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VSWR Monitor

VSWR Monitor /Alarm


Around-the-Clock Monitoring and Protection of

Cellular and Trunking Site Transmitters

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Compatible with analog or digital cellular and trunked radios

Monitor VSWR and power

Alarms with high VSWR or low power

Remote capability enables multiple sites to be monitored from a single location

Pays for itself by eliminating unnecessary travel and labor for site servicing

May mount at output of transmit combiner or linear power amplifier

Transparent to the system Low insertion characteristics and intermod products less than -130dBc

True average power reading with intelligent VSWR trend analysis eliminates false alarms

Alarm Action

When the line VSWR exceeds the threshold, the Model 7005A will initiate one of the following actions based upon the degree of mismatch:

Birds new 7005A-Series VSWR Monitor/Alarm provides an intelligent, reliable, continuous check of wireless site performance and abnormal VSWR which can indicate antenna or cable problems. Control channel transmit failure may also be flagged by the units low power alarm feature. By servicing only those sites showing degraded performance, operators can maximize the efficiency of their maintenance staffs while recouping the cost of one or more Model 7005As in saved travel and labor.

The 7005A Series is designed for long-term VSWR monitoring and power measurement in analog or digital cellular or trunking radio systems. The 7005A Series can be used at any point in the transmission system, including the main antenna feed line, after the combiner or linear power amplifier. A high-directivity coupler and microprocessor control provide state-of-the-art accuracy and versatility. Instantaneous VSWR values and trends are calculated from forward and reflected power measurements, and compared to an internal VSWR threshold of 1.3:1 to 1.8:1, settable in increments of 0.1 VSWR. Bona fide load problems can be reliably and quickly identified while false alarms are eliminated.

VSWR less than the set point:

no alarms are activated.

VSWR equals or slightly exceeds the set point:

additional measurements are accumulated to determine a trend. If reflected power increases during this time, an alarm condition is generated. If reflected power is stable, an alarm is generated if VSWR exceeds the threshold for more than one minute.

VSWR greatly exceeds the set point: an alarm is generated immediately. The 7005A low power alarm may be toggled on or off. While activated, an alarm is generated if the monitored transmitter(s) fail to provide forward power. Alarm conditions are indicated by a red LED on the monitor, and the activation of a form C relay. Normally open, common, and normally closed relay contacts are available at the Alarm/Power connector. The relay is a “fail safe” type which automatically enters the alarm state if supply power is lost.

A built-in RS-232 compatible interface enables the 7005A Series to be connected to a host computer for remote readout of forward and reflected power, and control of alarm functions.

Reset Operation

Alarms may be reset through any of three actions:

A Local Reset button located on the monitor.

A TTL-compatible Remote Reset pin located on the Alarm/Power connector. This method will reset the unit up to three times before a local reset is required.

Remote Reset through the RS-232 interface. Up to three remote resets are possible before a local reset is necessary.

remote resets are possible before a local reset is necessary. Electronic Corporation A Member of Bird

Electronic Corporation

A Member of Bird Technologies Group

remote resets are possible before a local reset is necessary. Electronic Corporation A Member of Bird

VSWR Monitor / Alarm


The VSWR Monitor / Alarm software package permits an MS Windows-compatible PC to display a variety of measured and calculated values from each 7005A:

Forward power in watts and dBm

Reflected power in watts


Return loss in dB

Reflection coefficient

Transmitted power efficiency in percent

VSWR Alarm

Low Power Alarm

The software also allows you to set the VSWR Alarm threshold, toggle on/off low power alarm, and clear all alarms.

PC Software-Based Display Application
PC Software-Based Display Application

Operating Characteristics

Models and Frequency Range*:

Model 7005A800: 869 to 894 MHz Model 7005A890: 851 to 869 MHz

Forward Power Measurement Type:

Average reading 25 W to 500 W ± 5% of reading, ± 1 count 750 W average, 3.0:1 VSWR 0.12 dB maximum 1.07:1 maximum 2.5 W to 50 W average

Power Measurement Range:


Maximum Input Power:

Insertion Loss:


Reflected Power Measurement:

VSWR Alarm Characteristics Set points and Accuracy:

1.3:1 to 1.8:1 in 0.1 VSWR increments Dry, Form C. Relay contacts:

Relay Contact Type:

Contact Rating:

COMMON, N.O., N.C. 100Vdc @ 0.5 A Red LED illuminates to show alarm condition VSWR set point exceeded, response time proportional to overload Local mechanical reset switch. Remote input (Reset @ 0 to +0.8 Vdc)




Interface Port


Female DB-9, compatible with IBM PC-type serial port Serial RS-232, 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no handshake


Physical and Environmental Specifications General:

RF Connector:

Thruline ® sensor directly inserts in 50W line Model 7005A800 Type N(F) in, N(M) out Model 7005A890 Type N(F) in, N(M) out 15-pin female Dshell 0 to 50˚ C -20˚ C to 80˚ C 0 to 95% maximum (non-condensing) Up to 3000 m above sea level less than -130 dBc Model 7005A800: +16 to +28 VDC Model 7005A890: -16 to -52 VDC 5.5" H x 4.8" W x 1.1" D (14 cm x 12.2 cm x 2.8 cm) less than 2 lb. (0.45 kg)

Alarm/Power Connector:

Operating Temperature:

Storage Temperature:



Passive Intermod Products:

Power Requirements:

Dimensions (excluding connectors):


* Call for availability of other frequency and power ranges. Bird Electronic Corporation reserves the right to change specifications without notice or obligation.

right to change specifications without notice or obligation. Electronic Corporation A Member of Bird Technologies Group

Electronic Corporation

A Member of Bird Technologies Group

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