co-founder, Executive Vice President, Strategic
Initiatives - Cellectis. Sponsor of the 2019 MsM class
ces dernières sont souvent le fruit velles technologies dans leur prise un véritable objet d’ingénieur ». Cel-
de facteurs multiples qui rendent le en charge et seront témoins et se- lectis est pionnière dans cette ré-
développement de nouvelles molé- ront témoins d’une médecine « haute volution et déploie l’ingénierie des
cules difficile. Néanmoins, Alexandre couture », personnalisée, préventive, génomes sur deux plateformes : l’in-
considère l’innovation comme une prédictive et participative. génierie de cellules sanguines pour En s’adressant à tous les futurs pro- exceptionnelles de design cellulaire procèdent d’abord de l’envie endu-
démarche collective qui permet d’ap- en faire des médicaments, et l’ingé- fessionnels, Alexandre Bignon nous élaborés pour le développement de rante de faire une différence pour
porter un bénéfice pour les patients. L’ingénierie du génome permet de nierie de végétaux pour des produits confie qu’à ses yeux, œuvrer dans le traitements thérapeutiques inno- ces maladies, de la force des équipes
Pour cela, les industries pharmaceu- façonner le vivant et ainsi dévelop- agricoles plus sains. Ses thérapies secteur de la santé offre la possibi- vants. Les CAR-T sont en évolution aux profils exigeants et à la rigueur
tiques se diversifient et n’hésitent per des thérapies à la pointe de l’in- phares, les cellules CAR-T allogé- lité d’avoir un réel bénéfice pour les rapide, traitant aujourd’hui des hé- de la science sous tendant ces tra-
pas à effectuer des partenariats avec novation comme les cellules CAR-T. niques, aux attributs supra-physio- patients. Les données de vie réelle mopathies malignes et demain des vaux. La révolution que connaissent
des acteurs académiques, start-ups David Sourdive, Polytechnicien, Doc- logiques, sont fabriquées à partir de seront essentielles pour les défis de tumeurs solides, plus complexes et les sciences du vivant au XXIe siècle
ou biotechs, pour maximiser les teur en virologie et immunologiste, cellules de donneurs sains et ca- demain. Véritable « or noir de la san- fréquentes. Les clés de succès d’une ne fait que débuter.
chances de trouver des candidats dédie sa carrière au développement pables de cibler et détruire des cel- té », celles-ci vont impacter toute la telle entreprise en biotechnologies
médicaments. Le secret de l’inno- de thérapies prometteuses au sein de lules cancéreuses chez des patients chaine du médicament. En intégrant
vation serait-donc la collaboration ? Cellectis, entreprise de biotechnologie atteints de cancers hématologiques. les nouveaux services, la collabora-
tion entre les instances réglemen-
taires et les industriels sera de mise
pour permettre l’accès des innova-
tions de santé au plus grand nombre.
Particulièrement dans le domaine
des neurosciences dans lequel au-
cun nouveau médicament curatif
n’est sorti depuis 10 ans, les nou-
velles technologies et les services
associés seront la pierre angulaire
des traitements de demain.

Pour David Sourdive, l’ingénierie

des génomes, combinée à ces ap-
proches d’intelligence des données
biologiques, ouvre des perspectives

Un partenariat MS in Biopharmaceutical Management ESCP Business School & Madis Phileo


E S C P « F R E E » S TA R T E R PA C K

Avec sa couleur pastel vert Nouvel objet in de l’étudiant, elle 30 litres, 5 poches.
menthe indémodable, elle conserve aussi bien le chaud que 1. Parce qu’on intègre un réseau alumni
Option porte-enceinte et porte-
ambiancera l’ensemble de vos le froid. qui a 201 ans d’âge (33 pour le MsM).
gourde. Peut transporter votre vie.
nombreuses soirées.
Point fort : on ne sait pas si vous
Point fort : on sait que vous faites 2. Parce qu’on vit une année haute en
Point fort : merci B. Braun buvez du GinTo ou du café
partie de l’élite couleurs, avec des voyages à foison…
Point faible : indifférenciable Point faible : ne se referme pas
Point faible : solidité discutable
de celle de vos camarades toute seule 3. Parce qu’on peut intégrer le monde
de l’associatif (#Caducées). +250
4. Parce qu’on peut développer de belles intervenants
relations avec son banquier (#Prêt).

5. Parce qu’on apprend à composer
avec tout type de personnalités lors
de nombreux projets de groupe.
BY MsM 2019/2020
6. Parce qu’on peut développer ses


compétences Pack Office (Excel,
PowerPoint…) pour le CV. 150 litres
de GinTo consommés
7. Parce qu’on apprend le mot « appétence »,
HP - The famous and loved HP sauce logo, merci Monsieur Jallat !
named after the Houses of Parliament, has
Sticks’n’Sushi Soho (Soho) - One of the best in town 8. Parce qu’on apprend la ponctualité
renewed itself in the honor of the facelift
Duck and Waffle (City) - Mostly for the view anglaise.
of Big Ben. We will have to wait until 2021

to hear it ring again!
9. Parce qu’on peut faire travailler son
Viet Food (Chinatown) - It’s all in the name foie grâce aux nombreux événements
Wetherspoons - This extremely cheap
Haché Burger (Camden) - The best truffle burgers
chain restaurant was named after the organisés et au bar de l’école. de ruptures
professor of the founder who told him one amoureuses
day he would never succeed in life. Joke’s 10. Parce qu’on se fait des amis pour la vie.
Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian (Soho) - To meet the hindu
on him, the company now operates nearly
local community
900 pubs worldwide!
CockFighter (Shoreditch) - The Bao is to die for!
  Dessin d’actu
Nizden - From the hood to the glory,
DRINKS 3 MsM students created a band named
after the neighborhood they lived in
during their stay in London: Neasden.
Black Lion Pub - Official gathering place of ESCP
Available on all streaming platforms.
London, good food, good drinks, only 5 min from
Check them out!
campus on foot!
Brewdog bars (Soho, Camden) - And its locally @nizdenmusic
brewed, internationally known Punk IPA
Lockside (Camden) - To listen to the best covers of
Stand By Me and karaoke performances
BoxPark / Dinerama (Shoreditch) - A food court and
the associated bars in an industrial setting
Shoreditch platform - Dance until the sun comes up! Corona - 1 / 0 - MsM

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