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Dove Soap:

The Dove ad uses very little colour in its advertisement. It uses white extensively to be consistent with
its ´¼ moisturising milkµ in very soap bar message. The text over each half of the face is consistent
with that part almost as if to convey that the Dove soap and the face test go together. The broad smile
on the model·s face conveys that Dove moisturises your skin so effectively, you won·t feel the
stretchiness of your skin when you smile. The ad almost seems to convey that the broad smile means
that any dove user will ace the face test and will smile effortlessly. By showing Dove as a part of the
face, the ad is probably attempting to convey that Dove becomes a part of the Dove user·s life or it
becomes recognised as a ´Dove faceµ.


The ad includes a close up shot of a watch belonging to the army collection of Fastrack. This helps the
reader to appreciate the finer nuances of the watch. In addition the consumer also gets to know of the
price and the features of the watch which aids the consumer in making a purchase decision even before
he enters the store. Providing the model number for the watch also informs the reader and aids this
process. By emphasizing the crown guard of the watch which represents the muzzle & trigger of the
gun, the ad reemphasizes the fact that it belongs to the army collection. The font used in the ad too is
not laidback and easy going like the rest of the Fastrack ads for other collections. Instead it uses a font
that looks very masculine, serious and something that looks like it has gone through a lot of wear and
tear. The military green has been used in the entire text (except the logo) which reinforces the army feel
to the watch.
Ford Ikon:

The ad has conveyed the idea of two worlds of every individual i.e. the work life and the life at home
for every individual. This is evident through the clothes worn by the model in the ad. However it has
done this in a very drab and passé manner by using the reflection of the man in the windshield of the
car denoting his other life. The tagline too is consistent with the message of what the ad is trying to
convey. The showrooms for the car are at 4 different corners of the city which convey ease of access
and purchase to the customer. The way in which the car has been displayed i.e. face first and the
ruggedness of the road conveys a very domineering feel to the car, however, almost as if to convey that
the car is meant for a man. The colours used in the rest of the ad are consistent with the colour of the
car in the ad and the colour of the Ford logo.

HDFC Home Loans:

The image of the man staring outside the window conveys a man in a dilemma, who is probably
confused and seeks guidance about something, in the ad it·s clearly about choosing the right home.
However except for the text, the ad does not convey the trust part that the company stands for. There
is a certain sense of unsureity that still prevails in the ad. With the man staring at other high rises
through his window it could also denote some aspirations of the man to own a bigger house in a posh
apartment block, but his unsure if his finances will permit him to buy one. This concept then perfectly
fits the company offering loan services to aid the man in his quest. The company also has also
attempted to address most other concerns that home buyers face i.e. at what stage should of
construction or post is it most beneficial to the buyer to buy a home. And by including them in a red
text box it immediately draws the reader·s attention to it. It informs the reader immediately of the other
services that HDFC home loans provides


L'Oreal Casting Crème Gloss:

The L·Oreal Casting Crème ad feature popular actress Penelope Cruz who was in her early thirties at
the time of the ad. The advertisement therefore is directed to women in her early thirties/ late twenties
who begin to notice the first strands of grey hair. The hair colour shown in the ad too is a nice brown,
a colour that will appeal to the target group. The first half of the ad includes the text ´Before I never
thought I·d colour my hair.µ But it is also accompanied with just half of Penelope·s face; the other half
consists of the product-probably to indicate that for a woman who is just beginning to see her first few
greys, her life is incomplete without the product. Purple is a very royal colour and this may be the
reason that the colour is used in the product and the ad to convey the ´Richµ, glossy feel that the
company advocates. Even when the L·Oreal tries to inform the consumer that there are 11 other shades
available in this product·s range, they use the adjective ¶Shimmering· to reemphasize the glossiness of
the colour.

Volkswagen Beetle:

The Volkswagen Beetle Ad is minimalistic in terms of its art and text. The contrast used in the ad, in
terms of the colours used makes the car stand out to the reader·s eye. The ad also seems to have a white
silhouette of the car cut out from its blue background, (seems like a cloud in the sky) probably to
convey a very heavenly feel of the car to the consumer. India has evolved with a great deal of scarcity
baggage over the years. There has therefore been an implicit attitude among Indian people to grab the
most of the limited resources available. The ad therefore makes use of the need ´to not miss outµ
among other people by using the text, ´A few million others just read it tooµ. The end note in the body
text is very creatively made by killing two birds with one shot, to emphasize the Times Motor Show &
the message trying to convey to the reader to hurry up. The ad also uses contradiction very cleverly.
The company clearly wants the reader to read the ad, but at the same time tells him that he is wasting
his time if he is ¶still· reading the ad.

Dabur Honey:

The Dabur Honey ad uses contradiction very effectively. By using a picture of M. S Dhoni along with a
text that says, ´I LOSE EVERYDAYµ, it manages to grab a few eyeballs. The text used in the ad
clarifies the contradiction by educating the consumer about what is the right thing to lose i.e. lethargy
etc. The colour scheme used in the ad is very consistent with the product as well. However the two
main benefits advocated by Dabur Honey, written in fine brown print in the ad, is something that can
almost be missed by the reader. The purpose of communicating these benefits is therefore not solved.
The bottle in ad also shows the honey being filled more than its brim. This may have been done to
appease the Indian consumer who is cost conscious and wants more out of every rupee he spends.

Knorr Soups:

The Knorr soups advertisements use earthy colours like green and yellow. These colours reflect the
naturalness and the lack of articificiality, a point that is being driven across by a number of times by the
company. The visual presence of vegetables around the soup bowls and the soup packets reinforces the
message of ´goodness of vegetableµ such that even if someone misses the bubble on the right hand
corner, the visual is subconsciously processed by him. The soup bowls are also arranged in the form of
a ´food pyramidµ probably to suggest the wholesome and nutritious meal that it proves to be. To the
right hand corner, in very small font, Knorr does advertise for non vegetarian variants of the soup,
which probably means that this print ad was intended for a relatively vegetarian consumer group. This
reemphasizes the presence of only vegetables and not poultry in the ad.


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