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David N.

Fox Address
Game Programmer 9801 Stonelake Blvd #1626
Austin, TX 78759
Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL 2007-2009 407.637.0840 (cell)
B.S., Game Development, Salutatorian.
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 1991-1992 davidnfox.com
Graduate Study in Physics, Cosmic Background Anisotropy. linkedin.com/in/davidnfox
Rutgers College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 1987-1991
B.A., with Honors, Physics, Phi Beta Kappa. Email

Commercial Titles Platforms

Online User-Experience Programmer for “Unannounced Game” Xbox 360
Edge of Reality/Electronic Arts, Austin, TX (Oct. 2010 to Present) PlayStation 3
 Multi-platform, multi-SKU AAA title. Projected release: Q4 2011
Programming Languages/APIs
 Designed and deployed a full reimplementation of the system that
C++, STL, Boost
handles the Game-to-Network layer.
 Consolidated the implementation of over 50 different network SOAP
calls through a single, multi-threaded code path in a thread-safe way.
ActionScript, Flash
 Satisfied the needs of customers from many different in-game teams
(UI / Gameplay / Server / Threading / Graphics).
 Deployed a clean, contractual, and deterministic interface to
customers in other game systems, including over two dozen
individual user interface and gameplay classes.
 Leveraged personal experience as a customer of the UI-to-Network Assembly
layer in the previous game as well as the expertise of the best Perl
engineers at the company. Lua
 Accomplished a significant reduction in code size and memory usage.
 Delivered a significant improvement in maintainability and Development Tools/IDEs
extensibility of the code base. Visual Studio 2005, 2008
 Built-in thread-safety and messaging behaviors that can be traced ProDG for PlayStation 3
through a single code path and which use pre-existing company Perforce
libraries for maximum compatibility and predictability. Flash
 Developed tools and helper-classes that allow existing and new team AlienBrain
members to rapidly deploy new network behaviors for the next Tortoise SVN
project. GCC
 Designed and implemented the system to be flexible and easy to Unreal Editor
update with an eye towards providing quick turn-around for CERT Djinni (Aurora Engine) Editor
issues. Elementool
Visual Build
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Commercial Titles (continued)

Technical User-Interface Programmer for “The Sims 3 for Xbox and PS3”
Edge of Reality/Electronic Arts, Austin, TX (Feb. 2010 to Oct. 2010)
 Multi-platform, multi-SKU AAA title. Released Q4 2010.
 Worked in a large, international team to convert an existing PC-game interface to the console.
 Created and/or maintained over 30 user interface screens that helped the player manage gameplay
behaviors as well as their online experience with Twitter and Facebook.
 Wrote robust, reusable code that passed data and control on a multi-threaded application between C#,
C++, and Flash.
 Analyzed and replaced pre-existing PC-game’s interface between gameplay and UI systems.
 Participated in ongoing, iterative rounds of design, implementation, and testing with close-knit teams of
engineers, designers, and artists.
 Designed and implemented localization system from C++ down to action script/Flash, including managing
translation between UTF-16 and UTF-8 strings, including validity checking and compliance with UTF
 Developed expertise in making game compliant with First Party TRC/TCR, especially with respect to Online
Behaviors, Failure Messaging to the User, Profanity Filters, and Parental Controls.

Development Support for “SimCity Societies”

Tilted Mill Entertainment / Electronic Arts, Natick, MA (2006-2007)
 AAA title for the PC with multiple SKUs. Released Q4 2007.
 Bug testing during entire life-cycle of game using Visual Studio.
 Creation and maintenance of build automation.
 Maintenance of Source Code and Asset Repositories.
 Responsible for daily and interim builds and the collection and dissemination of build notes and change
 Worked to provide transport of milestones to EA West Coast.
 API’s used: Visual Studio 2005, SourceSafe, Elementool, Visual Build, Perforce, Incredibuild.

Academic Game Projects

AI Lead for “Alpha Strike”

GP Games/Black Hole Studios/Team Giga-T, Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL (2009)
 Full Sail Game Development Final Project.
 AI Lead: Designed and Implemented Behavior Scripting system to allow rapid and flexible development of
enemy and ally AI behaviors.
 Physics Lead: Modeled a fast-running simulation of realistic flight behavior and control for the player’s
fighter jet.
 Documentation Lead: Proofed, organized, and formatted Design and Technical documents.
 Installer available at: www.giga-t.com
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Academic Game Projects (continued)

Producer and QA Lead for “Strands of Destiny: Deception”

RedFlame Interactive / CDProjekt Red, Winter Park, FL (2008)
 Co-leader of development for the first official mod for Atari’s “The Witcher.”
 First team to use the Djinni Adventure Editor.
 Adapted source code from NWN/KoToR2 mod community tools to extract, analyze, and modify files from
the original Witcher game to aid in development of original scripts for the mod.
 Populated and scripted the behavior of over 30 NPCs in an entirely original town.
 Decorated, furnished, populated, and scripted behaviors for interiors of buildings.
 Scripting for quest and story-line NPCs.
 QA Lead: Implemented web-based bug reporting using Elementool, which allowed the team to receive
hundreds of bug reports from testers around the world.

Physics / Gameplay Lead for “Utopull”

2009 Global Game Jam, Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL (January 2009)
 Educational Puzzle Game with an Industrial feel: Builds understanding of polarity, attraction, and
 Worked in team of 4 programmers and 1 artist to develop a game in a single, 48-hour session.
 Wrote the physics algorithms that simulate electrostatic behavior between charged objects and particle
 Designed a series of seven levels of increasing difficulty where the player guides streams of charged
particles from an emitter to a receiver by placing, removing, and adjusting the strength of electric fiend
nodes as they race against time.
 Available at: globalgamejam.org/games/utopull.

Scientific Programming Projects

Deep Infrared Background Experiment

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (1991-1992)
 Wrote program to analyze telemetry from NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) Satellite and to
visually display that data as sky maps.
 Adapted and updated uncommented legacy FORTRAN-77 modules that were used with an older, lower-
resolution satellite.
 Added the ability to show sky maps with coordinates transformed for different frames of reference (earth-
centric vs. galaxy-centric).

Large Electron-Positron Collider

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (1990)
 Team member Barrel Muon-Detector for the DELPHI Project.
 Fixed and extended the program used to record detector signal logs.
 Wrote a parser to recover corrupted detector signal logs.
 Monitored Detector hardware and software while collider was active.
 Language used: FORTRAN. System: VAX VMS.
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Scientific Programming Projects (continued)

DELPHI Muon Barrel Detector

Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University, Oxford, UK (1988)
 Wrote program to calculate wiring tables for handling signals triggered by ionized particles passing through
gas-filled chambers.
 Wrote a separate, deeply-recursive program to determine the multiplexing tables so that neighboring
chambers did not pass signals through the same hardware: a 32-piece version of the 8-queens problem.
 Language used: Pascal. System: VAX VMS.

Teaching Experience

Physics and Math Teacher, Tyngsboro Jr.-Sr. High School

Tyngsboro, MA (1998-2001)
 Taught both trigonometric- and calculus-based physics to students in grades 11 and 12.
 Adapted University of Texas’s Online Homework Service to provide weekly “web quizzes” for physics
 Taught Honors Geometry to students in grades 9 and 10.
 Advisor to Tyngsboro High School Class of 2002.

Physics and Math Teacher, Malden Catholic High School

Malden, MA (1997-1998)
 Taught Pre-calculus to students in grades 11 and 12.
 Taught Geometry to students in grades 9 and 10.
 Taught Physics to students in grades 9 and 10.

Cool Experiences, Activities, Accomplishments

In no particular order:
 Baritone in the 8th oldest all-male collegiate chorus toured Europe and performed at Carnegie Hall.
 Professional political consultant and congressional campaign manager for NJ 12th District Seat.
 Professional Limousine Driver.
 Tour and merch manager for the punk-pop band Gone Baby Gone.
 Booking agent for Red Blue Records, an indie label based in Boston.
 Competitive Poet.
 Medical Transcriptionist.
 Former Motorcyclist and Honda Dealership Parts-Desk operator.
 Advocate for the Boston Subway and Street Musicians.
 Professional mattress salesman and store manager, paid on commission.
 Wrote a fully functional BBS in compiled BASIC and assembly when I was 16.

References and anecdotes are available upon request.