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ACE Insurance Litigation Watch Highlights Ticketmaster LLC Bad Faith Lawsuit Against ACE
Insurance Group

January 13, 2011, New York- ACE Insurance Litigation Watch, the online repository for lawsuits against the
ACE Ltd. Insurance Company (NYSE: ACE), today highlighted another bad faith lawsuit filed against the ACE
Insurance Group. Ticketmaster LLC, the entertainment ticket retailer, has filed a lawsuit charging “despicable”
conduct on the part of Illinois Union Insurance Co., an ACE Ltd. subsidiary, for its failure to honor the terms of
an insurance policy and aid in Ticketmaster’s legal defense in a long running class-action lawsuit.

The litigation against the ACE subsidiary relates back to Oct. 21, 2003, when three individuals brought a lawsuit
against Ticketmaster in California state court. At the time, Ticketmaster had an Illinois Union policy in place that
provided coverage for certain legal defense costs. To date, Ticketmaster says it has spent over $4 million
defending itself. According to Ticketmaster LLC’s subsequent lawsuit against Illinois Union Insurance Co., ACE
has relied on artificial and unreasonably narrow policy interpretations in a bad faith effort to avoid its contractual
obligation to aid in Ticketmaster’s defense.

Ticketmaster asserts in its lawsuit that, “Illinois Union’s conduct is despicable and has been done with a
conscious disregard of Ticketmaster’s rights, constituting oppression, fraud, and/or malice.” The ACE Ltd.
defendant has not yet filed an answer to the complaint. Ticketmaster is seeking to collect punitive damages from
ACE, among other reliefs.

Ticketmaster LLC’s lawsuit against Illinois Union in LA Superior Court was filed on December 3, 2010,
claiming that the insurer breached the terms of a $10 million errors and omissions policy sold to Ticketmaster in
2003 for a premium of $630,000. The class-action lawsuit for which Ticketmaster seeks coverage, Schlesinger v.
Ticketmaster, is also proceeding in LA Superior Court.

The Illinois Union Insurance Company is overseen by ACE Group executive Brian E. Dowd. ACE Ltd.
(NYSE:ACE), which was recently added to the S&P 500 index, is the ultimate parent of companies in the ACE
Insurance Group.

ACE Insurance Litigation Watch is currently tracking more than 166 cases in Federal courts alone. Many of
those lawsuits assert claims of business malfeasance similar to the alleged tactics being employed on behalf of
ACE Limited in regards to the Ticketmaster class-action lawsuit.

Visit www.ACEinsurancewatch.com for more information, including files related to this case. ACE Insurance
Litigation Watch is not affiliated with the ACE Insurance Group in any way.

ACE Insurance Litigation Watch is NOT associated with ACE Ltd., any of its affiliated companies, or employees.